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PART 5: The End of Summer

By Michael "TheZorch" Haney

"AHHHHH!!!!" Ranma cried.
She raised her arms to shield herself from the water Akane and Sasami were
throwing into her face. The two girls were laughing and giggling. They stopped
suddenly when Ranma began to shimmer with a golden light. A ten foot column of
water rose out of the lake and loomed ominously over the two girls.
"You wouldn't!" Akane dared.
"You couldn't!" she continued.
Ranma smiled.
"He would." said Sasami calmly.
SPLASH!!!! The girl came up after being driven down to the bottom of the
lake just in time to hear Ranma's maniacal laughter, "Mwwwwaahahahahaha!"
"No fair, we don't have powers!" Akane whined.
Washu was at her side in an instant and handed her something that looked
like a gun with a six inch wide barrel and a thick hose on the other end. "Try
this on him." She said. Washu put the hose into the water. Akane switched the
gun on, it made a sound like a jet engine revving up. Ranma's eyes went wide as
a huge blast of water shot from the weapon and hit her in the chest. When she
came up the girls were laughing.
"I deserved that didn't I." Ranma said.
Sasami and Akane both nodded their heads. Ukyo was swimming nearby, she
looked at Ranma and started giggling. "What!?" Ranma said. Akane and Sasami
started to giggle too, Shampoo from the shore where she was sun bathing was
laughing, and Tenchi has a curious look on his face and a slight blush.
"Feeling a 'draft' are we, Ranma honey?" Ukyo asked.
Ranma looked down and blushed furiously. Now, when Ranma knows he's going
to be swimming in cold water he tries to make sure he wears something
appropriate for men and women both. This time around the girls talked him into
wearing something more 'lady like'. 'She' was properly proportioned to wear one
of Nabiki's two piece bikinis. Akane and Ukyo joked with him that 'she' looked
really good in it. Ranma laughed it off, but the girls had to admit that as a
girl Ranma did out do them in the looks department. Cup size was one of Ranma's
redeeming attributes and right now 'her' attributes were exposed for all the
world to admire. She quickly covered herself, grabbed up her bikini top that
was floating next to her and dove into the water. Totally unable to hold it
back anymore everyone including Tenchi broke out into hysterical laughter.
Ranma surfaced freshly covered and folded her arms. "Its bad when you're
jealous of your man because he has a better body than you do." Ukyo laughed.
Akane laughed so hard she nearly feel back into the water.
"That's a low blow Ukyo." Ranma sighed.
Ryoko flew over and high-fived Ukyo. "And a damn good one too." The cyan
haired beauty laughed.
"Miss Shampoo, why don't you go for a swim?" asked Aeka. The Princess of
Jurai was sunning herself on a beach blanket next to the Chinese girl.
"She can't, she's got one of those Josenkyo curses." Said Washu. The
diminutive genius was in a one piece green and beige swimsuit. Ukyo wore one of
Nabiki's one piece swimsuits, Sasami was dressed in a frilly one piece that
looked like a sailor outfit, Aeka's was in a one piece deal with a low back, and
Ryoko wore a swimsuit that almost wasn't there.
"What do you turn into?" Aeka asked.
"Shampoo have nickname." The Chinese girl told her.
"What's that?" asked Ryoko.
Shampoo looked at her and Aeka and sighed, "Cat."
"Oh!" Aeka said quickly.
Ranma came out of the water and dried herself off, then she laid down on
her beach towel next to Shampoo. "The sun feels good today." Ranma sighed
feeling the warm go through her. Shampoo picked up her bottle of suntan lotion.
"You want lotion?" she offered. "Sure." Said Ranma.
Just as Shampoo started rubbing the lotion into Ranma's back Ryo-Ohki
slowly slinked up to Ranma and gave out a loud, "MMMMIIYYYYAAAAA!!!!!"
"YYYYYAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!" Ranma screamed. Tenchi cringed some as Ranma
flew into the air and climbed up onto his shoulders at a blinding speed.
"Ryo-Ohki!" Sasami scolded her. "Stop that!"
"Miya!" the little Cabbit smiled happily before bounding off.
The girls all giggled and laughed. Tenchi blushed a bit, his cousin's
breasts were pressed into the back of his head. Ranma teleported back to her
beach blanket and sighed. "If your going to be married to a girl who can turn
into a cat you'd better learn to start liking them." Said Ryoko.
"Its not that I don't like them, its that I can't stand to be around
them." Ranma explained. "It's complicated."

Nightfall came and it was starting to get late. Ranma, a boy again,
pulled off his shirt and slipped into his green nightshirt. Akane, Ukyo and
Shampoo came in dressed in nightgowns. Ukyo and Shampoo had to borrow theirs
from Akane since they didn't bring any extra outfits with them. Also, since
Akane and Ranma were sharing a room it was decided that the other girls also do
the same. Extra pallets were brought in for the girls earlier that day.
"Our fourth night sleeping in the same room with Ranma." Said Ukyo.
"Nihao, any more come." Said Shampoo.
Ranma yawned loudly. "Well, at least you three don't snore like pop
does." He said. Ukyo and Shampoo just laughed.
"Genma Saotome, Mr. Buzz Saw." Laughed Akane.
Ranma and Akane looked at each other. As if they were both thinking on
the same wavelength, which they were but mind reading wasn't one of Ranma's new
abilities, they nodded and Akane turned to the other girls. "There is something
the two of you need to know." She said. It was something the two of them
decided to tell the girls. After four nights of sleeping in the same room it
was only right that they knew.
"Uh, well, to put it bluntly Ranma and I have been 'intimate'." Akane
explained. "Yeah?" Said Ukyo.
"What you talk about?" asked Shampoo.
"You know, 'intimate'." Akane told them putting more emphasis on the word.
Ukyo and Shampoo's eyes went wide as they both understood what she said.
Ranma sighed, the looks the girls were giving him reminded him of how lions
looked before they pounced on their prey.
"Two times." Akane went on adding fuel to the fire.
Ukyo gave her a broad smile. "Was he good?" she and Shampoo asked at the
same time. Akane answered with a Cheshire cat grin which the other two girls
mirrored and directed at him. Ranma rolled his eyes, fell back onto his pallet
and threw his pillow over his face. What 'have' I gotten myself into?, he asked

