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We will run and scream

You will dance with me

We'll fulfill our dreams and we'll be free

We will be who we are

and they'll heal our scars

Sadness will be far away

Birdy, Mumford and Sons, "Learn Me Right"

They stayed in the art room for the rest of study hall, but when the bell released them for the day, Glinda only wanted to hang out with their friends.

"We can skip, if you want," Elphaba said. Outside, they could hear the hallway flood with yelling, running students. "We don't have to go."

"We're not skipping Crope and Tibbett's show."

"Before, then. I can just text Boq. They'll understand if you want—"

"Elphie," said Glinda. "It's fine. Let's go."

So they met up with Boq and Fiyero in the hall. Boq handed Glinda her bag.

"That was one long bathroom break."

Elphaba glared at him, so obviously trying to shut him up that Glinda almost laughed. She put a hand on Elphaba's arm.

"Something happened," she told Boq and Fiyero. "I'll tell you once we're out of here."

She wanted to get out of the high school. She was still shaking, and she just wanted to go outside and feel the sun and take a few deep breaths.

"Who's driving?" Fiyero asked as they walked through the front doors.

"I will," said Glinda.

Elphaba made a noise. "Are you sure—"

"We're so not squeezing into your truck, Elphie."

Elphaba looked like she was about to protest, but Glinda had already dug her keys out of her bag, so they all headed to her car anyway.

Once inside, Glinda rolled down her window and reached across the seat for Elphaba's hand. Elphaba took it gladly, holding on tight. Or maybe Glinda was the one squeezing so hard. Either way, it felt right. This was what she needed.

In the backseat, Fiyero and Boq were staying quiet. She could feel their eyes on her, patiently waiting. Next to her, Elphaba was tense and fighting hard not to show it. Her expression was painfully smooth, except for a little furrow in her brow, like she was ready to glare anyone into submission if they said something wrong.

Glinda pulled out of the parking lot and turned the radio down until she couldn't hear it. She was going to wait until they were downtown. She was going to properly organize her thoughts and come up with something calm and collected to say. But she felt so restless. Her leg bounced and she kept looking around at everyone. Besides, with Elphaba's hand in hers, and the road stretching out in front of her, it was all too easy to take a breath and, say, "Pfannee knows about me and Elphie."

She didn't look to see how they reacted. Elphaba's thumb brushed across her hand.

"I caught her going through my locker. My sketchbook again. And she found…" Glinda hesitated. She looked at Elphaba, whose cheeks had turned a darker green. "It doesn't matter. She figured it out, and when she asked me if it was true, I said yes."

Nobody else said anything. Glinda glanced in the rearview mirror. Fiyero was gazing out his window, frowning a little. Boq kept looking between Glinda and Elphaba.

"She didn't say anything else. I don't think I've ever seen Pfannee so speechless. She was going out with Avaric, so he definitely knows by now. She just seemed so shocked, though. I always imagined it would be this huge thing, you know? All the things I thought she'd say to me if she ever found out, and then—just—nothing happened."

Glinda focused on the road again. Everyone else was so quiet. The only other noise was the breeze from the window, messing with her hair. So she kept talking.

"But something will happen. She's going to actually confront me. I just hope she does that before she runs off and tells everyone else. I think she will, though. I think she's still just a little worried about all the things I could say about her that she won't spread this around just yet. That's all I need, I think. I just don't want everyone to find out without me knowing."

"You want to be the one to come out," Fiyero said quietly. "I get it."

"You don't have to," said Elphaba. "It's like you said, you have enough on her to keep her quiet. Everything can stay the same."

Glinda shook her head, but it was Boq who spoke up.

"Do you want that, Elphie?"

"I want her to have an actual choice. Not someone forcing her hand through social blackmail."

"It is my choice," Glinda said. She glanced over, but Elphaba was too busy scowling out her window to notice. "I told Pfannee the truth. I want to tell everyone else."

"You don't owe them anything," muttered Elphaba.

"I'm not doing it for them."

Elphaba's jaw worked, but she didn't say anything else.

Fiyero leaned forward and put his hand on Glinda's shoulder. She looked away from Elphaba and met his eyes in the mirror.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She thought about it, even though she already knew the answer. "Yeah. I am."

A smile spread over his face. "Then, good. I'm happy for you."

Elphaba slumped further in her seat, but Glinda found herself smiling back.

"Thank you, Fiyero."

