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What Could Have Never Been

Chapter 1: Sanc or Bust

Twenty-one-year-old Chang Wufei, the greatest scholar on the L5 colonies, was jerked awake by a screech and a crash from downstairs. He jumped and sat up, his black hair falling into his eyes as he looked around franticly. "Who what where...?" Another crash sounded, followed by fervent cursing in Chinese, and Wufei sighed and lay back down, pulling a pillow over his head.

God help him.

Meiran was in the kitchen again.

He knew it was Meiran, because Sally was still in bed next to him. And besides, Po-Chang Sally was very adept in the kitchen. She was the one who usually cooked the household's meals, much to Chang Meiran's annoyance.

Wufei and Meiran had been married against thier will seven years earlier, though over time they'd grown to love each other. Five years ago, when Wufei had acheived the status of master scribe, he'd been allowed to take a second wife, if he so chose. And he'd chosen Po Sally, a beautiful Chinese doctor whom he'd met on Earth.

However, poor Wufei had not anticipated the fact that his wives might not get along. Meiran and Sally were forever trying to out-do each other and win Wufei's heart, even though they both already had it.

Wufei burried his head deeper into the pillow, but Sally's hand on his shoulder brought him out of his dreamy half-slumber. "Nihao airen [hello beloved]," she said softly, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Should I go make sure Mei doesn't burn down the house?"

"Mph-hurumph..." Wufei muttered sleepily. "Sure, go ahead. I'll just..." He yawned, and Sally grinned as he began to snore softly. She shook her head, then climbed out of bed and pulled on her long, red silk dressing gown over her rather indecent night gown. She belted it closed as she made her way downstairs in the two-story house, all the time mumbling about incompetance in her kitchen.

Meiran was banging pots and pans around with the same ferver that she usually reserved for her martial arts matches against Wufei. Sally winced as she stepped in, wondering just how many pans Meiran had dented so far. Wufei's first wife was standing in front of the stove, wearing nothing but one of Wufei's shirts, which came to mid-thigh on her, and a pair of panties. The sleeves were rolled up, and she appeared to be trying to make French toast.

Sally chuckled and leaned against the doorframe, her arms crossed over her chest. "What are you doing Meiran?"

Meiran spun around, causing one of the sleeves of her - really Wufei's - shirt to trail in the toast batter. "Oh for the love of Shinigami!!!" she cursed, wiping the sleeve off and hoping Wufei wouldn't notice.

Sally's eyebrows rose into her hairline. "Isn't Shinigami Japanese?"

Meiran made a face and stuck her tongue out at the older woman. Sally, for a moment acting younger then her twenty-four years, stuck out her tongue as well. Wufei had just come down the stairs, buttoning up his usual white over-shirt, and saw the exchange. He sighed heavily.

"Onnas," he grunted. "Can't you get along?" he looked back and forth between them in surprise. "And why aren't you two dressed? Have you forgotten we leave for the Sanc Kingdom today?"

Both looked startled. "Sanc?" Meiran asked, toast forgotten. "Why would we go to Earth?"

Now it was Wufei's turn to be surprised. "I didn't tell you? Elder Fei-shun has a meeting he must attend there with the Peacecrafts and various other heads of state. I'm to go along and scribe the event for the Records... And you two are coming along because I thought you might like a vacation, as well as company for Princess Relena and Lady Lucrezia."

"Us?" Sally and Meiran chorused, for once in agreement. "But, who are we to be company to the Lady Noin and the Princess?" Sally asked.

Wufei's eyebrows drew together as a scowl settled over his face. "Would you dishonor me by refusing to go when I have already promised of your coming? Meiran, do you forget that you are the heir of the Dragon Clan? And Sally, your very name means 'princess'. Do not forget, you are just as royal as the Lady Noin and Princess Relena."

Both women blushed and bowed to their husband. "Yes airen..."

