Oliver watched helplessly as Laurel convulsed on the table. This was all his fault. Damien Darhk had gotten his magic back and he'd made Oliver just as powerless as he had been on the island when he was nothing more than a brat. Then he'd stabbed Laurel with one of his own arrows. This was all his fault. He couldn't even really see the nurses or doctors as they pushed him back against the wall in an effort to get to Laurel. He slid down and closed his eyes as soon as he heard the machine flat line.

The long call of the heartbeat monitor sounded as the death knell for the first love of his life and one of his best friends. He had shared her last moments with her, and now he had to go and tell Quentin that he'd lost another one of his daughters. Oliver was nothing if not a curse, a blight on anybody he came into contact with, he couldn't believe-

He felt the slap across his face, and didn't even really feel it sting because of how surprised he was. There, standing above him, dressed to the nines in a nurse's dress, was John Constantine. "Mate, I get that you do the weepy thing, but if you don't get up and help me with this, then you're lovely, beautiful, friend here is gonna bite the bullet for real."


"No, your Auntie Marge. Of course it's me, you bloody idiot. Sorry I'm late. Your American hospitals are incredibly annoying to sneak into."

"We can save her?" Oliver felt it was best to ignore John's sass in favor of possibly saving Laurel.

Oliver watched John nod. "Her soul hasn't left her body yet, there is still time, especially considering I've stopped time for a while. Now get off your ass and save your ex."

They both turned, Oliver pushing himself off the wall. It was the first time he'd looked around the room since he'd heard the monitor go off. The nurses and doctors were all frozen, but pushed up against the walls of the room. Laurel was still on her bed, in the mid convulsion, her eyes still open and staring at the ceiling. The heart monitor had stopped when the rest of time did and was stuck on the long thin line, reading zero heartbeats per minute. Constantine walked over to Laurel and looked her over. "Okay, this is nothing like what we did for her sister. We are trying to give her soul a reason to stay, while we heal her. That takes willpower. Even when the body shuts down, if the will is strong enough then the spirit can stay for as long as it can hold itself together. That's where some of the less evil hauntings come from. While I heal her, you're going to hold her face, and help her will herself not to die. Keep her focused on you. Got it?"

Oliver knew he looked lost when John rolled his eyes. "Focus on her eyes, Oliver. Put all that pain you just saw watching her die and make her spirit stay. I can fix her up, but this breaks several laws of nature and it's going to have some deep ramifications."

He nodded and Oliver reached down and grabbed her face. He focused on every memory of her that he had, starting from when they were young kids, just goofing around together, to when they were teenagers dating on and off. He didn't focus on just the good memories, which would have been unfair to them both. They had gone through their fair share of pain together, but that was all a part of their story. When he finally got through all of that, he focused on how they were now. They were finally in a place where they were both happy with where they were at in life and with each other. All that pain had led to something amazing. The team of the Green Arrow and Black Canary, fighting to make the world a better place would echo throughout history somehow, he was sure. He kept focusing on that until Laurel breathed in a deep breath, her eyes blinking rapidly as she started coughing.

Oliver leapt back from her and turned to look at John. He looked exhausted but there was a self-satisfied smirk on his face. Laurel slowly lifted her head up and looked around. She felt near where her wound was and when she came away with nothing she looked between them. "Am I dead?"

Oliver opened his mouth, he knew he was grinning, and he didn't know what he planned to say, but it ended up not mattering when John spoke for him. "You were. We kept your soul around long enough for you to be saved."

Laurel smiled kindly at John. "You save someone from my family again, Constantine. I'm beginning to think that you have a soft spot."

"Oh, hush it, love. There was just something not right about letting you take an exit like that." His face turned dark. "This isn't over yet though. We broke some laws of nature by doing this, and there are always consequences to that kind of magic."

Oliver finally found his voice. "You didn't say anything about consequences."

John rolled his eyes at him. "Yes, because we had time to give you a lesson on the bestiary of supernatural beings and natural laws." Oliver only felt slightly chagrinned at the sarcasm. He looked around at all the frozen nurses. "Let's stage these sorry souls back where they were and let them take the credit for this." He looked at Laurel. "Think you can fake being sick? You look like the perfect attendance type, so I don't know if you ever did try to skip school."

Oliver was surprised when Laurel glared at him, though he knew her well enough to notice her mouth quirking up in a small smile. "I'll be fine. I'll play the part. How soon do you think they'll discharge me?"

The Englishman looked at Oliver. "With a sizable donation from the Queen family? I'm hoping immediately because after I restart time, I'm out of here. I'll meet you at your cave in a couple hours. We will go over the next steps of what we have to do."

"There's more?" Oliver couldn't help but let the worry creep back into his voice, even as he helped John move the nurses and doctors back into their positions.

"Nothing too catastrophic. But we might need your friend The Flash. This could get very messy if left alone for too long, and then it won't be just Laurel losing her life." He sighed, "Fuck, I need a cigarette dealing with all of you."

John overlooked his handy work on the placement of the medical personnel before nodding. He then began chanting in some other tongue that Oliver wasn't going to even try to decipher and his eyes glowed an arcane color. He seemed to hold the spell a moment, the air around him shimmering before he looked at them both one more time. "Places people." Laurel's head dropped back to the pillow, though her eyes were still on Constantine, as Oliver moved back to his position on the wall. John threw them one last cocky smirk.

"And… Action."