They reached downtown, but it was so nice out that, once they had parked, all they wanted to do was walk around in the sunshine. Glinda took Elphaba's hand again once they were on the sidewalk, but she felt calmer now. All the energy bubbling inside her was seeping out in the warmth of the sun. And Elphaba, though still holding on tight, was steady beside her. One word, and Glinda could get Elphaba to take her far, far away from all of this. It was enough—more than enough—for her.

It was Boq who changed the subject, and the rest of their time in town was spent talking about the show that night or summer plans or which final was indisputably the worst. Once the conversation no longer revolved around Pfannee, Elphaba relaxed a little. Still, though, she didn't leave Glinda's side the entire afternoon.

Not that Glinda minded. In fact, it was the perfect opportunity to hold Elphaba's hand and refuse to let go, even when they were back at the high school, standing in the crowd waiting outside the auditorium. Elphaba raised an eyebrow. She scanned the room, looking around at their classmates who could definitely see them, if they chose to look. But Glinda kept her grip and, after a moment, Elphaba just shrugged and looked down at her feet in an attempt to hide her smile.

The show was amazing—even better than last semester's, Glinda thought. Though that might have just been because Crope and Tibbett had more scenes. They were both glowing the whole way through, and after, when Glinda and the others had run backstage to go find them after bows, neither of them could stop smiling.

Too soon, though, everyone was parting ways. Crope and Tibbett had their cast party, Boq was driving Fiyero home, and Elphaba's scowl was slowly returning as the night wound down.

Glinda felt the tension building as Elphaba walked her to her car. Maybe she was fine now, surrounded by her friends, but this weekend, when she was left alone with her thoughts?

"Want to study this weekend?" she asked.

Elphaba scoffed. "Are you kidding? That's all I'll be doing this weekend."

"I meant together, Elphie."

"Ah. Right." Elphaba was smirking. Glinda narrowed her eyes, but at least her scowl was gone. "When?"

"Sunday? I don't want to ruin my Saturday with homework."

"Just think, though. This time next week, you'll be homework-free for like three months."

They'd reached Glinda's car, but she didn't pull out her keys to unlock it. Instead, she leaned against the door. Elphaba moved to stand beside her, and together they looked out across the empty parking lot, glowing under the street lamps.

"One week left. It's crazy, isn't it?"

"Yeah." Elphaba's smile faded. "Yeah, it is."

Glinda nudged her. "Hey. Are you okay?"


"All day you've been making sure I'm okay. I am. But are you?"

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "Please. I'm not the one who—"

"Elphaba. I'm serious."

She looked away. Softly, she said, "I just don't want you to have to…"

"I know." Glinda took Elphaba's hand in both of hers and pressed it to her chest. "But—Elphie—I do mean it. It's okay."

Elphaba kicked at the ground. A pebble went flying and disappeared into the dark. They listened to it skid across the concrete and come to a halt.

"Maybe that's what scares me," she said eventually.

Glinda tilted her head. "You don't want things to change?"

"I don't want things to change for the wrong reasons," said Elphaba. "Like Pfannee outing you to the whole school."

"Hey, it's like you said. There's only a week left before summer break. I doubt even she could convince the entire school in that time."

Elphaba gave a short, soft laugh. "Yeah. I guess you're right."

Glinda bent her head to kiss Elphaba's knuckles. "I don't want her to out me, either. But I am fine with people knowing. So, if that's what happens—well, then, that's what happens."

"Prepare for the worst, hope for the best?"

"Pretty much. Except I don't have to hope for the best." Glinda pushed off the car and turned so she was in front of Elphaba. She held the back of Elphaba's neck and stood on her toes so they were pressed together. "I already have it."

Elphaba scoffed. She tried to look away, but Glinda held her in place.

"I mean it, Elphie. I couldn't do this without you."

Elphaba fell still. Her eyes searched Glinda's face. Then, quite suddenly, her fingers were in Glinda's hair, pulling her closer, and her lips were on Glinda's, and anything in the world could be waiting for them on Monday but Glinda still wouldn't care. As long as she had this, she would be ready.

It was late when she and Elphaba finally said their goodbyes for the night. Glinda crept into her dark house, though she was sure her parents wouldn't get up even if she woke them.

As it turned out, though, they weren't even asleep. Their bedroom door was cracked just enough to see the blue glowing light of the television spilling out into the hallway. Glinda heard her father's voice, then her mother's soft laughter. Had they heard her come in? Did they even know she was gone?

