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By Michael "TheZorch" Haney

A dark figure ran through the streets of Nerima just before dawn. He darted about keeping to the shadows as much as possible. Hikaru Gosunkugi did not want to be noticed. Under his arm he protected something wrapped up in paper and bound by string. It had taken him months to research the whereabouts of this particular item, and it had taken him nearly that long to come up with the funds he needed to get his hands on it. Gosunkugi recognized the outline of his home and bounded up through his bedroom window, as he did so he slipped and fell flat on his face. He sat up and nursed the hug bump on his head and was relieved his package was unbroken.
Gosunkugi went to his desk, flipped on his reading light, and began nervously unwrapping his package. He stared down at the item in question, a puzzle box. It was square in shape with intricate carvings all around it on each of its sides. Slowly Hikaru began tracing the outlines of the markings on the top of the cube has the old tomes he had instructed. The box began to move! It changed shaped, unfolding and linking with other parts of itself as it morphed into a new shape. When the shifting of parts and pieces was done the box was now a six sided cone with an opening in its apex. Gosunkugi leaned over the newly created object and peered into the dark opening. He could just make out something. What is in there?, he asked himself. His eyes caught movement, perhaps the object was still reshaping itself, but suddenly what was inside came out. Gosunkugi grabbed his eye and squealed in pain. It felt as if a red hot poker had been jabbed into his eye, and it was traveling through his head. Soon the hot pain went into his head and Hikaru could feel his mind being....consumed.
"I'M SO SCREWED, I'M SO SCREWED, I'M SO SCREW!!!!" he cried as he reached for the ancient tome that told him about the box. He didn't have time to open it, an intense burst of agony washed through Gosunkugi's brain, his vision blurred, the room around him swirled about as if caught in a whirlwind. Suddenly, there was nothing.
Gosunkugi stood up and looked around at his surroundings, but it wasn't Gosunkugi anymore. He pondered at the many unique things he saw and did not understand many of the functions of many of the things he saw, but the memories of his young one were available to him to use. Soon he would become acclimated to this new body, and this strange new world. The person who had once been Hikaru Gosunkugi recognized the many books of magic on the book shelf and smiled an evil grin. He walked through the room and looked up at the dresser mirror seeing himself for the first time.
"Not my first choice for a new body, but this is a start." He said out loud.
The boy Gosunkugi, who was not Gosunkugi, reached into that part of his mind where the memories of the boy were kept. Nothing remained of the young man that once was but his memories, all else was gone. The new resident inside of Gosunkugi looked into the most recent memories, the purchase of the item, Fureinken High School, and many other interesting memories.
"A strange place, this Nerima." The thing inside Gosunkugi scratched his chin. "But then so was Josenkyo, back then." The Gosunkugi thing decided to masquerade as this young man for a while get a feel for this strange new world. The sounds from outside the open bedroom window were very alien to his ears. That sound must be what the boy's memory says is an automobile, a horseless means of transportation., he though as he heard a car go by.
"Hikaru, breakfast is ready, hurry or you'll be late for school!"
The Gosunkugi turned his head to the bedroom door at the sound of the woman on the other side. The mother of the boy. The thing smiled, a wicked smile that was very out of place on Gosunkugi's face. "Yes, mother, coming!"
He dressed in what the boy's memories said was a boy's school uniform, and went out to eat his first meal in centuries. The Gosunkugi thing finished eating and left the house in silence then looked down the thoroughfare of his neighborhood with awe. Such wonders this new world beholds., he thought.
Determined to learn more about this strange new age, the boy once know as Hikaru Gosunkugi walked towards Fureinken High School, but within his mind now resided a new resident. Kun Lao relished his new found freedom, seeing this as his second chance to achieve that which was stolen from him. The ultimate goal, to become a god.
PART 1: Homecoming!

It was already just two days after the return from the Masaki residence in Ohkayama, when the chaos that seemed to follow Ranma Saotome, Second Prince of Jurai, showed its ugly head. Ranma was chasing one source of that chaos through the streets of Nerima, a peaceful prefecture in the city of Tokyo. Well, almost peaceful.
"Get back here you wrinkled up old pervert!" Ranma huffed and puffed as he ran, he could easily catch up to the old fool now thanks to his Juraian training with his grandfather Katsuhito and his cousin Tenchi. The young Saotome didn't want anyone to know about his new abilities yet. He had this sinking feeling that he was being watched, so revealing what he could 'really' do might not be a good idea right now.
A swift drop kick sent the diminutive old pervert into a tailspin before plopping onto the ground. The Saotome youth almost lazily tossed the bag of undergarments towards the on rushing horde of enraged girls. Ranma snatched Happosai up, looked at him eye to eye, and yelled, "What is with you, didn't you learn your lesson back in Ohkayama?!"
"HAPPO FIRE BURST!" The old man produced a large round bomb from out of nowhere and shoved it down the front of Ranma's shirt.
"Why you little son of AAAHHHHH-" BOOM!!! The girls chasing Happosai watched the explosion and skidded to a halt. When the smoke and flames cleared they saw a young man wearing the remains of what had been a Japanese tunic. Now the front of it was burned away revealing his wash board stomach and bulging pectorals. Sparkles of total rhapsody formed in their eyes, they'd never seen such a gorgeous hunk before.
The old freak appeared with a nasty grin on his face as he produced a large bucket and dropped the entire contents on the dazed youth. Ranma slowly came out of his stupor and felt something very strange. "She" looked down at herself only to see the diminutive pervert, martial artist playfully groping her ample attributes with a stupid grin on his face.
"GGGGGAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! STOP FEELING ME UP YOU PERVERT, I'M A GUY!!!!" Akane Tendo sat in the dining room with Ukyo Kuonji and Shampoo. News of what happened between them and Ranma had not been shared with anyone else in Nerima. There was a good reason for this, Ranma, or more accurately, Ranma's enemies. After spending most of the summer together, the three one time rivals and fiancés of Ranma Saotome were getting along like good friends. Right now they were enjoying a bit of tea and crackers when they heard the loud scream in the distance.

"Geeze, that old goat just doesn't learn does he." Ukyo sighed and sipped her tea.
"It's only been two days since we got home." Akane paused to say before munching on a cracker.
"Shampoo thought strange pink haired girl teach old pervert lesson." Shampoo sighed as she refilled her cup.
"Yeah, so did I." Replied Akane.
The sound of running feet outside suddenly drifted in through the shoji doors. The voices of young men yelling out and whistling cat calls issued in the air as Happosai bounded into the room followed by a topless, and enraged Ranma-chan.
"That was the last straw, I'm gonna rip you limb from limb you old freak!" Ranma-chan screamed as she chased the diminutive pervert around the room. The old man just giggled and laughed the whole time taking enjoyment at seeing Ranma-chan's breasts bouncing up and down as she ran.
"Ranma stop!" Akane called out.
"Ranma honey, what happen?!" Ukyo asked noting Ranma's lack of covering.
"Aiya!" Shampoo exclaimed as she ducked under the two as they leapt over the dinning table.
"The old fiend destroyed by favorite shirt with those damn bombs of his, and while I was dazed he splashed me and felt me up! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!" Ranma-chan yelled pointing at the old man.
A wicked gleam came to the eyes of the three women suddenly making Happosai gasp with terror. "NOBODY FONDLES RANMA EXCEPT US!!!!!!" the three cried as their combined kicks and giant spatula attack sent the old fool into high-Earth-orbit.
Ukyo went to the kitchen, grabbed the hot water kettle Kasumi kept ready for just such emergencies, and upended it over Ranma's head. Back to his normal self again, Ranma sighed and sat down at the table. "Man, if I didn't know any better I'd say that old freak has gotten worse since Ohkayama." He said. There was no reply. Ranma looked at the girls and noticed the dreamy expressions on their faces as they looked at him. He suddenly remembered something, looked down at his bare chest, and blushed profusely.
"Maybe I should go get another shirt." He said as he started to get up.
"What's your hurry, Ranma honey?" Ukyo asked dreamily.
"Aiya. Shampoo like scenery." Shampoo cooed.
"Ummm, very nice." Akane sighed.
Ranma's face turned a bright candy apple red, a few shades brighter than before. "Geeze, you three are almost as bad as he is!"
Akane smirked at him playfully. "Why are you being so modest? You weren't shy in Washu lab that day."
"I didn't hear you complaining. You 'were' screaming though, but it wasn't because you were mad." Ranma replied delighting at the sudden, deep blush on Akane's face.