Two wonderful months passed. Ranma and family had seen many marvelous and
wondrous things since coming to the Masaki home but what they were seeing now
was the most impressive of them all. The Masaki, Tendo, and Saotome families
were gathered together, they watched in fascination as the sun slowly appeared,
from behind the beautiful rings of Saturn! They stood onboard the command deck
of the Ryo-Ohki. There was only one week of summer vacation left so everybody
was making the most the time they had together..
"Its so beautiful." Ukyo said, she hung onto Ranma's arm, tears were
welling up in her eyes. "Looks better in person rather than through the camera
of some primitive space probe doesn't it." Said Washu.
"It certainly is, big." Akane commented.
"Look like big marble." Said Shampoo.
"Saturn is larger than the Earth, yet the material it's made up of is so
light that if you could shrink the planet it would float in Earth's oceans
easily." Washu explained. Everyone went "Wow!" at the same time.
"This is nothing, you should see Gamma-Draconus." Said Ryoko.
"What's there?" Tenchi asked.
"A red giant star orbiting by a black hole." Washu answered. "Material
from the star is being pulled into the black hole creating a rather dramatic
light show."
"The universe is certainly a very beautiful place." Kasumi sighed looking
out at the majesty of the giant ringed planet. Sasami stood next to her looking
out of the observation dome that covered Ryo-Oki's bridge.
Ryoko grunted. "It 'can be' and 'is' a very deadly place too." She said.
"Wandering the cosmos is not always a very safe thing to do." She teleported
over to Ryo-Ohki's controls. The view of the giant ringed planet began to
recede into the distance, the stars began to streak by at a rapid pace.
"Where are we going?" Tenchi asked as he leaned over Ryoko's shoulder.
She smiled, leaned up and kissed his cheek and said, "There is one more sight to
see before we go home." The trip took almost twenty minutes before the passage
of the stars began to slow, everyone raced to one side of the bridge to look at
one of the most incredible sights they had ever seen before.
"My god what is that?" Ukyo gasped.
Before then was a massive celestial body. It spun around like a galaxy,
a vast glowing disk of light. The center of the disk was a void of total
darkness. The Ryo-Ohki swept low over the swirling disk and soon it became
clear that it was made up of dust and other material. "Infrared and radio
spectrum Ryo-Ohki." Ryoko ordered. Everyone gasped in wonder as the massive
object suddenly lit up with vibrant colors. And, like a great torrent a massive
spray of bright light emitted out from the middle of dark region extending
light-years into space.
"It's a black hole." Tenchi said realizing what he was seeing. He'd seen
pictures of them before in books and in videos played at school. "Is it safe
for us to be this close?" Akane asked.
"It's not just any black hole." Said Washu. "This one is the super
massive class at the center of our galaxy. I guess you could say this old girl
is the mother of our galaxy for it is because of her the Milky Way formed in the
first place."
"Huh?" everyone gasped.
"You kidding!" shouted Shampoo.
"I never kid where science is concerned." Washu replied. "Most galaxies
form because they have these massive bodies at their centers. The immense
gravitational pull of the black hole is what brought all of the material of our
galaxy together in the time of primordial."
"Amazing." Ranma breathed. He knew things like this existed, but actually
seeing it for himself gave him a new respect for the forces of Mother Nature.
"Are we safe here?" Nabiki asked.
"Oh yeah, we'd have to practically be inside of the event horizon before
we're in danger of being pulled in." Washu reassured her.
"The last time I saw a black hole was on Dr. Clay's ship." Said Mihoshi.
Ryoko cringed from being reminded of that embarrassing day. She still had the
side-effects of being merged with Zero. Her sweet gushy personality sometimes
found some way of manifesting itself in her. She didn't mind if it happened in
the presence of Tenchi when they were alone, but it was embarrassing around
others sometimes.
Ryo-Ohki gave a series of meows that nearly made Ranma collapse. "Ok, ok,
I know about that." Washu told her. "What is it, Miss Washu?" Saotome asked.
"We're safe from the gravity, but not the radiation and Ryo-Ohki's
radiation shielding is reaching maximum tolerance levels." Explained Washu.
"Let's go home Ryo-Ohki." Ryoko told her. "Miya!" the Cabbit ship meowed
in reply and the ship pulled quickly away from the massive and powerful
celestial body. It took nearly thirty minutes before the blue globe of the
Earth became visible to everyone on the Ryo-Ohki. Ryoko slowed the ship down as
they passed the moon to give everyone a chance to look around and enjoy the
"I guess this is how things looked to the guys from the Apollo program."
Said Ranma. As they neared Earth Ranma noticed something in the sky. He
squinted then realized he recognized it. "Hey!" he yelled. "There's the
International Space Station!" Everyone turned to look where he was pointing.
Sure enough, in the distance was the huge Earth-built space platform.
"Can't they see us?" Kasumi asked.
Washu shook her head. "Nope, we're in stealth mode." She said. "It
became necessary to add that feature into Ryo-Ohki's main OS after they started
building that thing." Mihoshi walked up and said, "Also, after the station went
up Earth classification was changed to 'none interference class 2'.
"What does that mean?" Soun asked.
"It means no ships without cloaking devices are allowed anywhere near this
planet." Said Mihoshi.
Shampoo suddenly gasped and pointed out into space and cried, "Why Shampoo
can see that ship?!" Washu whirled around and look for what Shampoo had seen.
She spotted the ship quickly, it was large, larger than the Ryo-Ohki and the
Earthling space station. "What the hell!" she exclaimed.
"They are in blatant violation of Galactic Union law 334579, no uncloaked
ships are allowed in this area!" shouted Mihoshi. Washu rolled her eyes then
turned to Ryoko. "Try to hail them." She said. Ryoko nodded.
"They're not responding, mom." Said Ryoko.
"Miya, miya miya miya!" Ryo-Ohki cried out quickly.
"We've just been scanned and they're locking weapons on us!" Ryoko
"They're what?!" Ranma, Akane, Shampoo, and Ukyo yelled at the same time.
The floor beneath everyone's feet rumbled and shifts slightly. "Hold on
everybody!" Ryoko shouted. "Evasive action Ryo-Ohki, full speed!" The Ryo-Ohki
pulled away from the massive alien ship following the curvature of the Earth.
Soon even the space station could no longer be seen. The alien ship appeared
quickly as it increased speed to follow them. A bright blue, high-resolution
beam streaked out from the alien ship and exploded against Ryo-Ohki's hull. The
girls all screamed in fright and grabbed onto Ranma. Soun and Mihoshi started
running around the bridge spraying the place down with tears.
"Dammit!" Ryoko cursed.
"Ryo-Ohki, return fire!" Ryoko ordered. "MMMIIYYYAAAA!" cried the Cabbit
ship as it unleashed a blast of crimson light. A bright explosion blossomed on
the outer hull of the alien ship. Suddenly, everyone was jerked off their feet
as the floor fell away beneath them.
"Oh no, a tractor beam!" Washu cried.
A glowing ball of green light materialized in the center of the spacious
bridge. Ryoko's hair suddenly stood up on end when she saw it. She'd seen that
sort of effect before many times, and hoped she would never have to see it again
for the rest of her life. Washu also cringed when she saw it. The ball erupted
on one said and folded in on itself revealing a person inside. He was tall,
wearing write robes, and had white hear and piercing yellow eyes. Aeka, Sasami,
and Mihoshi all gave out a stifled cry.
"NO, IT CAN'T BE!" Ryoko cried not wanting to believe who she was seeing.
"Nice to see you all again, its been too long." Said Kagato.
A sound like a pop and a sizzle filled the chamber and Tenchi stepped out
from the group with the Master Key ignited in his hand. "I defeated you once
Kagato, I can do it again." He warned.
"Oh I am so frightened." Kagato replied sarcastically. "I hope you can
handle that sword better than last time, I'd hate to waste my time humiliating
you again."
Tenchi saw movement in the corner of his eye. He chanced looking to his
side for just a moment and saw Ranma standing there in a fighting stance. "So
you're the one they call Kagato." He said. "Though you were dead."
Kagato swept his arm and cape up as he bowed with dramatic flair. "The
reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated, and you are new aren't you I
don't remember seeing you before."
"My name is Ranma, I'm Tenchi's cousin, and the two of us are gonna bring
you down." Ranma growled. "Again."
"Are you, boastful words for a mere human." Kagato smirked.
"I am here because with her final breath my master restored my life."
Kagato went on. "Now I will take revenge not only for my death, but for the
death of my queen. Lady Tokimi."
"I knew it, it all makes sense now!" Washu shouted. "She was the one who
'corrupted' you from the very beginning!"
Kagato bowed low towards his former professor. "Why yes, Professor." He
said. "I am rather surprised it took you this long to figure it out." Kagato
opened his palm and called forth a ball of green energy which he gripped in his
fingers to form a sword.
"Now, I bid you all a fond farewell." He laughed. "I hope you all have no
regrets in the afterlife."
Ranma charged up, glowing brightly as he did so and cried out, "Like hell
you will!" The young Saotome released his energy in a powerful blast that took
Kagato completely off guard. He didn't sense any power within the young human,
the same way he couldn't sense any power within Tenchi. The young First Prince
of Jurai had already abandoned the Master Key and called upon the Light Hawk
Wings. He was already merging with them to form the holy armor and sword he
used to destroy Kagato once before, and to defeat Lady Tokimi.
"What is this?!" Kagato cried out. He was only partly success in
shielding himself from Ranma attack. "But how can this be?!" he want on in
A series of massive explosions caught everyone's attention. They looked
out to see Kagato's ship imploding on itself. A massive spaceship surrounded by
ten brightly glowing, gossamer Light Hawk Wings flew past battering the alien
ship with withering fire power. Sasami smiled brightly, she knew everything was
going to be ok.
"I will not be defeated again!" Kagato cried. He threw himself towards
the group, but suddenly had Ranma in his path. The young Saotome let out a
karate battle cry and began slamming Kagato hard with blindingly fast Chestnut
Fist punches. Ranma's fists were supplemented with the Power of Jurai, and to
Kagato each impact was like hitting a brick wall at a hundred miles per hour.
The evil space pirate stumbled backwards trying to get his bearings again, but
as he looked up all he saw before the darkness too him was Tenchi's Light Hawk
Sword making a downward arc straight down between his eyes.

