What Could Have Never Been: A Romance by Duo Maxwell

by WSJ

WSJ: What? Me? Write a Wufei-centered fic where he never once screams "INJUSTICE!" or gets bashed? Nah... You're seeing things. This story doesn't exist and I never wrote it. I am not going soft on Wufei. I repeat, you are imagining things.

^^ Okay fine... I'm going insane. Very much so. LOL. I just had this very, very bizarre idea in the middle of reading This is the Waltz that Just Won't End... by DragonBlond. And I think I've been working too hard on my Yu-Gi-Oh fic The Yamis of Tokyo U. *sweatdrop* Way too hard. I'm going nutty...

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Warnings: Polytheism (the practice of having more then one wife), extreme hillarity, self-insert, Duo being... Duo, OOC Wufei at the end... and practically everywhere else, for that matter.

Couples: Heero/Relena, Duo/Hilde, Trowa/Midii, Quatre/Cathrin, Sally/Wufei/Meiran, Zechs/Noin

Note: Okay, this might need a bit of explaining. *sweatdrop* When Duo mentions SJ, yes, he's talking about me. I'm not actually in the story though, I promise. ^^ So anyway, SJ is Duo's half-sister, and lives in a seperate dimention. *coughOURWORLDcough* He can communicate with her telepathicly. There's a longer story behind it, of course, but I don't feel like typing it all up. If you're just absolutely dying to know, e-mail me at yamatos_fangirl@hotmail.com.

The beginning and end parts aren't AU. Duo's story is the AU part. ^~ Kay?


What Could Have Never Been

Prologe: Story's Start

Twenty-one-year-old Duo Maxwell chewed on the end of his pencil, staring at the sheets of notebook paper spread out in front of him. This was harder then it looked. When SJ had dared him to write a fanfiction of his own to post on FanFiction.Net, he hadn't thought it would actually take effort.

He was sitting in front of a coffee table in one of the livingrooms of Quatre's mansion, where he and all the other Gundam Pilots and their girls (plus Zechs, Noin, Lady Une, and Marimeia) were staying for the Christmas holidays, dispite that Quatre was Islamic and didn't celebrate Christmas.

At the moment, Hilde, Sally, Noin, and Cathrin were in the kitchen, helping the cooks with Christmas Eve dinner. Quatre had tried to convince them that this wasn't needed, but they had insisted. Lady Une was ordering around all the servents who were putting up the decorations. Marimeia, Trowa, Zechs, and Heero were outside. Marimeia was playing in the snow, and Trowa, Zechs, and Heero were attempting to put up the Christmas lights on the outside of the mansion. Relena was somewhere or other, probably sitting in the den watching some old Christmas movie. She was eight-and-a-half months pregnant, and the other women had refused to let her help in the kitchen. (Dispite the fact that Cathrin was at least six months pregnant herself.) Wufei was upstairs somewhere, muttering about Christmas in general in a negative sort of way. Quatre was running around all over the place, doing whatever last-minute things needed doing.

The smells coming from the kitchen were making Duo's mouth water, and so he hopped out of his seat and made his way around various boxes of presents and decorations until he reached the kitchen door. He stuck his head in, glancing around and trying to keep his saliva inside his mouth. He caught Hilde as she went by, giving his fiancee a kiss on the cheek. "How's it going?"

Out of the G-pilots, Trowa and Wufei were the only ones not married, and Trowa was the only one completely without a woman. Heero and Relena had been married for a little over a year, Cathrin and Quatre longer then that. Duo and Hilde were enganged, and Zechs and Noin had been married for three years total. Their son, Alex, who was two, was outside with Marimeia and his dad (and "Unca He-oh" and "Unca Towah"). Wufei and Sally had been "on again, off again" for the past five years, and Duo was getting sick of it. Which was why he'd chosen to write his fic about what he had.

"Hi Duo!" Hilde chirped, giving him a hug and leaving white flour hand-prints on the back of his black shirt. She was dressed in a skirt and a red sweater, with a green and black apron tied over top. It was the apron Duo had gotten her as an engagement present, the one that had made her laugh until she fell of the couch. The background was green, and it had little black skulls all over it. Across the top it said 'If you eat my husband's cooking, this is how you'll end up'. "Sorry, but you can't come in. Noin's orders."

"You'd eat everything." Noin said, chuckling. "Dinner will be ready soon enough."

Duo pouted, but didn't resist as they kicked him out of the kitchen. He headed back to the livingroom, only to find Quatre bending over his impromptu desk, Duo's story in his hands. The Arabian CEO was dressed to the teeth in a black tuxedo with a midnight blue waist coat. (In about two hours there was going to be a big formal dinner with a lot of Quatre's business friends there, which is why so many preperations were going on.) "Duo, what is this?" he asked, straitening up. "And why are all of us in it?"

Duo shrugged. "My half-sister SJ, remember, I told you about her? She dared me to write a story, so I did."

A sly smile crept over Quatre's usually serene face. "This is really good Duo. I think Wufei should hear it."

Duo choked, his eyes bugging out. "No! He'll skin me!"

Quatre shook his head, his blue eyes laughing. "We don't have to say who wrote it. Please Duo? Can't I read it at the party tonight?"

"Isn't that a bit odd?" Duo asked.

Quatre shook his head again. "No, not really. Please?"

"Ugh, fine!" Duo said, throwing up his hands, causing his braid to twitch in agitation. "Just remember, no reveiling the author!"