Glinda paused for a moment at the foot of the stairs, waiting to see if they'd come out. But they didn't. They wouldn't.

You don't even know, she thought, staring at their barely open door. You have no idea what's happening.

But, somehow, suddenly, she was okay with that. Her parents didn't know, but she had people who did. She had people who cared.

Smiling to herself, Glinda made her way up the stairs and to her room. She took off her shoes and the chain with Elphaba's ring, changed clothes, plugged in her phone, and texted Elphaba.

Good night, Elphie. I love you 3

Just as she was shimmying into the most comfortable position under the blankets, her phone lit up.

1 new message from Elphaba Thropp

Good night, my sweet 3

Glinda read it, then read it again. She closed her phone and set it on her nightstand. The message was still playing in her mind as she rolled over, curled up, and fell asleep.


Glinda was awake and ready long before she needed to be Monday morning. She thought about getting some studying done, but she had actually worked ahead yesterday with Elphaba. She thought about getting coffee, or going to the high school early to work in the art room, but something kept her in place, and she didn't even go downstairs until it was her normal time to leave.

She didn't pass a lot of cars on the way to the high school. Once she was there, the parking lot was emptier than she thought it would be. Maybe it was senior skip day. Maybe everyone was taking their time, soaking up every minute before they had to be here. Maybe it was just earlier than she thought.

Or maybe it was simply her imagination altering things, making everything seem quieter as she made her way through the front doors and down the junior hallway.

Glinda was unsurprised when she turned down the hall and saw Pfannee standing at her locker, her arms crossed tightly over her chest. Maybe this was why she had been so awake this morning. She knew it was coming.

Pfannee didn't say anything as Glinda approached. Behind them, the cafeteria murmured quietly with the few dozen people eating breakfast and doing last minute homework. A couple of students trickled through the hall. Nobody paid them any attention.

"You're in my way," Glinda said after a moment. She gestured toward her locker, but Pfannee didn't move.

"Is that all you have to say?"

Glinda stood still and waited. Whatever Pfannee wanted to say, she was just going to have to say it. Pfannee scowled. She looked away with a roll of her eyes, then turned back to Glinda.

"I knew you were acting weird," Pfannee said. "You've been so—all year, more and more—you've just been so…not you. I wanted to know why."

"So you went through my locker?"

"I knew you were hiding something. I just never thought…"

Glinda crossed her arms. "Well, now you know. So now what?"

"That's it? You're not even going to deny it?"

"Why would I?"

"Because it's disgusting. It's—"

"I don't care," said Glinda. A thrill went through her. "Fuck, Pfannee, I don't care. I love her."

Pfannee's eyes widened. Her mouth worked, framing the words. She tried to take a step back, but only managed to run into the locker. "You—you l—no. You can't."

"I do."

"Glinda, that's wrong. It's just wrong. You can't—"

"I do. She's my best friend. She's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me." It felt so good to say, even if it was just to Pfannee. Glinda uncrossed her arms, feeling the tension leave her. This was true. It was real. "And it's not wrong. Even if it was, it doesn't matter."

"Of course it matters!" Pfannee nearly said more, but she shut her mouth and shook her head. When she spoke again, her voice was lower, more dangerous. "You'll never live this down. Everyone will find out. They'll all hate you."

Just like Milla, Glinda thought. She almost expected Pfannee to say it, but really, she didn't have to. The threat was there.

And yet, Milla hadn't been despised by everyone. She'd found new friends. She'd found Nami. She was friends with Boq. Boq, who forgave Glinda for every horrible thing she'd ever done to him, even before Elphaba did. And Crope and Tibbett, who waved to her at parties even before they really knew her. Who cared what everyone else thought when she had all of them?

Pfannee was glaring at her, waiting for a response, but Glinda didn't know how to say any of that.

"Will they?" was all she said, not wanting to waste her time with an explanation Pfannee would never understand anyway. Besides, this wasn't middle school. Would everyone really care that much?

Pfannee's glare faltered. She didn't seem to know what to say. Glinda felt herself stand a little taller. Maybe Pfannee was asking herself the exact same thing.

A locker slammed shut nearby. They both startled, and Glinda realized how full the hallway was getting.

She looked back at Pfannee. "You're still in my way."

"You can still come back from this," Pfannee said. "I haven't told anyone. Not Avaric. Not even Shenshen."