Ranma had been hoping for an exciting summer vacation, but this was
ridiculous. First, he learned his mother's family were all aliens and/or half-
aliens. He also was not only part alien but a member of a powerful family of
extraterrestrial royalty. Then, Ryoga and Kuno tried to kill him because they
thought he was some sort of 'Space Monster' controlling Akane's mind. Next the
two girls who are totally nuts about him to the point of being obsessive showed
up and he ends up deciding to marry them and Akane. And now, now he's kicking
the butt of an intergalactic scumbag that was supposed to be dead but was
brought back to life by an evil goddess Tenchi supposedly killed a year ago.
That alone would have been enough to drive a man to drink, or insane; which ever
came first! As it was, Ranma was enjoying a glass of iced honey-lemon tea and
allowing the warm waters of the onsen to ease away the tension. Tenchi sat next
to him trying to do that same. This too was an eventful summer for the young
first prince.
"I'm sorry about all of that earlier." Tenchi apologized.
"Hey, don't worry about it." Ranma waved to him.
"We all thought Kagato was really dead." Tenchi said.
"We really kicked his tail though didn't we, cousin." Ranma smiled.
Tenchi smiled. "He wasn't expecting to be double teamed like that at any
rate." He laughed. Ranma joined him and they both laughed. "Say, is Nerima
this 'exciting'?" Tenchi asked Ranma.
"Oh, there is always something going on in Nerima?" Ranma told him.
Tenchi took Ranma's glass, filled it and his own. "Well, I've been
thinking and decided I'll go to college in Nerima." Tenchi said handing the
glass to his cousin. Ranma looked at him as he did a Spock Maneuver. "Yeah?"
said Ranma surprised. "You know you can stay with us like Mr. Tendo offered."
"Yeah, and the girls can visit after Washu connects her lab to the house
in Nerima." Said Tenchi. "She said it would only take a few minutes to set it
up." "Oh, so they'd have to travel through the lab to get to my house?" asked
Ranma. Tenchi shook his head and replied, "Washu said it was the easiest way,
and more Mihoshi proof."
"Huh?" Ranma said questioningly.
"Lets just say Mihoshi and Washu's technology don't get along too well
together." Tenchi smiled. "Oh, I see." Said Ranma. Like Akane and cooking.,
thought Ranma.
"So, you're going to marry all five girls I hear." Ranma went on.
Tenchi sighed. "I should have known this would be my fate when we were
invited to Seina Yamada's wedding on the moon." He said. "Who is he, I keep
hearing his name?" Ranma asks. Tenchi look a sip of his tea and clear his
throat. "He 'was' a fellow student in high school, I was his sempai." Tenchi
explained. "Then one day he just vanished and I didn't see him for several
months until he showed up with a bunch of female Galaxy Police officers."
"He joined the GP Academy, not on purpose anyway, but he was enjoying
himself and thought it was the best thing that ever happened to him." Tenchi
continued. "He and the girls left for a long time and then we were all invited
to the moon for his wedding. He was marrying four wives originally, another one
of Lady Seto's classic 'arranged' marriages, but she had an added twist to it
and he ended up getting hitched to nine instead."
"NINE!" Ranma exclaimed in shock.
"Nine." Said Tenchi calmly.
"He's going to be one 'busy' man." Ranma sighed.
Tenchi started laughing and Ranma looked at him funny. "It wasn't 'that'
funny." Said Ranma. "If only you were there when it happened you'd understand
everything." Tenchi laughed.
"What happened?" Ranma asked, his curiosity now fully peaked.

