Zeldatopia V

Written by VariableMammal (Kittah4)

Edited by Cimar

"No no no, the Master Sword is missing...!?" Judy held her paws up to her head as she looked at the empty pedestal. She circled around the room, as if the sword might be anywhere else.

"Well, to tell you the truth..." Nick sighed and folded his arms. "If I were Ganon, I'd probably just toss the sword into the mouth of Death Mountain or something. I mean, he already slew the hero wielding it in this dimension, yeah?"

"Ugh, but the door- the jewels!" Judy babbled, shaking her head firmly. "All that was for nothing? What- what do we do now?"

"All we can do," Nick nodded peacefully, and took out the Strings of Space. "Try Everything."

Judy's mouth held in a small "o" shape as Nick started to play the melody. Energy shot out of the violin and opened portals on all of the walls of the temple, showing parallel dimensions, some with the Master Sword stuck into the pedestal, some without. Some even showed the Temple of Time in ruins.

"Wha... s-so..." Judy swallowed with difficulty, balling her fists at her sides. "What do we do? We just... go through one of these portals, grab it real quick, and come back? That sounds dangerous."

"Now you care about the danger?" Nick said, looping the song, hoping it would hold the portals open longer. "From everything we've heard, we need the Master Sword to defeat Ganon."

"But if we take one from another world..." Judy grit her teeth, "that would only mean THAT dimension would be without their Master Sword, dooming it to Ganon."

"Judy, remember Impa's story?" Nick flashed a sneer. "The Ganon in this dimension was defeated, and in his place stands one from another world. He's not playing fair, so why should we? Just- just pick a sword, Judy!"

"Nick, I..."

Judy's words were cut off as she saw a young Hylian through one of the portals. He was about a foot taller than Nick, and had blonde hair and blue eyes. One of his arms held tightly over his stomach as he peered through the portal, and seeing the fox and bunny on the other side, he stepped through.

"Who...?" Nick and Judy both breathed.

One of those floating, winged lights that they had seen in Kokiri Forest followed the Hylian through the portal.

"Hey...!" The blue-outlined light protested in a high-pitched voice. "Link! Hey... listen! Listen to me for once! Link...!"

"Geh heh..." Link staggered, wincing in pain.

"Link, you're badly hurt!" His companion went on, fluttering around him. "We need to get you to a Fairy Fountain! My sisters will- the Great Fairy will..."

Link aimed a small, sad smile at the fairy.

"Link...?" Judy said breathlessly. "Are you the hero of Hyrule?"

The green-glad Hylian took another step toward Judy, groaning again as his injuries caused him to buckle and kneel. Link showed the back of his gauntlet to Judy, where the symbol of the Triforce of Courage still shined. Judy held up her paw to show him that she had the same mark.

"Hm..." Link grinned faintly and removed a sword from the scabbard on his back. The blade was nearly white and almost as long as Judy, and the hilt was a vivid blue and had extensions like wings. Wincing in pain, Link presented the sword to Judy.

"Link... I will do my best to save this world," Judy nodded seriously, taking the sword from him.

"Drgh," Link tried to struggle to his feet, but his strength failed him and he collapsed. His onlookers all gasped as his body seemed to become bathed with light and fade away into powder.

"LINK! No...!" The fairy wailed. Out of his midst came a spinning triangle, which swiftly went through the portal that Link had come from. "Link... the Triforce...!" The fairy left expediently, right before that portal closed.

"Whew, that was heavy..." Nick put the Strings of Space away as Judy tightened her grip on the handle of the sword. "And speaking of... do you think you can use that thing?"

Judy tested the blade in her hand, nodding through misty eyes. "Yes. It's... strangely light."

"I mean, the blade's kind of softly glowing," Nick scratched his head. "It weighs next to nothing too?"

"Okay... well, we've been entrusted this sword by the hero that walked through space... so let's not let him down," Judy nodded decisively, holding the Master Sword close to her. Judy took a paw and handed Nick her Sheikah short sword.

"Ah, a hand-me-down," Nick smirked, to a stern look from Judy. "C'mon, Judy, I'm trying to lighten the mood." The two walked out into the courtyard of the temple, where it was gloomier than ever. "Especially since things seem so bleak." He looked upon the shambling creatures from earlier. "Those things creep me out. Promise me you're not just going to run up and slash them."

"Not without a few practice swings first," Judy clutched the sword's grip tightly and swung the sword left and right. Each swing sent a spiral cutter of blue and white energy shooting forward. Judy's eyes widened.

"Whoa!" Nick yelped, backing away from Judy a few more paces. "...Looks like that thing you said about the Master Sword shooting lasers wasn't far off."