Nabiki came into the room, looked at the scene before her. Her eyes fell on Ranma and she struggled with all of her might to suppress the urge to just stare at him and drool. Though she had the reputation as the Ice Queen, Nabiki Tendo did have feelings. She was a girl after all. It was just she never realized how good Ranma looked. She shook her head. Did I just think that?, she asked herself.
"Hey Ranma, is my little sister in heat again?" she asked with a smirk.
"Nabiki!" Akane groaned in embarrassment as Ukyo and Shampoo both giggled girlishly.
"Say, when are Mr. Saotome and Mr. Tendo coming back?" Ukyo asked. Nabiki shrugged her shoulders. "Who knows."
"They've been gone all day, and we haven't been to the Cat Café to talk to Cologne yet." Said Ranma.
"Great grandmother probably worried sick for Shampoo." Shampoo frowned worriedly.
"Where's Kasumi?" asked Ukyo. Nabiki leaned against the wall and stabbed her thumb towards the shoji doors. "Where else since we came home, she's been staring at that statue all day."
Ranma and the girls turned and looked out beyond the koi pond where the statue Mr. Tendo bought was standing. Unwrapped and mounted on a marble pedestal, the statue was an uncannily lifelike carving of a samurai warrior standing in a regal pose. Kasumi stood in front of it looking up into the face of the warrior. If the statue was a depiction of someone who had once been real he was certainly very handsome, Akane noted.
"That thing gives me the creeps." Said Ranma.
"Why do Kasumi stare at statue?" asked Shampoo.
"I don't know, but when she does she has this far away expression on her face. It's almost like she's longing for something." Replied Akane.
"I though she and Dr. Tofu were an item." Said Ranma.
"I know Kasumi is a little flighty sometimes sugar, but I don't think she'd get the hots for a statue." Ukyo retorted.
The eldest Tendo sister leaned down, finished watering the flowers at the base of the statue and went back into the house as if nothing had happened to her. "Weird." Ranma whispered looking at the statue.
"Well, I can't wait for pops and Mr. Tendo to get back." Ranma picked himself off the floor and headed for the stairs. "I'm gonna go take a bath and then you and me, Shampoo, can go to the Cat Café and talk to Granny."
"Shampoo be waiting." The Chinese Amazon smiled and waved as Ranma disappeared.

Ranma went to his room and picked up another set of clothes to wear and headed for the bath. He went into the changing room, stripped down, and went into the bath. The furo was filled with warm, steaming water already. Ranma picked up the wash tub, filled it with cold water, and up ended it over his head. She looked at herself in the body length mirror on the wall.
"Geeze, turning into a girl is ok I guess, but do I have to be so damn cute though." she mumbled. Her gorgeous female form had been the cause of some trouble in the past, but Ranma had come to grips with his problem, only grudgingly. She shifted back to a 'he' when Ranma eased down into the hot water. It was relaxing, but at the same time the Saotome youth wished it was like the onsen back at Tenchi's place.
In his musings Ranma didn't notice the sound of the door sliding open to the bathroom and the soft padding of bare feet on the tile floor. "Want me to wash your back, Ranma honey?"
Ranma nearly flew to the ceiling and sent a shower of water streaming around the room. He relaxed a little when he noticed it was just Ukyo. He would have felt very nervous at any other time if it had been anyone else. This was one of the things he had to get used to, after all he was engaged to three girls and intended to marry all of them!
"I have to do one thing first." Ukyo replied with a smile. She stood up into view giving Ranma a shock. She was undressed and wearing only a pair of panties and her trademark chest wrap. She produced a pair scissors and proceeded to cut the chest wrap off of her body.
"From this day forward, I no longer denounce my femininity!" Ukyo proclaimed as the remains of the wrap fell at her feet. Without the wrapping the girl's breasts fell out to full size.
"I love you, Ranma honey, and for you I reclaim my womanhood." She replied with a blush on her face. She knew where his eyes were looking. Ukyo slipped out of her panties, picked up a bath sponge and climbed into the furo. For a moment Ranma wasn't sure what to do, it didn't take him long to snap out of it though. He glided over to her, wrapped his arms around Ukyo and pressed his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. Ukyo's body shuttered with pleasure at the kiss and feeling of her body next to the man she loved. When they parted Ranma offered her his back. Smiling with intense joy on her face, Ukyo scrubbed Ranma's back, an act of respect, trust, and most of all love.
"Ukyo, I love you."
"I love you, Ranma honey."
Instincts took over. Ranma turned around and pulled Ukyo into an embrace. She sighed and her body shivers as Ranma's hands touched her back. The 'cute' fiancé leaned back her head and pressed her lips to Ranma's. Electricity shot through the young man and he pulled Ukyo closer, deepening the kiss and putting more force into it. When their lips parted Ukyo was panting for breath quickly, her heart was fluttering, she knew what she wanted but wasn't sure if Ranma was ready. She looked into his eyes with the strongest expression of longing she could muster.
"Are you sure?" he whispered. Ukyo nodded.

Nabiki strolled by the bathroom door and stopped when she heard a sound. She leaned in close and cupped her ear. The noises she heard from inside made her face blush a deep red. "Gee, Ranma at the rate you're going you'll have them all pregnant before school is over." She sighed. As she made her way to her bedroom a sudden vision came to her mind. Nabiki was on her back, naked. Sweat poured from her skin like a torrential rainfall as her body was entwined with Ranma's in the positions of the Kama Sutra. Nabiki slapped herself in the face and staggered a bit. That vision was pretty...vivid. She's been having them for a while now. As she opened the door to her room she stopped and gasped in shock. Oh no, oh hell no, I am 'not' falling in love with Ranma, no way in freaking hell, no way Jose!, her brain screamed.
The middle Tendo sister went to her desk and pulled out her ledger. Working on the family budget would probably help her keep her mind off of the subject. She had to work on the family finances anyway with what was happening. The idea was for Ukyo and Shampoo to move into the Tendo home. It was her father's idea, but Nabiki wondered how much of it was due to Ukyo and Shampoo's coercion. The two new additions would put a strain on the already stretched budget, luckily however Ukyo ran a business that did pretty well, and Shampoo had no trouble making money at the Cat Café. Nabiki was sure they'd contribute to the family budget for food and expenses. With Ranma and Akane getting along better now, actually 'way' batter, the repair bills for the house should level off or disappear altogether.

Ukyo was happier than she had ever been in her life. She just made love with the man she loved. She sighed and leaned her head on Ranma's chest. She knew she was the last of the three girls to have him, it didn't bother her to be the last one. Ukyo helped Ranma finish his bath, delighting in every minute of it. She thoroughly enjoyed it when he helped her, the feeling of his hands on body sent delicious sensations through her. Oh, I am going love living here., she said to herself. When the two came down the stairs Akane and Shampoo didn't fail to notice the bright, glowing expression on Ukyo's face. Akane gave Ranma a look that told him that next time she was going to be there.
Ranma noticed over the past few days the change in the girls. They had become so much more amorous towards him. Shampoo had always been touchy feely towards him, but Ukyo and Akane were more subtle. Well, up until a week ago they were. Now whenever they looked at him it was like being in the gaze of hungry wolves. The change didn't happen overnight, it was gradual as he developed his new powers and exercised the Jurai power. Ranma wasn't sure if that had anything to do with it, but just to be sure he made a mental note to himself to talk to Washu about it when she arrived later on that week to connect the house to her lab.

