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By Michael "TheZorch" Haney

Part 8: The Chamber of Ascension – The Final Chapter

And so it begins...

The trek through the forest was not difficult at all. The shrine where the Chamber of Ascension was located had magical defenses to protect it against aerial approach, but not from approach on the ground. This meant that the intrepid group of warriors had to land some distance away and move on foot. This also meant that their intended target had to move on foot as well. The entire area was dotted with stone obelisks engraved with magical wards to prevent teleportation into the shrine. So, Kun Lao would have to walk like the rest of them. This gave Tenchi, Ranma, and their gaggle of iinazuke and family a distinct advantage. Unfortunately, the wards did not stop other forms of magic from being used, so the Chi Sorcerer could have laid down any number of magical traps for his pursuers. It was a very dangerous walk they were on to say the least.

"The keys to the chamber within the shrine opens a different door, beyond each door is a challenge that must be met before you can reach the next one." explained Rouge as they walked.

"What are these challenges?" asked Ranma.

Rouge looked at him and shrugged. "I do not know, much of what is known about this place was lost long ago."

Washu walked along side Tenchi. Her translucent computer floated in the air in front of her. "I'm reading an unusually large amount of energy ahead of us. It's of a type I've never seen before."

"This place is scary." Sasami clung to Tenchi's arm as she looked around at the forest with fear in her eyes. "I don't know why, but I get this feeling like we should not be here."

"I can feel it too. Like some kind of evil, but I don't think its coming from Kun Lao." said Tenchi.

"It isn't." came a soft, lovely voice from behind them.

The group of assembled fighters whipped around quickly taking ready stances. As their eyes beheld what was before them a few of the girls were suddenly brought to tears. Whom it was who stood before them was more beautiful than any woman they had ever seen. Her beauty was so breathtaking, so incredibly unearthly it was almost painful to look upon her as if due to some unworthiness within them to set their eyes upon her.

"W-W-Who are you?" asked Akane.

The beautiful woman was dressed in a flowing blue and white gown that seemed to billow and flow as if under the influence of a breeze none of them could feel. She smiled at Akane and replied, "I am the goddess Belldandy."

"G-G-Goddess!?" The entire group looked at her in astonishment.

Sometime later the group and their beautiful guest sat around a hastily lit campfire. Ranma and Tenchi knew that speed was of the essence, but this goddess knew a lot about the shrine. The more they knew the easier it would be dealing with this problem.

"I remember you, I met you the day that, I, I mean Sakumi, died." Kuno Hikaru found it hard to keep his eyes off the beautiful goddess. Her face was so familiar to him, he knew he had seen her before, then it came back to him. It was the memory of that day, the terrible day Kun Lao took that which was most precious to him.

"Yes, it was me." Belldandy smiled. Akane and Nabiki could not help but notice the resemblance this goddess had to their older sister. Though they did not really look the same, their mannerisms were almost identical.

"You said it wasn't Kun Lao who was giving off that evil aura. Who is it then?" Ranma asked her.

Belldandy looked in the direction of the shrine with a grim expression on her face. "The story of this place housing a fountain that makes mortals into Kami is a fabrication."

"Nani!?" everyone exclaimed.

"It was a false story told by the dark disciples of what is imprisoned within the shrine. It was their hope that some greedy person would seek out the keys and unlock the doors that holds it within." she explained.

"It-It's a prison?" Ranko stared at her in shock.

Belldandy nodded. "If what is there is released it will mean the end of not only this world but countless others. It is an evil that has slept there for thousands of years."

"But what is it?" Ryoko asked her.

Belldandy looked up towards the sky as if pleading to someone and replied, "It has many names, its evil has existed since the before the beginning of this universe and it took the combined efforts of heaven and two powerful sorceresses to imprison it. The thing destroyed thousands of worlds before the Kami in heaven and the two sorceresses trapped it."

"Two sorceresses." Rouge rubbed her chin as if in thought for a moment, then something from her past emerged from her memories. She remembered being in the great library in the village of Nyanchiczu. It was an ancient scroll that had attracted her attention. She was not sure why but she was compelled to read it. As the memory was what was written on that scroll appeared in her mind's eye, Rouge panicked.

"BY ALL THAT IS HOLY, NO!!!" she screamed.

"Rouge, what wrong?" Shampoo asked in concern.

Rouge jumped to her feet. "Hurry, we must stop that fool before it's too late. We cannot let him open the doors within that shrine."

"Would someone please tell me what the hell is inside that shrine, I'd like to know what we're up against." demanded Ranma.

Rouge turned to him and said, "In western religions the creature is sometimes called The Beast, in others it is given a different name. Its true name is Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness, mistress of chaos and war."

What Rouge had said made the hairs on the backs of everyone's heads stand up on end. Ranma especially did not like what he just heard. Everyone was moving again, this time a little faster. It also meant that their chances of running into trouble was greater so the combatants kept their eyes peeled for anything.

"Takhisis came from another plane of existence where she tried to destroy a world called Krynn, but failed. A powerful Kami known as Paladine banished her from that plane forever so her evil would not infect the world again, and that is how she arrived here." explained Belldandy as she hovered a bit off the ground as she followed them.

"So she's a demon?" asked Ayeka.

Belldandy shook her head. "She is, or was, a Goddess, but she is not affiliated with our pantheon and thus we had no power over her actions or movements."

"Which means the Big Guy upstairs couldn't tell her what to do?" inquired Ukyo.

"That is right, Father had no authority over her, she ignored his warnings and it was discovered that she was very powerful." Belldandy replied.

"If it took the combined force of heaven and two sorceresses to stop this Queen of Darkness, then its gotta be really powerful." said Ranma.

"We're here." Rouge stopped and pointed down the tail where the trees of the forest opened up onto a clearing. In the center was a small shrine building that did not seem that much larger than the Masaki Shrine.

"That's the place, doesn't look too impressive." Ryoko grunted.

"Appearances can be deceiving oh daughter of mine." Washu waved a finger at her Little Ryoko for being so simple minded.

Sasami tightened her grip on Tenchi's arm. "I don't like this place. Let's go back."

"We can't." Tenchi replied and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. The little girl seemed to come out of her terror just a little.

"Ok, where's the uber-hentai?" Akane growled as she readied herself for battle.

Ryoko's enhanced vision picked up minute detail. Looking at the shrine she noticed that the front door to the place was open slightly. "I think he's inside."

"Aiya! Maybe he have first door open!" exclaimed Shampoo.

Ranma flexed his muscles and clenched his fists. All of his joints made loud popping noises. "Come on Tenchi, time to go and kick some ass." Just as he was about to leave the group he noticed through the corner of his eye that Kodachi was following him.

"No, I want you to stay here with the others. This is something me and my cousin have to do." he told her.

"But Ranma darling-"

"Kodachi, this is really really dangerous which is why only me and Tenchi are going in right now." he explained to her.

"But-" Her words were cut short when a hand feel on her should. Kodachi looked behind her to see the Pig Tailed Girl.

"My brother and Tenchi are the only two of us who have even the slightest chance of beating that son of a bitch. The only thing we can do is make sure no more of that bastard's friends show up to help him." she said.

Kodachi looked at her in shock. "Ranma darling is your brother, your brother?" Ranko nodded. "Then all this time I assumed you were out to steal my darling Ranma from me." the Black Rose added. She turned towards the red head and bowed. "Please forgive my actions towards you in the past."

Everyone looked at her in shock. Kodachi the Black Rose was apologizing! Actually apologizing for something, for real!?

"Ranma honey, Tenchi, you go on, we'll talk to her and set up some ground rules. Kick him in the jewels for me sugar." said Ukyo.

"You sure you do not need us?" Ayeka asked Tenchi as she gestured towards herself, Ryoko, and Mihoshi.

"I will go with them." Herb said as he stepped forward.

"My sisters will arrive soon and we will try to provide assistance." said Belldandy.

"Miya, miya!" Ryu-Ohki meowed to Tenchi.

"She said be careful." Sasami translated. She gestured for Tenchi to bend down and kissed him on the cheek. Tenchi smiled at her. With a gentle finger he lift her face towards his and gave her gentle peck on the lips. Sasami blushed so deeply her face matched the color of Ranko's hair.

"We will. Don't worry." he said and turned to the others. "Are we ready?"

Ranma nodded. "I owe that fucker a serious ass kicking for everything he's done to us and our friends."

"My pride as the Heir to the Throne of the Musk Dynasty much be avenged." said Herb with a grim expression.

The Hentai Twins ran forwards and began to draw runic symbols in the air around the three fighters. "Let us give you these powerful wards against evil. They may not stand up to that Takhisis entity, but they should help protect you against Kun Lao's powers." said Pepper.

"Such lovely creatures." Herb seemed transfixed on the two lovely, scantily clad Amazon chi sorceresses. The two noticed and blush rather furiously at his attention. They never said, but let it be known that the two have had a long standing crush on the powerful Musk ruler.