Wufei permitted himself to amile a little at them. "Go pack your things onnas. We leave in two hours."

Meiran and Sally scurried upstairs, and Wufei called after them "Take off my shirt Meiran!"

An hour-and-a-half later they sat in a shuttle as it pulled away from Colony L5. They were sceduled to meet with the Peacecrafts and be driven back to the palace, where they were staying, as soon as they landed, so they were dressed in their finest.

Sally was sitting near the front, staring out the window at Earth, which she hadn't seen like this since she'd come to the colonies to marry Wufei. Meiran was just behind her, giggling at a Japanese manga she'd bought at the shuttleport. Wufei and the elder sat in the back, and within three minutes of the flight's start were locked in a theological debate.

"Look here Sally," Meiran said, leaning over the seat to hold the manga in front of Sally's eyes, still giggling. "He's a guy, then he falls into the water, and he's a girl!"

Sally pushed her away, a scowl not unlike one of her husband's on her face. "Go away Meiran. I'm too old for such childish things. And so are you! And don't lean over the seat like that. You'll get you dress musty."

Meiran flopped back into her seat with a 'hmph!' and kicked the back of Sally's seat not-quite-by-accident. Sally jolted, and the scowl settled even more firmly onto her face. She often felt the heavy difference of even just the three years between her and Wufei, especially with Meiran (who was twenty, only one year younger then their husband) around. Often Meiran did things that made Wufei smile, or, more rarely, laugh. But if Sally had tried to do them, he would just scowl and tell her to act her age.

She cheered up slightly when she remembered that once they got to the Sanc Kingdom, she'd have the Lady Lucrezia Noin-Peacecraft (generally just called Lady Noin) to talk to. Lady Noin was her own age, twenty-four, and was married to Crown Prince Zechs.

Zechs's younger sister, Princess Relena, was Meiran's age, twenty. Sally could also assume that both women would have various other ladies-in-waiting around, so it wouldn't be too lonely.

As they stepped off the shuttle in Sanc, Sally breathed in the rich air, happy to once again be home. She watched with pride in her eyes as Wufei and Elder Fei-shun stepped forward to greet Queen Peacecraft, who was waiting for them. Sally glanced around, and saw several men standing in what she supposed to be casual possitions, yet they were obviously guarding the Queen.

Sally grunted as she was pushed aside by Meiran, who jumped out of the shuttle joyously and spun around on one foot, making her skirts flare out. "Woah! Earth's air could make you giddy! It's so different from colony air!"

"That's because colony air is recycled." said a voice from behind them. "This is your first time on Earth, I can tell."

Sally and Meiran turned to see a short woman of German decent, about Wufei and Meiran's age. Her hair was purple-black and fell into sparkling blue eyes. She was dressed in a long skirt and an off-the shoulder blouse, with a baret perched lopsided on her head.

"No," said Sally.

"Yes," said Meiran. "I'm colony-born, and never left, even after Wufei and I got married. Are you Princess Relena then?"

The woman looked startled, then began to laugh. "No," she assured them. "I'm not. I'm her best friend and cheif lady-in-waiting, Hilde Schibeiker-Maxwell. My husband's running security for Her Highness, so I volenteered to come along and greet you. You'll meet the Princess and the rest of the royals at dinner." She cocked her head at Sally. "So if twinkle-toes here is Scribe Wufei's wife, are you his mother?"

Sally bristled.

Meiran burst out laughing. "No, she's Wufei's other wife." Meiran made it sound as if that were the lowest possition someone could hold. "Where's your husband then?"

"That's him," Hilde said, pointing to a man with a long chesnut braid, who was talking easily to a man with ragged blond hair held up by a bandana. "My Duo. And his best friend Solo." she rolled her eyes. "We-the three of us-grew up together on the streets of L2, and had our own little orphan band going. Everyone used to call me Trio, but I like Hilde better."

Meiran laughed again. "I get it. Solo, Duo, Trio!"