The people of Nerima who knew them looked and stared in surprise at the sight of Ranma Saotome and Shampoo walking down the street. That wasn't unusual, they'd seen that many times, but back then they didn't have their arms around each other. Ranma noticed a few of his 'friends' from school, the same guys who would bet on how many drops of water it took to change him into a girl. Let them be confused., Ranma thought. He took some delight in this, it was likely going to cause some rumors to spread around school when classes started up. It was going to be his last year, and Ranma Saotome decided to go out with a loud bang.
The Cat Café was open but there were only a very few customers in the place. It was midday and it wasn't usually busy until late in the afternoon when people got off work. When school was in session the place picked up a lot more. Ranma didn't recognize any of the patrons, but they did recognize Shampoo. The disappointed looks on their faces told him they were interested in her, and seeing her hanging off an obviously handsome young man shattered any chances they had of winning her over. As if they could. There were a few new faces in the café that Ranma remembered from the Amazon village in China. They were working as waitresses probably because of the absence of Mousse and Shampoo.
Cologne was in the kitchen cooking ramen. One of the waitresses, a strikingly beautiful Amazon named Rouge tapped her on the shoulder and pointed towards the pair who just entered. The Amazon elder's eye brow did a Spock Maneuver when she saw them.
"Well, son-in-law, I see you have finally come to your senses." The old woman said happily.
Ranma didn't take his hand off of Shampoo's waist, he liked holding her. He had always liked her, thought she was really cute, but before he couldn't do this because of Akane. Now was a very different situation. "Hey, Granny, did you miss us?" Ranma asked. The old woman bounded out of the kitchen and balanced on her staff in front of the pair.
"I had my suspicions of where Shampoo had gone for so long, welcome back." The old woman smiled. "Where is that lazy Mr. Part-Time?"
"Mousse went on a trip, a journey of self-discovery you might say." Replied Ranma.
Cologne seemed surprised at that. "Who would have thought that boy was capable of such contemplations, I am impressed I must admit."
Shampoo walked out of Ranma's arm and headed for the back room. "Shampoo go to room to pack, Ranma talk to great grandmother." She said as she skipped away happily. Cologne watched her go then turned a curious eye towards Ranma. She could tell their relationship has changed, but she was confused about what was going on.
"Shampoo will continue to work at the café, but she'll be living at the Tendo's." Ranma explained.
"You have agreed to be Shampoo's husband then?" Cologne asked. Ranma nodded his head with a smile. "Excellent, then I can begin the preparations of our return to China." The elder Amazon cheered.
"We aren't going to China." Ranma's voice was resolute.
"You must, it is our law." Cologne said looking at him through squinting eyes. "If you intend to create a new tribe here in Japan you must take your request to the elder council in China and meet their challenge. It will not be easy."
"Something has come up that changes everything, lets say." Explained Ranma. "It allows us to remain in Japan for now, and supercedes Amazon law." This made Cologne do another Spock Maneuver. She looked at him, concentrated on his chi. Ever since he entered the café Cologne sensed something different about Ranma. Now as she looked at his chi energies she suppressed a sudden gasp in surprise. His power levels appeared to have shot up dramatically from the last time. There was something else, a power she could not discern but she could see it, and it was more immense than anything she'd ever seen. What has happened to Ranma, he is now more powerful than even Saffron was., she said to herself. If Ranma had been this powerful before, she reasoned, the lad would have made short work of the evil deity.
"I am curious to learn what this is, son-in-law." Cologne told him.
"Well, come over for dinner at the Tendo home tomorrow night and we'll tell you all about it." Ranma offered. Shampoo came bounding into the café carrying a duffle bag under her arm.
"Nihao! Shampoo get her clothes, there still more but need more time to get." Ranma took the bag, slung it over his shoulder. Shampoo leaned in and kissed her airen. Cologne watched them while observing every single detail of their actions. Ranma wasn't pushing Shampoo away, he was opening accepting her affections. That was clear when they walked in arm-in-arm. Why the sudden change though, before Ranma had gone out of his way to keep Shampoo off of him. Also, Shampoo was moving to the Tendo's house, if they were together wouldn't that be awkward for Akane. Cologne had to suppress her raging curiosity until tomorrow.
"We go home now, Ranma got to take Ukyo to her place to get clothes." Shampoo said with a smile. Cologne could not suppress her reaction to this. The Kuonji girl, what did she have to do with all this?, she thought.
"That's right, pops and Mr. Tendo might be back now with the two extra beds for you and her." Ranma said and looked at Cologne to note her reaction. He smiled when he saw the wide eyed expression of shock on the old woman's face.
"Groom, what is happening?" Cologne asked. "Why is the Kuonji woman also moving into the Tendo home?"
The pair turned and headed for the door. Ranma looked over his should at the elder Amazon and replied, "Come to dinner tomorrow about six o'clock and all will be revealed."
Outside, Shampoo nudged Ranma in the ribs lightly. "Airen take too much pleasure in buzzing great grandmother's tower." She giggled. Ranma laughed. "After all the hell that old ghoul has put me through she deserves it." Shampoo snickered at that, she decided to ignore Ranma's old nickname for her great grandmother. Cologne has certainly done some things to Ranma in the past. The Cat's Tongue had been the worst.
"Shampoo cannot blame Ranma for wanting some fun on great grandmother's expense." Shampoo smiled wryly.

Back at the Tendo home a large furniture delivery truck sat out front. Ranma and Shampoo went into the yard and saw several large open boxes on the lawn. As they approached the shoji doors to the dining room a familiar pink haired young woman emerged from the house.
"Hiya Ranma!" Washu exclaimed. "How's life treating ya?"
"Little Washu, I didn't think you were coming until later this week." Ranma replied.
The diminutive genius flashed the young Saotome a sheepish grin. "Well, I thought I'd come over early, besides from the look of things you could really use my help."
Ranma looked around at the boxes, he wondered where they were going to put everything. The Tendo home wasn't that big. "Yeah, I guess."
"Uh, is Tenchi with you?" Ranma asked in a hopeful tone.
Washu stabbed her thumb behind her into the house. "He's helping your dad and Mr. Tendo put the girl's beds together."
"Cool!" Ranma shouted and sprinted into the house at super speed making Washu's long hair flap in the wind. "Heh, youngsters." Washu smiled.
"Aiya, Shampoo very happy to see Washu again." The Chinese Amazon smiled in greeting. "Nice to see you too Shampoo." Replied Washu.
"YYYYYAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!" Ranma ran out of the house and hid behind Shampoo, quivering as if in terror. A small gray form emerged from the house and leapt up onto Washu's shoulder.
"Ryu-Ohki, naughty girl, you scared poor Ranma again." Washu scolded the cabbit while trying to suppress a laugh.
"Y-Y-You brought t-t-that c-c-cat with y-y-you!" Ranma exclaimed from hiding. "Of course, how else was I supposed to get here, fly on a broom." Washu snickered and folded her arms.
"Miya!" Ryu-Ohki meowed in agreement.
Shampoo sighed, reach behind her and patted Ranma on the head lovingly. "Lucky thing Shampoo order extra supply of waterproof soap."
"Oh, speaking of that, I've been doing more study of this Josenkyo curse thing." Washu explained, winking one eye at the pair. "I'll be ready to do experiments on cursed test subjects within a few weeks. Lab animals first, of course."
"That's great!" Ranma stood up quickly in joyful surprise.
Washu waved her finger at him. "Now, now, remember this might not work, using science to mess with magic can be dangerous."
"Besides, I'm only in the observation stage of my experiments." Washu went on. "I collected samples of Josenkyo water and tried it on different animal subjects to observe the curse in action. Very interesting study."
"Well, if anyone can figure it out you can Washu-chan." Ranma smiled. He came out from behind Shampoo, but kept giving the cabbit the evil eye.
The diminutive genius smiled and scratched her chin. "If only the 'others' had that much confidence in me." Right on cue Tenchi emerged from the house carrying out an old bed mattress.
"Let me help you with that." Ranma said as he ran up and helped his cousin. "Thanks, cousin." Tenchi smiled.
"You should see the changes Washu made upstairs." Tenchi said as they put the mattress with the boxes. "Oh?" Ranma said in curiosity.
The Masaki youth lead his cousin into the house, at first he didn't notice any difference in the place. It wasn't apparent that anything was different until they went to the second floor. Suddenly, it looked as if the upper floor of the house was ten time larger than before. The house from the outside didn't seem to have changed, but the upper floor was much larger. The hallway looked like it ran off for miles.
"What the-" Ranma gasped.
"You like?" Washu asked as she came up the stairs with Shampoo behind her.
Ranma pointed down the impossibly long hallway. "How did you?"
"Same technique as my lab, only there isn't a doorway blocking the way between the house and this subspace pocket." Washu explained. "So, the whole things appears to be seamless when actually there is a separating barrier, but you can't notice it."