"Ok, its time we ended this." said Ranma and soon the three were headed for the shrine and destiny. They would have continued but a warning shout from Herb caught Ranma's attention. Everyone looked up as a hulking huge monster of man leapt down from the roof of the shrine swinging a massive war hammer. Tenchi and the others just barely managed to get out of the way as the hammer hit the ground. A shockwave passed through the earth knocking everyone off their feet and dug a huge crater in the soil. The massive man was bare chested and had muscles bulging out of every corner of his body. His face was covered in a leather mask that was attached to his head with straps. An reeking oder came off of the huge man that was making some of the group sick to their stomachs.

"Why does it always have to be big huge frick'n bad guys." Ryoko growled in annoyance as she charged up her light sword.

"Get the others back!" Ranma shouted to the others. Akane quickly ushered the others out of the clearing and back into the trees.

In the clearing Herb stood next to the pig tailed martial artist and looked up at their towering opponent. "The larger they are the louder a thud they make when they die."

"I think you mean the harder they fall." Ranma corrected him.

Herb drew his sword with a broad smile on face and said, "Close enough." His advance was stopped by a lilting laughter behind them. Ranma and Herb moved back from the massive man and towards the trees trying to find the source of the sound. They looked up at the tree the others were hiding under and saw him.

"I do hope you find my dear brother entertaining." the figure up in the tree asked them before leaping down. He was a tall man, not as massive as the other, but also well built. He wore the garb of a bygone era in Japanese history and carried twin katana swords on his back. His eyes were the only thing unnatural about him. They were black as pitch as if his eyes were deep dark voids. He looked over at the girls huddled under the three and smirked.

"What a lovely collection you have here," he said. "It almost pains me to have to take them away from you."

Ranma fell into a fighting stand and began to call up on his chi reserves. "That's what you think."

"Such a lovely little creature," the stranger said as he looked directly at Sasami, she could feel her skin crawl as he looked at her. "Very lovely, she is young now, but when she's older we'll be able to play. Oh yes, we will play indeed." A high pitched electric screech caught his attention and the man turned to see another of his opponents approach holding a glowing sword in his hands.

"You will never lay a hand on Sasami!" Tenchi shouted at him in anger.

The man just smirked and nonchalantly reached up and drew his twin katana. "Then prove your worthiness for her." The man moved at a blinding speed that was unbelievable. Tenchi was ready, he was pissed, and easily deflected the incoming sword swings. Herb and Kuno Hikaru were at his side taking shots at the sword wielding attack within seconds. Ranma was about to jump into the fray when he felt rather than heard another hammer blow by their first opponent. He wiped around and to see Ryoko, Ryoga, his sister, and Ukyo trying to fight the massive brute. They were not doing a good job of it.

"Shit!" he spat and threw himself into the battle. Ranma reached the brute in less than a second and delivered a devastating Amaguriken blow to his chest. The brute just shrugged it off, lifted his hammer and tried to slam him into the ground like a tent spike. Ranma leapt clear of the blow. He heard a shout below as he sailed through the air and saw that one of them was not so lucky. Ryoga had been right next to the hammer when it hit and was thrown clear of the fighting.

"Ryoga!" Akane shouted as she watched the lost boy fly towards them head first. She ran away from the huddled group by the tree and caught him in mid flight. The impact knocked her off her feet.

"T-T-Thanks." said Ryoga.

Akane signed with a mild smile and said, "No problem, besides it would have made Ranko sad if anything happened to you."

"MOKO TAKABISHA!!!!" the battle cry drew their attention as Ranma cut loose with the Mother of All Chi Blasts at point blank range! The blue conflagration of raw energy slammed into the brute and knocked him backwards a few steps. It was all the distraction that they needed. Ukyo swung her baker's peel with all her might letting out a sharp cry as she hit the brute's left knee. The flat blade dug into the flesh making a black, thick fluid ooze from the wound. A wave a stench smacked the okonomiyaki chef in the face making her take a few steps back while he tried to keep from heaving the contents of her stomach. Ryoga climbed back to his feet and threw himself into the fight despite the unholy smell. His umbrella lead the way as he ran. When he reached the brute he swung it towards his masked face with all his might. The incredibly heavy weapon struck the brute between the eyes almost making him drop the huge hammer he was dragging with him. Loud inhuman groans came from behind that mask.

"This guy is really tough." Ranko said huffing and puffing as she stepped next to Ryoga.

"Yeah, but he seems to be really slow upstairs." said Ukyo.

"Surround him, maybe we can confuse him." Ranma barked at them and the others moved with question. Attacks came at the brute from all sides and it became apparent that he was indeed very slow to react to them. He tried to swing his hammer at them but the wound on his knee prevent a lot of movement.

"Alright, big and stupid, that's how I like'em." Ranma smirked as he leapt in and hit the back of the brute's damaged leg. The hulking man cried out in that same unnatural tone and toppled over backwards. When he landed the ground shook for miles around and knocked just about everyone else off their feet.

Elsewhere near the clearing Herb and Hikaru were leaping through the trees chasing Tenchi and the sword wielder as they battled it out in the forest canopy. It looked to the others who could see them like a scene out of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon as the swordsman and Tenchi exchanged sword blows while balancing and leaping from tree branch to tree branch. The two came together on a particularly sturdy group of branches and locked swords. Tenchi was amazed that his opponents sword was standing up to the Master Key. Up close he could see strange runes engraved into the finely crafted blades his enemy carried.

"You are much better than I expected." the man said.

"This is only just the beginning." said Tenchi showing a bit of the confidence he learned to harness from Ranma's teachings.

"Good, I hate short fights." the man replied breaking off and took a few steps back.

The swordsman lowered his weapons in a non-offensive manner and looked Tenchi straight in the eye. "I am Saragami, a servant to my lord Kun Lao, whom do I have the pleasure of fighting today? I will have the name of one so skilled in the sword."

"Masaki Tenchi, crown prince of Jurai." Tenchi replied.

"A prince, I'm impressed." Saragami said with an eyebrow Spock Maneuver. He gestured towards the towering brute that was struggling to get back to his feet in the clearing.

"That is my brother in arms Toragami, he is not my brother in blood, but I think your friends will find him to be quite vile just the same." he added.

Prince Herb flew down from another tree and immediately took a position between Tenchi and Saragami. "Enough talk, you are delaying me from my vengeance against your foul master!" he cried as he moved in for the attack. Tenchi stood back letting the Musk prince take on the swordsman for a while. He had to admit the strange man was skilled, very skilled, and Herb found himself hard pressed to gain any advantage. It immediately occurred to Tenchi what Herb was doing. He knew he had to be a better fighter than this, and then understood that the Musk prince was testing out of opponent for weaknesses. Hikaru arrived a few seconds later with the Kuno clan blade in hand. He watched the fight and made the same assessment but in much shorter time than Tenchi did. Very soon all hell was about to break loose.

"RYU SEI HISHO!" The battle cry echoed throughout the forest like a sonic boom. Tenchi and Hikaru covered their eyes as a blinding light engulfed Prince Herb and their opponent. When they looked again the branches they had been on were gone, their tips smoldering. Herb was a short distance away standing on another tree branch, bending it low with his weight.

"That was far too easy." he muttered under his breath upon seeing no sign of his target. Herb's enhanced senses told him suddenly to move out of the way. He stepped to the left just a little but it was enough. Saragami came flying past him, his sword tip leading the way. A trail of smoke followed the swordsman as he flew towards the ground.

"I underestimated you, that really hurt." said Saragami as he clutched his sword arm which was bleeding profusely. All three fighters did not miss the fact that the blood coming out of the man was not red but green and oozed like tree sap rather than regular blood.

"You underestimated all of us!" Hikaru shouted as he flew from the tree. He flipped through the air above Saragami's head and as he reached the apex of his jump he cried out in a voice louder than Herb's own battle cry.

"DRAGONSONG!" Bright light engulf the entire area. Tenchi felt a wave of intense heat hit him like a ton of bricks and he was thrown out of the tree. Herb lost his footing, being closer to the blast, he was sent flying but quickly oriented himself for a landing on his feet. When the heat and light finally dissipated at bit he arrived just as Tenchi came running to find Hikaru standing over the twisted, blackened body of Saragami.

"Impressive, I did not know anyone outside of the Musk Dynasty knew the Dragonsong technique." Herb said with a friendly smile. "Even I do not know most of its secrets." The technique as ancient and powerful, it was legendary among the Musk and one of their most well kept secret techniques.

"The Kuno family sword was a gift given to my grandfather," Hikaru explained. "He went on a journey to China one year and returned with this sword, it became the sacred sword of our family and symbol of leadership for our clan."

