Will You be my Fiance?
(A Ramna 1/2 Alt History)
By Ammadeau

Note: This takes place a little after the Saotome home was trashed
during the whole 'engagement ring' incident.

Prologue: Idle Wishes

It was the aftermath of yet another great battle in Nerima,
and while the death count was zero as always, property damage
along ranked into millions of yen. Virtually everyone involved
hadn't escaped without a few bumps and bruises, but as always
nothing life threatening. It was more or less a typical day.
Ranma sat in his room of the Tendo house, nursing a few
bruises himself while scowling at the door, though it was more
directed at what lay beyond, which for him included the world in
general at the moment. His return to the Saotome home had been
somewhat bittersweet, leaving so many people behind. But he
should have known better after they came and destroyed his mom's
house. He should have enjoyed those few moments of peace and
quiet while he could because he didn't know if they would come
"Stupid pops," he muttered to himself, "Wish you never
took me away from mom on that stupid training trip in the first
Father was no more happy than son at the moment. He was
currently sitting in the yard in panda form because his own wife
refused to let him in the Tendo house with wet fur. Sometimes he
even enjoyed his curse, but now...
"I wish someone else had this panda curse."
Nodoka stared at her husband as she helped to tidy up the
Tendo living room, feeling more than a little guilty in having the
Tendos support her family yet again. She had been so lonely while
her husband and son had been away. That's was why she had clung
to Ranko to tightly, perhaps seeing the spark of her missing son
deep inside that female body. If only Genma had waiting a little
longer before leaving on his training journey...
"I wish I had a daughter."
Kasumi noticed Mrs. Saotome's mournful expression and
frowned. That woman had gone through so much, waiting and
hoping, only to finally receive a husband and son who were so
different from the ones that had left her that she hardly recognized
them at all.
But Kasumi knew that Nodoka wasn't the only one feeling
down at the moment. She had seen Ranma's expression just before
he slammed the door of his room shut. She had wanted to say
something, but she knew it wasn't her place. She was more like a
distant relative than a friend to him. She began to wonder if he had
any true friends at all.
"I wish Mrs. Saotome and her son both had someone that
they could really talk to."
Soun hid behind his paper and pretended not to notice the
sudden feeling of gloom that had descended upon the household
after the latest incident. Oh, he could blame Ranma for this like
everyone did, but he knew the true reason for the curse that seemed
to have been placed on his household, the demon who he dared not
even raise his voice to lest he incur it's terrible wrath.
"How I wish that I'd never met master Happosai."
The demon in question was currently sitting on the roof of
the Tendo dojo. People might have been surprised to see how sad
and old he looked at the moment. Though he'd never admit it, he
envied Cologne for having a great-granddaughter like Shampoo.
He didn't mean her looks this time, but someone who had a deep
and abiding respect for. No one respected him, no one would care
if he died. Heck, they'd even celebrate.
"I wish I had a great granddaughter like Shampoo."
Inside the dojo he was currently sitting on, Akane was
'practicing,' though she was really taking out her frustrations on
innocent pieces of wood. It was all Ranma's fault. Why did he
have to do stupid stuff to make me angry all of the time? She
knew the whole problem went back to their first meeting. That had
set entirely the wrong note for their whole relationship.
"I really wish we could have started out as friends."
Nabiki snapped off a few more photos to finish off the roll
and returned to her room. She'd sell them to Kuno like she'd done
dozens of times before. Her heart wasn't really in it anymore
though. Nabiki thought herself a smart girl and was just a bit
disgusted with herself to have to be so petty to earn yen. This is
the sort of thing she should have people working for her to do.
People who admired and respected her for what she could do,
instead of fearing and despising like most people did.
"I really wish I had some people who looked up to me."
A small black piglet passed under her window, away from
its wanted destination due to a very poor sense of direction. Inside
the piggy exterior Ryoga was seething at Ranma's latest
mistreatment of Akane. The pig-tailed boy was worst than an idiot
in his opinion, he had Akane but he treated her like dirt. If Ryoga