Tenchi went to a door that looked liked it was once Akane's room. "This is the girl's room." He opened it and Ranma followed him inside. Akane and Ukyo were inside fitting bed clothes on the brand new beds. The two girls looked up and smiled happily at their fiancé. The bedroom was huge! There was enough room for the three girls, their clothes, personal belongings, and then some. That was not all that was there, a fully stocked area with beauty products and a huge mirror dominated one wall, a holographic video display hung in the air showing music videos from the American boy band N'Sync which Akane really liked, and there was an open archway that lead into what looked like a tropical jungle.
"Holy molly." Ranma said, surprised.
"Wait until you see your room." Washu smiled brightly.
Ranma approached the door to a room with the sign "Ranma's Bachelor Pad". He looked back at Washu and she just beamed him mischievous smile. The looks Akane, Ukyo, and Shampoo all gave him said, "Its just called that by name, don't take to heart". He pushed open the door and found himself in a spacious teenage boys bedroom. For the first time in years he had a real bed, not the bed roll he slept on in the room he used to share with his father. There were a couple of dressers, a writing desk with something that looked like a computer, and what looked like two separate closets. Ranma went to the first closet and found all of his clothes there, all washed and pressed. The second closet was filled with all sorts of girl's clothes in the sizes his female form could wear.
"What's this all about?" he asked Washu as he closed the closet door.
"If you ever need to use your female form for something, at least you'll have clothes for her." Washu smiled. Ranma groaned, the girls giggled.
There was also a similar archway like in the girl's room. Ranma walked up to it and looked inside. He smiled, it was an onsen similar to the one back in Ohkayama. This one was made to look like it was part of a small jungle cave with warm and cold water natural springs and a warm waterfall. Cool., he thought.
Washu stepped out into the middle of the room and called up her translucent computer. "A teenaged boy's room wouldn't be complete without-" she announced as she typed in series of commands. "-girly posters!" The three girls gasped in sudden shock as large posters materialized on the walls. They all quickly relaxed after seeing them, but blushed a bit. Ranma grabbed his nose trying to prevent a nosebleed. The girls were all Akane, Ukyo and Shampoo in various poses with different styles of bikinis. He turned around looking at them all. One in particular caught his attention fast, it was of Shampoo facing away from the camera with her arms over her head. She wasn't wearing a top, the angle of her body showed enough of her front to get a good glimpse of her frontal attributes. Akane blushed so hard the others thought she'd start bleeding through her skin when she saw one of the posters of her. She was in a provocative pose on her knees in a one piece swimsuit, what turned her red was the obviously hungry, sexy expression on her face as she was slipping the top of the bikini off of her body. Talk about X rated posters!, she thought.
"Shampoo no remember posing for these." Shampoo said.
"Yeah, I don't remember taking them either." said Ukyo.
"You don't approve, well, how about these instead." Washu snickers. The posters changed and the girls went into shock. Ranma was frozen as if in absolute terror. The girls bum rushed Ranma and covered his eyes.
"You even so much as get a nose bleed and we'll kill you!" Akane warned him.
The posters were now nearly half naked bikini shots of Kodachi Kuno, Miss. Honako in her adult form, Nabiki Tendo, Herb in female form, and nearly every other girl who has ever tried to steal Ranma away. Washu's sinister cackle filled the room making everyone's hair stand up on end.
"This isn't funny!" Ukyo shouted.
Washu giggled some more, tapped a few buttons, and the posters returned to what they had been before, but a few of the more provocative ones were replaced with martial arts movie scenes. "Can't a girl have fun?" Washu asked innocently.
"NOT LIKE THAT YOU CAN"T!" the three girls shouted at once.
"Sheesh! And you all call me a pervert." Came a voice from the doorway. Everyone's head snapped around to see the diminutive master of perversion himself in the flesh. Happosai. He looked around the room from the doorway, spotted an almost provocative poster of Akane and leaped towards it.
"Hotcha! Akane in a string bikini!" he cried.
Akane's face twitched at the thought of the old man wanting to look at her body, like that. Suddenly, a red light filled the room and a voice announced, "Warning, pervert alert! Warning, pervert alert! Anti-pervert defense system activated!" Happosai was almost to Akane's poster when it changed before his eyes. What he saw filled the old man with immense horror.
"NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!" the old letch screamed. He covered his eyes and raced from the room. The three girls looked around the room, all three doing Spock Maneuvers. The posters had suddenly changed to nude poses of Ranma in male form.
"What the-" was all Ranma could get out in response.
"Hey, Little Washu, could we get copies of those for our room?" Ukyo asked. Ranma face faltered, hard.
"Shame on you, stop teasing Ranma." Tenchi said from the doorway.
Washu turned towards him, shift to her full, very voluptuous, adult form and said in her deep, sultry voice, "Oh, you rather that I torture you my dear Tenchi? I didn't know you were into that sort of thing." The young Masaki grabbed his nose to stop the geyser of blood he knew was coming. The girls all giggled wildly and nearly fell to the floor. Ranma and Tenchi both issued loud groans, "We're doomed!"

With everything done at the Tendo residence Ranma and the girls gave Tenchi and Washu hugs farewell and watched Ryo-Ohki soar off through the sky. A Short time later, Ukyo and Ranma hopped from roof-top to roof-top hand-in-hand heading for Ucchan's. Konatsu was happy to see Ukyo's return, but the disappointment in his face was evident when Ukyo explained things to him. Ranma sat at a table with her and Konatsu in the okonomiyaki restaurant.
"You're moving?" Konatsu asked, the disappointment and heartbreak evident in his voice.
"I'm moving from here, but I'm not leaving the business." Ukyo explained. "You demonstrated to me this summer you can handle thing on your own pretty well."
"Thank you, Ukyo, I'm flattered, but-" Konatsu tried to say but a blush covered his face and the words wouldn't come out.
"I know you like me as more than just a friend, sugar." Ukyo smiled. She knew Konatsu had a thing for her for a long time. To her he was a valuable and caring friend, but nothing more than that. "Believe it or not, but I love you like you were the brother I never had." She went on.
Konatsu almost broke out in tears at that moment, but he suppressed it the instant it surfaced. "Does this mean you're not going to be in to work anymore?" he asked.
"Well, I will be here from time to time, just not everyday like before." Ukyo explained. "After school is finished I can devote more time during the day."
"And you are moving to the Tendo's residence?" Konatsu asked, puzzled.
"I know it sounds weird, but yes, I'm moving into the Tendo home to be near Ranma honey." Ukyo smiled and hugged Ranma's arm.
"Isn't he marrying Akane Tendo, or that Amazon woman Shampoo?" Konatsu asked, his curiosity raged within like a wild fire.
"Yes." Was Ukyo vague answer.
Konatsu looked infinitely puzzled and scratched his head. "Come over tomorrow night for dinner and we'll tell you everything." Said Ranma.
"Tomorrow, alright, I guess I can close the shop early." Konatsu said, he already made up his mind to leave early. He wanted to know what was going on.
Ukyo got up from the table and headed towards the back room of the restaurant. "I'll be back Ranma honey, I need to pack just a few things and we can head back."