Herb stepped forward and looked at the sword again up close. Upon seeing it he noticed that on the blade were etched tiny runes in the ancient Musk language of magic. "Dragon's Bane." he gasped recognizing it instantly. He looked at the Kuno patriarch and asked him, "Are you the grandson of Kuno Tanaka?"

Hikaru nodded his head. "Yes." He had never heard the story of where the sword has really come from. His grandfather told him tales of a powerful kingdom within China and of incredible wars where men fought demons, but nothing was ever told of where the sword really came from.

Herb offered his hand to man and bowed towards him respectfully. "I am honored to greet you Kuno Hikaru, grandson of Kuno Tanaka, the man who saved my father's life many centuries ago." Hikaru looked at him in surprise. He never heard his grandfather tell anything about saving a king.

"Maybe we can save this for later, I think the others are in trouble." Tenchi interrupted them. They turned to see the others still engaged in battle with the hulking Toragami. The huge man was still brandishing his war hammer, but his body was now covered in several oozing wounds. Ryoga had reentered the fight using his unnaturally heavy umbrella as a club. For all the pounding the man was getting it did not seem to be slowing him down any at all.

"I only had enough energy left for one Dragonsong." Hikaru said suddenly looking very tired.

"Leave it to us, come Tenchi!" Herb shouted behind him as he ran to join the others. He arrived just as Ryoko flew by throwing a series of blasts at the huge man's weapon hand. Everyone look like they were exhausted, but still they pressed on the attack. None of them really had any rest at all since the battle at the Amazon village and the encounter at the Kuno mansion. They got what little sleep they were able to get and that was it.

"Ranko! Get into the spiral! Lets see this asshole handle a double barreled attack!" The redhead nodded towards her brother and they both began to weave a spiral pattern around their opponent. The hot chi coming off of his mixed with their cold chi as they fell into the Soul of Ice. The others, having seen this technique used before, started to make tracks away from ground zero. Herb had encountered the attack himself once, at that time he and Ranma had been enemies rather than allies.

"They aren't fighting." Ayeka commented upon seeing the two martial artists dance around the huge man without throwing a single attack.

"Uh, we'd better take cover." warned Akane. She knew Ranma's attack was powerful, but if both he and Ranko set it off at the same time. There was no telling what might happen.

"Cologne must has taught him that technique." Rouge commented and was very impressed to see the two performing it flawlessly. She and the rest including Belldandy moved away deeper into the forest. As they stepped behind a huge tree they heard the twin shouts.

"HIRYU SHOTEN HA!" And all hell broke loose.

Kuno Lao looked behind him where he was working. He felt a slight twinge at the back of his mind. Saragami, not one of most powerful minions, was dead. It was not surprising considering the power of the opponents he was going up against. Toragami was a different matter. He was almost as powerful as Gaal the Crusher. He turned back to his work, arranging the key pieces like a puzzle into slots on the wall. The small wooden shrine housed a secret, a stone spiral stairwell that descended deep into the earth and opened up into a vast labyrinth. The far end of the immense chamber was the first of many doors that had to be opened, but to open this first door a few of the keys had to be placed in a appropriate manner.

With the keys in place, they began to emit a soft light, then the great doors groaned after several millennia of ever being opened. The next chamber was dark, it was the first of the three trials. Legend never told what these trials were but Kun Lao was confident that he could get through them. He crossed the threshold with bokken and dagger in hand ready for anything that came his way. Before him stood a short obelisk upon which were engraved a message in an ancient text he did not understand. The Chi Sorcerer focused his thoughts and called upon the spirit of the rock to give forth its secrets. The lettering on the stone became as clearly understandable to him as if he had written them himself.

"You who seek that which is within must pass this challenge. Venture forth and cross the chasm, fall and you shall perish. You who sees the unseen shall be allowed to pass." he read out loud. Behind the stone was a vast dark chamber. The only thing visible was a single walkway of stone that extended out into the darkness and seemed to go on until it faded into the inky blackness of the chamber itself.

"This challenge is easy." he muttered and stepped out onto the walkway. It was narrow, there was about enough room for one person at a time to cross. The further he went the darker became. The Chi Sorcerer called upon his power again and summoned a globe of light on end of his bokken and held it high like a torch. There was nothing else around except for the walkway that continued to stretch into eternity.

"This is no challenge, you just need to keep your balance." Kuno Lao said thinking out loud again. He kept going on still and still there was no end in sight. Finally he began to see a faint light in the dark haze ahead. Eventually, after a long period of time he finally reached it then noticed something was off. It was right where he started from.

"How the hell did this happen?" he demanded out loud and walked back to the stone to read the text again. "You who see the unseen shall be allowed to pass." He stepped back to the edge of the chasm and looked out into the darkness. Bending down he picked up a handful of sand off the stone floor and tossed it into the darkness. Most of the grains fell, but a few remained suspended in the air as if by magic.

"Clever." he said with a smile. Then, with a tentative step Kun Lao ventured out onto the invisible walkway and into the darkness beyond.

"HIRYU SHOTEN HA!" The dual battle cries seemed to shake the Earth as the twin martial artists unleashed their fury. Everyone hiding behind the tree screamed in fright and surprise as a winds stronger than a hurricane suddenly kicked up and a roar louder than anything they had ever head assaulted their ears. A maelstrom of wind and pure chi energy rose into the sky with a force thousands of times greater than any F5 category tornado; aka the Finger of God.

Tenchi and Herb held onto each other and the roots a very large tree to keep from being either blown away by the winds or pulled into the monstrous vortex. Ryoko held Ukyo in her arms as she tried to fly away from the incredible wind currents. She had to satisfy with teleporting away to where the others were hiding some distance away. Ryoga hugged the ground and tore into the earth with his fingers to keep a firm grip. He looked up, he was just inches from the edge of massive vortex and he could barely see Ranma and Ranko's forms at the center of the destruction. He could not see any sign of the hulking brute they had been fighting.

Slowly, the winds began to die down. Herb and Tenchi let go and fell to the ground as the winds stopped pulling them. Ryoga stood and surveyed the destruction his new "girlfriend" and her brother caused. The others came out of hiding and walked slowly towards the site. Where Ranma and Ranko stood there was a huge crater surrounding them like a ring of earth that just wasn't there anymore. There was no sign of the brute they had been fighting at all.

"Holy shit." said Nabiki looking over the devastation.

"What she said." Kasumi gasped in surprise. All eyes turned to her in sudden surprise and she blushed furiously.

"I guess that's that." Ranko said dusting herself off. She started to climb down off the pedestal of earth she and her brother were still on when she saw the expression on his face. Instantly she was in a ready stance, tired as hell, but ready none the less. A massive hand crashed out of the loose soil at the bottom of the crater and made a grab for her. Ranko leapt high back flipping out of way just in time. Ranma, who was also tired as hell, caught her then they both leapt away to the edge of the crater as Toragami began extracting himself form the ground.

"What the hell does it take to kill this bastard!?" Ranma shouted.

"Aiya, like try to kill cockroach." Shampoo replied.

Toragami was not in very good shape himself. Despite being covered in loose soil he sported more wounds, and his arm, the one wielding the war hammer, hung limply as his side. The oder form his many wounds was almost unbearable. Everyone backed away as the huge man crawled up out of the crater and stood on shaky legs.

"We might not have killed him, but that certainly did hurt him a hell of a lot." said Ranko.

"My turn then!" Ryoga shouted. He stepped in front of Ranko with his hands raised and cut loose with a chi blast. The Shi Shi Hokadon flared brightly in his hands and then suddenly fizzled out with a pop.

"Huh!?" he looked at his hands in startled surprise. The Shi Shi Hokadon had never failed him before. Ranko rolled her eyes and bopped him on the back of the head.

"Baka, that only works if you're depressed!" she berated him. She could not blame him for not being depressed actually. Being around her seemed to have a positive reaction on the Lost Boy. Gone was the dark moodiness that usually accompanied Ryoga wherever he went. They, whether they declared it official or not, were now in a relationship.

"Look out!" came a warning from Shampoo. Ryoga turned in time avoid Toragami's huge fist. He and Ranko leapt clear of the clumsy blow and rolled to their feet into a ready stance. Back on his feet, the Lost Boy pulled a few bandannas off his head and twirled them at the big man's head. Two deflected off the leather mask, but one hit the strap holding it on. The mask fell away from the face to the ground and everyone stood in absolute shock. Sasami screamed and hid herself behind Ayeka's robes as the non-combatants in the group began to edge away from the battlefield.

The face of their opponent was a waking nightmare. The skin was brown and leathery like the mask. The man's eyelids and lips had apparently been carved away leaving a grotesque sight. Toragami let out that a inhuman growl that seemed to come more from a deep pit rather than from the hideous thing that was his mouth. The fighters scattered as he pulled his war hammer out of the ground with his good arm.

"We're wasting time here, how do we take out this thing?" Tenchi asked as he ran over to Ranma and his sister. Herb was close behind with Ryoga at his side. Ukyo and Ryoko got some distance away from the thing, looking at it with an expression of horror on their faces.

