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Finally, I'm here with this new fiction! It's 23 chapters long, and I'll try to update every week (probably on Saturday) ! This story can be considered as the next part of "It's gonna be okay" and "Again?", but you can absolutely understand what's happening in here without reading these two fictions, the stories being very different from one another. The only things you need to know is that Killian and Emma are married and have two kids, Liam and Leia. Also, Robin Hood isn't dead, because I'm stuck in an endless denial hehe. I really, really enjoyed writing this story, that contains a lot of angst and fluff, and I hope you'll like it too! See the end of the chapter for more notes!

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Emma Swan got partly awakened by a ray of early sunshine making its way through the curtains to come tickling her closed eyelids. She let go of a little sight and refused to open her eyes right away, aware that it was still quite early and wanting to enjoy this peaceful moment, just for a little bit longer anyways. In a few minutes, she would have to get up and start with her day, but she was just not ready yet. She could feel her husband's arms wrapped around her, his hand spread wide on her stomach. She was glued to his body, and his face was buried into the crook of her neck, his steady, warm breath caressing her thin skin and making her shiver. She had a slight smile, still half-asleep. She grabbed his arms and wrapped them tighter around her to feel him just a little bit closer. She was now completely buried in his embrace and, comforted, she let herself slip into sleep again...

Beep! The screeching noise of her alarm clock made her open her eyes completely, and she let go of a frustrated groan. She would have wanted to stay like that, just for a little while longer, to enjoy this position and this perfect moment, but she also knew she didn't have a choice but to get up and go on with her day. She felt Killian waking up beside her, his breathing getting a bit faster, and she reluctantly pulled away from him to cut the device still ringing into the room, resisting the sudden need to throw it against the wall and be done with this evil thing once and for all. Once it had finally shut up, she rolled on her back and put her hands over her eyes, groaning again, telling herself, as always, that it was definitely way too early to get off bed. She ended up spreading her fingers to peer between them at the slightly enlightened room around her, and met Killian's glaze, who was looking at her with a teasing smile dancing on his lips, his eyes shinning with amusement. He was looking completely awakened, she noticed, and that annoyed her even more, because smiling in the morning, before a cup of coffee anyways, should have been, in her opinion, legally forbidden.

"Jesus Christ, Jones, stop smiling. I will never get used to seeing you that happy in the morning." She moaned in a husky voice.

Not seeming impressed at all by her obvious bad mood, he chuckled and tenderly chased away one of her hair strand that had fallen over her face. Through the years, her and Killian had discovered that they were definitely the opposites concerning some subjects. He liked to get up early, right when the sun was beginning to rise in the sky while, if she'd had the choice, she would have slept every day until noon. He was organized, too much if you'd asked her, since he wanted everything to be neat in the house, while she was a bit messy and tidying wasn't really her strong suit, what could drive him crazy sometimes. He liked to cook, eat healthy, while she would have been happy with grilled cheese and onion rings every day. Yes, Killian and her were definitely very different regarding some daily little things. But she was happy to notice they were understanding each other anyways, and they were a perfect complement for one another.

"I've had the habit of waking up with the sun every morning, love." He gently answered. "I was a captain for centuries, after all."

"Yeah, well being in such a good mood in the morning should be illegal if you ask me." She said with a slight smile she wasn't managing to hide, what made him laugh again.

As always, she was waking up in a very bad mood, and, as always, he was managing to make her smile. He was the only one able to do such a thing, actually. If it'd been any other person, she would probably have gotten annoyed even more. But he was so adorable she couldn't help herself. And god, those eyes staring at her, this smile, this absolutely perfect figure, she couldn't stay unresponsive to that. It was making butterflies appear in her stomach, and she was feeling so, so grateful to share her bed, her home, her life with a man getting her so damn well.

"I'll get coffee on the way." He said, gesturing to get off the bed.

"No, wait!" She replied, grabbing his wrist and tugging him closer to force him to lay back down on his back.

He offered her a questioning look that she decided to ignore, and she moved to straddle him, one leg each side of his body, her hands spread wide on his bare chest. She pressed a quick peck on his lips, what made him giggle when her long blond hair tickled the sensitive skin of his neck.

"I thought you were tired." he said, placing his right hand on the small of her back to silently encourage her to continue what she'd started.

"The kids aren't up yet, I think we've got a little bit of time to ourselves. We might as well enjoy it." She whispered as an answer, leaning forward to press a bunch of little kisses down his neck and on his collar bone, letting her tongue dance on this sensitive spot just underneath his shoulder, what made him shiver.

"Mmm, I see you're in a good mood." He said in a husky voice as her now open-mouthed kisses were getting lower and lower on his tight stomach.