Glinda wasn't sure she believed that. It must have shown, because Pfannee sighed.

"I mean it, Glinda. It's not too late. Just—just admit you were wrong, you know. Maybe you've just been spending too much time with all of them. You can change your mind and come back and I won't tell anyone about any of this."

"Wow, that's so generous of you," said Glinda. "Except for the part where you get to hold this over my head for the rest of our lives. So, thanks but no thanks."

"Fine," Pfannee snapped. She stepped out of Glinda's way. "Do what you want. I don't care."

"I know. You never did."

Glinda pushed past her and opened her locker. Pfannee scoffed, but she took the dismissal and left without another word.

As soon as she was gone, Glinda looked around herself. She expected people to be staring, or Elphaba to be watching anxiously from her own locker, but neither of those things happened. In fact, it all seemed absurdly normal. According to everyone around her, nothing significant had just taken place.

Except—down and across the hall, Crope and Tibbett were standing together, watching her. Glinda hurried to switch out her books and made her way over to them.

"Are you okay?" Crope asked her. "That looked…"

"Confrontational?" offered Tibbett.

Crope nodded. "Very confrontational."

"Um. Kind of."

"Kind of you're okay or kind of confrontational?" asked Crope.

"Kind of confrontational. Definitely okay. Uh, mostly." Glinda looked around again, but again, no one paid them any attention. "Pfannee knows about me and Elphie."

"Shit," said Crope. "Glinda, I'm so sorry, that's—"

"No. It's okay. I told her. When she asked me if it was true, I told her." It still gave her a rush, like she couldn't quite believe it had happened. Glinda actually felt herself smiling a little as she went on. "She can do whatever she wants. I don't care anymore. She's not worth it."

Crope and Tibbett exchanged a look. Then, slowly, they began to smile, too.

"Damn right she's not," said Crope. He wrapped an arm around Glinda's shoulders. "So. Give us all the details."

They headed for the math classroom, Glinda grinning the whole way as she told them everything.


It was a quiet week. Everyone fell into their last few tedious assignments. All of the seniors had either buried themselves in studying or no longer had a single care to give. Glinda wondered, once, which one she would be next year.

Glinda sat at their table every day at lunch. In study hall, Elphaba bickered with Crope about whether they should be studying or socializing. They compromised by working until the end of the hour, then hanging out in the library after the bell rang. Glinda left school every day laughing with the others, already excited to come back the next day and hang out with them again.

She wasn't sure what she had expected. There were no hallway fights, no crying in the bathroom, no digging up embarrassing texts from years ago and posting them to social media. If Glinda was going to get the full wrath of Pfannee and the rest of her peers, it had yet to show up.

Still, she noticed some things starting to change. A group of people turned in their seats to stare at her as she dumped her lunch tray. She went to the bathroom during study hall, and the two girls standing at the sinks immediately stopped talking and hurried out. She got to history early one day, and two boys sitting a couple rows over started whispering and stealing glances.

At the very least, she should have been annoyed. But she was honestly just impressed that it didn't send her into a panic, so she didn't think about it too much. Besides, she could always just walk back to her lunch table, or the library, or wherever her friends were. Two minutes sitting with Elphaba and the others, and the whole thing would be forgotten.

The only thing that still made her nervous was Pfannee. Though she had yet to talk to her again, Glinda caught glimpses of her in the halls between classes. It was always the same: Pfannee would glare, Shenshen would look horrified, and Glinda would do her best not to look at either of them.

"Geez," Elphaba muttered one morning as Pfannee and Shenshen watched them make their way from Dillamond's classroom to Morrible's. "It's like they're stalking you."

"Ironic, really," said Glinda, and Elphaba snorted.

She watched Pfannee turn to Shenshen and whisper something to her. Shenshen giggled.

"Come on," said Elphaba. She touched Glinda's arm to gently lead her away, but Glinda couldn't help herself. She looked over her shoulder at the two of them and gave them a little wave. Shenshen's eyes widened and she turned away. Pfannee just looked enraged. Smiling to herself, Glinda turned back around and let Elphaba take her away.

By the end of the week, Glinda thought she might just make it out of junior year without any horrible ordeal. The last day of school was a short one. They would spend the morning watching the first hour of a movie in most of their classes, and then they would be released after lunch. And then, to Glinda's delight, they would all be heading to Boq's house to play games and order pizza and spend the night celebrating the fact that they were officially seniors.

