Greetings fans, here's the last chapter that will COMPLETE this story. It might seem short, but sometimes, the last endings, just feel that way? But there will be a surprise announcement at the end. So get ready, & Enjoy…

Chapter 09: Blast To Be Home?



The scene shows Grunkle Stan going back into the basement made Game Center of the Mystery Shack. As he was still searching for anyone around, & kept coming up with no results.

"Urrrrgh! Where the HECK is Everybody!" Grunkle Stan groans out loud to complain in having about had it. "I've search top to neck around here, & I have just about had it! I'm gonna count to 3, & if nobody shows up, then they can forget the Pizza Celebration for the opening of the Mystery Shack's New Game Center!"

Unknown to Grunkle Stan, the City Of Motors Game had it's screen become lit up, as if activating at this certain time.

"ONE….Come out kids?" Grankle Stan counted down while sounding serious.

Still he never knew what was happening as flashes of green lightning came out of the City Of Motors Game.

"TWO….Don't make me say THREE!" Grankle Stan gave out a final warning, yet still never saw what was going on behind him. "Alright, I'm reaching three! TH…" He was about to say three when…

Then the scene shifted towards outside the Mystery Shack, were it seem peaceful until… "KABLAMFruvhmm…." A large explosion happened on the outskirt side view, which scared off a few woodlin creatures & birds.

"Cough-cough!" Grankle Stan was seen in the basement coughing from all the smoke that came.

"UUuuuh….." Other moan & groans are heard when the smoke cleared, Dipper, Mabel, Wendy & Soos were scattered on the floor. Once that pass, everyone's eyes soon focus on those in front of them.

"Grunkle Stan!" Dipper & Mabel responded off in surprise in who they are seeing.

"Yo Stan!/Mister Pines!" Wendy & Soos gave out their own hellos to their boss.

"What? Kids? Wendy? Even you Soos? Where did you come from?" Grankle Stan asked off in not knowing what the heck just happened.

"You know, that's a very good question? I think it's when a dude & dudette come together, fall in love, & when they have kids…" Soos pondered to question the topic of where they actually came from, however…

"I meant where did you came from after being gone all of today?" Grankle Stan remotely cut in with a bored face, not caring about knowing how any of them came to the world, more importantly, where was everyone that were gone.

"Today?" The Pine Twins responded in puzzlement in having heard that right.

"Yeah! I been searching for hours. I tried to call any of your little pals, bribe a few suckers for a free visit to the Mystery shack, & no one saw you? Hu-huh…Though, I will admit, I scam a few folks to buying the merchidise for double the usual amount." Grunkle Stan pointed off to explain this, while chuckling a bit on the last stuff he said.

"No way, it felt like weeks where we been?" Wendy raised an eyebrow in thinking when they were in the ACTAUL Motorcity, their time spent was way longer.

"And where did you go that felt like weeks when it was just a whole day?" Grunkle Stan raised an eyebrow in not understanding how someone felt a week gone by when it's only been a day.

"Inside the new arcade game." Soos pointed off blankly with a smile to say.

"Well that explains everything?" Grunkle Stan rolled his eyes in having heard it from Soos' mouth of all folks.

"Wait, it does?" Dipper raised an eyebrow in thinking the Pine Twins great uncle believed that.

"You kids have been absorb in that game for so long, that I must have missed it. Probably the only time I never saw you was probably when you had to go to the Bathroom?" Grunkle Stan pondered off in having to think a bit clearer on what might explain things. "Still, how the heck did you blow a hole through the basement?" He asked in seeing they got a hole through the basement, but what caused it.

"Well it might be when we thrown a nuclear container into a dimensional portal, caused it to suck everything in after an explosion." Mabel explained the matter of what happened that they got back by such a possibility.

"Yesh, I asked how, not a complicated story? Still, I did source a lot of scrape metal from Mcgukin down in the junkyard with a deal so good, it's a steal." Grunkle Stan exclaimed in having managed to obtain a way to fix this hole.

"And how did you acquire such a deal?" Wendy raised an eyebrow in pondering how Stan even got such a deal.

"Easy, I traded him Soos' Humungo Sandwich he left in the fridge." Grunkle Stan exclaimed in how he did it, too bad it cost Soos' his lunch. "So now if you people are done playing games, I gotta get this place ship-shape, I don't want customers coming in to see a pig-stie." With enough said, Grunkle Stan began to walk out of the room.

"Wait, pig….Hugh! Where's Waddles!?" Mabel suddenly gasped in realizing, her pet pig was not with them.

"Oh no, during the stuff when we were captured, Waddles was still back the Burner's Garage." Dipper yelps in slowly realizing that Waddles never was brought to them when Kane captured them, & on the return trip, forgot about Waddles during all the excitement.