Feeling in a teasing mood, she left a few kisses right above where she knew he needed her, but got back to his face when he let go of a little moan. She wriggled her eyebrows at him and noticed with contentment his eyes darkened with lust and his already growing arousal pressed against her lower stomach. He shook his head, falsely annoyed at her teasing, and she started to gently nibble at his ear, feeling her own heart beating faster at these little games between them.

But he wasn't agreeing with her lingering these activities, and, without notice, he grabbed her arm, what surprised her and made her stop. In an almost gentle gesture, he made her roll on her back, leaning above her as she was giggling at the growing lust she could read in his gaze. In a voice a bit deeper than usual, he said :

"So, I see you want to play, princess?"

"Your call, captain." She replied in the same tone.

Her naked legs wrapped around his waist as his hand was starting to make its way under the camisole she was wearing to sleep. Their kisses continued, more and more demanding as she was feeling the heat burning between her legs, and she bit his bottom lip, what made him moan in pleasure. Her tank top wrapped around his forearm as his hand was getting higher in her back, revealing her naked, flat stomach. She was about to pull away from him, just for a minute, to get rid of the clothes stopping him from achieving his goal, when two little voices rang in the corridor, making them stop.



She sighted as his hand was sliding out of her top and his forehead was coming to rest against hers, both a bit breathless and definitely very frustrated to get interrupted in such an intimate moment. She said after a few seconds of silence, stroking his back to get him closer to her just for a little bit longer.

"I can't believe it, these two are worst than alarm clocks."

"I mean, they couldn't have chosen a worst moment to wake up." He mumbled, letting go of a little sight.

They took a few more seconds to pull themselves together and go get their kids. Then she lifted her head from her pillow to press a kiss on the corner of his mouth, and she whispered to his ear :

"Pushing this back to tonight?"

"We better." He replied, kissing her forehead before getting up, reaching for her hand to help her do the same.

She smiled seeing him being a gentleman, as always, and accepted his hand, getting out of their bed. They took the time to get dressed, her putting on yoga pants, him taking a gray shirt that wasn't doing anything to hide the muscles of his arms, what earned him a please glance from Emma. Without conferring, they both headed for the opposite sides of the hall, her walking to go into Liam's room, him doing the same for Leia's.

It was an habit they'd taken without really having to talk about it. It was coming from the fact that Killian was really close to Leia, while Emma was getting Liam more easily. It had nothing to do with a preferential treatment of some sort : she was loving Henry, Liam and Leia so much, she didn't have a favorite at all. But Hook was managing to calm and comfort Leia, while Emma was more gifted with Liam on that matter. It was how things were, they couldn't do anything about it, and she wasn't complaining at all. It wasn't as if they were wallowing in those eases either : They were both spending moments alone with each three of their kids – Henry was Killian's son too, now, even if they weren't sharing the same blood. The bound between them was so strong, they loved spending time together, and Killian was a true father figure to Henry, her son was saying it himself, what was always making Emma so happy. They didn't want one of the kids to feel left out, so they were showing the same love to each of them. And it was working so well that way, so she couldn't see any reason why they should change these little moments in the morning between her youngest son and herself, and between Killian and their daughter.

She had to admit that Liam and Leia were very different from one another. They were actually quite the opposites. Her son, who was four and a half now, was calm, easy-going, cheerful. Of course, he could get in troubles sometimes, as every kids of his age, especially when he was with her baby brother Neal, because these two were inseparable. But Killian and her hadn't had to punish him that often, and he was naturally smiling and laughing all the time.

As for Leia, it was more complicated. Emma had to admit the little girl had taken both her and Killian's personalities, and she could be really stubborn sometimes. She was only two years old, and she could be so adorable, but she could also become unbearable when she wasn't getting what she wanted. She was a bit unruly, and sometimes, she could throw some huge and impressive tantrums when she was hearing the word no. During those moments, Hook was the only one able to actually settle her down, and she was becoming this adorable, smiling and gorgeous little girl she could be in her good days all over again. Emma had to admit that, sometimes, her daughter could drive her mad like no one else could, but she was loving this little girl so damn much it was erasing everything else. And Hook, her parents and Henry were also completely in love with her.

Henry. He had just turned eighteen, and was now becoming a man. He was still in a relationship with Violet, his first love, for more than four years now, and things between them were talking a pretty serious turn. He was changing so fast, she thought, he was becoming more and more mature and was so caring with everyone. He was always noticing it right away when something was wrong with one member of the family, even if they were trying to hide it from him. He was such a great big brother to Leia and Liam, and she knew that the latter was taking his brother like a true role model now that he was growing up. She couldn't have been prouder of her three kids : she was loving them all so much, and her little family was absolutely perfect.