Ryoko, Aeka, and Washu sat up on the roof of the Masaki home. It was not
because they wanted to get away from the general chaos of the house, but because
they just wanted to enjoy the breeze. Now with summer soon coming to a close
the hot days were getting cooler. It was still another month before Autumn
officially started. Soon the trees in the small valley and around the lake
would start to change color blanketing the land in vibrant hues of yellow,
orange, red, and brown.
"It sure has been an interesting summer." Said Aeka.
"Yes it certainly has." Said Washu.
"Pretty exciting." Said Ryoko.
The sun was setting now on a day that was almost less than perfect. An
outing in Ryo-Ohki with the family had been a good idea. Running into one of
their worst mortal enemies who was supposed to be dead wasn't a part of the
schedule though. They were all thankful that nobody was seriously injured,
except for perhaps Kagato whom the three hoped was dead for good now. In the
horror and excitement Ranma had proven himself in that brief moment. He and
Tenchi both dispatched the vile man in only a few seconds. Aeka had been
secretly afraid that if Ranma had possessed no significant powers to protect
himself someone from one of the other royal houses would take advantage of that
to kidnap him in order to extort Tenchi. Now that she saw first hand what the
young Second Prince of Jurai was capable of she wasn't afraid. Any who dared to
threaten him would have a very rude awaken.
"I wonder what Tenchi's going to do." Aeka said.
Ryoko looked at her. "Do what?" she asked.
"After he graduates, I mean." Aeka replied.
"He's going to Nerima." Said Washu in a matter of fact tone.
The other two girls looked at her in surprise. "He came and talked to me
before he and Ranma went up to the onsen." She went on. "I told him it sounded
like a good idea and that I was going to connect the Tendo house up to my lab so
we could go visit him whenever we wanted to."
"This is the first I've heard of this." Said Aeka.
"Yeah!" Ryoko seconded her.
"He made the decision I guess after the fight with Kagato." Washu
explained. "He said something about wanting to stay near Ranma to continue his
training and stuff like that."
"That makes sense." Aeka surmised.
"So we can see him like whenever?" asked Ryoko.
"Anytime we want." Washu answered her.
"Cool." Ryoko replied.
A delicious aroma wafted its way up to the roof. That Kasumi can really
cook up a storm, and that Ukyo isn't bad either., thought Ryoko. She was happy
for Ranma for having Ukyo around. Akane had been in the kitchen one day and
made something simple, and of course thinking it was something Sasami made Ryoko
decided to try it. That was a very bad idea. After about ten antacids and four
laxatives Ryoko's digestive system returned to normal. Akane was banned from
the kitchen except when she was going to get herself some water or a bottle of
cola from the refrigerator.
"Just one more week and they all go home." Said Ryoko.
"Summer vacation is almost over that fast." Aeka sighed.
"Time flies when your having fun." Said Washu.
Ryoko scooted down and laid back on the roof tiles. "I'm gonna miss
them." She said. Washu did the same and put her arms behind her head. "Oh come
on, it's not like we're never going to see them again." Said Washu.
"We will have Tenchi to ourselves until next June when he graduates."
Washu continued.
"When are his college classes going to start, or do you know?" Aeka asked
as she laid down also. "Probably in September most likely." Washu guessed.
"Its not like he's going away forever and we won't be able to see him."
Washu went on.
"I know, its just, well, we've never been apart from Tenchi in what, four
years." Says Ryoko. "There has never been a time where we have been away from
Tenchi for longer than a week, and that was during the war." Said Aeka.
"There is one thing though, we won't have to worry about anymore." Washu
told them. "He's ours and we're his, and nobody is going to come between us."
"That is one thing we won't have to worry about." Aeka laughed.
"There is one thing to worry about though." Said Ryoko. Aeka and Washu
both looked at her. "Ranma, what is going to happen with Ranma when the royals
on Jurai find out about him?" Ryoko asked. "You remember their reaction to
Tenchi just before the war started don't you?" She went on.
Aeka sighed. "That was my father's doing." She said. "Grandmother Seto
thankfully put a stop to it." If there was anyone in the entire universe who
had any real power over the King of Jurai it was Lady Seto. Even the king was
not immune to her political prowess and influence in the Holy Council. On top
that the grandmother of his daughters scared the living daylights out of him.
"I could speak to Lady Seto about Ranma to see if she could make certain
'opportunistic' people in the royal family do not get any ideas." She continued.
"Sometimes I really wonder who really is in charge of Jurai, your father
or your grandmother." Ryoko laughed. Aeka laugh also. "Push comes to shove
Seto has more political clout than anybody in the royal family including Azusa."
Said Washu. "Poor Seina is a prime example, that woman scares the hell out of
even me." Washu went on and laughed.

