Sitting in the shade of a tree, Nasrin grinned as Star created a series of water-balloons for Eevee and Scooby to chase, Togetic and Robin giggling as they batted one between them that contained Squeakers, who seemed to be enjoying the game even more than either of them.

Pinning a fussing Ludwig, Snow licked at his cheeks until the Litwick relaxed, and Squishie purred like an old motor, wriggling onto his back so Dobby could scratch his belly, obviously pleased.

"…Do you think I should forgive Hermione?" Harry wondered, arm slung affectionately over her shoulders and eyes on their Pokemon.

Leaning into his hold, Nasrin considered this carefully, playing with the boy's fingers absentmindedly.

"I think…you can't make up for mistakes if you never have the chance." She answered, head tilting back to kiss the underside of his chin. "You know I love them, too."


Harry sighed, cheek resting on soft pink curls, as the afternoon sun filtered down to them in golden flecks.

"I know."

And we've reached the end of 'The Green-Eyed Quartz'.

For all of you that have followed this series, I thank you for the support. There's no better feeling than knowing others enjoy my writing.

Next week, the adventures continue in the third story, 'Wings of Change', which follows Harry and Nasrin through their Third Year dealing with a mysterious Lord of Sevii.

Hope you enjoyed!