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It's been ten years now since the saving of the Mortal Realms as it is called. I'm not sure why, because more realms than that were saved that day but because it was the one where most of the action took place I suppose it fits.

The portal between the two realms has now been shattered. The bridge broken so such an invasion can never happen again. Even the Guardians are restricted in their travel, and only the Guardian Lavan, who rules us so wisely, is able to travel back and forth at his will. We can still watch those who played key roles that day from above, though, and it seems fitting that in this account I share with you how some of Lavan's family and friends have done since then.

Holly and Genki had their final child a few months later and named him Allen, in their lost friend's honor as they had done with their twins. Now almost into their 50's, they've begun to slow their life down and settle more in the village and travel less. Both have lone since retired their Phoenix Warrior titles to others and passed the pendants down through the family, Annie and Z now carrying that privilege. Lavan has faith in them and their monster counter parts that all will be safe there as long as there are people like them to guard it, and those of us here trust his judgment without question.

The twins themselves are quite interesting to watch. The girl Annie finally managed to hook Lavan's nephew into marrying her (or was it the other way around?) and have little ones who have far more energy that is sanely plausible. Z settled down with a quiet girl from town a few years ago and, finding they were unable to have children themselves, instead run the orphanage for the homeless kids. I hear they have an adopted family of more than 20, and it continues to grow by the both. Spirits help them, for that is far more little ones than I would ever dare have in one place at once.

The past Phoenix Warrior Pixie and her companion Blue have moved into the village with Holly and Genki, taking up residence with them and living out their days in peace. Her pendant was passed down to one of Claw's offspring, a spunky mew female who has inherited her mother's claws and abilities, but not her thirst for blood thankfully. The originally feisty and independent Pixie has mellowed out as well, becoming quite a favorite of the young ones for telling stories and spoiling them with bits of candy. She usually has at least two or three tagging along with whatever she's doing, and she does enjoy their company.

Tiger, the prideful wolf monster, has long since retired in his back. Storm passed on a few years ago and he hasn't been quite the same since, spending more time sleeping or playing with the pups rather than guarding the pack and taking a leader's roll. Ice is now in charge and doing a fine job with things, having found himself a strong mate who stands beside him in every situation and has born him a fine set of triplets who just reached two years old. Temi split off to join another pack where she found a mate herself, and while she does visit occasionally it is rare for them to see her more than once a year. After all, her mate will not leave the cubs with her alone to go visit family quite a distance away and it is not wise to keep two male tigers who are both pack leaders such as her brother and mate in the same place for any length of time.

The loyal pinkeye finally passed on to join her mate Suezo, her offspring all over the place. Though most have gone on to other villages, they keep in close contact and often get together for once celebration or another. Such times are quite amusing to watch as they all inherited their mother and father's tempers, arguments always break out with the females beating the males to the ground in a wondrous display of feminine power. I must remember to have Lava give me a list of when the next ones will be...

Zelda is still around, living with Holly as her permanent babysitter for when the grandkids come over or she and Genki need someone to watch young Allen for awhile. She is well loved there and loves them all back, a good arrangement I must say for many times those from the past who stick around are not appreciated for the work they do to stay.

The exuberant Slip has finally settled down as well, finding himself a clan of gels who accepted him with open arms. Taking a mate and having young ones of his own, he still travels some but mainly stays there to help with the young ones. He is still the fourth Phoenix Warrior, and will probably be so for many years to come. Frost is there as well, being a grandfather to the young ones. He is as stoic as ever, but being called granddaddy may warm his still chilly demeanor with time.

The nephew of Lavan's, Kenjou, actually lives in the Valley now that Lavan himself watched over when Firesprite was a Guardian before he became one as well. He and his wife, who is Annie as I already mentioned, live there as the governing pair and several humans and monsters have joined them there. It's quite the little town, with its own school and training grounds for humans and monsters alike who wish to learn to defend themselves. May they prosper in their endeavor to continue to create a place where monsters and humans are equal, for they will need to band together in the years to come again.

Now as for those Guardians who played such important roles to protect the Mortal Realms I shall tell you something of as well. Wyndcatcher is still among us when he's not among his brethren winds, for he loves to fly the skies that Starhunter rules as a man loves his wife. He, of all the Guardians, spends the most time in the Mortal Realms, and will often disappear there for months at a time to take care of this problem or that at Lavan's bidding.

Ophelia is still with us as well, as quiet as ever with her usual stoic personality. I keep telling her not to spend so much time in her own realms among the dead, but she insists it is good for her. The twins are still here as well, causing as much trouble as they do good with their powers. The poor young ones, an eternal youth with abounding energy and nothing for them to do! Perhaps I shall suggest that Wyndcatcher take them along next time he goes on a mission for Lavan, it would do them some good, I think.

Tintaro is still stumping about too, bless his heart. The old war vet has nothing to do now and is spending more and more of his time with the twins making mischief. Maybe all three of them need to get out of here for awhile, for I find one more mouse in my bed or find the ground suddenly shift under me while I'm walking through the gardens there will be pain! And not the good kind either. ^_~

Starhunter continues to roam the skies and brings us information daily on how goes the repairs to the Dark armies castle. Without a leader is has come to a crawl, and the fort which crumbled the day their new Destroyer of All was killed may not be fully fixed until they find another one. I suppose it is a fitting punishment, to be without shelter, for those who followed him but I still cannot help but pity them at times.

Firesprite is quite well and still one of us too, her wings healed and fully restored, though she shall never use them to fly again. At least they were there, though, for when she goes flying on Wyndcatcher's back that she might remember the freedom that she once had. She does her job well, keeping the Mortal Realms safe for the Living with Wyndcatcher's help. It pleases me that she has recovered so, for we feared for a long time that she may never fully recover from her loss of flight. She has, though, and our worry was for nothing at all.

Lavan himself is...interesting to say the least. He's finally 'caught his girl' as he puts it and could not be happier. If I weren't millennia upon millennia old I might actually be jealous of them, laying together in the gardens like young lovers. But I am glad that they have found joy after all that happened, and may their years be filled with peace and prosperity until their time comes to an end.  He himself is a fine Guardian of All and we do love him dearly. He has won the loyalty of all, even Tintaro, and rules as any just Guardian should. With his heart.

"I found it!" cried Lava, coming up from a pile of books and chronicles as Celeste sat at a table in her study, watching her Guardian of All with an amused look on her face.

"Found what?" she asked calmly, standing slowly as her joints creaked in annoyance from having to move. She closed the book she had been writing it, laying her quill pen to the side.

"See?" He pointed to a passage in one of the past Guardian's books. "There it is, why the kid wanted me to kill him. Each Destroyer of All is really the same person, reborn for the exact purpose of attempting once again to take over both Realms. So that is how he knew that I would face him again some day, and why he had to die...because if he didn't he couldn't be reborn and try again!"

"That is correct," replied the Guardian of Time, nodding sagely as she took the volume from his hands and set it back on the shelf. "Come, Firesprite will have thought you got lost among my wracks of books again."

"I did, actually," admitted the man, scratching the back of his head as he did. "But I found my way back! By the way, did you finish that ending for me?"

"Just as you popped up with the book."

"Great! What say you come and join me and Fire for some cake? She said she was bringing some back from home and you know you like my sister's cake..."

Celeste smiled wanly, she did like Lavan's sister's cake. "But won't I be intruding?"

"Considering that we have close to an eternity together, I don't think Firesprite will mind." Allen shrugged.

"Very well, I shall come."

"I knew you would!"

"Of course you did!"


Celeste winked. "I thought the Guardian of All knew everything."

Allen laughed. "That's right, I do!"


The end.

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