"He's strong, but not too smart." said Ranma.

"We knock him down then aim for the heart." Herb suggested.

Ranko shook her head. "I don't know if that will work, look at that thing. It has to be some kinda undead or something." All eyes turned to Hikaru.

"I personally have never faced this foe or the other." he explained.

"Shampoo think he stronger than big troll we fight in China." the beautiful Amazon said panting for breath.

"The longer we dick with this guy the more time Kun Lao has to open that chamber, we need to a way to get this guy and for keeps." Ranma said urging them to come up with something fast. They had little time. The huge brute as slow now, due to injuries in his legs, but he was getting close enough to bring his hammer to bare on them. The fighters split up quickly to avoid the first blow. Hikaru went in fast slicing at the fingers that held the hammer hoping to disarm the massive brute. He managed to cut off only one finger before the hammer went up again and the creature bellowed in that unholy tone.

"We must help them." Salt said as he peered around the tree she and the others were hiding behind. She looked at her sister and they both ran towards the battle. Rouge called out to them but it was too late. The Hentai Twins drew their weapons and charged into the fray. Herb saw two blurs pass him and fly over Toragami's body leaving a trail of fresh wounds in their wake. The two blurs returned and stopped in front of him to reveal the twin angels he had seen before. Such beautiful creatures., he thought to himself as he stared at their excessive, and barely covered endowments.

"FLARE OF THE STARS!" they both shouted and a series of complex run like patterns formed in the air around Toragami. The patterns burst forth with bright light that engulfed the towering monstrosity in flames. Inhuman cries of agony came out of the chi energy inferno for several minutes, then ceased. When the bright light and flames died down everyone was witness to an astonishing sight. The place were Toragami had been standing was leveled flat and the sand turned to glass. There was no sign at all of the hulking beast save for a few scattered piles of black ash. The girls stood admiring their handiwork for moment when the fatigue of unleashing such powerful chi spell hit them. They fell backwards and were suddenly caught in a pair of powerful, yet gentle arms.

"Such beautiful and powerful creatures, the Kami themselves would weep if such a treasures were ever lost to this world. And, I would weep also for having allowed such fair creatures pass from my embrace." Herb said doing a perfect Kuno imitation. The twins blushed from head to toe and snuggled into this embrace with happy smiles plastered on their faces.

"That was incredible." said Akane as the others came out their hiding places from forest. They all gathered at the entrance to the shrine. Belldandy came among them and touched each who were injured or fatigued. The tiredness and pain was suddenly gone. It was time for them to part ways, on this journey only the fighters could continue. Tenchi said goodbye to his loves, hugging and giving each one a kiss. Ranma did the same. Herb received a kiss from the twins and blushed furiously. The look on their faces told him that he was in store for so much more when he came back. Everyone waved farewell to Ranko, Ryoga, Ranma, Tenchi, Hikaru, Herb, Ukyo, and Shampoo as they entered the shrine and filed down the spiral staircase within.

Opening the next door was trickier. The lock was not so much a puzzle but a lock within a lock. A key had to positioned before the next could be placed. With the door finally open Kun Lao advanced into the next chamber. The first challenge had been a cunning one. An invisible bridge that bypassed the dimensional trick on the other path that sent you back where you came from. The next challenge was very different. After translating the stone he realized this was going to be a real challenge for once.

The chamber was once again another dark void, this time littered with thousand of stone pillars. They were large enough for someone to stand on. To move Kun Lao supposed he would have to leap from pillar to pillar. But, the trick was finding the right one. Some were not as stable as the others and one misstep and he could find himself plummeting to his death. Focusing his thoughts, Kun Lao leapt into the dark abyss and landed on a pillar. It swayed a little but did not fall away. He moved on to the next one and the next without trouble. The fourth pillar he handed on began to topple to the side. With split second reflexes he leapt away just in time as the pillar fell into the darkness. He looked down at the falling stone tower and tried to judge just how deep this chamber was. After a few minutes he still did not hear any sound. A sudden sensation hit him and he looked up from where he came in.

"Well, that didn't take long." he said out loud after feeling Toragami's abrupt demise.

"What the hell!?" Ranma shouted as he realized that he was walking back in the direction of the entrance they had just come through. They were all on the think rock walkway. They assumed that an attack either by something in the darkness or some unseen mechanism would strike at them, but it was smooth sailing all the way back to the beginning.

"It is a trick, there must be another path." said Herb.

"Take a look at this, sugar." Everyone looked where Ukyo was pointing and they saw what looked like grains of sand hanging in mid air.

"An invisible walkway." Ryoga gasped in surprise.

"Even you can't get lost on a one way path." Ranma said needling him. H eeped as Ukyo bopped him on the head with her baker's peel.

"Can it, lets go." she said and was the first to venture out onto the invisible bridge.

"A formidable woman you have there, Saotome." Herb commented with a snicker as he passed the stunned pigtailed martial artist.

Getting across the chasm was much easier, in fact it was not as wide as they previously thought. The group chalked it up to being some magical illusion much like the bridge that lead back to the beginning without turning. The doors to the next chamber stood open and many of them including Ranma and Herb groaned in annoyance. They immediately took in the room with its many pillars and began leaping across them at blinding speed. Ryoga landed on one that began to fall out from under him. Ukyo was on the next pillar over and she threw her baker's peel down for him to grab then she hauled him up before leaping off to the next pillar.

"I think I've seen all this in the movie before." Tenchi remarked.

"They use invisible bridge in Indiana Jones movies before, and this they use in silly Eddy Murphy film about demon and little boy with powers." Shampoo informed him.

"You mean the Gold Child, its one of the only western pictures I like besides those Lord of the Rings movies." said Ranma. As he alighted to a pillar next to her.

"Less chit chat and more ass hauling!" Ukyo shouted back towards them as she passed.

"What climb up Spat-uh-Ukyo's butt?" Shampoo shrugged and leapt for the next pillar. Ranma shook his head and decided to have a little talk with his iinazuke after this was all over with. It did not take long for them to reach the other side. They arrived just as the next and final set of doors was opening. Kun Lao turned at smirking expression towards them as he pushed the final key into place and leapt through the doors as they were just opening.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Ranma cried as he alight to firm ground and threw himself through the doorway. The others were on his heels and suddenly stopped when they beheld the scene before them. It was a labyrinth of staircases reaching upwards, but some of the staircases were upside down. Kun Lao was on one of them, his orientation looked to them as if he were running along the ceiling.

"AIYA! It scene from Jim Henson movie!" Shampoo shouted.

"This one is a piece of cake." Ryoko said as she took to the air. A sudden surge of energy struck her from all direction forcing her back to the ground.

"Hahahahahaha! No cheating allowed, my cute little creature." Kun Lao shouted down at them as he picked up the pace.

"I really hate him." Ryoko groaned as Tenchi helped her to her feet.

"Why didn't you two go with them?" Akane asked the Hentai Twins. She did not want the two sex maniacs anywhere near her Ranma but also did not want him and the others going into the unknown like this without help. The twins looked at her apologetically.

"We would be of little help to them in there." said Pepper.

"Why not?" Nabiki asked.

"You must pass the challenge by your own skills, no cheating allowed, the place is warded against it." Salt explained.

"So, Ryoko can't fly in there." Sasami guessed and looked at the entrance of the shrine with a little foreboding.

"I do hope they are alright." Kasumi said voicing the concerns of all the other girls.

"Our Ranma dearest is with them, and his sister. With them together there is no force that can stop them." Kodachi announced in confidence. Akane and Nabiki were astonished at her using "our Ranma" rather than "my Ranma". That short talk they had with the girl had somehow sunk in. Also, being away from her brother and quite insane father was having a positive effect on normally unstable gymnast.

"Are you sure you could not help?" Ayeka asked the twins. They nodded. For all of their abilities their powers would not have helped in there and they knew it from all the legends they heard. Ayeka looked at Rouge who also nodded in agreement.

"It is all in their hands now." said Belldandy.

"Belldandy!" All eyes turned towards the woods and the origin of the cheerful shout. A young girl who looked no older than Sasami dressed in red and white ran towards the goddess and hugged her tight. Akane took note of the glistening red mallet strapped to her back and pondered where she might get one for herself.

"Skuld, where is Urd?" Belldandy asked and right on cue the platinum haired goddess came out of the trees at a leisurely stroll.

"Right here, we had a hell of a time getting the right programs in place," said Urd. "Peorth says that Yggdrasil is ready in case of any problems."

"Are they in there now?" Skuld asked looking at the shrine entrance with obvious fear.

"Yes, and we must pray that they succeed." Belldandy told her as she smoothed out the younger girl's hair.