She was already in celebration mode when the bell rang at the end of Morrible's class. She'd been nearly bouncing in her seat the whole hour, looking at Elphaba and Crope and Tibbett in the front row, and now she hopped to her feet and hurried up to them.

"What if we just skipped lunch?" she asked, leaning on Elphaba's desk and waiting for the others to grab their things. Around them, the classroom was quickly emptying.

"I'm in!" said Crope.

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "We're not allowed to."

"You're boring," Tibbett muttered.

"Come on. You can't get through one more hour?"

"We can," said Glinda. "It'd just be more fun not to."

Something hit Glinda's shoulder, knocking her forward a step.

"See you next year, freaks," someone said.

Glinda looked back at two boys—football players, both of them—who were now laughing to themselves and pushing each other out of the room. She felt Elphaba move next to her, stepping past her, and reached out to grab her arm.

"Don't, Elphie," she said. "They're not even close to worth it."

"They just shoved you!"

"Yeah, I felt it."

"But, why you?" Elphaba looked at her. "You…don't seem surprised."

Crope and Tibbett exchanged a glance. Glinda remembered the girls in the bathroom and the students staring at her in the cafeteria and realized, belatedly, that she hadn't even mentioned any of it to Elphaba.

"Um. It…might not be the first time it's happened?"


"Excuse me." They all jumped and turned to look at Morrible, who was scowling at them. "Would you kindly continue this elsewhere? I've had enough of you all for one year. Get out."

Elphaba was glaring again, but Glinda took her hand and tugged her along. They started toward the cafeteria. Elphaba shook herself and gave Glinda a look that demanded answers.

"Don't freak out," Glinda told her. "That in particular hasn't been happening. It's just weird looks from people."

"What kind of weird looks?"

Glinda rolled her eyes. "The kind you get when there's a rumor going around that you're a lesbian."

Elphaba's eyes narrowed, so Glinda squeezed her fingers and stepped closer to her side.

"Look, we figured this would happen. Pfannee's telling people. But it's like I keep telling you. It's fine."

They were in the cafeteria now, and Boq and Fiyero waved them over to their table.

"Why do you look so pissed?" Boq asked Elphaba as they sat down. "Was Morrible really that bad? It's the last day."

Elphaba didn't answer, so Crope shrugged and said, "It wasn't Morrible. Glinda's getting in fights."

"Am not!"

"Money on Glinda," Fiyero said.

She smiled. "Thanks, Fiyero."

"It's not funny," Elphaba grumbled. "Just because you're okay with it doesn't mean it's fine."

Glinda sighed. She leaned against Elphaba and let her head rest on her shoulder.

"Well, no," she said. "It's not. It's annoying and hateful and I shouldn't have to deal with it."

"But?" Boq prompted.

"But, I can take it." She looked up at Elphaba. "I'm not freaking out about what they think of me. That's a huge victory. Isn't it?"

Almost immediately, Elphaba softened. She slumped, leaning into Glinda as much as Glinda was leaning into her.

"You're right," she said quietly. "It is a victory."

"An amazing one," said Fiyero. He lifted his milk carton toward them. "We're proud of you, Glinda."

"I second that," Crope said. Tibbett and Boq nodded along, and Glinda smiled and turned to hide her face in Elphaba's shoulder.

"So we're all going straight to Boq's house, right?" asked Tibbett once Glinda had recovered enough to sit up again.

"Yes!" Crope said. "We'll make a mad dash for the cars. Last one there has to get up to change the movies all night."

"That's just mean."

"Don't worry, Fiyero. You'll be riding with me and Tibbs, and we're sure to win."

Elphaba looked at Glinda. "We can beat them, right?"

"Please. My car against Tibbett's minivan? We'll definitely beat them."

"Hey, you leave my minivan alone!"

The rest of lunch passed like that, joking and planning the rest of the day as they all counted down the minutes until the bell would ring. The entire cafeteria was a noisy, energetic mess. Glinda bounced her leg underneath the table so fast that Elphaba kept giving her amused, questioning looks.

But finally—with a cheer that went up and echoed through the cafeteria—the final bell rang. They all leapt up from their table and joined the flood of students pouring out into the halls.

"See you there!" Boq called to them, and then he and the rest of the boys were gone, jumping into the crowd that was moving toward the front doors.

"My bag's still in my locker," Elphaba told Glinda.

