Pucca is now 9 months pregnant

One day Pucca was taking a walk with Ching. Suddenly Pucca said " Ching my water just broke go get Garu " . Pucca was soon rushed to the hospital Garu got there and held his girlfriend's hand. She pushed and breathed and first came a girl.

She continued pushing and breathing and it was a boy. The couple was very happy to see their new twins. The girl was named Succa and the boy was named Baru . The girl looked like her dad with her mom's buns. The boy looked like his mom with his dad's pigtails . When they went to the restaurant a party was held to honor the arrival of the twins.

The new mom needed rest. She took a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote down their names and which was which. She went upstairs and soon fell asleep. She noticed a hand around her and was startled to see it was Garu and he whispered something in her ear and it was " I love you " . The teen said " I love you too " and they host fell asleep with the twins in their cribs fast asleep.

Well wasn't that beautiful be sure to R R too.