"Father gave approval to use a Magical Circle of Warding if necessary." Urd spoke up. She made a gesture and a whirl wind of white energy surrounded her. Urd's ordinary blouse top and slacks changed as the whirl wind dissipated and she emerged wearing a very revealing gown with a flowing cape and leather straps.

"AIYA!" the Hentai Twins screamed and threw themselves at Urd's feet. "Our beloved goddess!"

"Huh!?" everyone else looked at them in surprise.

"Well, if it isn't my two most diligent worshipers. Hello there girls." said Urd with a very Ranma-esque kind of smirk.

"Why am I not surprised." Rouge said shaking her head since she was quite familiar with whom this particular goddess was. The other two she did not know, but this one appeared in the village from time to time mostly on trips to see the girls.

"We're not worthy!" the twins chanted.

"Been teaching mortals how to be hentai again haven't we." Skuld said eying her eldest sister. Urd blushed a bit with embarrassment.

"Uh, well, I just took these two under my wing for a little why. Its permitted." Urd said in her own defense.

"We are lower than the dirty upon which you walk." the twins chanted.

"Now I think you're spreading it on a little too much there girls." Urd told them and the twins stood up looking embarrassed.

"Ok. You guys all lost me about five minutes ago." said Akane. Ayeka nodded in agreement and Washu was just trying to keep herself from falling over laughing.

"Oh, this is my youngest sister Skuld, and my oldest sister Urd. They came to help us." Belldandy said in introduction.

"You guys are goddesses?" Nabiki asked them.

"Goddess second class, limited license, and the little twerp is a third class goddess." Urd told her.

Skuld turned red all over at that remark and one hand slowly reached for her mallet. "I earned enough credits to take the exam for a second class limited license and I am not a twerp!"

"Skuld, Urd, please don't fight right now." Belldandy urged them.

"She started it." Skuld pointed at the platinum haired goddess with a pouty expression.

"Sort of reminds you of somebody, doesn't she?" Nabiki whispered into Akane's ear and nudged her with her elbow.

'Uh, excuse me, but I think you should all know that I'm detecting a rather large energy surge coming from inside the shrine." Washu announced getting everyone's attention.

"Oh my." said Kasumi.

"Looks like they caught up to Kun Lao, there must be one hell of a fight going on in there." Washu said looking at the data on her screen.

Herb and Ryoko slammed into the stone wall at the top of the labyrinth of stairs as a chi blast hit them. Ranma and Ranko faired better resisting the blast as best they could and advanced on the one who threw it. Kun Lao was ready for them. He threw himself at them with his weapons ready. The others reached the top of the stairs in time to see Ranma and Ranko dodge and weave around the chi sorcerer's lightning fast weapons.

"Ranma honey needs us!" Ukyo shouted to Shampoo and they threw themselves into the fight. Tenchi was right behind them with the Master Key ignited and ready. Herb and Ryoko pulled themselves out of the wall with Ryoga and Hikaru's help and soon joined the battle. It was seven against one, the odds against the one winning or having a change normally would have been nil, but in this case the one was a match for all of them easily. Kun Lao cut loose with all the power he had at his disposal while holding back none of it. He found that the body of the Kuno boy was much better suited for combat than the body of that foolish little boy who was too curious for his own good. It served his purposes quite nicely. It was the body he was going to use to pleasure himself on Ranma and Tenchi's women in celebration of his victory when he left this place.

The others were determined to keep that from happening, but none of them could get a good shot at the lightning fast chi sorcerer. Ranma, Ranko, and Herb faired the best against the man as they were the fastest of the group. The others were there just to make sure he did not try to make a break for it. The chamber at the top of the labyrinth of stairs was a long corridor which lead to a set of massive doors. Upon them were engraved ancient runes which let off a faint glow in the gloom. None of them had to be told what lay beyond those doors and they were not going to let the chi sorcerer near them.

"MOKO TAKABIASHA!" the Saotome twins both unleashed chi blasts at Kun Lao at almost point blank range. The energy splashed off a hastily erected shield and was followed up by chi blasts of his own. Ranma and Ranko cried out as they slammed into the wall for the umpteenth time that day since this fight started. Hikaru leapt into the battle with his sword leading the way.

"Today I take vengeance for the death of Sakumi." he said taking a fighting stance in front of the chi sorcerer.

"You mean that gorgeous thing you were trying to take back the day you deprived me of my body," Kun Lao replied with a smirk. "I see she's back, interesting, that Kasumi looks so much like her. I wonder if she is as good in bed as Sakumi was."

"Silence, this nightmare ends now. Fight me!" Hikaru barked. Kun Lao's only response was to fall into a fighting stand of his own with the bokken and dagger at the ready. Herb gestured silently for everyone else to stand back. He understood the importance of a battle for honor and he would brook no interference.

With a cry that shattered the eerie silence of the chamber the two raced towards one another. Metal clashed with chi enhanced wood throwing sparks everywhere. Kun Lao threw a strike at Hikaru's mid section with his dagger but found his way blocked by the Kuno clan sword. Several more exchanges followed throwing sparks everywhere as the two fighters chased each other around in the gloom. It appeared to everyone that both Kun Lao and Hikaru were nearly evenly matched when it came to sword skills.

"You are as good as I remember." Kun Lao said as they stopped for a sort breather in the middle of the fight.

"As are you." said Hikaru.

The break did not last long before the two were at it again. This time they were two blurs moving so fast that only Ranma, Ranko, and Herb could keep track of them. Chi attacks were involved in this stage of fighting so Herb and the others stood well back while still guarding the door.

"I tire of this game, it is time we finished this." said Kun Lao. His dagger flared and it launched a series of bright balls of energy that all ranged in on Hikaru with lightning speed. The samurai deflected all of them and swung his sword with a loud shout.

"Dragon Fire!" A blast of blame shot from the weapon. Kun Lao raised his hands and held it back with his dagger and bokken. He leapt through the remaining fragments of the chi blast and unleashed a series of crimson lightning attacks from his dagger.

"You knew, I noticed that most of his chi attacks come from that dagger." Ranko whispered into Ranma's ear. He looked at her and whispered back into her ear.

"You noticed that too." She nodded.

"This is fight of honor, we can't interfere." he told her. Ranko nodded, knowing all they could do is bide their time.

"Claws of the Dragon!" Hikaru slashed releasing the chi attack that had killed Kun Lao so many centuries ago. The chi sorcerer blocked with his dagger and leapt over the samurai slicing with his bokken as he did. Hikaru could not bring his blade up fast enough to deflect the blow so he had to dive down to keep from loosing his head to the strike. The chi sorcerer alighted to the floor as the samurai was climbing to his feet. It was clear that Kuno Hikaru was starting to tire quickly.

"Look at you, you can barely stand now." Kun Lao told him with a smirk. "It is time to give it up. I have beaten you." The samurai did not respond, he raised his sword before him and focused his thoughts. Hikaru reached deep within himself for the extra energy he knew had to be there, he grabbed for it and pulled it free from its hiding place. Kun Lao could feel a sudden surge of energy inside the samurai surface. A battle aura surrounded the samurai as he opened his eyes and stared with a menacing gaze at the chi sorcerer.

"You took the life of the woman I love, nearly too my own life," he said. "You defiled so many innocent young women to satisfy your base lusts regardless of their age. You killed a two young men so you could use their forms to perform your vile acts. For these things I commend you to pits of hell!"

He swung his sword in an arch towards Kun Lao and at the top of his lungs he screamed at scream that not so much heard but also felt. "DRAGONSONG!" Blinding light engulfed the corridor and a roar like a thousand lions deafened everyone who was witness to the immense blast. Kun Lao called upon all of his powers to block the incoming maelstrom but his defenses withered within seconds. The final wall fell and he was hit by the intense energy and heat of the blast. His wailing cries could be heard over the roar of the chi blast itself for a moment until they finally ceased.

Ranma climbed to his feet. He did not know how long he was out or if he had been out. The roar of the Dragonsong was just fading away so he guessed it had not been too long. Shampoo and Ukyo were over by Hikaru who was now laying face down on the floor. Shampoo checked for his pulse quickly and signaled Ranma that he was alright. The pigtailed boy sighed with relief and quickly went about making sure everyone else was alright. He saw Tenchi helping Ryoko climb out of a whole her body made in the wall, and elsewhere he witness his "sister" leaning wearily against Ryoga's shoulder. Herb sat on the floor next to Ryoga and Ranko shaking his head to clear the cobwebs. Seeing that his friends were alright Ranma inspected Kuno Hikaru's unfortunate victim.

The chi sorcerer was sprawled out on the floor looking like a crispy critter. The stones on the floor around his body were partially melted by intensity of the Dragonsong's heat. The pigtailed martial artist's jaw nearly made a dent in the floor when he saw Kun Lao's chest, former the chest of Kuno Tatawaki, rise and fall.

"After all that he's still alive. Creep's tougher than Happosai." he thought out loud.

"Don't tell me that asshole lived through that, sugar." said Ukyo seeing the look on Ranma's face.

