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A/N: A fill at Comment Fic for templefugate who left a prompt for the cliche "Any, any/any, a character letting out a breath they didn't know were holding." And I filled it exactly like they were expecting, I'm sure.

Angel gives such a sudden and loud exhalation that, even all the way back in his office Wesley drops his book in alarm.

Cordelia away from her computer, her eyes are going bleary anyway, but Angel is just sitting in at the front desk flipping through their new case file about the couple with the possible haunted deep fryer. "How's it going over there?"


"You're usually a more quiet brooder."

"Oh," says Angel. "I don't have to… breathe… so after we finished talking I, uh, forgot."

Well, that is better than him sighing over his mystery meetup with Buffy but also somehow just as sad.

"Wow." She turns back to the monitor. "Well, the rest of us have to do it all the time. Love you, but it is not actually hard enough for you to be struggling with the concept."

Angel makes a strangled hiccup and Cordelia's fingers spasm on the mouse.

"What'd I just say?!"