The energy seemed to barely catch the attention of the shambling creatures as it flew by them, and they turned ponderously, slowly walking to the two heroes. They began to shriek in much shriller tones, causing Nick's fur to stand on end. Judy grimaced.

She slashed the Master Sword several more times, and the energy flew straight through the creatures, and with drawn-out groans, they hit the ground hard.

"Huh...!" Nick barked out a single laugh. "Things are looking up, and all it took was a magic sword."

"Let's go to the castle, Nick," Judy nodded once decisively.

Making their way through a ruined castle town and rubble in the way, they came upon the entrance to Ganon's castle, truly foreboding in appearance. Turrets of some sort seemed to scan the sky with red laser sights. The two heroes struggled together to open the door, but barely cracked it and moved on to the castle interior.

The castle was not unguarded, of course. Suits of armor seemed to come to life and block their path, but energy cutters from Judy sliced them up into their component parts. Nick laughed nervously as every enemy the two encountered quickly hit the ground to Judy's assault, from floating wizards to skeletons armed with swords and shields.

"Hragh!" Judy shouted, her flurry of swings knocking the shield out of the way of a skeletal warrior, and the next slice removed its skull from its spine, sending it clattering to the ground and exploding into shadow and a small colorful collection of rupees.

"Starting to feel a little inadequate here," Nick admitted, his bow at the ready, which he had barely fired. "Maybe you should save some of that strength for Ganon. Aren't you tired?"

"Not even a little bit," Judy grinned adventurously. "I feel like my spirit is surging in tune with this sword."

"Just saying I feel like I'm a little unneccesary at this point," the fox chuckled, helping Judy push a block into a groove that opened a staircase to the next level of the castle.

"You're totally neccesary!" She insisted with a bright smile. "I wouldn't have been able to move that block on my own."

"Great, so I can be known as the Hero of Block-Pushing," Nick rolled his eyes, shoving Judy gently.

The two rushed up a large spiral staircase leading to the top room of the castle, where they heard an ominous progression of chords coming from an organ.

Entering the room, they were met with a very large form. Looking similar to other Hylians, but with brownish-gray skin and fiery orange hair, he immediately noticed the two entering the room and stood up from the organ he was playing to greet them.

"Ganon!" Judy guessed immediately, her sword at the ready.

"Hm... hm... hm..." He held out his arms as if to welcome them. "Well, look what we have here. A rabbit and a fox."

"Is that him?" Nick squinted his eyes, observing the long nose of the armored being. "That's the Gerudo? Y'know, is it speciest to say most Hylians look the same to me...?"

"There's definitely something different about him," Judy muttered gravely.

"I go by many names," their host stepped forward, causing Judy to grip her sword with both hands, ready to strike. "Ganondorf, Ganon, King of Evil, to name a few. I must say I didn't expect the 'heroes' of Hyrule to take such... WHIMSICAL forms this time."

"You won't be laughing in a few moments," Judy snapped.

"Oof, she's gone full stereotypical hero," Nick rubbed at his forehead.

"Hm hm hm... HA ha ha ha..." Ganon laughed, folding his arms up near his chest. "Guess I should get it all out of my system now, hm, little rabbit? I'm a little suprised to see the Master Sword... thought I got rid of that thing."

"You've caused the people of many Hyrules, not to mention Zootopia, a lot of grief, Ganon," Nick said, readying an arrow. "Hope you're ready to pay." Nick let an arrow fly, but Ganon quickly whipped a gauntlet in front of his face to block the arrow, which fell to the floor.

"I have to thank you two..." Ganon smirked. "After I wished for Hyrule and its sister dimensions to fall into chaos, the other two pieces of the Triforce fled from me. I see now where they landed. Most amusing! I've heard the hero once had the heart of a hare, and the heart of a wolf... and here I am viewing lesser species of even those creatures."

Judy merely grit her teeth.

"And I thought it was pathetic enough that the Triforce of Courage picked a young man for its bearer..." Ganon flashed a wicked grin.

"What's a 'man'?" Nick tilted his head.

"What is a man?" Ganon echoed, momentarily confused. His grin grew dark. "Something I am much more than."

The King of Evil laughed and rose into the air, avoiding Judy's first energy beam and Nick's second arrow. He formed a burst of power in front of his hand and aimed it directly at the bunny.

"Nh!" Judy quickly slashed at the ball of energy, and though her energy slice hit the ball, it was absorbed by it. A desperate follow-up swing of the sword smacked the energy ball away from Judy and into a wall, where it burst.