He laughed. "I guess hentai are like cockroaches. They live through anything."

"So, it over?" Shampoo asked as she walked over to them.

"I guess so, but what do we do with this bone head?" Ranma shrugged and looked back down at the unconscious chi sorcerer who made their lives a living nightmare for several weeks now.

"Toss him in the nearest black hole." Ryoko groused as she leaned against Tenchi for support. Her other hand not already wrapped around her love was holding her side. A small trickle of blood could be seen peeking out from between her fingers.

"Maybe Little Washu can come up with something to seal him up in, something that can never be opened again." Tenchi offered.

"At least the worst is finally over." said Ryoga.

Outside in the clearing near the shrine two immortals sat before different computer consoles. One was a divine entity while the other was a former goddess. Both were monitoring the situation deep within the labyrinth below the shrine. A great sigh of relief wash over everyone when it was discovered that Kun Lao was finally immobilized that everyone appeared to be alright. A little worse for wear but alright none the less. The computer console Skuld, goddess of the future, sat at was tied into Yggdrasil and it displayed data that Washu's own terminal could not detect. When the warning messages began popping up she nearly jumped out of her skin.

"Oh no!"

"What is it?" Urd asked her, looking over the young goddess' shoulder.

"That massive discharge of energy triggered a chain reaction in the subroutines connected to the Magical Circle of Warding that holds the prison doors closed." Skuld replied, her voice sounding very troubled.

"Oh shit, the final support subroutines are failing," Urd gasped in horror as she read the streaming data. "the circle is loosing power!"

"What does that mean?" Nabiki asked, her usual cool expression was failing her at the moment.

"It means that Takhisis is about to be set free." Skuld told her. Gasps of shock went through the group. The little goddess' hands flew over the console as she tried desperately in vain to reconstruct the support code framework that reinforced the seal to Takhisis' chamber. Every attempt failed, and she was forced to watch in horror as segments of the circle's code began to loose power and fade out of existence.

Washu pushed through the group gathered around Skuld's terminal and snatched Ryu-Ohki off Sasami's head. "Contact Ryoko, tell her to get everyone the hell out of there, NOW!" she ordered. Ryu-Ohki did not have to respond, she closed her eyes and focused all of her will into awakening the link she shared with Ryoko. Deep beneath the Earth the former space pirate began to breath easier as her enhanced healing factor repaired most of her more major injuries. She was about to turn to Tenchi and say something when she felt the Cabbit's mind literally slam into her own. The message was loud and clear. Ryoko looked towards the doors and gasped in horror.

"We gotta get out of here and fast." she said.

"What wrong, we win, no?" asked Shampoo, a little confused.

In answer to that question a sound like a clap of thunder shot through the corridor followed by a brief but intense burst of light. Tenchi shielded his eyes and looked towards the doors. He gasped as he witnessed a complex pattern of pictograms and strange runes flare to life and sudden begin to fizzle out as if burning itself out from its intense illumination. The whole thing took less than a few seconds before the pattern was gone. There was silence for a moment after. Everyone looked at the now unprotected doors to the inner chamber of the shrine with apprehension. Ranma and Ranko's danger sense went off like a Christmas tree in that moment. They both moved to quickly usher their friends towards the only exit when the doors suddenly blow open with a force so strong they broke free of their hinges and fell to the floor in pieces. A wave of intense, pure evil washed over everyone in the corridor frightening all of the to their very core.

"Free!" Came a feminine voice from the darkness. A voice filled with such a pure essence of evil that it made the hairs on the backs of everyone's heads stand up on end.

"Finally free, for the first time in centuries!"

"FREE!" Five sets of eyes appeared in the darkness beyond the doorway. Eyes that were filled with pure, unadulterated hate.

"RUN!" Herb cried. He threw Hikaru's still unconscious form over his shoulder and made for the exit. The others were right behind him when the first shockwave hit. The floor beneath them bucked and groaned and then gave way altogether before they could reach the safety of the stairway labyrinth.

"FOOLISH MORTALS, YOU CANNOT ESCAPE ME!" came a stern decree behind them. Ranma made the mistake of turning around to see what they were up against and suddenly wished he had not. What came lumbering out of the darkness was a thing out of a madman's nightmare. It was a dragon, but it was unlike any dragon he had ever seen. This dragon had five heads, each a different color, each with its own glowing malevolent eyes. The intensity of the creature's immense power was so great it was almost a physical sensation. He had never seen a creature radiating such concentrated power before in his entire life.

"We're fucking toast." he realized out loud.

The blue head of the dragon reared back and opened its great fanged maw. A ball of energy formed between its jagged fangs and with a forward thrash of its neck a bolt of lightning shot forth. The strike, millions of times stronger than any lightning bolt ever found in nature, shattered the stone wall next to the only exit causing a cave in. The group looked at the covered hole in shock and turned towards the towering beast. Their hearts pounded in their chest, and for the first time many of them were beginning to feel true terror.

"I SHALL CONSUME THIS WORLD AND COUNTLESS OTHERS IN THE FLAMES OF MY VENGENCE! I SHALL MAKE THE PUNY KAMI OF THIS PLAINE BOW AND COWER BEFORE ME AS I REND AND TEAR THE FABRIC OF REALITY ASUNDER. THIS WORLD SHALL FEEL MY FURY, STARTING WITH YOU!" all five heads turned towards the group with hunger in their menacing eyes. In that moment the group made a decision. Their only way out was gone, they were certain they could never defeat this monster, thus their only option was simple.

"If I am to die, I shall die with honor." said Herb as he gently laid Hikaru on the ground and drew his sword.

"Bring it on you bitch!" Ukyo cried, a bit wild eyed as she brandished her baker's peel.

Shampoo stood her ground and summoned her twin bonbori. "Amazon womans no fear death!"

"Give me your best shot you five headed freak!" Ryoko challenge summoning her light sword and conjuring a shield around herself.

"I stand with my cousin!" said Tenchi, a determined expression on his face as he ignited the Master Key. He fell into a fighting stance that would have made his grandfather proud if he had been there to witness it.

"Saotome's never lay down and die!" Ranma shouted, falling into a fighting stance and reached deep within himself to find his center and call up whatever reserves of chi he hoped was there.

"I stand beside my brother!" Ranko declared falling in next to Ranma. The pigtailed boy was never more proud of his accidental sister than right at that moment. He was not surprise to see Ryoga fall in next to her brandishing his umbrella and a handful of bandannas.

"And I stand with the woman I love." he declared. Ranko looked at him with a sudden blush on her face. The two, the redhead and the Lost Boy, reached for each other's hands while keeping their eyes on the thing before them that was about to extinguish their lives.

"Eager to die I see, then I shall proceed to end your pitiful existence." said Takhisis. All five heads reared back opening their massive jaws. Five spheres of intense energy stronger than anything any one of them had ever seen or felt before grew there in the gaping maw of each head. Each neck rapidly swung forward to strike, lightning, flame, poison gas, acid, and pure cosmic energy shot forth and raced towards the hapless group. Shampoo grabbed Ranma's hand, he pulled her into his arms and they closed their eyes and waited for death to take them. The wall of death racing at them at incredible speed seemed to take forever.

"No, its free and they can't get out!" Skuld cried out in horror as she watched the data stream in. She closed her eyes, she did not want to see the moment of their death even it was represented as sensor data. A sharp gasp from Washu drew her attention. The redheaded genius stared at her terminal with shocked wonder.

"It can't be, it just can't be." she said in a quiet but awed voice.

"W-W-What can't be?" Akane asked, she was standing with Nabiki who cried on her shoulder.

"There are two of them now." she looked up at them.

"Two of them what?" Ayeka demanded.

A smile crept across Washu's face as she turned her computer around to show them. They all gasped at what they saw on the screen. Most of them did not what it was they were looking at, but the three girls from Okayama knew precisely what the wave form patterns being displayed represented.

"Oh my word!" was all Mihoshi could say.

Ranma and Shampoo clenched their eyes and held one another close as the roar of the wall of death neared them. They could feel the incredibly intense heat of the flames and energy as it approached at the speed of the freight train. Suddenly, Ranma felt a sensation he had never experienced before. It was a feeling of immense exhilaration, a refreshing feeling as if his entire body was suddenly purged of its fatigue and the pain of his countless wounds. A strength beyond anything he had ever felt flush through him with the force of a flash flood. He felt invincible. Is this what death feels like?, he wondered.

"A-A-Airen?" he heard Shampoo say questioningly in an awed voice.

Tentatively he opened his eyes in time to see the wall of death finally reach them, and then slam into an intense force bubble that had suddenly appeared in front of them out of nowhere. Ranma felt an intense feeling of strain, as if he could feel the shield trying to resist the incredible power of the blast. It was at that moment he noticed them, three bright glowing forms hung in the air before him in a delta pattern. The Wings of the Light Hawk. Shampoo looked at her love with surprise and was not sure what to make of the strange glowing blades that hung in front of him or the luminous symbol on his forehead. She noticed something similar at Tenchi's head as he stood his ground, his face showed great strain like Ranma's as if they were willing the shield that suddenly appeared to stay up and spare them.