were her fiance, he'd never treat her like that.
"I wish Akane was my fiance!" Ryoga tried to shout, but all
that came out was, "Bwee!"
Shampoo blinked at the sudden cry of a pig as she rode her
bicycle down the street, but then shrugged her shoulders. She had
no time to discover what it was, no time because she had to make
deliveries for the restaurant. She was just coming back from one
now and great-grandmother had already called about another. It
looked like she wouldn't be able to see Ranma for the rest of the
day at least. No chance to make up for the latest fight, and steal
him away from that tomboy Akane.
It seemed that even great-grandmother had given up hope
that she would succeed. Shampoo couldn't blame her, her own
nearly limitless supply of optimism had almost run out, and she
was beginning to feel as it she had lost the fight before even
beginning, all due to a mistake she had made some time ago.
"Shampoo wish that she find out about curse before coming
to Japan."
"Shampoo!" Mouse cried out as soon as his purple-haired
darling entered the restaurant, only to be backhanded hard into the
wall. An expected, but unwelcome response. He remembered
when they were young, long before he had even heard the terrible
name Saotome, when Shampoo would happily play with him.
What happened to those times? Was it really all his fault?
"Oh, Shampoo. I just wish we could be friends again."
Cologne ignored the commotion out in the restaurant as she
worked in the kitchen, her mind elsewhere. Ranma had proven
himself even better fighter than before. They boy just seemed like
he wouldn't stop improving, and he'd yet to even reach his prime.
She had gotten to know him quite well, knowledge that she
regretted not having when they had first met. She had completely
messed things up with him then, and it was clear that no matter the
things she did for him since, Ranma would never fully trust her.
"How I wish I could start all over with the boy."
Not surprising, she wasn't the only person thinking of
Ranma at the moment. A certain young okanamyaki chef thought
about her childhood friend as she practiced her trade. Ukyo was
Ranma's 'cute' fiancee, but that didn't seem to be enough. Akane
was the one he was always with, the one he turned to, the one who
came first.
"I wish I was Ran-chan's true fiancee!" she shouted in
She might have been surprised, and perhaps a little
disgusted, to know that her thoughts were currently being echoed
by Kodachi Kuno. The Black Rose could clearly see that she stood
no chance for Ranma for the simple reason that unlike the others
she had no official claim to him. So whatever Ranma may feel for
her, he was still bound by honor and tradition. She wasn't even an
option for him.
"I wish my parents had arranged a marriage for me."
Kuno ignored his sister's mutterings as he strode past, his
mind focused on two things: Akane and the pig-tailed girl. Each
perfect in their own way, the only two women truly deserving of
his greatness. Clearly their affections would be his if not for the
demon Saotome who blocked their path of happiness, do doubt for
his own twisted lusts.
"I wish that Ranma Saotome no longer stood in the way of
my happiness!"
Gos ignored the sudden shout as he passed by the Kuno
mansion. He had given up all hope of ever winning Akane for
himself, not even he and Kuno working together could beat
Ranma. What chance did he have of beating the boy alone? What
he needed was some sort of edge, but everything he had ever tried
always failed.
"I just wish I could use real magic for once!"

On most days such idle wishes wouldn't have mattered.
This was far from the first time that these people had wanted
something to change in their lives, though this was perhaps the first
time that they had all wished so at once. And on another day they
would have most likely wished for something else, especially if
they had known someone was listening.
There's a certain power inherent in wishing, the desire to
want things to change. Individually, it's not enough to lift a grain
of sand, but it grows stronger the more it's brought together,
especially when they are the wishes of some very strong-willed
In this case it was enough to wake a slumbering spirit. This
spirit was helpful in nature, but it's help was prone to cause it's
share of mischief. It heard all of these wishes and thought for a
time on how best to help everyone, for even being a powerful spirit
it did have limitations. But then it saw the answer, a small change
to an event in the past, one becoming two, that would give
everyone what they wanted.
As the spirit fell back asleep, the city around it began to