A/n: Hello there...you may be reading this and thinking: Aren't you going to write a wedding story? Well the answer is yes, of course I will! Yes I probably should have written that first but this was a request from a faithful reader and one I couldn't pass up writing right away and there was one other i wanted to write before i got to the wedding anyway. But rest assured the wedding fic will be coming! So please just enjoy this fluffy piece for what it is!

I apologize that it took so long to be posted...I had some pretty awful things happening in my personal life that just threw me through a loop and put me out of the mood for writing. I am however feeling better now so I have returned!

Also, this does have a high T rating...i do not go into explicit details because I don't really feel comfortable writing smut but it is the day after their wedding so...there had to be something!

It was also going to be one long one-shot but I have decided to break it up into little chapters!

Once upon a time in the hidden heart of France a handsome young Prince lived in a beautiful castle.

The Prince had once been selfish and unkind, despite having everything his heart desired.

Or at least, everything he thought he desired.

He soon would learn, with the help from a powerful enchantress and her curse, that life was so much more than expensive objects.

He soon would learn his heart's true desire lay in the heart of another. A smart, beautiful, bold young woman who came into his life and changed everything.

She brought him to the light, saved his heart and his soul and inspired him to see the simpler and greater things that life had to offer.

In each other they found friendship, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance.

They fell madly, deeply in love and to his heart's great delight, when he asked she agreed to marry him.

They were married on a beautiful and warm saturday in late summer, a day that he would claim to be the happiest day of his life.

The wedding ceremony was a large affair and would be an occasion the villagers would talk about for decades. After all, It was not everyday one witnessed the legal and eternal bonding of two beings bound by true love

The Prince and his wife were surrounded by friends and family, all celebrating the joyous occasion in a party that lasted well into the evening.

The magical day extended into a passionate night as the newly wedded couple consummated their love and marriage.

And this was only the start of their happily ever after.

Adam awoke to the sunlight streaming in through the open balcony.

The first thing that registered, after the sleepy haze faded, was the pleasant ache in his body. Yet somehow despite that he felt almost weightless.

There was a delightful tingle under his skin - one of deep satisfaction, joy and love.

A feeling he knew was completely due to the woman asleep beside him.

Belle was turned on her side, facing the wall and his eyes trailed over the bare expanse of the skin on her shoulders and back glowing in the early morning sun.

A smile bloomed across his face as he turned onto his side, inching closer to her.

His smile turned into a grin the more he took her in. The small content smile on her lips, the slight flush of her cheeks, her hair falling in disarray across her shoulders - all evidence of their activities through the night.

He had been overjoyed throughout the day, content with Belle - his wife - at his side and getting lost in all the distraction of the party and the attention. However as the night drew on and the wedding guests left he grew more and more anxious to get Belle alone.

The looks she gave him all evening proved Belle was just as eager for him. It took all that was within him not to demand the guests all leave and carry Belle up to the West Wing.

When he did finally get Belle all to himself, in the quiet and privacy of the West Wing, he no longer resisted his desire.

He knew, while it most certainly was not his first time, it was Belle's and above all wanted her to enjoy herself. So with some minor restraint he kept their love making gentle but even that turned out to be the most passionate night of both of their lives.

It was the second round that he truly held nothing back. Having experienced the pleasure of making love with the woman he loved like nothing else only enhanced his desire for her. He let the beast inside of him come out to play and Belle was not only encouraging but seemed to enjoy it, if her moans of pleasure at his ear were anything go by.

It seemed their mutual desire for each other was never satisfied and their love making continued well into the night until they were both physically exhausted and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Even in her sleep, Belle had the look of a deeply pleasured woman and he felt a surge of pride knowing he had placed that look upon her.

He hated to disturb her when she looked so peaceful but he could not resist touching her. He placed his hand gently on her shoulder and her lips twitched but she did not stir.

He trailed his fingers across her back and smirked as her muscles involuntarily twitched against his movements.