The maelstrom ended and both Juraian Princes sighed with relief, and staggered a bit as a wave of weakness suddenly hit them. The twin set of Light Hawk Wings they both generated faded out as did the shield. At the far end of the corridor the great beast looked on in stunned silence. It was a long time before she finally spoke.

"Mortals with the power to cast the Light Hawk Wings, how can this be?"

"Ranma honey, that was-was-wow." said a stunned Ukyo.

Herb looked towards the ceiling of the corridor and said, "The Kami are certainly watching over us this day."

"I don't think I can do that a second time." Ranma groaned as the strength he felt earlier left his body. Shampoo dropped her weapons to catch him as he suddenly fell backwards. A few feet away Ryoko was doing a similar thing with Tenchi.

"They spent themselves deflecting that first attack," Ranko observed. "But what if she does that again?"

"Very interesting, let us see how powerful you mortal truly are!" Takhisis bellowed and once again the volley was being charged again.

Desperation was the mother of invention, thus Ryoga was surprisingly the one to take the initiative. Focusing his chi in his leg muscles he leapt high to the ceiling of the corridor and stretched out with his finger. "Bakusai Tenketsu!" The stone exploded setting off a chain reaction that ran along the entire corridor. A cloud of debris fell around the great dragon and the group as the earth continued to shatter apart above them. Takhisis lost concentration on building her next attack as the weight of tons of rock and soil fell down upon her. The others faired much better. Adrenaline ruled the day as they moved with the desperate hope that their asses had just fallen out of the frying pan. Tons of rock and soil fell down around the group as they leapt from one falling boulder to the next until the rays of the sun above them could be seen through the rain of soil falling down around them.

On the surface everyone screamed and clutched one another as the ground in the distance began to literally fall away. A huge portions of the forest fell as the entire subterranean labyrinth caved in upon itself. It would be several minutes before the tremors finally ended. A cloud of just hung in the air like fog obscuring their view of their surroundings. Finally, out of the haze limped six human figures. One looked as if he was carrying another over his shoulder. The girls screamed in delight as their loved ones came into view. Akane and Nabiki threw themselves at Ranma and nearly bowled him over. The two Tendo sisters smothered his dirty face with kisses as they both gave him a glomp rivaling Shampoo's own. When they finally let him up Ranma was greeted by Kodachi's tear streaked face. Man, I never noticed before but Kodachi is kinda cute when she ain't acting all nuts., he realized with a shock. Without saying a word Ranma pulled her into his arms. The Black Rose of St. Hebedeke High cried on his shoulder as she held him as if at any moment he would be torn away from her grasp.

Ayeka, Mihoshi, Washu, and Sasami surrounded an exhausted Tenchi who sat on the ground nearby. Ryu-Ohki, in her child-like form, hugged him tightly meowing up a storm as the girls all smothered him with affectionate words and kisses. Tenchi tried his best to wrap his arms around all of his girls and hold them as close as he could. A few moments ago he never imagined that he would ever be able to see them all again, but here he was sitting on the ground with around him. Tears fell free from his eyes as he felt the fully realized love he had for all of them shine from his heart more intensely than he had ever felt before. The girls all cried, even Washu, and as usual Mihoshi could have filled several buckets.

Rouge could only watch with a smile on her face as the twins covered Prince Herb from head to toe with affectionate kisses. She did not even frown once when the girls would "frequently" grope certain areas. The young Musk Prince's head swam with alien sensation he had never experienced before. He drank up the intoxicating aroma of sweet smell from the two human girls. It was almost overwhelming his hyper-sensitive sense of smell. He wondered what would his two subordinates think if he brought two mates back home with him to the royal palace near Josenkyo.

Hikaru was coming to finally. His blurry vision focused on a heavenly face looking down upon him. With a weak hand he reached up and touched Kasumi's tear streaked face. She grasped his hand and kissed his fingers lovingly. She decided to throw proper behavior and decorum out the door as she threw herself on top of him and began kissing him with a ferocious intensity.

"Did you mean what you said?" Ranko asked Ryoga as they sat together looking into one another's eyes. The Lost Boy looked a bit wild eyed for a moment and a slight trickle of blood flowed free from his nose, but he still managed to nod his head. The redheaded martial artist drew him into her arms and laid his head on her shoulder. They sat their holding each other just enjoying being close to one another. It did not matter to Ryoga anymore that Ranko reminded him of Ranma. He had been reluctant to even try anything with her at first because of that, but in that split second of near death he knew deep down what he really felt for his former arch-rival's twin sister.

Belldandy wiped the tears from her eyes as she watched the groups of mortals take comfort from one another after such a traumatizing situation. The love she could feel coming from them was like sweet honey to a goddess. It was that which gives goddesses their power. She noticed Urd wiping away a few stray tears before immediately changing her expression being completely unwilling to be caught showing any sappy teary eyed emotions. Skuld was in tears as she tried to look at her computer screen. The tears blurred her vision for a moment until she brushed them away. She looked at the streaming data and her eyes went wide.


"Oh my, Skuld!" Belldandy gasped in shock at her little sister's language. She would have to speak to Urd about cursing in her presence so often.

"We'd better get out of here fast!" the little goddess cried as she closed her terminal and drew out her mallet. It was at that moment the ground began to shake. Everyone looked around in surprise, a few of the girls on both Ranma and Tenchi's side let out screams of fright.

"Aw shit, nothing ain't ever easy." Ranma spat, climbing to his feet as the massive form of the great evil goddess began to rise out of the destruction. The massive multi-headed dragon roared and stretched it wings as it finally pulled itself free from the earth.

"Holy fucking shit!" Nabiki cried seeing the thing tower over them.

"I WILL ENJOY HEARING YOUR SCREAMS AS I KILL YOU ALL ONE BY ONE!" the dark goddess bellowed in rage.

"Kasumi, no!" Hikaru's cry drew their eyes and they watched in shock at the eldest Tendo sister walked towards the hulking beast with a expression of intense determination, and it possibly be smug pride on her delicate face?

"I will not let you harm my beloved family and friends, Takhisis, Lady of Darkness, harbinger of pain and death." she said, proud strength and a determined will evident in her soft voice.

"What is this?" the dark goddess peered down at the tiny human girl and looked at her with all its eyes. For a moment the thing thought it recognized this human from somewhere. It was in the back of her mind and the evil goddess had a hard time getting to clear out of her thoughts.

"I have seen you before." the thing mused.

Kasumi closed her eyes and held her hands together before her as if in prayer. Suddenly, the dragon saw a vision, a memory it wished to never see again. All the hosts of heaven surrounded her, none of them proved to be strong enough to stop her, and just as she was about to begin laying waste to them two figures appeared out the devastation at her feet. One was a tall human woman wearing a leather outfit that almost wasn't hanging off her body and her nearly inhumanly proportioned attributes. The other looked to be the height of a child with fiery red hair that spread out over her face like a great mane and hung down to the middle of her back. Her endowments were visible but minuscule compared to her companion's. Despite her small size however, the great goddess could feel immense power housed without waiting for a change to finally come forth. Little did she the appearance of this tiny human would spell her doom. Now as she looked upon this beautiful human the goddess could see into her soul, and smiling back at her from within was that same smirking face framed with fiery red hair.

"NO! IT CANNOT BE!" she wailed.

From Kasumi's lips came a chant it knew so well and dreaded to ever hear again. "Darkness beyond twilight, crimson beyond blood that flows."


"Buried in the flow of time..."

"I WON'T LET YOU!" the heads came to bare against her tiny form, their head opening to prepare a volley.

"In thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness."

Rouge's eyes went wide with shock, she ran forward, summoned a dagger and threw it at the creature. The blade flew on its course clean and sure hitting one of the eyes of the green head. "By the gods! Distract her, let Kasumi finish her chant or we all die! Do you hear me, NOW!"

Everyone look around at each other. With saying a word multiple battle auras sprang to life. A dozen chi blasts ranged in on the dragon's heads slamming into her with immense force. They were not nearly enough to harm her but they were enough to distract her being able to conjure a spell or prepare her breath weapons.

"All the fools who stand in our way shall be destroyed..."

"I AM TAKHISIS, GODDESS OF WAR AND CHAOS! YOU CAN NEVER DEFEAT ME!" the dragon cried out in rage and fear.

An aura of power surrounded Kasumi's delicate form, a breeze rose from beneath her kicking up the edge of her dress and tossing about her hair. Waves of power emanated from her. Everyone sensitive to such energy could feel it as if the ground itself were vibrating with all the energy that was being summoned. They did not know what was going to happen, they just knew when it did it was going to be huge.