Ranma held onto Ukyo's suitcase as he leaped through the air with Ukyo holding his other hand. They landed on the roof of one of the larger buildings in Nerima and ran towards the opposite side for the next jump. As martial artists getting around like this was easy. Ranma made a mental note to train Akane how to do this, and many more things. The four of them together as a fighting team would be unstoppable.
Ranma skidded to a halt on top of a rooftop only six more houses away from the Tendo home. He and Ukyo looked around trying to find the source of the laugh, but they didn't need any visual cues to tell them "who" it was. A voluptuous woman danced into view with flowing grace. She wore gymnastics leotards and carried a long ribbon on the end of a wand. She flashed Ranma a devilish smile and a demure, seductive wink.
"Ah! I see that my beloved Ranma Saotome has return from his long sojourn." Kodachi smiled. "Your absence from our fair city was a travesty, a terrible torture that this poor soul could hardly bare to endure, my dear sweet Ranma." She put the back of her hand to her brow and leaned backwards as if she were about to swoon.
"Isn't she spreading it a little thick." Ukyo muttered.
The gymnastic martial artist was many things, mad perhaps, but not stupid. She saw the grip Ukyo had on Ranma's hand and she straightened up and pointed her ribbon towards the okonomiyaki chef.
"You, how dare a mere commoner as yourself have the audacity to place her hands upon my beloved Ranma." She accused, anger evident in her eyes.
Ukyo's other hands slowly reached up for her giant spatula. "I'm Ranma's fiancé, and what I do with him is my own business, thank you!"
The Kuno woman tossed her head back in a defiant pose. "A mere laborer a fiancé of my beloved Ranma, it is to laugh. OH! HOHOHOHOHOHO! Such delusions!" Kodachi cackled.
"You're the one who's delusional, bitch!" Ukyo was seething with anger, but it quelled instantly when Ranma touched her shoulder.
"Kodachi, I am not now nor have ever been your man." Ranma told her firmly.
"You say that now, my beloved, for you are confused and misguided by the wiles of this wicked deceiver." Kodachi said in her most sultry of voices. "But know that soon you shall come to understand the true love that exists between us and you shall soon be free to love me."
"Just like a Kuno, clueless as ever." Ukyo snorted.
Kodachi launched herself into the air, twirling her ribbon. Ranma and Ukyo split up to circle around the gymnast. Ranma spotted what looked like a strange glittery dust flowing from the Kodachi's ribbon towards his "cute" fiancé. "UKYO!" Too late, Ukyo's eyes fluttered for a moment, then she slowly settled down onto the roof and fell asleep. Ranma felt a body tackle him to the ground and when he looked up he was peering into Kodachi's seductive eyes. The woman had a single black rose in her mouth.
"Now, my beloved, we are alone so we can consummate our love." Kodachi's voice dripped with desire.
"Kodachi, I, uh-" Ranma stammered, but the woman's thigh rubbed up against a certain sensitive area on his body and his tongue suddenly became useless. She put a single finger across his lips and shushed him.
"Do not speak my dear one, let us but drown ourselves in the sea of desire." Kodachi said, her thigh moved again and Ranma's brain failed to function. It was then that he realized something, he couldn't move. He peered around with his eyes and noticed a fine white dust on the black rose Kodachi had dropped onto his chest from her mouth. Paralysis powder!, his mind screamed.
Kodachi was off of him in a flash. He still couldn't move but could see the gymnast arcing through the air in a perfect summersault. She landed not far from him into an elegant gymnastic stance. Ranma looked in the other direction and his heart leaped with hope. Shampoo! She was in her fighting clothes and brandished her bombari.
"What crazy woman think she do to Shampoo's airen?" Shampoo growled.
Kodachi cackled in her sinister laugh again. "Why I am merely demonstrating that our love is real and that the feeling of you and this other are only a illusion. OH! HOHOHOHOHOHOHO!"
"Shampoo no illusion, illusion can no kick butt like this!" Shampoo spat and she launched herself at the Kuno woman. Kodachi counters with her ribbon, twirling it in the air. Thin slender needles shoot forth from the end of the ribbon, but Shampoo deflects them all. The Amazon lands on her feet and quickly turns towards her quarry as the ribbon snakes out and wraps around one bombari.
"OH! HOHOHOHOHOHOHO! And now the game is over." Kodachi laughs. An electric spark travels down the ribbon and hits Shampoo full force.
SWOOOSH!!!! Kodachi, acting on instinct born from fighting in the gymnastic martial arts tournaments for years, ducks forward under Ukyo's uncoordinated spatula surprise attack. The chef was still feeling the effects of the sleeping powder, but it was almost completely worn off except for the dizzying side effects.
"You psychotic bitch!" Ukyo sung again, missed, and almost fell over from the momentum of her own swing.
Ranma watched all of this from where he lay on the roof. Why can't I move yet, I thought the effects of the powers didn't last this long., he told himself. He watched as Shampoo's back arched backwards when she was electrocuted by Kodachi's ribbon. The beautiful Amazon warrior slumped to the roof tiles, then Ukyo stumbled to her feet and made a clumsy swing for the mad woman. I gotta get out of this or Ukyo and Shampoo will get hurt., he told himself. He also didn't want to admit it, but he also didn't want Kodachi to get hurt either. Just as he had been taught by his grandfather, Ranma reached within himself and call upon the power of his birthright. The Jurai Power.
Kodachi had produced a set of clubs from nowhere and was preparing to pummel Ukyo when a bright light blinded her eyes. The Kuno woman turned towards the source of this new interference and watched in amazement as Ranma's body rose into the air. He was surrounded by a bright radiant light.
"Ranma honey---" Ukyo could do nothing but watch him in awe.
The light began to fade and Ranma landed on his feet. The instant his shoes touched the roof tiles he took a fighting stance. "This simply cannot be!" Kodachi gasped in surprise. "That powder was a new mixture, you should have remains immobile for hours!"
"Your poisons and tricks can't effect me anymore." Ranma told her. Ukyo and Shampoo came around the dangerous gymnast to take a fighting stance on either side of the man they loved.
"I see, well, it seems this battle is at a stalemate." Kodachi smiled. She produced a new ribbon and twirled it around her body. Black rose peddles showered down upon the three. "Until we meet again, my beloved. OH! HOHOHOHOHOH!" and in a blizzard of rose peddles she was gone.

The three returned to the Tendo household. Akane could tell immediately that something had happened. As if the black rose peddles on Ranma's shoulder weren't a noticeable giveaway. The looks on Ukyo and Shampoo's faces were certainly evidence that they were rather upset. They conveyed the events that occurred on the roof. When this reached a certain Tendo sister's ears the old Akane quickly surfaced.
Ranma raised his arms in defense against the most feared force in all the universe: a pissed off girl with a wooden mallet. "Hey, it wasn't my fault she hit with one of her paralysis powder!" Ranma yelled in defense.
"He's telling the truth sugar, she got me with a sleeping powder."
Akane slumped her shoulders and looked up at Ranma with an almost ashamed expression. She realized she let the old Akane show, it had been a long time since she surfaced. "I'm sorry, please forgive me Ranma." She said in a near whisper. "I should learn to trust you."
Ranma reached out and pulled her into an embrace. The youngest Tendo sister started to cry. "It's alright, I forgive you, stop crying." He said soothingly.
Akane's expression shift from one of sad shame to one of intense anger. Her battle aura raged like a roaring fire. "That nutcase bitch, who does that hussy think she is!" Akane growled. "She belongs in a rubber room."
Ranma smiled at her and laughed, "What the hell are you talking about, that whole damn family belongs in a rubber room."
"Aiya! Shampoo totally agree."

Kasumi walked out into the back yard with a basket of wet laundry. She it down and set about hanging them to dry. As she finished her work her eyes fell upon the face of her father's statue. Kasumi stood in place, her gaze no moving, not an eye blinking. Kasumi knelt before her family's alter, the summer breeze playfully swung her hair which was wrapped up into two large buns on either side of her head. She finished her prayer to her ancestors and stood up just as the sound of horse hooves reached her ears. Kasumi turned towards the sound with joy in her heart. She knew who this must be. She moved with quick grace through the house, slipped on her wooden sandals and went out to greet her visitor. A man wearing the dress of a samurai in service to the Emperor of Japan rode through the main entrance to the residence. Kasumi suppressed her urge to run to the man and throw her arms around him. She had to restraint, poise, and ladylike honor for she was not yet married. The man walked up to her, his armor making a jingling sound as he walked. When he reached her he fell to one knee before her and held up in his hands a parchment scroll bound by a blue ribbon.
"Sakumi, my most beautiful flower, I return bearing great honor to bless our impending marriage." He said peering up at her, his eyes filled with love and admiration.
"Oh, Hikaru, the Emperor has restored the name to your clan." Kasumi gasped in surprise as she read the scroll. The samurai stood and took her into his arms. Kasumi's heart soared, she pressed her lips to his and her soul joined the birds of the air in their flight.
"Now, we can wed, my beloved, the honor of my fallen clan is restored." The samurai said softly.
"Nothing makes me happier than the words you have just spoken, my beloved Hikaru." Kasumi sighed, a tear of happiness rolled slowly down her cheek. The samurai reached up with his hand and whipped it away. The wind began tossing cherry blossom peddles into the air and swirled them around the couple. In the air Kasumi could hear words, as if the Gods were whispering to her. The voice became louder and louder, it seemed so familiar.
"Kasumi! Hey, Kasumi! Earth to Kasumi, come in Kasumi!"
"Huh? Oh, Nabiki, did you need anything?" Kasumi asked as she turned to her younger sister. Nabiki looked at her oldest sister with an expression of great concern.
"Kasumi, you were spacing out again." Nabiki told her.
The elder Tendo sister put a hand to her cheek. "Oh my! Did I do that again?"
"That's the second time today, the fifth time in two days." Nabiki counted on her fingers. "Are you feeling alright?"
Kasumi just smiled happily, for some reason she was very happy all of a sudden. "I'm feeling just fine, Nabiki." She walked past her sister and into the house. Kasumi went into the kitchen and checked to see if the chicken she set out was done thawing yet. It was then that she felt something on her face. Kasumi touched her cheek and whipped away...a tear drop. "How did that get there?" she asked nobody in particular.

