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Severus kept calm and collected as he entered the Malfoy Manor. He approached Voldemort and kneeled in front of him. "My Lord."

"Severus, are you having a pleasant holiday? Please tell me you have news to share." Voldemort grinned. Whenever the Dark Lord was in a good mood it terrified Severus even more, but he buried his fear deep down.

"According to what my Judas of a son and Potter were complaining about during Christmas break, the school is currently being taken over by Umbridge. It seems that Dumbledore is allowing this to happen. The numbers in the Order are few they're desperately struggling to stay together. They're trying to reach out to the giants, vampires and werewolves to join their pitiful cause. The father of the Weasley's unfortunately has made a recovery, although, he is not much of a threat to us. As I said earlier Umbridge, who is teaching Defense, is a great help to our cause as she is not teaching the students anything about fighting. Dumbledore is under a lot of stress and it seems he is close to cracking under the pressure. Potter is blinded my some teenage anger, just as my waste of space offspring," Severus explained.

"I see Severus, well done. But I am also displeased," The Dark Lood spoke as he stood up and strolled around Severus with Nagini by his side. Severus, remained kneeling since he had not been giving permission to get up. "I have been having trouble lately trying to connect to Potter's mind," The Dark Lord pointed his wand tauntingly at Severus. "Care to explain this my most faithful servant? You haven't become my Judas have you?"

"No, my lord, I have only have a small idea what is going on at the school, as I no longer work there." Severus explained, "I am no Judas to you, my Lord."

The Dark Lord pondered this and then assaulted Severus' mind. Severus held through the pain and he quickly envisioned hate for the boy. He deeply concealed anything to do with Hermione, the Order's real plans and his fondness of the boy. After ten minutes of painful mind rape, Voldemort found nothing but Severus' deep hate for the boy, Dumbledore and his son. This left Voldemort satisfied.

"Good Severus you, may join the others for some festive activities," The Dark Lord spoke.

"Thank you, my Lord, thanks," Severus remained kneeling, his mind was all dazed and he waited until the Dark Lord gave the okay to get up. Once the Dark Lord did this, Severus walked over to the other room to eat. Severus poured himself a glass of wine and noticed a very distraught Lucius, "Lucius, my old friend what's wrong."

"That crazy bitch of a sister-in-law of mine is here," Lucius said quietly.

"Severus!" Severus turned around and saw Bellatrix Lestrange she was a tall woman with long, thick shiny dark hair, thin lips, heavily-lidded eyes with long eyelashes, and a strong jaw. The years of Azkaban had done 'wonders' on her. "Is been a long time."

"Please spare me from any trite lines Bella, like, 'You're still alive?' Life and death are merely empty words lacking any power over me." Severus spoke to the deranged woman who was even worse than the Dark Lord himself. "So when did you leave your delightful little home?" Severus said, as quickly glace aroundthe room and saw few of Voldemorts top followers were also release.

"The Dark Lord rewards those who serve him well," Bellatrix said as drank a glass of wine.

"Its shame that I couldn't be involved with your rescue," Severus said.

"I wondered that myself, according to everyone here, you've taken my spot at his side." Bellatrix said.

"Do I sense a hint of jealousy my dear Bella?" Severus said as he sipped a glass of wine.

"Jealous? Of a filthy half blood?" Bellatrix asked.

"I see Azkaban hasn't changed anything about your bewitching and delightful personality Bella," Severus said, as Voldemort and Pettigrew walked inside the room. Pettigrew was dragging a bloody and beaten man, who was wearing dirty and torn rags.

"Oh, Severus I see you are getting reacquainted with our dear old friends." Voldemort smiled as Pettigrew threw man down at Severus' feet. "Our dearest Bella believes that the old man corrupted you, turned you away from me. I think you should show Bellatrix proof of your loyalty to ease her worry."

Severus looked down at the man with no emotion as he turned to Voldemort, "Of course My Lord."

"You remember it, Severus? What it takes, what you must do? Or have you lived in peace these fourteen years that you completely forgotten?" Bellatrix smiled and looked down at man like prey. She was a particularly nasty piece of work. She loved to play with her victims before she kills them.

"Please, please just let me go! I won't tell anyone! Please I have a wife and a child!" The man was pleading with tears, Severus pointing his wand at the man and looked through his mind. Severus saw images of this man in a drunk state hurting a woman as a small child was hiding in the corner completely terrified.

"A consciousness desperately struggling to stay alive. Such a pitiful sight. This is unseemly, oh how the mighty have fallen," Severus smiled coldly as he laughed and began to torture the man. The brown haired man fell to the floor shrieking in pain.

"What pain, so sweet so alive! Pain is such a vital part of realizing one's existence." Bellatrix cackled in endless glee as she watched the man rolling around in agony and pain. Severus kept the spell on him and began using other dark spells as well. The sound of bones breaking was heard, longs cuts appeared on the body, as the torture continued until the very light left his eyes and he now lay lifeless on the Nagini was eating the body.

"You've pleased me quite well Severus. Don't ever work independently again, the lessons your son is giving Potter have to be stopped and I know of a way," Voldemort smiled and aimed his wand at Severus, "Cruccio!" Severus took it, he didn't know how long this went on for. Bellatrix, Greyback and the the Carrows joined in as well it felt like hours until they were finished, "Severus, your son is to stop the Occlumens lessons or next time it will be worse. You best hope for your sake, that Dumbledore and your son care. I need Harry's mind to collect the Prophecy at the ministry. Now leave us."

Severus nodded and apparated back to Headquarters.