"Ha ha ha...!" Ganon laughed, floating around the room and throwing more energy spheres as Nick attempted in vain to land an arrow on him. Running low on projectiles, the fox became slower to reload. The two mammals managed to avoid the attacks from the evil being with quick dodging. Finally, one of Judy's slashes sent an energy ball back directly at where Ganon was flying. "Hm!" Ganon swatted it back.

"Hrah!" Judy slashed at it once again with an overhand slice, sending it back even faster. Ganon hit the ball back one MORE time, and Nick's eyes widened at the deadly tennis match. "Yaaah!" One more upwards slash from the sword rocketed the projectile back at Ganon before he could react.

"Uoough!" Ganon hit the ground, and immediately Judy rushed at him, slashing along the way to riddle him with energy beams. Ganon howled in pain as Judy assaulted him, but he got up on a knee and drew back his hand.

"Take this!" Judy shouted, leaping into the air and preparing to drive the sword down with both hands into Ganon.

"HaaaaaaaAAAAAAGH!" Ganon attacked with a vicious backhanded punch, sending Judy flying across the room.

"Judy!" Nick shrieked, catching her. "You okay?"

"Guh... jh-just fine..." Judy shivered at the toll the attack had taken, but seemed mostly all right. Nick gently set her down as Ganon got to his feet. Judy grimaced and held up the Master Sword, but the blade didn't glow as brightly as before. She swung it, but a beam of light didn't come.

"Don't suppose you want to give up yet, Ganon?" Nick aimed an arrow directly at his head.

"Hhh..." Ganon panted, "well, this has been... somewhat humbling. To be forced to use my full power against a couple of tiny mammals." Ganon showed them the back of his fist, which contained the Triforce of Power shining on the top triangle. "Now... let me show you why the Triforce of Power is on TOP."

Nick let the arrow fly directly at Ganon while he was monologuing, but a burst of force sent the arrow spiralling uselessly into a wall, where it sunk. After an explosion of light, Ganon appeared to be an enormous black boar with shining white eyes and a very large orange mane. He also had somehow gained access to a very large trident.

"Uh... okay, so he's a huge pig," Nick blinked. "A bit more relatable, but no less terrifying."

"Nick, I've lost my ranged attack with this thing," Judy fretted. "And he's HUGE! How am I gonna get close enough to hit him?"

"I'll create an opening," Nick shot another arrow at Ganons head, where it barely sunk into his flesh. Ganon snorted through his nose as if amused. "...Uh, okay."


Both Nick and Judy had to scatter as Ganon stabbed forward with his trident. The enormous reach meant nearly nowhere in the room was safe for the two adventurers. Ganon kept attacking, and it was clear his efforts were focused on the wielder of the Master Sword.

"C'mon, look over here, you big pig!" Nick kept trying to get Ganon's attention, but he was focused on Judy. "Rugh!" He tossed the Sheikah short sword, which landed in Ganon's arm, but didn't even make him flinch. "Dunno why I thought that would work."

Every time Judy tried to get close enough to strike, Ganon's ponderous strikes would drive her away. Though courageous and brave, Judy understood that one attack from the massive beast would likely spell the end for her.

"What are we to do?" Nick shouted in despair. Suddenly, he had an idea. He put his bow down and took out the Strings of Space, beginning to play Try Everything.

"Playing your own funeral dirge...?" The monstrous voice of Ganon mocked him. "And on a violin, too! How fitting!" Ganon thrust his hand forward; Judy barely got out of the way before a bolt of energy zapped the ground where she had been.

The very first portal that opened caused a young Hylian with blonde hair and blue eyes to turn around, seeing the tumultous battle. She was clothed in an ornate purple dress.

"Ganon...!" She exclaimed. "So, THIS is where you've been hiding!"

"You call it hiding!? Soon the multiverse will bow to me, Princess Zelda!" Ganon boasted. "You may have peace in your world now, but soon EVERY world be mine!"

"Take this with you, heroes..." Zelda placed her hands together in supplication, where bright light shone through the portal and onto the two. "The Blessing of Hylia!"

Judy felt her strength returning, and the Master Sword's blade shone brighter than ever. Nick's bow levitated off the ground and became bathed in light, becoming golden and much fancier. Nick took it in his paws and felt a strange surge of warmth.

"Bring peace to Hyrule!" Zelda emplored them. The portal closed just as Ganon tried to stab at it with his trident.

Nick wasted no more time, and quickly readied one of his last arrows, the tip of which was bathed in a calm, whitish-yellow light. The arrow sped forward straight at Ganon and burst into a blinding surge of light, which caused both Nick and Judy to squint.