"Dipper, does that mean…Waddles is now trapped in the game!" Mabel asked with worry before staring at the arcade racing game. "I'LL SAVE YOU WADDLES!" She yelled out to grab a nearby hammer to take a swing, but…

"Mabel Wait!" Dipper pulled the hammer out of his sister's hand at the last second. "If you smash the game, it might make it worse & Waddles might be lost forever!" He explained casually about seeing a point of view if they rush things, they may never get Waddles out.

"But…" Mabel was so worried about her pig, what else can they do.

"Hey dudes, check it out…something new appeared on the screen?" Soos pointed in seeing something happening.

Eveyone's focus was on the screen, as the events show the digital game of Deluxe City. Along with the battle that took place & many Deluxe Citizens coming out while witnessing the Burners & a captured Kane with the truth unveiled.

"At long last, the war that has torn worlds apart has come to an end. With the Business Tyrant known as Abraham Kane finally defeated & captured, all citizens will soon be rejoicing with a new feeling one thought was lost…" The Narrative voice was heard explaining the events that took place, as many brave Morotcity Citizens & half gang members were cheering for what they obtain. "FREEDOM!" The words rang out as fireworks were shot into the sky. "The Burners have triumphed over their long goal, & with Deluxe free & Motorcity safe from danger, their can be a new peace between everyone." The narrative voice explained as the credits began rolling out along with other characters seen in the game doing some moves. "And all this couldn't have happened, without teamwork, & everyone that played a part." The narrative voice exclaimed forth as the Burners are seen with the flaming 8-ball logo mark before scrolling up after them…was a surprise.

The digital avatar images of the Mystery Shack members are seen.

"CONGRATES TO PLAYERS: DIPPER, MABEL, WENDY, SOOS!" The voice announcer was heard stating the names of the players that were label. "YOU WON THE GAME!" The game announced with a 'WIN' logo appearing & racer cup trophies for the avatars.

Suddenly without warning, a noise was heard that everyone saw what looked like…a hidden prize compartment.

"Hey! I think something just slide down some prize shot?" Soos commented in what came out of a prize slot.

"Must be a prize for beating the game." Dipper raised an eyebrow in what

"After all of that, what could it be?" Wendy pondered in suspense & suspicious for the whole thing.

"I don't care about some prize, I just want…" Mabel protest in what she really wanted was…

Then pig cries were heard as something squeeze out of the prize slot, & took everyone by surprise for it was…

"WADDLES!" Mabel cheered happily to pull her pig out of the slot to hug him.

"Hehehe, hey dudes, check it….we got a Piggy-Prize!?" Soos chuckled a bit off to show what they got was a piggy type prize to joke about.

"How in the world could a pig fit in there?" Wendy raised an eyebrow to question how the heck such a thing was possible.

"Who cares! Come here Waddles, ahhh…I missed you too." Mabel hugged her pig in loving that Waddles was with her again.

"I guess that's another mystery left uncheck, even about a pig appearing in a prize slot?" Dipper raised an eyebrow to lightly smile about such a situation.

"Hey! What's all the commotion now?" Grunkle Stan came down into the room when he heard a lot of noise.

"Great news Grankle Stan! We found Waddles!" Mabel smiled proudly to present her squealing pig.

"Yeah, the pig was inside the prize slot." Soos pointed off in where they found Waddles in.

"Wait, what!? Really!?" Grunkle Stan yelped in having heard this.

"You believe it?" Dipper raised an eyebrow that Grankle Stan believed that.

"What I believe, is that I can't believe a pig managed to get inside the prize slot. Come to think of it, if folks even start winning this thing, they'll demand prizes?" Grankle Stan exclaimed off in realizing a different issue that could be costly for his business. "I'll need to figure out how to save money without spending money, Soos, Wendy, mind the store." He issued off in quickly turning around to head on off.

"Man, I can't believe it's over. I'm still getting over if that stuff really happened?" Wendy rubbed her back head in how everything that happened, was now over like some dream.

"Well, our avatars are seen on the congrats screen, so I'm guessing everything we did…really happened?" Dipper commented in how to view things as seen.

"Well while we're figuring that out, lets hear what's on the news?" Soos commented to say as he turn on the small TV to listen in on the news, etc.

"We interrupt this usual broadcast for a special news bullet! I'm Shandra Jimenez reporting to you live!" A black late 20s – early 30s woman spoke in giving an announcement as a news anchor & reporter for gravity Falls. "Sightings of giant-size mutated rats were seen spotted by the junkyard. Here's a resident on the spot." She issued before the screen changed to a junkyard where an old, deranged hillbilly lives by the name…Old Man McGucket.