Ranma's first reaction to Tenchi's 'vivid' description of what happened on
Seina's wedding day was a severe nose bleed followed by uncontrolled laughter.
Soon the two climbed out of the bath, dried themselves off and got dressed.
Ranma was still giggling when they reached the house.
"Damn, I guess he got a head start making a family before the honeymoon
even began." Ranma laughed.
"I'll just say this, after that happened I started watching my back more
often because Ryoko is very 'impressionable'." Laughed Tenchi. "You know,
Akane, Ukyo and Shampoo are all three very beautiful, but the girls you have are
just total knock outs." Said Ranma. The memory of the day at the hot springs
and seeing Ryoko and Aeka 'exposed' for the first time appeared clearly in
Tenchi's mind. "Believe me, I am quite aware of just how beautiful the girls
are." He said.
Mihoshi and Nabiki met them at the door. The two were setting the dinner
table out on the patio. "Uh, I remember what happened the last time we had a
dinner out here." Said Tenchi. Mihoshi blushed furiously. "Today's my day off,
so no worries." She said. Tenchi patted her shoulder, smiled, and kissed her on
the cheek.
"Yoo-hoo, Tenchi!" Ryoko yelled from the roof. "What are you three doing
up there?" he asked them. Washu just shrugged her shoulders. "Just hanging
out." She said. "Where's grandpa?" Tenchi asked. "Saw him head up to the
shrine." Says Ryoko. "And, your father went to town with Mr. Tendo and Mr.
Saotome." Said Aeka.
"Oh, ok." Tenchi replied with a smile.
Sasami with Ryo-Ohki perched on her head came out carrying the first of
several bowls of food. "Hi Tenchi, dinner is almost ready." She said.
"Smells great Sasami." Says Ranma, and Sasami blushes. "Ukyo is making
okonomiyaki." Said Sasami. "You know, Sasami, you, Ukyo and Shampoo could open
a restaurant together and you'd probably make millions." Said Ranma. The little
girl blushed even more furiously and giggled as she scampered back into the
"Oh, by the way, speaking of Sasami I didn't tell you Tenchi but I met her
other half." Ranma explained as they entered the house. "Her other half, oh,
you mean you met Tsunami?" Tenchi replied doing a Spock Maneuver. Ranma nodded,
"Yes, she came to me the day we both 'changed our lives forever'."
"She has an uncanny tendency to do that." Said Tenchi with a smirk.
"I still find it hard to believe that cute little girl is going to become
her one day." Said Ranma. "Of all the girls here she had them all beat."
Tenchi laughed, "Don't let Aeka and Ryoko hear you say that, them is
fighting words, pilgrim." He tried using a John Wayne accent for that last
part, but with his already thick oriental accent it came out sounding funny and
the two nearly feel over laughing. Ranma hope Akane didn't hear him or he'd be
on the wrong end of a mallet very soon.
Ranma put his arm around Tenchi's shoulder and said, "We're both cursed
with having incredibly beautiful women chasing us." Tenchi laughed, "It's gotta
be a family trait or something." Ranma couldn't help it, he hit the floor
laughing at the top of his lungs. Something told Tenchi that living at the
Tendo house was going to be a very interesting adventure.

The Masaki family, Saotome family, and Tendo family sat at the outdoor
dinner table. Tiki torches were set up around the patio for light, and there
were a few candles on the table. The night air was warm with a soft, cool
breeze flowing in over the lake. It was a perfect night for a dinner under the
stars. The food was an incredible feast of flavors and textures. Some of it
was made by Sasami, some by Ukyo and the rest by Shampoo. The three were
masters of the culinary arts and this dinner showed there prowess in the kitchen
was quite formidable. Sasami made more traditional Japanese dishes while Ukyo
introduced the Masaki family to the unique dishes that were okonomiyaki, and
Shampoo demonstrated that ramen didn't have to be boring.
"Wow, Ranma had better have one hell of a metabolism because if he eats
like this every night he'll start expanding." Laughed Ryoko.
"Who, him?" Akane asked pointing a thumb Ranma's way. "He could eat like
a horse and never gain a single pound. I hate him!" Ranma laughed and kissed
her on the cheek.
"So, Tenchi, Mr. Tendo tells me you decided to go to school in Nerima."
Said Noboyuki. "It wasn't a hard decision, Nekomi Tech has better architecture
classes, and at least in Nerima I'll have family there." Said Tenchi, the girls
looked at him funny. "And also the girls can come and visit freely without
raising too much suspicion."
"It would be strange for girls to suddenly show up in your dorm room at
all hours of the day and night." Said Katsuhito. The girls looked at one
another and nodded in agreement. "Besides, Ranma's powers could still use some
refinement and who better to help him than me." Tenchi said.
"So the student becomes the teacher now, eh?" Says Katsuhito with a smirk.
"Grandpa." Retorted Tenchi.
"Just toying with you Tenchi." Said the old priest. "Yet, in truth you
have learned all that I can teach you. Perhaps it is time for you to pass on
what you have learned."
"Maybe, if he is willing Tenchi could work with us as well and learn the
Anything Goes style." Genma suggested. Katsuhito stifled a cringe. He learned
to like the man who was his son-in-law, but he still thought his choice of
martial arts disciplines needed serious reconsideration.
"It sure is a beautiful night, not a cloud in the sky." Said Kasumi.
"Yes, very beautiful." Shampoo agreed.
Nabiki pointed into the sky and said, "There's a cloud, see that patch
where there are no stars." Everyone looked up and indeed there was a patch of
sky where there were no clouds. Suddenly, that area of darkness changed
Washu called up her translucent computer and said, "That is no cloud I'm
afraid, it's a Juraian starship, and a first generation ship from the power
output I'm reading here."
Right on cue flood lights from the ship overhead began to shine down on
the ground. The lights panned over the lake and then the house. The low rumble
of the gravitic propulsion system of the Juraian ships began to fill the air as
it got closer. Tenchi tried to tell whose ship it was from its silhouette, but
Aeka recognized the ship first.
"Its Lady Seto!" she announced.
"Grandma Seto, hurray!" Sasami cheered.
"What in the universe is she doing here?" asked Ryoko.
"I don't know, she does have very interesting timing, and we have more
than enough food for one more person at the table." Said Aeka. The ship slowly
descended over the lake and stopped there. Everyone left the table and went to
the edge of the lake to await whoever it was in the ship. The telltale light of
a teleportation beam filled the air and a person materialized in front of them.
When Sasami referred to Seto as 'grandma' Ranma was expecting a doddering
old crone, but what greeted his eyes was anything but old. Seto had long teal
hair with large bangs, here eyes were beautiful and intense. She was indeed
very stunning and had an almost sensual air about her.
"Grandma!" Sasami cheer as she ran towards the woman.
"Oh, Sasami, darling I've missed you." Seto said as she caught the little
girl in her arms. Aeka walked up in a more dignified manner and bowed
respectfully. "Lady Seto, I'm pleased to see you, you're looking well." She
said. Seto fixed her eye a cold eye that made Aeka cringe. "We aren't in the
royal courts, and we are family Aeka." She said.
"I'm sorry." The first princess apologized and received a hug from her
grandmother. Seto fixed her eyes on Tenchi and it made the hair on the back of
his neck stand up on end. "Well, you're still looking quite handsome Tenchi."
Seto said to him, an almost seductive look in her eyes.
"Uh, well, uh, I-" Tenchi tried to say but his tongue got I the way.
"Lady Seto, I've heard quite a bit about you milady." Said Ranma.
Seto looked at him and did a Spock Maneuver. "And who is this nice young
man?" she asked. "I am Ranma Saotome, Tenchi's cousin and grandson to Lord
Yosho." Ranma replied.
For the very first and probably last time ever Aeka saw a startled look on
Seto's face. It wasn't often the Devil Princess of Jurai was taken off guard.
She smiled at Ranma, looked him up and down and then turned to Katsuhito.
"Well, it seems you've been keeping secrets from me Yosho." She smirked.
"I was unaware of his existence only until earlier this year." The old
priest told her truthfully. "I see." Says Seto.
"He possesses the Jurai Power." Katsuhito added.
Seto's smile broadened, Aeka remembered seeing that smile before just
before Seto had some interesting idea. "Does he now." She said.
"Don't go playing match maker yet, Seto." Washu spoke up. "He's already
engaged, to three very lovely ladies." Seto look also disappointed at that then
turned back to Tenchi. "I am also engaged, to Aeka, Ryoko, Mihoshi, Washu, and
Sasami." He said. Seto's smile became a Cheshire cat grin. "You're taking all
the fun out of this for me you know that." She said.
"I'll assume then your visit isn't just a social call." Katsuhito guessed.
Seto nodded, "Azusa sent to me to request that Tenchi make his intentions
towards Aeka, Sasami, or anyone, and if he doesn't I was to step in."
"Lovely." Said Ryoko sarcastically.
"Nice to see you too Ryoko." Seto replied with the same tone.