A pained roar erupted from Ganon as he staggered onto a knee. Seeing her chance, Judy gathered her strength about her, and the Master Sword shot a beam of light from it that held steady and doubled its effective size. She leaped off of his bent knee, kicking off one of his hands, and slashed with a wild, broad swipe. Ganon shrieked again and hit the ground. Judy let loose a flurry of slashes, landing the last one directly into Ganon's head, light beam, blade and all. Nick had to wince.

With one final roar, Ganon burst into a surge of darkness that swirled about the room before dissapating. In his place was a twirling golden triangle.

"We... we did it?" Nick blinked.

"We did it!" Judy echoed. "...That must be the Triforce of Power!"

"What do we do now...?" Nick chuckled, feeling a rush of relief.

Judy held her paw out to the piece of the Triforce, and felt the piece of it that she carried tugging her forward.

"Nick, hold out your hand to it."

Nick joined Judy and they both held their paws out toward the Triforce. Their hand sigils glowed and removed themselves from the bunny and fox, then swirled around the free piece of the Triforce to create the completed symbol, which hovered in the air, emiting rays of light.

"Whoa," was all Nick could say.

"You who have completed the Triforce," a peaceful, androgynous voice was heard to say from the midst of the room, "you may take it and speak your wish."

"A wish...?" Judy murmured.

"Ganon said something about using the Triforce to cause the land to fall into chaos," Nick recalled.

"...So do we BOTH touch it, or...?" Judy giggled nervously as the symbol of power twirled before them.

"You know what to wish for, Judy," Nick smiled at her.

Judy cautiously walked beneath the Triforce and held her paws up to catch it, where it slowly spun inches from her paws.

"I wish for everyone affected by Ganon's displacement to be returned to their home realms!" Judy spoke loudly and clearly.

"So it shall be."

Everything around Nick and Judy grew white.

"Whoa... what's going on...?" Nick sputtered.

Both Judy and Nick hung there in the void, and were visited by a large feminine being that appeared very similar to Zelda, but dressed all in white with an even more regal appearance. The two swore they could hear some peaceful refrains that sounded like they came from a harp.

"Thank you, heroes," the figure said. "Your quest is now over. Peace has been restored to Hyrule; the light shines upon it once again."

"What's happening?" Judy blinked. "Is everyone going to be okay?"

"You've done just as heroes do... and you've given of yourselves selflessly to bring order to these worlds," the figure smiled at them. "For that, you must be praised. I can only pray that your actions are recorded for all time in The Legend of Zelda."

Nick and Judy both drew in and winced as the light became so blinding that they could no longer see.

"Whew! Wow...!" Judy removed the headset of the PIXAR machine. "What an adventure!"

"Yeesh!" Nick removed his own headset, staring at it. "That was a little TOO convincing to me. It actually got me to believe we had left Zootopia and got trapped in Hyrule."

"That's what made it immersive!" The bunny energetically launched herself from the PIXAR machine's chair, waving an invisible sword through the air. "I loved it! Slash! Slice!"

"I miss when video games were simpler, actually," Nick chuckled, scratching his head. "Y'know, around when I was born, that was when the first Super Meowrio Bros. came out. You know, the simple bipping and booping, hopping and bopping."

"Well, different kinds of games are fun for different kinds of people," Judy shrugged. "Personally I really liked that one. We both got to be heroes!"

"And how is that any different from real life?" Nick grinned, nudging her.

Judy giggled. "Guess you're right about that."

Nick and Judy grinned at each other, then the fox seemed to think of something.

"Speaking of video games, Super Meowrio Ottersea is supposed to come out in just a few days," he scratched his muzzle. "Now that I just got into a video game scenario, I wonder if I should try that out. Might be nostalgic."

"Haha, you're all about the nostalgia, you goofball," Judy nudged Nick in the arm.

"That I am, Carrots," Nick held a finger up. "But after that, I think I need a break."

"Now let's go and rest, our heroes!" Judy chirped as they headed off together.

AN: A huge shout out to VariableMammal for writing this amazing crossover PIXAR adventure! This is my absolute favorite gaming series, and hearing that he loved it as well and wanted to write it made me quite happy. I hope you guys have all enjoyed it as much as I have, and also check out his page as he has so many amazing stories to read! Including one called "Familial Fire" which is absolutely amazing! So go check it out!

AAN: Also, this marks 100 chapters of the "What if...? Collaboration Project". I mean, HOLY COW! To put it in perspective, this story is now over 420,000 words long and has 30 distinct stories and still we have 17 more to go. So thank you to everyone who has been participating in this Mega-Collaboration and I hope everyone has been enjoying it, as there is still a lot more to come! :)