He continued to trail downwards, across the small of her back towards her hip and paused for a moment to spread his fingers across the curve of her hip.

He leaned his head forward and pressed a feather light kiss to her shoulder. Then he continued to move his hand, under the sheet that covered the lower halves of their body to trace across her abdomen.

He grinned against her shoulder as she finally started to stir and a low, sleepily giggle escaped her lips as she smiled.

He continued to sprinkle small, light kisses across the skin of her shoulder as he pressed his chest against her back.

She hummed quietly and her hands moved and sought after his. Her hand found his and then moved up his arm to tighten his hold around her. Her smile widened and then she turned her head towards him.

His breath caught as her eyes fluttered opened to meet his. He knew for as long as he lived he would never tire of the sight of her first thing in the morning, her warm brown eyes still heavy with sleep.

His smile was immovable on his face. "Good morning…" he greeted, his voice low and husky and he pressed another soft kiss to her shoulder. "My beautiful wife."

Her smile widened and she continued to blink the sleep from her eyes as she melted against him. "Good morning, dear husband."

His heart soared at the term of endearment and new title, one that meant so much more than Prince ever would.

He knew in that very moment if he were to lose his title, riches and home, he would be content just to live with Belle as her husband.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked and a knowing smirk tugged at his lips at the sudden rush of color to her cheeks.

She bit her lip, only slightly masking her grin. She squirmed in his arms and let out a small hum. "Wonderfully." She sighed blissfully.

She slowly twisted around in his arms to face him, her nose twitching in a small wince as she moved.

His hand, now rested on her back, trailed softly in and his brow twitched in concern. "Are you alright?"

A lazy but beaming smile returned to her lips and she arched herself against him, pressing their cheats together. She nodded once as she looked up to his eyes, lifting her hand to smooth out any lasting worry lines on his face. "Perfect." She whispered. "A little sore but still...wonderfully perfect."

His face softened into a smile and he leaned in to kiss her softly.

She smiled against his mouth, her hand sliding into his hair. He sighed quietly as her fingers lightly caressed his scalp. She hummed in delight, shuddering in his arms as his hand continued to slide up her back, pulling her in closer.

Then without warning Belle gripped the back of his head and pressed her mouth firmly to his. He made a noise at the back of his throat but quickly and eagerly responded. He had intended to keep the kiss sweet and gentle - for now at least - but he was more than willing to go along with his wife's advances.

Then Belle's hand slid down his neck, sending a delightful shiver down his body, and finally came to rest on his shoulder.

She forcefully shoved him onto his back and while his eyes popped open in surprise, Belle made sure to keep their lips together as she rolled over him to straddle him and pin him to the bed.

His body instantly responded accordingly and his hands fell to her hips, gripping tightly to hold her in place.

One of the very many things he loved about Belle was that she was a very quick learner.

She had been hesitant but not shy, inexperienced but not unwillingly and once she started to learn she picked it up very quickly much to his delight and absolute pleasure.

His heart was beating erratically, the feel of her on top of him was intoxicating.

She finally broke the kiss and lifted up, sliding her hands onto his chest. He let out a breath as he opened his eyes and then inhaled quick and sharp.

He always thought her beautiful and seeing her completely bared to him the night before, glowing in candlelight, was enough to do him in. However, as he looked at her now, bathed in the morning sunshine, beaming down at him in love and joy, her hair falling over her shoulders in waves and her wide brown eyes darkened with desire, he was completely enraptured by her.

When he finally managed to catch his breath, he let it out slowly, his hands slowly sliding up her body, reveling in the feeling of bare skin against bare skin.

"You are so beautiful." He whispered and her face lit up in a broad grin.

His hands continued upward and she let out a pleasured gasp, her eyes fluttering closed as she tilted her head back.

He let out a low, pleasured groan in response. Her eyes flew back open and locked onto his and a small, mischievous smirk played at her lips.

He grinned back at her, equally mischievous and slowly, tantalizingly she lowered herself back down to press their chests together and once again capture his lips in a kiss.