The rest of the night was a very happy affair. Seto was very impressed
with Ukyo and Shampoo's cooking. Despite the fact that she made the trip to
Earth for nothing she decided to make the most of it by getting to know the
newest members of the royal family. Ranma was very fascinating to her, not that
she was interested in him, she was happily married to a man she loved very much.
She wanted to learn all she could about him. He was in the line of succession
to the throne after all. Later on, Aeka and Washu took her to the side to speak
to Seto privately.
"I do know why you want to talk to me." Said Seto.
"Good, the first step is out of the way then." Said Washu. "I'll get to
the point, who would most likely become a threat to Ranma?"
Seto waved her hand at Washu. "The usual suspects, Seiryuu's rather
dysfunctional rabble for one." Seto said. "The same who challenged the validity
of Tenchi's heritage." Washu said in a matter of fact tone.
"I doubt they would try to do the same here since it is establish that he
is Yosho's grandson." Seto said. "The Holy Council ruled that is enough to
determine validity of lineage, the same would hold true for Ranma."
"I just don't want something unexpectedly to come out of the blue on us."
Said Washu. "Yes, we must protect Lord Ranma until he has learned knowledge
enough about the Jurai political system to protect himself." Aeka added.
"Do not worry, I will see to it that none dare come." Said Seto. "Believe
me when I say I can guarantee no one from the royal family will come here to
make trouble."
"Thank you grandmother." Aeka smiled.
"Grandmother, instead of Lady Seto, there is hope for you yet Aeka." Seto
smiled back.

With Lady Seto staying the night Tenchi decided to take the couch. He
couldn't stay with the girls because they were bunking with Akane's sisters.
Tenchi fluffed up his pillow and got ready to lay down when he felt a sudden,
slight gust of air behind him. He felt that sort of effect for several years
now and he knew it was the sign of one thing and one thing only. A pair of arms
wrapped around him from behind, a pair of soft breasts pressed into his back.
"Hi, Ryoko." He said with a smile.
"How you know it's me?" she asked.
"Who else teleports behind me and presses her, you know, into my back like
that." He told her turning around to look her in the eye. Ryoko tightened her
hold on him and laughed. It was so good to be able to hold him without him
fighting me off., she thought.
"Come to tuck me in?" Tenchi asked.
"Actually, I couldn't sleep." She said.
"Kagato?" he asked her, knowing the answer before she even said it. Ryoko
rested her head on his shoulder and he reached back and patted her arm. "He's
gone for good now." He reassured her.
"Tokimi is gone, she can't bring him back." He went on.
Tenchi felt moisture on his shoulder. She's crying., he told himself.
Tenchi turned around onto his knees wrapping his arms around the beautiful ex-
space pirate. Her shoulders began to shake as the sobs came. Tenchi didn't say
anything, he just let her cry it out. Damn you Kagato, you had better stay dead
this time you bastard!, thought Tenchi. He tightened his embrace pulling her
closer to him.
"I love you Tenchi." Ryoko spoke softly into his ear.
"I love you too." He told her just as softly.
Ryoko pulled back just enough to look into Tenchi's eyes. She could see
the compassionate look I his eyes, but this time it was combined with love.
Tenchi did something she wasn't expecting at that moment, he kissed her. It was
a long, romantic kiss, like the ones she'd dreamed of. In fact, they 'were'
finally together, but it was Tenchi who had made the first move. Ryoko returned
his kiss which was deeper and filled with longing. This went on for several
minutes, the two exchanging kisses as their hands began to rove about. Tenchi
pulled Ryoko up over the back of the couch and laid back with Ryoko on top of
"Please." Ryoko pleaded longingly.
Tenchi didn't nose bleed, but instead blushed. He knew what she wanted,
and strangely enough it was what 'he' wanted also.
"I need you." She went on softly.
Tenchi kissed her softly as his hands began to work the buttons of her
nightshirt. "I need you too." He whispered. Ryoko's eyes went wide with
surprise, she tried to speak but Tenchi's next kiss silenced her.
"Oh, Tenchi." Ryoko cooed later, tears forming in her eyes.
"Don't cry." Tenchi whispered.
Ryoko wiped the tears away and said, "They're tears of joy."
Tenchi let Ryoko's nightshirt fall to the floor just as she was almost
done with his. When he's shirt hit the floor next to hers Tenchi pulled his
sheet over them. The feeling of Ryoko's soft skin against his turned the fire
inside of him into a roaring blaze. The living room was dark now with only the
light of the moon shining outside. Tenchi left behind any misgivings he had
concerning Ryoko, he knew how he really felt about her, how he always felt but
could never admit it. He expressed those feelings on the living room couch that
night, a night Ryoko would cherish for the rest of her existence.