"Cross my heart." Quatre promised solemnly, but there was still laughter in his eyes. "Now go get ready for the dinner, you've got flour on the back of your shirt."

"Aw man!" Duo said, trying to look over his shoulder. "And in my hair too! I'll have to take a shower and wash it now."

Quatre looked dutifully alarmed. "In that case, perhaps you should go now. Hilde's told me how long it takes you to wash your hair."

Duo made a face at his friend, but grinned and headed for the stairs. "You got it Q-man. Have fun with the last bit of preparing."

Two hours later, everything was set. The big ballroom and dining room had been decorated, the food was prepared, and everyone was ready. The first guests had begun to arrive. Alex was upstairs with Relena, who had begged off attending the party. Quatre had said it was all right, since it would have been a long, long evening for her. He suspected that Heero would probably slip away half-way through to be with her, but he didn't mind. The Perfect Soldier was still a bit in awe of the tiny life he'd helped create, that could be born at any time.

Zechs and Noin Peacecraft were over by the punch bowl, Zechs in a dark blue tuxedo with his hair pulled away from his face (though his bangs still dropped into his eyes). Noin was in a long, light pink dress that was fastened at one shoulder by a sprig of holly. A pearl necklace was around her neck, and pearl drops hung from her ears.

Lady Une had allowed Marimeia to attend, now that she was thirteen, but had told her that if she got bored or tired she could go upstairs with Relena and Alex. Mari Kushrenada-Une was dressed in a red and green kimono, tied with a wide white sash. Her hair, which was pretty long now, was coiled into two buns on either side of her head, not unlike how Lady Une usually wore hers. Tonight, though, Une's hair was down, and she was wearing a kimono similar to Mari's but with the colors reversed. The kimono itself was green and white, with a red sash.

Cathrin Winner was quite content to sit in an armchair and look pretty while her husband did all the business type of things. Occationally someone would enquire after her health or that of the baby, and she would hold a conversation with them. She was dressed in a loose green dress, very simple, but one that looked very elegant on her.

Sally Po and Chang Wufei were sitting together in one corner, neither of them very keen on fancy parties. Sally was dressed in a gold Chinese dress that brought out the blue in her eyes, and Wufei was wearing a more ornate version of his everyday clothes. They were sitting with their backs to each other, hinting that they'd probably had another fight. Quatre was hoping that the reading tonight would change that.

Duo Maxwell and Hilde Schibeiker-soon-to-be-Maxwell were off to one side, no more comfortable with the ritzy crowd then Sally and Wufei. They, however, were making an effort, and Quatre looked with worry at the half-empty champeign glass in Duo's hand.

Trowa Barton was near one of the windows, staring down the front walk with his mouth ajar as if he'd seen a ghost. He looked very hansom in black slacks, a white shirt and a dark green vest. Quatre watched with curiosity as the Latino pilot practically dove for the front door as the bell rang, yanking it out of the butler's hands. The Arabian shook his head and politely stepped forward to greet his guests. Lady Une started forward at the same time with a grin, recognising her brother and sister-in-law as the couple who had just come in. Trowa was staring in shock at their daughter, Lady Une's neice, whom had come along, and she was staring back.

"N-nanashi?" she asked hesitantly, not sure if she could trust her own eyes.

"Midii," Trowa breathed, brushing a soft curl off her cheek. "I knew I'd see you again, someday."

Across the room, Duo pointed this scene out to his fiancee, who was dressed in the same outfit as before, minus the apron. "I knew it. I knew Midii would be here tonight. That's why I wrote her into the story."

"What story?" Hilde asked. "Midii who?"

Duo chuckled, shifting around in his black silk shirt. "About a year-and-a-half ago now, right before Heero and Jou-san got married, the five of us went out to a bar and got very drunk. I mean we were plastered. Even Quatre, I swear. Well, anyway, we all spilled our guts to each other. I talked about Solo and Sister Helen and Father Maxwell, and I've never told anyone but you about them. Trowa kept talking about this girl named Midii Une that he'd met a long time ago and fallen in love with. And, Hilde get this, did you know Wufei was married?" Duo chuckled again and took another sip of champeign. "I wasn't so drunk as them. You know my tolorance for alcohal is high." he shrugged. "I don't think any of the others remember it. Or rather, they don't remember how much they said."

"So you wrote it into this story of yours? How evil!" Hilde giggled. "So when do I get to hear it?"

Duo suddenly looked worried. "Tonight, I think. Quatre wanted to read it to all his business friends. Gee I hope Wufei doesn't have his katana with him..."

And it was at that moment that Quatre stepped up onto the impromptu stage set up in one side of the hall and picked up a microphone, holding a familiar sheef of notebook paper in one hand.

"Attention, attention please. I'd like to thank you all for coming tonight, and I'd like to read a story that I just recently got ahold of. It came to me from a friend, and I think you'll like it. It features me and my closest friends and comrades in arms, in a setting very different from what we know. Or maybe not. The whole focus is what our lives may have been like if the war never happened. It's titled What Could Have Never Been..."


WSJ: ^__^ There's the prologe. The rest will all be the actual "story", except for the epilogue which will be the "real world" again. Updates will be coming eraticly, because I have The Yamis of Tokyo U to work on. ^-^v Reviews please!

Chapter 1: Chang Wufei is a Chinese scholar, married against his will to a firey young martial artist. He is also married, by choice, so a calm, collected Chinese doctor. Of course, with two wives and one husband, rivalry is sure to occur. See Sally run. See Meiran chase. Run, Sally, run!

God bless minna-san!