Standard disclaimer applies, I own nothing and just needed to get some stuff out of my head. So yeah if get some stuff wrong, I'm sorry.

Takes place after season six and blatantly ignores the whole flash foward. Also I have lousy grammar skills and this is a total work in progress, let's hope it ends well.


The crew continued to scramble around them as Milah called out orders and assisted Killian.

"Apparently, a man loses all reason when left by you," Killian joked. She huffed out an anxious breath and continued sorting out his wounds. "I wouldn't worry love. We just have to outsmart the coward and sail off into the sunset."

"He may be a coward but he hasn't ever been an idiot." Milah's lips tightened into a thin line as she pressed a clean cold cloth to his wound. "Rumple may want the bean but I'm afraid he'll want revenge as well."

She whirled around the cabin, wringing the cloth, pushing books and plates out of her way. Ignoring his injuries, Killian stalked her down and wrapped her in his arms. He started rocking them side to side even as she struggled to get free. She slapped at his hands but he refused to release her.

"As fast as the Jolly Roger is, we can't outrun the Dark One," she said through clenched teeth and tried to pull away. "There is no way we can escape."

"The Dark One likes his deals love," he whispered the words into her back, leaning his forehead on her shoulder. "He gets the bean, we get away."

Milah finally tugged herself free, looking down at the floor. "There is one place."


She lifted her gaze to her Captain as he began shrugging out his heavy top coat and unbuttoning his vest. Her knuckles were white as she wrung out the cloth carrying his blood. She dipped it into the cold water again and walked back over to him to press it on his wound.

"The Dark One is immortal." Milah moved close letting her body rest on his. "No ordinary weapon will kill him and our lives will run out running from his wrath." Her arms wrapped around his neck, she lifted her eyes to look into his. "If he doesn't kill us tomorrow."

"That placeā€¦" Killian's eyes close, his face pale.

"He wouldn't think that we would use the bean ourselves and we will have the time we need to find a way to stop him." Milah took his face between her hands. "We need to go and go now."

Killian opened his eyes and looked into his love's, staring, searching. He grabbed his vest from the floor and pulled in on quickly, holding his hand out for the bean. Milah placed it in his hand, kissed him and followed him out onto the deck.

"Prepare to sail!" He shouted for the crew and like that the Jolly Roger was once again out at sea. "Ready yourself lads, for this will be an adventure you will never forget." Killian Jones threw the magic bean into the ocean before him and took the wheel.

"To Neverland!"