The entire family gathered outside the next morning to see Lady Seto off.
The beautiful, green haired matriarch of the Masaki Royal Family waved farewell
to everyone before her ship's teleportation beam locked on. Her massive
starship of Juraian wood, wood stronger than the strongest metal on Earth,
lifted up away from the lake and soared rapidly through the sky. Everyone
watched until the massive ship could no longer be seen.
"Question, can Ranma get big spaceship too?" Shampoo asked.
"If he's summoned he will." Aeka told her.
"Summoned?" Akane said questioningly.
"Yes, by the trees, every member of the royal family with exception of
Tenchi has been called by a royal tree to become its bondmate." Aeka explained.
"I remember you telling us about that in the onsen a while back." Said
Nabiki. "What's this about trees calling people?" Ukyo asked.
"You know that big tree where we talked the other day?" Ranma asked her.
Ukyo smiled warmly and nodded, she would always remember that place in her
heart. "Well, that tree is like a big living computer and it was a part of my
grandfather's spaceship when it crashed here seven hundred years ago."
"You mean that tree no from Earth." Shampoo asked in surprise.
"The tree is called Fonaho-Oh, same name as my great grandmother on
Jurai." Said Tenchi.
"The trees speak to us telepathically, and those bonded with a tree is
given the gift of a very long life." Aeka explained.
"Like how long?" Ukyo asked. Aeka looked at Tenchi and wondered if it was
a good idea to tell them. She sighed and he nodded his head and she said, "When
my brother's mother, Fonaho, left the Earth to live on Jurai with our father as
his queen Japan was still in the feudal era."
"WHAT??!" both Ukyo and Shampoo cried at once.
"My father is very close to four thousand years old, and will likely live
another eight or ten thousand years." Aeka continued.
"That mean Shampoo be old and gray and Ranma still be young and handsome!"
Shampoo gasped in horror. Ukyo had a look on her face that was very heard to
read. Akane just gripped a little tighter onto Ranma's arm. "Don't worry, as
his wives you too will be a part of the royal family and as such will one day be
summoned also." Aeka said to reassure them. "After all, Fonaho is one hundred
percent human and the trees called upon her." Washu explained.
"Then, we won't grow old while Ranma stays young?" Akane asked.
"You won't." Washu smiled.
The girls all sighed with relief and grabbed onto Ranma. "We get to spend
thousands of years with the man we love." Ukyo cooed as she wrapped her arms
around Ranma.

I can't believe we'll be back home tomorrow., Akane thought as she looked
out over the lake from the upstairs balcony. She was growing used to the beauty
of the mountains around her. Life in the city was so different, so busy and
chaotic. She had to look forward though, when they return to Nerima things will
not be going back to what could be called normal. At about mid summer Tenchi
will be coming to live with them to get ready for fall classes in college with
Ranma. There was also the situation between her, Ranma, Ukyo and Shampoo.
Nothing definite has been worked out yet thought on how they were going to
manage the whole thing. The Tendo house wasn't as spacious as Tenchi's place
and the land plot it was on wasn't large enough for any major renovations expect
to add another floor.
Akane heard the van door open and saw her father and Noboyuki carrying
luggage. Mr. Saotome was on top of the van checking cargo straps that were
holding something. It was covered in a tarp so she couldn't see what it was.
Akane hadn't seen it before, it was large, and it wasn't luggage. She left the
balcony and made her way downstairs. She came out of the house and looked up at
the thing on the van.
"Mr. Saotome, what is that?" she asked pointing at the thing in the tarp.
The balding man scratched his head and said, "Uh, it's a little something
your father purchased in town the other day." Akane climbed the rear cargo
ladder on the van's back door and looked under the tarp. The object was a huge
stone statue. Akane gasped at the immense craftsmanship of the stone carving,
it almost looked alive. The statue was of a man, she could see the head but
because of the straps she couldn't see much of the body.
"What's that thing?" she heard Ranma ask behind her. The young Saotome
had silently climbed up the ladder behind her. "Its something my Dad bought."
She told him. "Where the heck is he going to put it?" Ranma asked after jumping
down to the ground. "In the yard, and I got a perfect place for it." Soun said
with a smile as he stowed a suitcase into the van.

Washu tapped a few commands into her translucent computer, the access door
to her holodeck opened slowly. A dazed Happosai stumbled out on uneasy legs.
The diminutive martial arts master and mega-pervert looked up at Washu through
blurry eyes. "That was the most incredible experience of my entire life, now I
can die a happy man." He slurred.
"You'll get your wish if you don't behave yourself for the next day and a
half." She warned him. "Or do I have to stick you back in there and boot up my
"Rocky Horror" program." Happosai's eyes shot open in an expression of absolute
terror. "Good, now go and be a good little pervert." Washu said as she waved
him off. The tiny old man ran off as if his life depended on it; which wasn't
too far from the truth.