Ranma sat nervously in the dining room with his three fiancés, it was their presence that helped to calm him down a bit. Today was the day of the dinner, the day he would reveal to certain people in Nerima his heritage and intentions to marry the three girls who sat with him now. Konatsu was already in attendance. He saw calmly sipping green tea waiting for the other guests to arrive. He looked like a she, having been raised by a band of female ninja all of his life it is the only way of life he had ever known until Ukyo took him. Soun and Genma were absent from this get together. Nabiki made it worth their while if the two went out for dinner tonight rather than eat at home. Nabiki loved her father, but he little love for Genma. She knew how he treated Ranma during their training mission, and had witnessed his twisted concept how to be a father when he was living at the Tendo home.
The closet door opened attracting everyone's attention. Tenchi stepped out followed by the rest of the girls from Ohkayama. Ranma tensed a little upon seeing Ryo-Ohki on Sasami's head. She quickly jumped down and transformed into her child form.
"Today's the day." Tenchi smiled and sat down at the table.
"I hope this isn't all a big mistake, it could get nasty." Said Ranma.
"Who on Earth could ever beat you two." Washu chimed in pointing at both him and Tenchi.
"Heh, you guys haven't met Pantyhose Taro yet." Ranma laughed.
"Did we have to invite the Kunos to this shindig, Ranma honey?" Ukyo asked.
"Either that or we have them at our throats every chance they get."
"Shampoo would not mind another shot at crazy woman." She produced at bombari to emphasize her point.
Ranma pushed the weapon down slowly. "Lets try not to demolish the house today."
"Who else is coming?" Tenchi asked.
"Uh, lets see, Cologne, who is Shampoo's great grandmother, Konatsu, who is already here, Kodachi Kuno, her brother Tatawaki Kuno, you met bokken boy already in Ohkayama, we couldn't find Ryoga, as usual, and Miss. Hinako our high school English teacher." Akane counted off the people as she named them.
"Miss. Hinako, the battle aura vampire?" Washu asked eagerly.
"The same." Ranma replied.
A familiar gleam came to Washu's eyes, she called up on translucent computer. "If she uses her powers I'll have my instruments analyze her attack and determine a good counter for it."
"Cool!" Ranma beamed a wide grin.

Cologne used her long wooden cane stick like a pogo stick as she bounded over the rooftops of Nerima. She stopped before the gates to the Tendo home and was overwhelmed for a moment by the immense energy inside the house. She could feel Ranma's aura emanating from inside, but these others were foreign to her. They were almost alien, otherworldly. This only drove her curiosity to new heights. The Amazon elder bounded up to the front door and rang the door chimes. The older Tendo girl Kasumi, Cologne remembered her from the stay on Prince Toma's Togenkyo island, answered the door.
"Miss. Cologne, we've been expecting you." She smiled.
She led Cologne into the dining room. "Would you like some tea?" Kasumi asked as the old woman settled at the table. "Yes. That would be lovely, dear child." She smiled back. Cologne always had a soft spot in her heart for the always happy-go-lucky eldest Tendo sister.
"Nihao, great grandma!" Shampoo waved in greeting.
"Shampoo, Miss. Kuonji, Akane, Son-in-Law." Cologne nodded in greeting to them. She turned to the others, the source of the immense energy she detected from outside.
"Here you go." Kasumi said cheerful, placing a cup and saucer in front of the old woman. Cologne took a light sip.
"Very good, not too light, yet not too bitter."
"Thank you." Kasumi blushed at the compliment and went back to the kitchen.
"Son-in-law, will you introduce me to your other guest?" Cologne asked.
"Oh, yeah, uh, granny, this is my cousin Tenchi, he lives in Ohkayama." Said Ranma. Cologne nodded to the young man. She studied him for a moment. He was about Ranma's age, quite handsome, with dark eyes, short black hair. He had a slight tan, probably from working outdoors a great deal, she surmised. If only I were a few hundred years younger., she thought.
"A cousin, from which side of the family?" she asked.
"My mother's, we have the same grandfather." Ranma explained.
Interesting, from his chi aura he is no doubt a martial artist as well, and a powerful one., Cologne observed in thought.
"We have heard a great deal about you Matriarch Cologne." The one who spoke, Cologne observed, was a petite young woman with purple tinted hair done up in a fashion similar to the Mercenary Girl of the Tendo family, except for the long bangs. She had a strange aura, denoting immense hidden potential, and strangely also possessed the clear indications of a noble birth and upbringing.
"Its just Cologne, Miss.-"
"Miss. Aeka, just called me Cologne, we have no need for such formality at this gathering." Cologne smiled, happy to find one civilized person among these barbarians. Aeka returned the smile.
"Hi, I'm Sasami, Aeka's little sister." Cologne looked at the speaker, a little girl. She was perhaps the most beautiful little girl she had ever seen since Shampoo was a child. She had sky blue hair that hung like twin water spout pony tails from either side of her head, and tiny freckles on her cheeks. Her aura was the most unusual of the entire group, it suggested immense, hidden potential just like her sister, but ever more so than her sister. Cologne also sensed a second presence, a powerful one, its energy was even more immense than the people who were in attendance. This is getting more and more interesting by the minute., she thought.
"And a very lovely child you are, Sasami."
The little girl smiled, quickly turning a deep shade of red.
Aeka and Sasami sat to Tenchi's right, but to his left was a very different person altogether. Cologne sensed a similar mannerism in her that reminded her of Ranma. She was a very beautiful creature, wearing a dressed that showed perhaps a bit too much cleavage, and had spiked, cyan hair. This same girl grabbed onto Tenchi arm.
"And, I'm Ryoko, Tenchi's beloved fiancé."
Cologne watched as Aeka turned to look at the girl with a menacing expression, then a girl sitting next to Ryoko reached out and grabbed her ear.
"Ouch, ouch, owie, that hurts!"
"Be a good Little Ryoko and behave yourself."
The girl in question was younger than Akane but older than Sasami. She was no less pretty than the other young girl, with a shock of reddish pink hair, and lovely jade green eyes. She let Ryoko got and went back to sipping her tea. The girl's aura was as unusual as Sasami's, but there was no second presence. Ryoko's aura was totally alien from anyone Cologne had ever seen before.
"Asking Ryoko to behave herself is the same as asking water to run up a waterfall." Said Aeka.
"What was that?!" Ryoko growled.
"Oh, please don't fight." Pleaded the last of the girls sitting with Tenchi, a lovely young blond girl. She had large blue eyes, long curly blond hair, and a dark tan. She was quite a lovely young woman, Cologne had to admit. Her aura denoted to hidden power but it was still unusual.
"Girls, remember your promise." Tenchi said.
Both girls turned away from one another with a "Humph!"
Cologne suppressed an urge to laugh. So, fiancé problems are not unique to Ranma I see., she thought to herself. That was when her eyes met the strange little girl sitting with Sasami. She sat between her and the blond woman. Cologne wasn't sure why she missed her before. Upon immediately visual inspection she knew this one was not human by any stretch of the imagination. She was a very pretty creature, looking to be around Sasami's age, with light brown and white hair hanging down her back in long locks, and two long, pointed ears. She had a reddish jewel like object in her forehead, her face and hands were covered in a very thin, light brown fuzz. The child creature was busily munching away on a large carrot. Her aura was as non-human as her appearance.

The door chimes rang and Kasumi went to answer it. She returned to the dining room escorting Miss. Hinako. Since school hadn't started yet it should have been hard to find the English teacher of Fureinken High, but both Akane and Ranma knew where her apartment is. She was in child form wearing a tube dress.
"Would you like some tea?" Kasumi asked her.
"Yeah, and do you have any candy?"
Ranma just sighed, this was going to be a long dinner. He just knew it.