His arms secured tightly around her waist, holding them together as they kissed.

Then, with another small grin against her mouth, he flipped them over to press her back into the mattress.

He let out a small gasp as she squirmed under him, her hands moving to his hair. "Belle…" he groaned against her lips.

He lifted his head to look down at her. She bit her lip softly and he let out a low growl at the arousing sight. She moved her hand to his face, gently caressing over the stubble of his beard. "Yes." She said quietly and then slowly grinned.

He grinned right back and without any further hesitation, swept down to kiss her once more.

A little while later they lay in each other's arms, well spent and glowing in the aftermath of their passionate affairs.

Belle wore a content smile, her head rested against his chest, her arm thrown lazily across his abdomen. Adam wore a similar smile, his arm around Belle's shoulders to hold her in place, their legs tangled together to remain as close as possible.

Belle delighted in the tiny rippling of his muscles as she ran her finger in small circles against his skin.

Adam knew he could spend forever with Belle's warm body pressed against his own, her soft touches sending wonderful tingles throughout his body.

"I wish we could stay this way forever." Belle murmured blissfully against his chest and he smiled. As usual, Belle seemed completely in tune with his own thoughts.

He tightened his grip around her and dropped a kiss to the top of her head. "Today we can."

"Hm?" She wondered.

"Yes...you see, I wanted to assure I had you all to myself today with no distractions. I gave the entire staff the day off and made it clear they were to not remain on the castle grounds."

She lifted her head, her brow raising as she looked down at him. "What?" She shook her head, a hint of a smirk on her lips. "Where exactly did you send them?"

He chuckled quietly at her expression. "I did not specify where they were to go only that they could not remain here. Mrs. Potts I am certain is more than willing to spend an entire day with her husband and Chip and they, as you know, have a home in Villeneuve."

"And the others?" She raised an eyebrow.

"I made accommodations in various inns and the like. Do not worry, darling I did not throw them out into the woods. Wherever they chose to go today I am more than certain they are safe and enjoying themselves. Much like ourselves…" He grinned.

She blinked down at him and then let out a small laugh. She shook her head, her brow twitching in thought. "I did think Plumette and Lumiere seemed a little too happy at the wedding."

Adam nodded. "I am sure they craved some much needed personal time together as much as we did."

"You sly prince, you…"

He chuckled and she leaned in to press a soft kiss to his lips.

As she pulled away a moment later her eyes slowly widened in realization. "We have the entire castle to ourselves."

A grin split across his lips. "The entire castle….just you and me." His hand dipped lower on her back, pulling her closer. "As I said I did not want any disturbances today."

Belle bit down softly on her lip, a familiar look gleaming in her eyes and he wondered what her brilliant, creative mind was thinking. He knew by the excitement in her eyes whatever she had in mind would not disappoint.

Before he even had the chance to ask, she hummed thoughtfully, quietly and then returned her head to his chest and he knew then his wife would be surprising him later on. His heart thudded in anticipation and surely Belle must have noticed. She said nothing and only stretched further around him, securing her body to his side.

His fingers moved to curl in her hair where it splayed against her bare back. She shuddered against him as the tips of his fingers brushed across her skin but no further move was made. For the moment they were both content to just remain quietly in their love's arms.

Adam closed his eyes and released a gentle sigh, smiling as he lay there in peace. Belle nuzzled against his chest and he felt her smile and he tightened his hold around her and before long they both drifted off.

When Adam awoke not even an hour later he immediately felt the absence of Belle's presence. His eyes still closed, he rolled over, a small smirk pulling at the corners of his lips as he reached for her.

He froze when he was only met with the empty air. For the briefest moments panic gripped tight at his heart.


His eyes shot open and the place beside him was empty - but clearly laid in and still warm. He released a breath in relief. Belle had only very recently left the bed. He propped himself up, blinked quickly to clear his vision and slowly looked around the room for any sign of her.