Hilde nodded, her eyes laughing. She glanced around and saw that the Queen, along with the L5 elder and Wufei, Sally walking stiffly after, were beginning to walk back toward the limos which waited to convey them to the Peacecraft mansion. "Want to ride with Duo, Solo, and I? No one will miss you."

"Sure!" Meiran said, delighted that she'd already made a friend. The two women ran to catch up with Duo and Solo, and they headed for Solo's old beat-up Viper.

Wufei watched his younger wife climb in, chattering with Hilde the whole time. He smiled, pleased that she'd made friends so quickly. Sally, however, was another matter. She was sitting beside him in the limo, her back ram-rod strait and a scowl firmly planted on her fair face. He sighed to himself, then shrugged and decided that if Sally didn't care for Meiran's friends, that was none of his business.

"So," Meiran said as they jolted down the road after the royal procession. "What are these big meetings about, anyway?"

Duo was in the driver's seat, cursing the car at least twice a minute, and Solo was in the seat next to him, attempting to give him directions. Even after three years of working security in Sanc, Duo still managed to get lost every other week. Hilde and Meiran were in the back, clinging to each other so as not to get tossed around by the bumps and laughing.

"Peace talks." Hilde said. "All the heads of state and leaders of the colonies will be there. Boring stuff like that. I'm glad Wufei-san thought to bring you, or Relena and I'd be bored out of our /minds/." She giggled, then seemed to have an idea. "Hey, the leader of the L4 colony, Mr Winner, brought his son along, and he's about our age. But he's real stiff and formal. I don't think he knows how to have fun. Let's take him to the circus tonight! It's in town. Do you think Wufei-san would mind?"

"No, probably not." Meiran said, grinning. "Let's do it."


Okay, obviously, since this is a no-war AU, some things have changed. ^_^ Here's a general rundown.

Heero - Obviously, in this universe he wasn't trained as the Perfect Soldier. But, since Duo's writing this and he doesn't know and can't image Heero any other way, his personality is still the same. He is a bit more relaxed though. He's still an orphan, as well.

Duo - Since there was no war, and thus no L2 Plague, Solo is still alive. (Yayness!) Again, Duo is still an orphan, and grew up in the Maxwell Church with Father Maxwell and Sister Helen, who are still alive as well. (Yayness again!)

Trowa - Okay, he didn't meet Midii the way he did in the manga. I'm not sure exactly how they met in this universe yet, but it'll be reveiled later on. Like the others, Trowa and Cathrin are still orphans, but they never got seperated, and Trowa never lost his memory. Both Trowa and Cathrin still work at the circus (Midii too), and for simplicity's sake, everyone still calls him Trowa, except for Cathrin (who calls him Triton) and Midii (who calls him Nanashi).

Quatre - His dad never died, and is head of the Winner Corp. His mom, however, since she died in childbirth with Quatre, is still dead. *sweatdrop* Hey, I know his mom's name is/was Quatrine (Quatre was named after her), and his eldest sister's name is Ira, but is his dad ever given a name? If not I'll just make one up.

Wufei - His changes you've mostly already seen. Meiran is still alive, and Wuffie's a scholar/scribe.

Relena & Zechs - Their parents are still alive, thus Rel & Zechs are Princess and Crown Prince. Not much change here, save that they're still actively royal. And Zechs is still called Zechs so that I don't have to type out Milliardo all the time. Do their parents have names? Other then King and Queen Peacecraft? Like Mr Winner, they'll have parts in this story, and they sorta need first names...

Noin - Like Trowa and Midii, the way that she and Zechs met is changed, and it'll be reveiled later.

Everyone else (Hilde, Dorothy, ect.) are pretty much still the same. ^_^

Chapter 2: Hilde, Meiran, Solo, and Duo drag Quatre to the circus, and meet up with a certain clown... Meanwhile, Princess Relena meets in secret with her would-be lover.

God bless minna-san!