Next to arrive were the Kunos, Tatawaki, Kodachi, and the Principle of Fureinken High. It was very risky inviting the three of them to this get together, but it was intended to put misunderstandings to an end. Only one problem, Kunos had a problem with 'understanding'.
"Hiya keiki, tanks fo invitin' da big kahuna to ya luau."
Tatawaki seemed to be brooding a bit, he didn't start in with his proclamations of smiting the vile sorcerer Saotome to free the fair Akane Tendo and his pig tailed goddess. Kodachi however was a different story.
"Ranma, my darling, why don't we leave the others here and we can have our own private dinner by candlelight." She was in her gymnast leotard holding a single black rose. At her comment Akane, Ukyo, and Shampoo moved closer to Ranma and wrapped their arms around him. Their expressions directed at the demented girl screamed, "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

The dinner half of the evening went by fine, everyone was enjoying Kasumi's masterwork from the kitchen. Sasami compared it, silently, to her own cooking and made a mental note to exchange recipes with the elder Tendo sister. Ranma and Ryoko were in a race to see who could eat the most in one sitting. Akane was still amazed that there was somebody who could eat as much as Ranma could, and maybe just a tiny bit faster.
Dessert was served, strawberry shortcake with French vanilla ice cream. When everybody was done and the dishes cleared the difficult part of the evening was about to begin, the explanations of why they were all here.
"Well, in June of next year we'll be graduating from high school." Ranma explained.
"Ya tink so brudda, nobody graduations wit out the big kahuna's ok."
"Daddy, behave yourself." Kodachi said. She waved her rose in front of his face, the nutcase principle in the Hawaiian shirt blinked his eyes sleepily and collapsed where he sat.
"For once I'm grateful for her damned poisons." Ukyo whispered to the others.
"Please continue my dear Ranma." Kodachi swiftly blew him a kiss.
"Uh, eh, well, my cousin Tenchi is moving in to attend college here with me and the others in Nerima." Ranma continued.
Cologne thought about this, another powerful martial artist in Nerima, related to Ranma. There must be come way to bring him into the tribe also.
"After college, we're both getting married." Ranma went on. As he said "getting married" Akane, Ukyo, and Shampoo sighed and leaned up against him.
Cologne did a Spock Maneuver and realized several things. For one, Shampoo and Ukyo Kuonji were hanging onto Ranma, yet Akane wasn't pummeling the poor boy into the floorboards. She was hugging him along with them, she also seemed to be getting along with the two other girls as well. Cologne focused her chi sight and looked at the four of them carefully. She nearly gasped as she suddenly recognized it, their aura's pulsed with a golden glow in unison, but that only happens if-
"You intend to marry Akane Tendo, Ukyo Kuonji, and Shampoo!" Cologne shouted.
Kuno was on his feet instantly, he had remained silent, only speaking when Kasumi asked him if he wanted any tea. Now he was on his feet with his bokken in hand. "Foul cur, not only hath thou stolen the affections of the fair Akane Tendo from my grasp but thou now seek to defile the lovely Ukyo Kuonji and the beautiful Amazon maiden Shampoo as well!"
"I cannot allow this, it is obvious they are forcing my darling Ranma into this wholly inappropriate situation!" The demented gymnast sprang up and produced her deadly ribbon.
A flash of light filled the dinning room. The Kuno siblings looked in shock at their hands, their weapons were reduced to smoldering fragments of their former selves. Ryoko lowered her hands, energy still crackling between her fingers from the twin blasts she released. The two sat down, still trying to figure out how it happened so quickly.
"How is this possible, a three way marriage isn't legal in Japan, and anyway its pretty sexists if you ask me." Said Miss. Hinako. "But then we are talking about Ranma Saotome, the epitome of perversion."
"What was that!?" Ranma nearly leapt across the table at the child teacher, but his fiancés restrained him, or at least tried to.
When the light subsided Ranma slumped into the embrace of his fiancés who were giving the now voluptuous, adult Miss. Hinako lethal stares. If looks could kill the teacher would have smeared on the wall behind her. Washu immediately had her translucent computer out analyzing the data from her hidden instruments in the room.
"The marriage is quite possible and will be legal, I assure you." Spoke up the young woman whom had been introduced as Aeka.
"Miss. Aeka, I do not see how this is possible, in Japan such a marriage isn't possible or legal." Miss. Hinako retorted in her deep, sultry adult voice.
"Simple, Miss. Hinako, the marriage will not take place in Japan but in a territory belonging to Ranma's birthright, Jurai."
Jurai! Cologne was in shock, it had been a long time since he heard that name. Knowledge of Jurai was passed down throughout the generations in Amazon lore in their ancient library of old tomes and scrolls. Jurai, the mythical kingdom that resided among the stars. It brought to mind an ancient story told long ago of a warrior from Jurai who fell to Earth fighting a demon whom was sealed up in a cave when the warrior defeated it in battle. Ranma was related to this mythical kingdom in the sky!
"I am no expect on geography but I've never heard of a country called Jurai." Miss. Hinako said. She crossed her arms over her ample chest, which was large enough to make Ryoko envious, and gave Tenchi a massive nosebleed. Almost immediately she reverted back to child form. "Oh pooh, ran out of energy!"
"Fascinating." Washu muttered from her computer.
"You spoke of Jurai, this place is known in Amazon lore as a mythical kingdom that presides in the sky." Said Cologne.
"There is an ancient legend of a battle between a warrior from Jurai and a demon, the demon was sealed in a cave for eternity." She went on.
"Eternity my ass." Ryoko muttered.
"Jurai is quite real, Miss. Cologne, I am a member of the Royal Family of Jurai." Aeka explained.
"A sky kingdom, princesses, this sounds like a episode of Sailor Moon." Said Miss. Hinako.
Aeka gestured towards Ranma and Tenchi. "By relation to my half-brother, Prince Yosho, their grandfather, Lord Tenchi and Lord Ranma are members of the Jurai Royal Family, and immediate members of the Direct Line of Succession."
Ranma is a Prince! This went through the minds of Cologne, Miss. Hinako, and Kodachi, with differing results.
According to the ancient text Jurai is very powerful, you bring to the tribe great power and influence my son-in-law., Cologne thought.
My dear sweet Ranma is a prince, oh be still my beating heart, my greatest dream has been realized!, Kodachi cheered in her mind. There was a great deal of echoing.
Ranma a Prince, the worst pervert in the history of Fureinken High who felt me up several times for those pressure points, no way!, Miss. Hinako told herself.
"Under the laws of Jurai a three way marriage is quite legal, and as a direct member of the line of succession it is expected of him to marry more than one wife to ensure the continuation of the royal bloodline." Aeka explained.
Ukyo and Shampoo are powerful martial artists, their offspring with Ranma will be powerful warriors, Akane is not, she is an afterthought, but perhaps her offspring will not be a total loss., thought Cologne.
"Are three wives the limit the laws of Jurai permit?" Miss. Hinako asked.
"Oh no, as a member of the Royal Family Ranma is entitled to have as many wives as he sees fit." Aeka explained to her.
Kodachi was on her feet, her face a mask of rapture. "Oh glorious day, oh what sweet words do my ears behold, my dearest Ranma and I will no longer be forced to remain apart!"
"LIKE HELL!" the three fiancés all growled and gripped Ranma closer as he recovered from Hinako's drain.
"You, Lady Aeka, what is your role in all of this?" Kuno asked.
"I am betrothed to Lord Tenchi, as is also Ryoko, Miss. Washu, Miss. Mihoshi, and my sister Sasami.
"Yet another foul sorcerer bewitches beautiful maidens, as he is related to the vile Saotome it is of little surprise." Kuno spat.
"You can't talk to my Tenchi like that!" Ryoko seethed in rage, she clenched her fist and energy surged around her fingers.
"Miss. Cologne, you spoke of a legend, that warrior in the legend was my grandfather, Yosho, and the demon sealed in the cave was Ryoko." Tenchi spoke up, hoping a change in the subject would help.
"Egad! Even demons are not immune to your bewitching, foul sorcerer!" Kuno shouted at Ranma.
"Geeze, how dense is Kuno anyway?" Ranma whispered to his girls.
"I see, many myths and legends have their basis in fact." Said Cologne.
"Why are you telling us all of this?" Miss. Hinako asked.
"To eliminate misunderstanding of certain things." Aeka explained.
Ranma coughed. "Tell that to the Kunos."
Cologne turned to her great granddaughter. "Shampoo, I now see why you will not be returning to China with your chosen mate, the tribe will recognize your request." Besides, this means you shall become royalty, a member of one of the most powerful kingdoms in our ancient mythology., Cologne said to herself.
"Thank you for understanding, great grandmother."
"So this means you'll lay off me, old ghoul?" Ranma asked.
Cologne let that one slide, this time. "For now." Was her only reply.
"This is an outrage, I will not allow the fair Akane Tendo and the others to suffer this indignation!" Kuno shouted, back on his feet holding the blackened stump of his bokken. "You have not seen the last of Tatawaki Kuno!"
The Blue Thunder of Fureinken High stomped out of the room and left out of the shoji doors into the back yard. The last they saw of him was just before he leapt over the wall surrounding the dojo. Ranma and his three fiancés sighed both in relief he was gone, and in exasperation that it wasn't over yet.
Kodachi was next, she leapt up to her feet and produced another ribbon wand. "Nor shall I stand by and allow my dear sweet Ranma become the unwilling breeding stock of some imperial plot!"
"Damn, and I thought Mihoshi was dense." Ryoko muttered.
Kodachi assumed a gymnast pose. "We shall meet again my dear Ranma, and I shall free you from your horrendous fate my love! Oh! Hohohohohoho!" She twirled her ribbon over her head and vanished in a whirlwind of black rose pedals. Washu looked up from her computer and snorted, "Cheap optical illusion."