She opened Liam's door, left ajar, as always in case there would be a problem during the night, and entered her son's room. He was waiting for her, soundly sitting on his bed, eyes still swollen with sleep. Now that he was more than four, he would have been old enough to get up by himself, but they were both loving these morning cuddles that were putting them in such a good mood, strengthening the already deep bound they were sharing day after day. She smiled at him and he imitated her, his eyes enlightening with joy. Her eyes met for a brief second the wall against which the bed was placed : the wheel of a ship was painted next to a Liam written in blue letters. On his nightstand, a replica of the Jolly Roger was laying next to a book talking about ships, oceans and sailing. Liam was dreaming about a sailor life, he wanted to be just like his father, who he was admiring so much. He was actually looking a lot like Killian : he had his dark hair and his features, even if he'd gotten her green eyes and her smile, little dimples sinking his cheek every time he was grinning. That made her smile, seeing how perfect her little boy was, and she sat down on the bed next to him, spreading her arms wide for him to approach her. He immediately climbed on her lap and wrapped his little arms around her neck, giggling :

"Did you sleep well, sweetheart?" She asked, running her hand through his dark hair.

"Yeah, and I'm hungry!" He said, what made her chuckle. "What do we eat for breakfast today?"

She took a purposely mysterious expression that made her little boy's eyes go wide. "Mmm... I seem to recall you asking for toasts for a few days, now, am I right?"

"And?" He encouraged her to continue, a big smile on his face.

"And Daddy is getting them ready right now." She answered with a laugh at his enthusiasm.

"Oh, yeah!" He shouted as if it was the news of the year.

His scream got followed by a huge noise coming from the door of his closet, that had just slammed in a terrible din. They both startled, and Liam's expression changed completely. He stared at his mom, looking deeply afraid, and buried his face into Emma's neck to reassure himself.

"Hey, it's okay, baby, it's not a big deal" She tried to comfort him, her heart aching by seeing Liam so scared, stroking his back to try and make him feel better.

It'd been several months since this kind of things was happening now, when Liam was feeling sudden emotions such as joy, anger or fear. It wasn't that surprising he was born with magic, she thought. After all, he was the grandson of Snow White and Prince Charming, the product of a true love between her and Killian, and she was the Savior. Henry was the Author, it was quite logical Liam had powers himself. They didn't know why his magic had seemed to appear around his fourth birthday, but it'd been the same for Robyn, Zelena's daughter. They'd then decided it was better for them if Regina was teaching them how to use their powers so they wouldn't get scared. Emma wasn't feeling confident enough to teach her own son that kind of things, and her friend had kindly offered her help. Liam and Robyn could still seem a bit young to learn how to use their magic, and they'd talked a long while about that, Killian and her, to decide what was the best reaction to have regarding this subject. They were both scared it would put their son in danger, but they'd finally decided it was important for Liam to learn how to control his powers, because it was scaring him a lot, and seeing their son happy was the most important thing for them. It wasn't unusual for the little boy to call his parents in the middle of the night because he'd had a nightmare and his window or wardrobe were becoming uncontrollable. Luckily, Emma was always able to stop the storm with her own magic, but it couldn't go on like that : she knew that Liam was terrified by this part of himself he couldn't understand, and she didn't want him to be scared. He had to accept himself the way he was, he had to love himself, even if it was complicated, she knew this all too well. She wasn't going to let him lose his self-confidence. She wasn't going to let him make the same mistake she'd made when she'd tried to get rid of her powers, because she was too afraid. The lessons with Regina were therefore supposed to start this month, and she couldn't wait for this date to arrive, because Liam's powers seemed to get stronger and stronger with each passing day.

"You don't have to be scared, sweetheart." She whispered to comfort him. "Regina is going to teach you how to control this, okay?"

He didn't answer anything, still looking a bit scared, and she gently rocked him against her chest for a few more seconds. Then she got up, still holding him in her arms, and said cheerfully, trying to show him he didn't have to worry and things would be okay :

"So, buddy, are we going to eat those toasts or not?"

He ended up pulling away from her, leaving his arms around her neck, and offered her a shy smile, finally looking a bit reassured by his mom's embrace. She kissed the top of his head, happy to see him smiling again, and got down the stairs to go join Killian and Leia, who were already in the kitchen, their daughter babbling about something they couldn't understand.