A small smile pulled at his lips as he finally spotted her standing on the balcony, wrapped in nothing but a white sheet.

He quickly slid out of bed, eager to once again join her, and searched the surrounding area for the shirt Belle had torn off of him last night.

His brow furrowed - he spotted his breeches and other articles of clothing including Belle's dress and undergarments but there was no sign of his shirt.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught a flash of brown as the gentle summer breeze whipped Belle's hair around her shoulders and drew his attention towards her.

His heart jolted as he then realized she was not in a sheet at all but had adorned his discarded shirt. She practically drowned in the garment and it fell to her mid thigh. A sudden warmth flooded him at the sight and not giving a damn about his own state of undress he sauntered towards her.

He stepped up behind her and slipped his arms around her middle. She let out a small squeak of surprise but immediately relaxed back against his chest, her hands moving to his arms. He smiled and pressed a few light kisses to the skin of her neck.

A delightful giggle left her lips and she smiled, turning her head to give him better access.

"How long have you been awake?" He asked, settling his chin down on her shoulder.

"Not long." She answered with a contented sigh. "It is such a beautiful morning. As much as I loved being in your arms I had to step outside and enjoy it."

He turned his attention outwards, looking across the landscape around them. The weather was a perfect temperature for a summer morning, warm with a light breeze.

It was true he did have a newfound appreciation for nature and at times loved nothing more than to observe its tranquility but at the moment he was far too occupied with the other natural beauty in his arms.

"Hm...yes…" He returned to peppering small kisses along her jawline. "Beautiful."

A smile spread across her lips and she laughed quietly. "Adam…"

She turned around in his arms and met his eyes as she wound her arms around his neck.

"My love?" He asked, raising his brow.

She shook her head affectionately. "You are absolutely insatiable."

He grinned proudly and she laughed again at his expression. He wrapped his arms tighter around her, pulling their hips together.

"Can you blame me? I married the love of my life and she is quite irresistible."

He leaned into kiss her and she smiled, letting out a quiet sigh as she melted in his arms.

Slowly his hand started to drift lower and she pulled away just as his fingers brushed across the bare skin of her thigh.

Her eyes opened to meet questioning blue eyes. She slid her hands down to his chest to put some distance between them. "I'm afraid you'll have to resist for now. As enjoyable as that particular activity is I don't believe I am quite ready to go again just yet."

His eyes softened in realization and he nodded, taking a small step back. "Yes, of course. Forgive me I didn't even think of that."

She smiled softly and shook her head. "It's alright. Besides...we do have other needs to attend to in the meanwhile."

He lifted a brow. "Oh? Such as?"

"Well I am not sure how you feel but you wiped the energy right out of me."

The proud smirk returned to his lips and she laughed quietly.

"I am in need of some form of sustenance."

He nodded once, understanding. "Breakfast."

She smiled and quickly, sweetly kissed his lips. "Breakfast." She confirmed and then released him.

She walked a few paces into the room and then paused, realizing he was not following her. She turned to look over her shoulder, finding him standing almost helplessly where she had left him.

She couldn't help the heat that rose to her cheeks at the sight of him. Completely exposed and unkempt, the proud figure of a man and one she was allowed to call hers.

"What is it?" she asked, stifling a giggle.

He pressed his lips together and turned to face her. "I have only just realized the implications of dismissing the staff for the day."

She raises her brow. "Oh?"

"There will be no one to make our meals."

Belle rolled her eyes and sighed. "That is what concerns you?" She shook her head and crossed the distance back towards him. She gently grabbed a hold of his hands and looked directly into his eyes. "Darling, we are perfectly capable of making our own meals."

At his look of hesitance she rolled her eyes again. "Very well then I am perfectly capable. I did not grow up with servants and chefs. I will cook for us and today, dear husband, so will you."

He raised a brow and a hint of shame passed across his eyes. "I am afraid I do not how."

She smiled at him reassuringly. "I know and that is why I am going to teach you. You have taught me so much about your way of life, it is time you learned about mine."