"...by the power you and I posses!"

"TAKE COVER!!!" Rouge screamed and threw herself to the ground. Everyone did as they were told. Ranma grabbed Akane and Nabiki and shielded them with his own body. Ryoko and Ayeka summoned shields over Sasami and Mihoshi while Washu called up a shield on her terminal.

The eldest Tendo sister threw her hands toward the great beast and her final cry escaped her lips before the world erupted in white light and a roar louder than a thousand hurricanes.


Above the ear splitting din the cry of the great goddess could be heard as she screamed in agony. Soon the cry was lost in the howl of mystical energies that literally obliterated everything within sight. Miles away villagers in towns near the reason witnessed a great glowing sphere of superheated gas and energy rise out of the forest. Orbital satellites belonging to the Strategic Air Command sent streams of data down to Earth and in NORAD headquarters technicians ran around as the entire war room was thrown into chaos. The seismic vibrations from the blast could be felt as far away as Australia, California, and Moscow, Russia. The light was visible to ships far out at sea for thousands of miles around the Japanese islands. Military forces all throughout the Asia/Pacific region suddenly went on full alert, and for the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis the Strategic Air Command in the United States went to DEFCON-2.

The light and smoke cleared finally from the field of battle. Everyone climbed back to their feet and looked around and were amazed at the amount of destruction they could see. The forest was literally obliterated, not a sign of a tree could be seen for miles around. Their attention focused on ground zero and they could see Kasumi still standing where she had been with her hands stretched out before her. She began to fall backwards, but Hikaru reached her moving with a speed he never knew he could summon in his legs. Where the great goddess Takhisis once stood was a massive, blackened crater that poured thick smoke into the air.

Kasumi's eyes were closed when Hikaru lowered her to the ground in a sitting position and he wrapped his arms around her protectively. Everyone gathered around and waited for her to recover. Slowly her eyes opened. She looked at everyone and then peered into the depths of the great crater spread out before her.

"Oh my, did I do that?"

The mass face falter registered 8.0 on the Rictor Scale.

In the weeks ahead special operatives with the Juraian government worked with their counterparts in the United Nations to quietly settle things down around the globe. Soon the military forces stood down from alert, the United States' nuclear arsenal was put back to sleep, and life for two young princes sort of finally went back to normal. They stood looking up at the entrance to the grounds of Nerima University and wondered how in the hell they survived long enough to get this far.

"Man, I never thought I'd ever see this day happen." said Ranma, looking over at his cousin.

"Well, everything worked out in the end. Grandpa really came through for us getting things quieted down." replied Tenchi.

"Yeah, sugar, it was freaking seeing US military vehicles driving through Tokyo," Ukyo laughed. "It reminded me of those boring WWII films they used to show us in class at Furinken."

Nabiki rolled her eyes. "I never want to hear the name of that place again for as long as I live."

"I could have it bulldozed over if you like, my family does own the land its built on." offered Kodachi, a sane smile on her face.

The middle Tendo sister shook her head. "No, if we did that your father would have nothing else to do with himself, and he'd probably spend his time over at our house."

"That would dreadful, wouldn't it." the former Black Rose gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

"So, this is what Earthlings consider a place of higher learning, eh?" Washu observed, trying not to sound too bored.

"I think it looks lovely." Ayeka said with a smile.

"You'd better not let those coeds get too close, the hussies." Ryoko said eying every female who walked by as a possible rival for her Tenchi.

"Hey, that's my line." Ayeka groused in annoyance.

"Maybe I can go here one day and take some cooking classes." Sasami spoke up in an enthusiastic tone.

"You mean maybe you can teach here one day. Classes in cooking is something you don't need." Ranko told her with a smile.

"I'm just amazed I didn't get lost getting here." Ryoga said with a surprised look on his face.

Washu smirked knowingly. "That's because I implanted a micro- miniaturized GPS guidance system in your cerebral cortex."

"When that happen?" Shampoo asked.

"Like blond for brains does over here, bandanna boy wandered into my lab a few days ago somehow." Washu replied pointing to both Ryoga and Mihoshi.

"New guinea pig, huh?" Ryoko smirked and gave her mom a friendly elbow prod.

"No, I wanted to help him with his directional problem," the diminutive scientist said. "And, besides, he does have a cute butt."

"WASHU!" Ayeka, Ranko, and Tenchi all shouted at the same time.

"I was joking, geeze get your minds out of the gutter," Washu groaned and rolled her eyes. "As if any man in this universe could take me away from my Tenchi." She immediately grew to full adult size and glomped Tenchi. The t-shirt she was wearing almost tore itself apart straining against the sudden increase of chest size. Actually, excessive increase of chest size.

THUD! Ranko looked down at her boyfriend and shook her head at the quivering mass of terminal nose bleed. "We are going to have to work on that shyness of yours." she said.

"I knew a good hotel nearby that might help." Washu offered.

"Miss Washu!" Ayeka gasped.

Ranko blushed from head to two and her face nearly matched the color of her hair. "Ah to be a virgin again." Ryoko sighed looking at the girl and winking.

"So, where did Hikaru and Kasumi go on their honeymoon?" Sasami asked Akane.

"Hawaii, I wish them the best of luck." she replied.

"Who knew she was able to do something like 'that'." said Ranma.

Akane thumped him on the chest. "I didn't mean that baka. I meant I wished them the best of luck because they can finally be married like they were meant to be."

"Oh." he said in realization.

"Well, sugar, this is where we girls not going to school say goodbye until later." said Ukyo as they reached the gates to the immediate college campus grounds. Everyone exchanged hugs and kisses all around before the two groups stepped back to look at each other for a moment.

"Do us proud Lord Tenchi." Ayeka cooed.

"Yeah, like do really good, and watch out for those coeds." Ryoko told him.

Sasami hopped up and down excited and said, "I'll cook up a great celebration dinner tonight."

"Shampoo think of Ranma when she working." the young Amazon matriarch said with a smile.

"Come on sugar, we gotta open soon or we'll miss the early rush." Ukyo urged her. The Amazon blew a final kiss to her beloved before racing off with the chef to their join ramen and okonomiyaki shop. The Ucchan and Sham-chan's Nekohauten.

"Remember, if you get any tough homework you all know where to find me." said Washu.

"Ok, we'd better hurry or we'll miss our first class." said Nabiki as she checked her watch.

"Yeah, that's right, bye everyone we'll see yeah." said Ranma as he turned and headed towards the campus. He suddenly felt a tug on his pants leg and immediately thought it might be Sasami wanting a goodbye hug. He turned around, and seeing nothing there he looked down.


"AAAAHHHHH!!!!! DON'T DO THAT!!!" the pigtailed martial artist screamed from the top of the lamp post he leapt up on. Everyone laughed at the hilariousness of it all and eventually Ranma, Nabiki, Akane, and Tenchi did finally make it to class on time.

Somewhere far far away from the coast of Japan a figure sat in a small sail boat. Their features were obscured by a black cloak they wore over their head. The figure looked up at the horizon for a moment, peered at a strange apparatus called a GPS navigation system, and then back down at the thing that drew most of its attention. It was a map, a map of the northern polar arctic region. An area of the map was circled in red and navigational coordinates were clearly marked. Sitting next to the map was a notebook upon which the word Seele was written in Raman characters.

The figure threw back their hood to reveal a younger man sporting a pair of glasses and the beginnings of a mustache. He looked down at the map again, check the GPS to make sure he was on the right course and smiled an evil grin. From his pocket he pulled out a card. On it was his picture. It was an identification card for the Kyoto Institute of Scientific Research. The name on the card read Ikari Gendo.

"Thank you so much Mr. Ikari," the man said with a decidedly condescending tone. "I will achieve my goal one way or another, one way or another. And then, then, we shall meet again Tenchi and Ranma." Kun Lao put the photo ID of his new host back into his pocket. Took a bearing on his heading again and laughed heartily as the edge of the northern ice cap began to appear on the edge of the horizon.

The End is Only the Beginning...

Coming Soon...

Family Reunion OAV!!!! If Ranma and Tenchi thought their iinazuke issues were over and they could marry the girls they loved in peace they could never be more wrong. More of Ranma's iinazuke crawl out of the wood work and several girls from many of the great houses of Jurai show up seeking out Tenchi! Its iinazuke hell!!! The wedding will be even more insane than the failed one had been in the manga, but don't be down this story has a happy ending.


Family Reunion 3 Not a continuation of the original story but a unique retelling of the tale. Kawaii Tenchi and Kawaii Sasami learn from their mother that she has a sister she hasn't spoken to in years because of a dispute they had over the man she married. It is now years later and the two women have settled their differences and want their families to come together. There will also be a tie in with Onegai Teacher and Ah! My Goddess in this as well. A Magical Girl Pretty Sammy OAV/Ranma ½ crossover.

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