She put her son on the floor, and he rushed to Killian, who was busy cooking the toasts, to ask for a kiss. Her husband squatted for a minute and hugged their son tight, a big smile on both their faces. She looked at them for a few seconds, tenderized to see them so close, then walked to go greet her daughter, pressing a kiss on the top of her head. The little girl offered her a bright smile, and she let go of a little giggle, happy to see that Leia was obviously in a good mood.

"Did you sleep well, princess?" She asked, sitting next to the toddler to talk to her a little.

"Yeah!" Leia shouted with a big grin.

She was still so young, but her vocabulary was already surprisingly advanced for her age, and she could say things that were so smart it was leaving her and Killian speechless. They still didn't now if she had magic or not : she was still almost a baby, and for now, Emma was hoping that, if she had powers, they weren't going to appear for a few more years. With the tantrums Leia could throw, she would have been able to destroy the entire house with magic in her hands, and she really would have preferred to avoid that kind of chaos. But today, her little girl seemed calm and smiling, patiently waiting for her breakfast in her baby chair, what was highly unusual, but Emma was certainly not going to complain about it.

If Liam was the spitting image of his father, Leia had taken a lot of Emma's features. With her wavy, blond hair falling on her little shoulders, she had Emma's nose and mouth, even if she'd inherited Killian's bright blue eyes. She was literally looking like a little princess, but she had more of the personality of a pirate, as Emma's parents liked to say. They weren't wrong, though, she had to admit it.

She spent a little while talking with her daughter, enjoying the fact she was in a very good mood, and ended up getting up to go help Killian putting the toasts on three plates, the fourth one being used to contain Leia's peanut butter sandwich. When this was done, she placed one of the plate in front of Liam, who looked at her with eyes sparkling with joy, and gave Leia her own breakfast, the little girl immediately starting to chew on her part with a focused expression on her face. Killian handed her a cup of coffee, and she got on her tiptoe to kiss his lips as a quiet thank you, his hand resting on the small of her back to pull her closer.

"Ewww." Liam said with a disgusted grin that made them both smile.

Emma was about to answer something to gently tease her son when her cellphone, that was laying on the kitchen counter, started to ring. Hook smiled to show her to pick it up, knowing that a call at this early hour meant that there was probably an issue somewhere in town. They luckily hadn't had to face any big crisis since Zelena, who'd tried to get her daughter back while Emma was pregnant with Leia. The witch had now schedules planned so she could see Robyn regularly and learn to know her, and was looking calmed down since she wanted to be a good mother for her little girl. Of course, they'd had to face some little issues from time to time : a fight, a theft, Leroy punching one of his brothers. But since Leia's birth, everything seemed calm and peaceful. Without knowing why, however, Emma felt like it was all about to change today.

She let go of a little sight and took one bite out of her toast, keeping the food in her hand while taking her phone to see who was calling her. She noticed her dad's name written on the screen, and winced when she realized her prediction was becoming real. She quickly picked up, saying :

"What's going on?"

"Good morning to you too, sunshine." Her father joked, what made her roll her eyes even if a little laugh escaped her lips.

"Morning, daddy." She said in a little girl's voice that made Killian chuckle beside her. "Can you tell me what's happening, now?"

"Nothing bad, but it seems like there is a bit of fuss near the town line. Maybe we should go take a look at it before it gets too bad."

She saw Killian raising an eyebrow at her to silently ask her what her father wanted, and she mouthed "Something in the forest" before taking another bite of her breakfast, relieved that the crisis didn't seem that bad after all.

"Okay, let's meet at Granny's." She said, her mouth still half full. "See you in fifteen minutes."

She saw Killian wincing as he was aware that she couldn't arrive that fast to the meeting since the kids still needed to get dressed so they could drop them at Ashley's, who was babysitting Liam and Leia when they needed her. She sticked her tongue out as an answer to his mocking expression, what drew her a scandalized stare from Liam, and she hung the phone up, putting it back on the counter.

"Go." Killian gently said, a smile on his face. "I'll take care of the kids. You're the sheriff, after all, I'll join you later."

"Really?" She asked, touched by the fact he wanted to make things easy for her. "You sure?"

"Of course. Go get dressed."

"Thanks, babe." She smiled, kissing him on the cheek. "You're the best."

Five minutes later, she had put on jeans and a white shirt, putting on her red leather jacket before going back into the kitchen to take her phone and kiss her kids goodbye. She took another toast in her hand, kissed Liam et Leia, pressed a quick peck on Killian's lips, and headed for the door with light steps, throwing a "Love you, guys!" behind her shoulder, before going out to face the cold wind of September. She was now sure that she'd been wrong before, and that nothing bad was going to happen in the town. She would come home in a few hours, as if nothing had changed.

Little did she know she was about to discover something that was going to change everything.

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