He still looked hesitant. "I do not wish to make my wife ill on our first day of marriage."

She rolled her eyes affectionately. "You will not get me ill. I will teach you, walk you through every step. When I am through with you," she lightly poked him in the chest with a grin, "You may be a better chef than Cuisinier himself."

He lifted his brow with a smirk and then chuckled. "It is a very good thing he is not around to hear you say that. He prides himself on being the best chef this side of France."

She hummed lightly. "Well, he has not yet tried my cooking. My father will attest to my food being the most delicious this side of France."

He let out a laugh. "I believe it however I don't believe he would be too pleased being replaced by his very own princess."

Belle let out a small laugh of her own. "I am not seeking to replace him but as you noted we are out of a chef today and you need to learn a new skill."

He watched with a smirk as she sauntered away from him. "Cooking for myself...what ridiculous notion will you have me do next?" He joked.

He laughed as his own clothing came flying at him.

"You can start with dressing yourself, I suppose." Belle responded, her eyes twinkling in mirth.

He chuckled deeply as he untangled the rumpled clothing in his hands and walked towards her. "That is something I do know how to do...however I much prefer undressing…"

She gave him a look, and her hand shot out to press against his chest, holding him at a distance. "Breakfast first, Your Highness." Her eyes scoured over his form and another blush rose to her cheeks. "Besides there's nothing left of you to undress…"

He gently grabbed her hand in his and brought her fingers to his lips, meeting her eyes with sharp intensity. "I was not referring to myself." His voice was a low rumble and he raised his brow suggestively.

Belle found herself instinctively leaning in towards him, suddenly short of breath and flooded with warmth. An unquenchable desire sat heavy in her gut but it was only slightly surpassed by the hunger pains and the tenderness of her body.

He smirked when she didn't pull away from him and pressed his lips to her palm, keeping his eyes on hers, and then started to trail down to her wrist and down her arm.

He got halfway down her arm before she quickly pulled away and gave him a gentle, scolding look.

"We have all day for that." She said and then picked up another piece of clothing off the floor and with a smirk, shoved it against his chest. "Stop trying to distract me."

A smirk twitched at his lips and he raised his brow, feigning innocence. "I've no idea to what you are referring."

She gave him a look. "Get dressed. I shall meet you in the kitchen."

She turned around and only took a few steps before she paused. She bit her lip and then spun around to face him.

She then quickly crossed the distance between them, grabbed his face between her hands and kissed him, hard.

His clothes fell from his hands in momentary surprise. Belle pulled away again before he really had a chance to respond and she giggled as he seemed to instinctively follow her movements, desperately chasing after more.

"I simply could not resist." She told him with a grin and he raised a single brow.

"Yet here you are telling me I need to resist you. You are a helpless tease, Madame."

She hummed quietly. "The difference between you and I is that I know when to stop."

His other brow lifted. "I feel as if I should be insulted - I have tremendous self control."

She laughed quietly and his eyes widened as she slowly leaned down to pick up the clothing he had dropped. His breath caught as he watched her, his hands twitched at his sides and he couldn't have fought his body's own reaction to her close proximity if he wanted to.

She grinned at him, seeing how his eyes had darkened, and once again handed him his clothes. He narrowed his eyes at her and growled quietly, "Tease."

She lifted her brow with a knowing smirk. "We have all day for that. A lifetime, even."

He pressed his lips together and grunted quietly. "Forever can spare a minute?"

Her smile widened. "Or an hour or two."

He sighed heavily and closed his eyes. She smiled affectionately and softly brought her hand to his cheek. "I will meet you in the kitchen."

His eyes opened and he nodded with a small, resigned smile.

She gave him one last smile before finally turning to walk away. His fingers gripped tight around the material of his clothing as he watched her walk away, fighting the impulse to chase after her with every gentle sway of her hips. She paused in the doorway and gave him one last withering look over her shoulder and he knew she had been doing it on purpose and that it was going to be a very long and very wonderful day.