Chapter 15

I had changed back into muggle clothing; no longer would I be wearing the pleated skirt and blouse. I was now wearing shorts and a flowy V-neck blouse now that we were heading back to the station to find our parents. Stepping out of the girl's bathroom I shoved my want in my pocket just as I was yanked into a train compartment.

'What the hell.' I stated stumbling about, pissed off at whoever just man handled me

'Calm down. It's only me.' a familiar voice called, 'I told you, you should be more aware of your surroundings.'

'You could have just called my name.' I retort sending him a glare and putting my wand back into my pocket after it was pointing in his direction.

Looking at him now even though I was glaring I couldn't stay mad at him. Damn him and his boyish good looks.

'Enjoying yourself Edwards.' Draco remarked when he caught me staring, sending a blush across my cheeks

'Shut it.' I state taking a seat across from him, 'Was there something you needed?'

'What, I can't say goodbye to friend before we go off on summer break?' Draco remarks his smirk getting even larger

'Oh? So, we're friends now, is that it. What happened to all that crap you said half way through the year again?' I stated tapping my head like was trying to recall it.

'Still crying over that are you. That's ancient history, of course we're friends.' Draco states leaning towards me, 'If I remember correctly you told me that you don't give up that easily.'

'Well why work on a friendship where nothings brought to it.' I retort crossing my arms


'Well.' I state looking at him expectantly

'Well what.'

'Oh, for god sake!' I state throwing up my arms in frustration and he just chuckles

'Can I ask you something?' Draco finally states in a serious tone. His smile gone.


'Are you and that Thomas kid together?' Draco states glancing at his nails as if it wasn't a serious question

'Why do you care?' I state glancing at him curiously

'Nothing, I was just curious.' Draco states quirking an eye brow

Glancing out the window I miss the emotions flash in his eyes before I finally answer, 'No we aren't "together".'

'Interesting. Wasn't your type then?' Draco pushes

'I don't have a type.' I remark glaring at him, 'What's with the 20 questions.'

'Relax Edwards. Didn't realize this was so touchy for you. What did he not return the feelings?' Draco eggs on moving over to sit next to me, 'Or was it he was a terrible kisser.'

'Ugh! Why are we having this conversation!' I huff, fidgeting a bit under his stare

'Just answer the question.' Draco state softly

'It wasn't that he didn't like me.' I state glancing at him when I realize he wants more, 'I… I just didn't have same the feelings in the end.'

'Oh. I see. He was a bad kisser.' Draco remarks making me smack him in the arm, 'Hey!'

'You deserved that.'

'You didn't deny it thought. So, it must mean it's true.' Draco smugly remarks. 'It's a shame that your first kiss was so terrible.'

'Dean wasn't my first kiss.' I mumbled softly

'What was that?' Draco states his eyes arching in surprise

'He wasn't my first kiss'

I glance up at him and realized he didn't even know, rolling my eyes and gritting my teeth at this next confession, 'You were my first kiss.'

I groaned as the biggest grin graced his face now that I admitted this to him.

'Don't even say it!' I remark glaring at him as he grinned at me

'What?' Draco states pretending he is shocked. 'Of course, I should have known. No one could compare to mine. You of course have found this out yourself.' Draco teases smirking at me as I blush.

'You're so full of it!' I state smacking his arm but unable to take the grin off my face

'Don't lie, you love it.' Draco states as his eyes darkened

Snaking an arm around me he pulls me flush against him, as his lips crashes into mine. Returning the kiss, I can't help it when my mind loses the battle and my body gives in, wrapping my arm around him. Dragging his hands through my hair he leaves butterfly kisses down my neck.

Allowing his breath to tickle my ear I feel him chuckle when I shiver in response, 'Don't worry I always knew you wouldn't be able to resist me.' he purrs before continuing to kiss me.

'Dra- come on.' I start before his captures my lips to stop me from talking.

Pushing against him I finally break our contact and I take a second to regain my breath, 'We should stop. People will begin to wonder where we went.'

'So.' Draco remarks before trying to pull me back into him

'No! We need to stop.' I huff but smiling at him anyways.

He groans in annoyance but relents his pursuit. Looking at him with his hair all ruffled and his lips swollen from us kissing sends shivers down my spine. Making him arch a brow at my state of mind.

'Shut it. I have a question for you.' I state looking at him now

'I guess you can ask me.' He teases

'Are you planning on talking to me at all this summer? What about next year, will you continue to act like you hate me?' I state with a serious tone. Glad that I finally asked him the questions that were plaguing me.

He glanced at me before losing the grin, 'I dunno.'

'You dunno'

'I didn't really think about it.' Draco retorts glaring at me for a second before glancing away,'I'm not sure if I'll be able to see you over the summer.'

'Will you write to me?' I ask pushing him a bit more

'Do you want me to?' Draco states looking at me

'Of course, I would want you too, especially if we are going to try and be friends.' I reply

'I can't promise you anything, but- I'll try to write you.' Draco states looking at me, 'Is that good enough?'

'It's fine for now.' I remark before smirking at him

'What's so funny Edwards.'

'You listened to a Gryffindor. I think that's a first.'

He groans and I couldn't help but laugh. He was something else. I get up and stop to stand in front of him and smile.

'I'll miss you over the summer. I'll be looking for an owl.'

With that I kiss him once more, savoring how they send chills through my body before walking away to the door to glance back at him.

'Have a good summer. Draco.' I smile and close the door behind me.

This was one hell of a year and I was excited to find out what next year would bring me. Who knew that it would take traveling across to seas to go to another Wizarding school to finally find a place that I was meant to be at. Grinning all the way back to my compartment I take a seat next to Luna, listening as Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville chatted amicably. Yes. This had to be the best school year I've had so far.