A/N I adopted this story from IAmABookDragon so the first five chapters are mainly this amazing authors. I only am going to change things in the first five from the original so that it makes more sense.

Chapter one

Harry Potter was currently on a plane with his relatives, the Dursleys. His uncle, Vernon Dursley, was being transferred to Japan for work so they sold the house and furniture; they wanted to buy everything new in Japan. Unfortunately for Vernon he had been informed by Petunia that they were bringing their 'Freak' nephew with them. Petunia even went as far as calling Vernon's office and telling them that they would need another ticket for their nephew.

Harry Potter was curled up comfortable in his seat. He was sitting between his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia with his cousin Dudley on the other side of his Aunt. They were in business class and even though they were all rather comfortable Harry's Uncle was getting increasingly angry and was muttering to himself about bad plane service. Harry warily eyed his Uncle out of the corner of his eye while he tried to make himself smaller in his seat. Harry leaned closer to his Aunt, though he avoided any skin contact with her. Harry's uncle started muttering louder when a flight attendant stopped by them to ask if they wanted anything. Harry ignored her and stared absently at the blank screen in front of him.

"Harry, dear, is there anything you want?" Petunia asked. Harry turned his head to look at her and she pointed to the flight attendant. Harry turned to look at the pleasantly smiling woman before glancing at his Aunt. Petunia nodded slightly to him and Harry turned back to the woman.

"Milk," Harry said quietly before turning back to stare silently at the blank screen. The flight attendant smiled sweetly at Harry before leaving to get their drinks.

"Boy, once we get off this plane I expect you to keep out of my way," Vernon whispered harshly in Harry's ear once Petunia had gotten up to use the bathroom, "and you will talk to no one, am I understood?"

"Yes Uncle," Harry whimpered slightly as his uncle twisted his ear when he was silent.

"Please fasten your seat belts and put any carry-on luggage under the seats or in the overhead compartments. Put your seat backs and trays in an upright and locked position. Now is also the time to turn off any electronics we will be landing in approximately 10 minutes," one of the flight attendants said, her voice projected throughout the plane.

The flight attendant brought them their drinks before leaving to help other passengers get ready for the landing. Petunia reached across Harry for the lever that would straighten his seat before doing the same for Dudley. Petunia fastened Harry's and Dudley's seat belts before she put their trays away. Their drinks were deposited in their hands as Vernon and Petunia put the carry-on luggage up. Harry slowly drank his milk, ignoring the activity around them. The flight attendants passed by them with a trash bag and Vernon took Harry's now empty cup and threw it away.

The flight attendants went to their own seats and 5 minutes later the plane was touching down. The Dursleys and one Harry Potter were walking off the plane 15 minutes later. Harry whimpered as the crowd pressed closer and clutched at Petunia's pants, making her look down at him before she bent down to pick him up though she was careful not to touch his skin and set off another episode. Another 20 minutes and they had picked up their luggage and were through customs and looking for their ride to where they would be staying.

A smartly dressed man was standing in the Arrivals area holding up a sign with "Dursley family" written on it. They pushed through the crowded area, slowly making their way to the man.

"Are you the Dursleys?" the man asked fluently with only a slight accent when they finally made it over to him.

"Yes, I am Vernon Dursley and this is my family," Vernon said puffing his chest out.

"Good, I am Jun, if you would follow me, I will be taking you to the house you will be housed in for the duration of your stay in Japan," Jun said, gesturing for them to follow before turning and walking to the parking lot. They arrived at a fancy, black limousine where another man got out of the car and started walking over to them. Harry flinched slightly in Petunia's arms when the man slammed the car door shut loudly. Jun and the other man put their luggage in the boot of the lime as Petunia settled Harry and Dudley in the car before going to stand with Vernon.

Harry absently watched Dudley as he explored the confines of the limo. They heard the sound of the boot being closed before Petunia and Vernon got into the car. Jun got in after them as the driver started the limo and pulled out of the parking lot.

"Is there anything you would like to know for your stay in Japan," Jun asked as the limo pulled out into the street.

"Yes, is there a school we'll be able to send the children to that's close by?" Petunia asked

"I do not know, but I will look into that for you," Jun said before pulling out a laptop.

"Do you know any good places to buy electronics?" Vernon asked.

"Ah, yes I think there is an electrical appliance store near your new house," Jun said as he booted the laptop up.

"What ages are the children?" Jun asked looking up from the computer.

"Harry is about six and a half and Dudley is turning seven in August," Petunia said pointing to each of the children respectively.

Harry ignored the conversations around him as he stared out the window at the passing buildings.

"Ah yes, there is a public and private elementary school, there is a public high school about 3 miles from your new house," Jun said as he typed away on his laptop. Petunia looked at Harry's sleeping form.

"It would probably be a good idea to have Harry in the private school," Petunia said, glancing at Vernon out of the corner of her eye.

"Very well, I will enroll Harry for you, would you like for you son, Dudley, to be enrolled in the public or private school?"

"Public, I think."

"Very well, it shall be done."

"Ah, Harry has some problems; the school will need to know what they are right?"

"Yes, if you tell me I will forward it to the Headmaster when I enroll him."

"Ok, Harry is mildly autistic, he doesn't like contact, he won't really talk all that much, but the most important thing is no skin on skin contact unless he initiates it himself."

"I will send the list with his enrollment papers."

"Thank you, we really appreciate it," Petunia said gratefully.

"It is no problem, it is my job to help you until you get settled in," Jun said as he closed his laptop.

They sat there silently for a few minutes watching the boys sleep. The window separating the back from the front started to roll down and the driver glanced over his shoulder at them before announcing that they would be there in about twenty to thirty minutes.