Ranma was enjoying would could be his last trip to the onsen. He was
going to miss this place, it was so relaxing. You can really sit here and think
things through., he said to himself. He thought about the girls, Akane, Ukyo
and Shampoo. He thought about what they were going to do after returning to
Nerima. He was still going to live with the Tendo's but what about the other
girls. Would they still live where they do now or would they also be moving in,
after all his Dad and Mr. Tendo encouraged him to share a room with the girls
here. The house was small as it is with everybody there, now Tenchi was going
to be there around Fall. That was something Ranma was looking forward to. He
really liked his cousin and looked up to him. There was something else crossing
Ranma's mind, after learning about his and Akane's intimacy the other two girls
have grown more 'affectionate' towards him. The young Saotome had to smile
though, they really were very beautiful, knockouts really. Yet, that wasn't why
he loved Akane, she was pretty but wasn't what you would call a knockout. It
who she is and not what she looked like that made him love her. I guess the
same thing could be said about Ukyo and Shampoo., he thought. Ukyo was very
sweet, very beautiful, and a great cook. Shampoo turned heads wherever she
went, but beneath that pretty face and voluptuous body was a person with a
strong will, a generally good heart, and an immense devotion to the man she
loved over any other. Ranma could not help but feel sorry for Mousse who
devoted much of his life to trying to earn Shampoo's love, but only succeed in
being shot down in a fiery crash. Then, there was Ryoga and Kuno. Ranma wasn't
sure about them, he had a feeling he would not see the last of them despite what
Akane said. Once a stubborn mule always a stubborn mule., he told himself.
There was also Kuno's nut ball sister, Ranma was a little afraid to find out
what her reaction to his new relationship with the girls would be.
Ranma was so deep in thought that he didn't hear the door to the onsen
open and shut. He didn't hear the sound of bare feet on the wood floor
approaching his pool or the sound of fine silken clothes falling to the ground.
A pair of hands came around and covered his eyes, Ranma froze as solid as a
block of ice.
"Guess who." Came a soft voice from behind. Shampoo's voice!
Ranma whipped around, his eyes went wide as he suddenly took in the sight
before him. Shampoo stood kneeling on her knees at the edge of the pool wearing
absolutely nothing. Ranma had seen her in a swim suit before but could never
imagine she looked that beautiful. "Uh, Shampoo, I, uh, was just, uh-" he
The voluptuous Chinese Amazon warrior produced a bath sponge from behind
her back. "Shampoo scrub Ranma's back." She smiled. It had always been his
instinct to pry Shampoo off of him whenever she glomped him. It wasn't because
he didn't like her, it was because he didn't know what would happen if he ever
let himself loose control. When a girl as lovely as her grabs onto you your
first thought isn't to run away.
"Uh, ok." He replied. Shampoo's eyes shined with immense delight as she
sank into the water and waded over to him. She turned him around and began to
slowly scrub his back up and down. This went on for a while until Ranma decided
to do something he would normally have never done. Without turning he reach
back, wrapped his arm gently around Shampoo's neck and drew her into a kiss.
The young woman's entire body shuddered with electrifying delight. They had
shared a "so called" kiss once before when Mamolin kidnapped her, but she was a
cat at the time. This was their first "passionate" kiss, ever.
"Ranma love Shampoo, for real?" she asked softly looking into his eyes for
the answer. "I know that I really care about you, maybe I do love you, I guess
its something that will get stronger as we spend more time together." He
answered her. "Shampoo love Ranma with all her heart." The Chinese girl
whispered. Ranma turned and kissed her again as he took her into his arms.
Ranma let go of that mental lock he had whenever Shampoo was around. His
passion was unleashed, his kisses became more sensual. Ranma's hand slid up her
body and cupped one of her generously proportioned feminine attributes sending a
delicious shockwave through Shampoo's body.
"Shampoo dream of this, she dream to have Ranma in arms, to make love to
Ranma." She whispered into his ear. With that said, Ranma drew her closer into
his arms and made her dreams come true.

The day had finally come. Tenchi and Ranma loaded up the last of the
luggage into the van while the family all gathered outside to exchange their
farewells. It was going to be almost a year before they saw each other again.
Many things had been discussed that morning at the breakfast table. For one,
Ukyo and Shampoo could move into the Tendo home if they wanted and stay in
Ranma's room. Soun had the right downstairs closet chosen for Washu's lab
entrance, and the pink haired genius offered to assist with the overcrowding
problem in the house.
"I can either add another floor making the house taller, or I can expand
the room using subspace." She offered.
"Subspace would be fine, especially after what I saw what you can do with
it in your lab." Soun said gratefully.
Tenchi closed the van door and walked with Ranma over to where the family
was assembled. Noboyuki had his video camera out, the girls were sobbing and
hugging each other, and Katsuhito was as stoic as ever. Despite the many lows
the family reunion was a success, the old priest felt like things had finally
come full circle. Now only the future lay ahead of them.
"Tenchi will be arriving in mid June to prepare for his classes."
Katsuhito said. "We'll be ready to welcome him with open arms." Soun smiled.
"I guess this is it, I sure hate having to leave this beautiful scenery
and fresh air." Said Akane. "It was fun, but I have a few business deals I've
got to check up on when we get back home." Nabiki said. "And my garden is
probably all full of weeds." Kasumi sighed.
"We will miss you, we had lots of fun since they guys came here." Said
Ryoko. "Yeah, thanks to Happosai I was able to get lots of data on perverts in
their natural environment." Washu said happily. Aeka and Ryoko both rolled
their eyes. The diminutive letch let out a groan, then ran away quickly when
Washu began humming a few bars of "Time Warp". "Having a few extra hands in the
kitchen was fun." Sasami smiled. "Miya." Meowed Ryu-Ohki from her perch on top
of Sasami's head.
Ranma and Tenchi said their farewells to one another as did Mr. Tendo and
Mr. Saotome. The addition of Ukyo and Shampoo to the entourage made for very
cramped quarters in the van, but Akane and Ranma didn't mind that anymore. The
young Saotome watched the Masaki family waving goodbye as the van pulled away
from the house for the last time. He sighed, it was over. It seemed so unreal
that they were returning to Nerima.
Many things had changed during the summer, his relationship with Akane was
one of them, and his new relationship with Shampoo and Ukyo was another.
Tenchi's unique situation was very interesting and Ranma wished him a lot of
luck dealing with his "harem". Life back in Nerima wasn't going to be quite
back to normal for them all since the girls were going to move into the Tendo
house. Ranma wasn't quite sure how Cologne was going to take all of is, she
expected Ranma to return to the Amazon village and China so Shampoo could bed
him and make a lot of little warriors for the clan. Not that was a bad thing
after experiencing love making with Shampoo in the onsen. That girl was quite
'talented'., thought Ranma. There was Kodachi Kuno, the thought of what she
would do when she learns of all this scared the crap out of him. He thought
about this all before but now he was certain the danger he faced before back
home was going to be nothing compared to what he was going to face now.
Something beautiful started that summer, new love was sown in the fertile
Earth and quickly sprouted with new life. Marriage was still a long way off, at
least until Tenchi and Ranma graduated college. Yet, the two young men had
reached that point of no return. They could not undo the decisions they made to
change their destiny even if they wanted to. But, they didn't want to. The
love that bound Tenchi and the girls and Ranma and this girls would only grow
from tiny sprouts into a magnificent tree reaching high into the air. They
would become shining lights in a dark world. The bright future was ahead of
them shining with the glow of a million suns. Only the gods knew what
challenges they would face when the time came.


Almost a year has passed and Tenchi is now living at the Tendo Dojo awaiting the
start of Fall college classes. Life for the family in Nerima seems normal,
normal for them, but something strange begins to happen when Kasumi gets a
sudden fascination with the 'startlingly lifelike' statue Mr. Tendo purchased in