"We're really sorry it didn't turn out better with the Kuno family." Aeka said after the rest of the guests were gone. Principle Kuno had to be dropped off at his home by Ryoko, he was still asleep. To the joy of everyone in the house.
"That's ok, Miss. Hinako seemed alright with it at least." Ranma replied.
"And great grandmother seem happy too."
"She's probably scheming some way to take advantage of the fact your going to become a princess soon, Shampoo." Said Akane.
"This is true." Shampoo sighed, knowing her great grandmother all too well.
Mihoshi had gone out into the back yard to look at the koi pond and now ran back into the house holding something in her arms. "Oh! He's so cute, I didn't know the Tendo's had a pet."
"P-CHAN!" Akane leapt up and grabbed the little black pig from Mihoshi's arms and cuddled it. "Where have you been all this time, you naughty little piggy."
"Can I hold him, he's so cute?" Sasami asked, her eyes stilled with stars.
"Sure." Akane handed the little animal to Sasami and she cradled it in her arms. The little black pig didn't seem to mind, but still looked up at Akane somewhat longingly.
"Uh, Akane, can Shampoo and me talk to you for a sec?" Ukyo asked, tapping Akane on the shoulder. "Sure, you can hold him for a while Sasami, I'll be back." She followed the two girls into another part of the house away from the others. They lead her to the bathroom and closed the door.
"Since we're all officially Ranma's fiancés and we're no longer rival and stuff Shampoo and I decided to reveal something to you." Ukyo explained.
"Ranma knows, but made honor oath as man to no tell anybody." Shampoo added.
"Well, you know how Ranma honey has his curse to turn into a girl, Shampoo turns into a cat, and Mousse turns into a duck." Ukyo told her. Akane nodded her head, not sure where this was going.
"Ryoga have Josenkyo curse too." Shampoo continued the explanation.
"Ryoga? He has a curse too." Akane seemed surprised at this, she never saw him change, not even once.
"It was Ranma's fault, back when he was cursed also, and he made a promise on his honor never to reveal it to anyone." Ukyo told her.
"I can understand that, but why tell me this now, Ryoga isn't here?" Akane asked.
"Yes, he is." The two girls replied.
"Think about it, sugar, he wears those stupid yellow and black bandanas, who or what else wears those bandanas." Ukyo said hoping she gave Akane enough of a hint.
She was satisfied that she succeeded when Akane's eyes went wide with shock and denial. "No. NO! He's not P-Chan! No!" Akane yelled, tears in her eyes.
"Ranma cannot tell Akane, but agreement he make with Ryoga do not extend to Ukyo and Shampoo." The young Amazon said.
Akane stumbled against the bathroom wall and slid down, pulling her legs up under her chin. "Oh god, he's been in my room, he's seen me naked, she slept in my bed, Kami knows what he did to me when I slept!" The tears were pouring forth now. Akane felt betrayed, despite the incident in Ohkayama she thought Ryoga was still a good person with mislead opinions of Ranma. Now she saw him in a new light, she felt violated, as if she'd been raped. Now it all fell into place. "Ranma stop picking on Ryoga!" "Ranma stop picking on P-Chan!" All those times he fought with the little black pig he'd been trying to protect her from him, he was bound by honor not to say a word, but that didn't stop him from trying to protect her. And what did she do, she clobbered him with her mallet, kicked him through the ceiling. Oh, Ranma, I'm so sorry, please forgive me!, Akane screamed inside of herself.
"Akane?" Ukyo said as the girl stood up, a blank look on her face. Then, the two girls began to feel the heat as Akane's battle aura surged. "Uh, Akane?" The girl was responding to Ukyo at all, her face took on a wicked, enraged expression.
"Shampoo remember she have things to do in bedroom!" the young Amazon said as she dashed from the room. "Uh, yeah, I gotta unpack my things again!" Ukyo said as she ran off also, hoping to get clear of ground zero.

Ryoga was enjoying himself. The little girl was cute, he liked her giggle, and the almost-too-happy-for-words blond girl was really pretty. Well, not as pretty as his Akane, in his opinion. Akane came back to the dining room and picked him up. She cuddled him to her chest. "Lets get you something to eat, P-Chan, I bet you're hungry." She turned and went into the kitchen.

Kasumi was a consummate gourmet chef, she demanded that things be just right in her kitchen, although you'd never hear from complain about anything. To assist in her cooking her father had installed for her an instant boiling water tap, an invention from America used in restaurants and some upper class homes. The retractable nozzle could product instant boiling water from a replenished reservoir of heated water under the counter.
Akane got P-Chan his usual plate of dinner scraps and stood watching as the little pig ate. Ryoga didn't really like this part of the masquerade but if it made Akane happy he's endure it. So rapt up in eating he didn't noticed Akane reach over for the nozzle, nor did he notice her aiming at his tiny body.

"RYOGA NO BAKA!!!!!!!"

Ranma, Tenchi, and the others all turned quickly to the kitchen as a very naked, and badly scalded young man scrambled from the kitchen chased by an enraged Akane brandishing a huge wooden mallet that was several times larger than she was.
"Oh my!" Kasumi gasped.
"I wondered when she's figure it out, this could get ugly." Ranma said as he dashed from the room to follow them. Tenchi and his entourage followed behind him.
"Come out here and face your death like a pig, I mean man!" Akane yelled at the door to he laundry room. "Akane, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, this is all Ranma's fault, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" came Ryoga's pleading voice from the other side.
"You used me, you took advantage of me, you saw me change my clothes, you saw me naked, my slept I my bed and probably felt me up!" Akane screamed. "And I'm supposed to forgive you!!!!!"
"Its all Ranma's fault, don't you understand, it's his fault!" Ryoga cried, his voice cracking.
"Its his fault you slept with me in my bed, its his fault you deceived me all of this time, invading my privacy, soiling my honor by sleeping with me in my bed!!!!!" Akane seethed with rage. The heat from her battle aura was starting to make the paint on the walls crack. She swung her chi mallet and smashed the door down, Ryoga was cowering inside near the big washtub sink. He had pulled out one of his hidden stashes of clothing from the room and was now fully dressed except for a pair of shoes.
Now that's something I thought I'd never hear., Ranma thought. He raced up to Akane using his new superhuman speed and snatched the mallet from her hands, its disintegrated instantly, but the girl's battle aura was still in full force. The metal of the washer and dryer started to groan and deform from the intense heat.
"Akane, killing him won't solve anything." Ranma said as calmly as possible.
Moving with inhuman speed Ranma hit Akane's pressure points, knocking her out cold. Her battle aura fizzled out instantly as she fell backwards into his waiting arms.
"You really owe me a big one for this Ryoga, I should have let her pummel you into next week." Ranma said to the Lost Boy who was now climbing to his feet.
"This is all your fault Ranma, you told her!!!!" Ryoga shouted.
"No, Ranma honey didn't, I did." Ukyo said, popping her had through the ruined door and pointing to herself. "Shampoo also did." The young Amazon added.
"We are now officially Ranma's fiancés, we're all getting married to him after he finished college." Ukyo explained.
"You might want to get as far away from here as possible, before Akane wakes up." Ranma warned the Lost Boy.
"I never forget this Ranma." Ryoga said menacingly as he opened a window and leapt through it.
Ranma sighed, he couldn't see in the dark of night was Ryoga leapt over the wall. "Why me?"
To be continued...

Next time...
Part 2: Fureinken Daze
Its Spring time now and the school year for Ranma are almost over. Only a few more months of school remain, but as things wind down towards graduation strange things begin to happen; beyond the already strange things that already take place around Fureinken High. Ranma calls on Washu and his cousin Tenchi to help him unravel the mysterious happenings.