"Well it was the darnest thing, them mutated rats were riding on mobile toasters. I lived here my whole life & never notice a thing?" Old Man McGucket proclaimed this off as certain mutated rats & KaneBots were on the scene, followed by…a large shadowy something. "Oh Boy! Here comes a big one!" He yelped as the camera caught glimpses of a Ultra Golem as it stomps the ground & the camera went all staticy.

"That is all the coverage we can get. And now, back to you in the studio." Shandra Jimenez issued the report before Soos turn the TV off.

"Okay, so the news is a little slow today?" Soos shrug off to lightly state how that wasn't what they had in mind today.

"Guys, I think we might have just released the mutant rats from the game in this world. Worse, I think some of Kane's robots got pulled in to?" Dipper

"Dang, if only we had our rides with us." Wendy rubbed her backhead in seeing if they had their rides, they could wipe out the problem real easily.

"Hey guys! Look what I just spotted!" Mabel spoke out in having spotted something through the hole they made.

Everyone crawled up the hole that lead out of the basement, only to find in surprise, the two cars that Soos & Wendy drove in Motorcity, were now here & outside of the game.

"Hey look, it's my ride: The Overhaul!" Soos proclaimed with a smiling joy to go up & hug his ride.

"Sweet! The Override is here too!" Wendy pump her fist up in walking up to her sweet ride too.

"Incredible, they must have been brought here when we got sucked in?" Dipper pondered off to exclaim in what might have explained the cars they rode in Motorcity, got sucked in & were drop in their world just like anything else from the game.

"Oh, bro., maybe this was like the REAL Bonus! Course, getting Waddles back is just as nice, isn't that right Waddles?" Mabel exclaimed off excitedly before snuggling with her pet pig.

"Well then, shall we get ready?" Wendy smirked slyly to say.

"Ready, for what?" Dipper raised an eyebrow in not following.

"Come on Dipper, lets go out there & blast us some mutant & robot hids!" Wendy exclaimed in knowing what this was just begging them to do.

"Hugh, shouldn't we leave this stuff to the professionals? The police? The army? The Government?" Soos scratch his head in thinking if they should call in the professionals to handle dangerous stuff then civilians.

"You think the government can handle mutated rats let alone toaster size bots with blasters? Come on, we got this, are you in?!" Wendy rolled her eyes to sarcastically say while offering the Pine Twins a chance to live a little.

"I'm in if Waddles is in!" Mabel proclaimed as she carried Waddles over to Wendy's side.

"Hugh, guess that leaves us Dipper, so…wanna be my co-pilot?" Soos smiled off to simply say while seeing if Dipper was up for this too.

"Well I still have questions, frankly one of them is where the journals are when we came back?" Dipper pondered off to think about a few things; their return, game creatures in real world, & discovering the journals they collected were not with them no more. "But, I suppose we'll find them eventually, just like Mike would know when there's a time to think & a time for action." He shrug off to say as much in knowing how Mike Chilton would handle things.

"So you're coming Dipper?" Mabel asked in liking to know the basic answer, &…

"You kidding, without me, this group won't be able to keep their rides in check. Lets Roll!" Dipper made a sly confident smile in coming along for the rid too.

"Alright!/Awesome dude!" Wendy & Soos cheered in seeing they are back together & ready to roll.

Soon The gang got in the Burner style cars, & drove off with that extra roaring sounds of the engine; to take down the problems in Gravity Falls before it got too weird. While they left, no one saw the three journals lying underneath the rubble, now return to just normal books & no longer glowing. And at this time, someone pick them up, & it was…Grunkle Stan!

"Oh, so that's where those journals got to? Hugh…boy, the strangest things keep happening when you least expect it? Normally I question how they came here after that freak power failure but, eh, no time, got a business to run & folks to scam." Grunkle Stan stated off to ponder, & then shrug off in deciding it wasn't important so long as he got what was missing.

When Grunkle Stan left & turn the lights off, the light from the hole shine over to the City Of Motors Game. At first, nothing out of the ordinary, until something of static & electricity of the same onmious green color appeared. The game screen appeared as everything was fading out & the words zoomed in…


The next words appeared after that…


And with that, everything fads off to show just one thing afterwards…


NOTED FACT: I added in the mix of where Grunkle Stans reobtains the journals to play out the events around Season 2 of Gravity Falls.

Well that's it, now this story is finally finished. I hope many of you managed to enjoy it, it was certainly something I enjoyed working on as an ideal view if the two series of Gravity Falls & Motorcity ever got a CROSSOVER. A person can dream, & that dream can inspire others as well. Well now that this is done, here's some news about my next story I'll be working on, it might be something fans have been anxiously awaiting for.

VISIONKING'S Beast Wars, Season Two

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