"Mine too. Go get yours and meet back at mine?"

"Sounds good."

Elphaba gave her one last smile before making her way down the hall.

Glinda moved with the crowd and somehow ended up at her locker. She had stripped it down earlier in the week, packing up all the pictures and magnets and everything else that had come to live inside it for the past two semesters. Glinda pulled her backpack—empty except her sketchbook, her pencil case, and a phone charger—from the hook and looked at the bare locker.


For the first time all week, Glinda panicked. But then she took a deep breath, held it while she counted to four, and let it out.

She closed the locker and turned to face Pfannee.

Pfannee's eyes were narrowed. Her arms were crossed. Beside her, Shenshen gave Glinda this careful, nervous look.

"What do you want?" Glinda asked them.

"I can't believe you," said Pfannee. "We've been friends for years, and now you—"

"Oh my god, Pfannee. We're not friends anymore. You think I'm some twisted freak and I think you're shallow and cruel. Get over it. Move on."

"So we mean nothing to you," Shenshen said. "Just like that, we don't matter anymore."

"I'm gay," Glinda told her. Shenshen winced. "See? You don't actually want anything to do with me, so why does it matter?"

Out of the corner of her eye, Glinda saw Elphaba making her way up the hall toward them. She caught sight of Pfannee and Shenshen and stopped. Glinda turned her head and met her eyes.

"Fine," said Pfannee, and Glinda looked back at her. She'd seen Elphaba, too, and she was clearly furious about it. "Fine. You and the green freak can go do whatever the hell it is you want. But just know, once we get back in the fall, we—you—"

"You're going to lose everything," Shenshen said quietly.

Glinda shook her head. Her eyes found Elphaba again.

"I'm not," she whispered.

Elphaba watched the three of them intently. She was tense, waiting for some sign from Glinda to tell her to jump in or back off. But all Glinda wanted to do was step into her arms and tell her how much she loved her.

"People are already talking about it." Pfannee's voice was distant. "You've seen them. You should hear the things they've been saying. Everyone's going to hate you."

Glinda blinked, looking away from Elphaba to meet Pfannee's gaze one last time.

"Fine," she said. "Let them."

She didn't wait for a response. Glinda pushed past both of them. The hall had cleared out enough that it was easy to make her way to Elphaba. Behind her, she heard Pfannee's indignant cry, but she didn't listen to the words. She and Shenshen were sure to be watching. Everyone in the hallway was sure to be watching.

Let them.

The world sped by. Elphaba met her eyes and understood just in time. She opened her arms, and Glinda jumped into them, bringing their lips together and kissing Elphaba hard.

It took a moment, but soon she was aware of her feet off the ground and Elphaba shaking beneath her. Glinda pulled back.

"Is this okay?" she breathed. Elphaba's eyes glowed.

"Okay doesn't even begin to cover it."

Glinda felt herself smile. "Good," she said, holding Elphaba's face and kissing her again.

Somebody cheered, but when Glinda looked around, she couldn't see who it was. Elphaba lowered her so her feet were on the ground again, but Glinda stayed up on her toes so their foreheads were pressed together.

"I love you, Elphie," she whispered.

She felt Elphaba's eyes flutter shut. "I love you, too."

Glinda lowered herself and waited for Elphaba's eyes to open again so she could smile at her.

"You know, I think the boys are gonna beat us to Boq's house," said Elphaba.

"Probably. But at least we have a good story to tell them."

"An amazing story."

Glinda nodded. She reached for Elphaba's hand and intertwined their fingers. "Well, then, what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Elphaba laughed and let Glinda tug her down the hall. She didn't look back to see the look on Pfannee and Shenshen's faces. She didn't spare a glance for any of her classmates. She just held Elphaba's hand and ran out of the school, bursting into the parking lot in a rush of sunlight and freedom. Elphaba cackled as they raced to Glinda's car. Glinda wanted to laugh. She wanted to scream. She wanted to tell Fiyero and Boq and Crope and Tibbett everything.

Elphaba came to a stop in front of Glinda's car, pulling on her hand to draw her close again. Her eyes darted over Glinda's face, asking a question. Glinda melted into her. She nodded and closed her eyes.

Suddenly Elphaba's fingers were in her hair. Elphaba's hand was against her cheek. And then Elphaba was kissing her, sweet and warm and gentle. Glinda smiled into it, her only coherent thought being that—finally, in that moment—she had everything she ever wanted.