Brialle Thatch

(D12 Pahuakuaii)

I had never been on a boat before, living in 12, but that was how we were getting to the island.

It appeared most people hadn't either with the number of people getting seasick. The only two that had seemingly no discomfort were Mira Murray and Damon Shark. The tributes from District four.

I was jealous of them. I was beginning to feel sick and Meli Romilly, had told us after we got onto the island we only had two hours to settle in.

Meli stood up suddenly, rocking slightly from the boats movement.

"You have the choice to sleep alone in a tent or with a group of up to four in the same tribe as you." She spoke as if she was genuinely excited to share this information with us. "Pahuakuaii tents will be residing on the left of the island and Hoohliolo on the right. Mingling, except during the challenges will not be allowed."

Everyone nodded.

"You will have to put up tents yourself. You will each get a sleeping bag and a pillow but you may be able to win things from the challenges."

Or we may lose and have to vote on killing someone.

"The team that loses will be taken to a campfire two hours after the challenge has been finished and vote on who will be eliminated."

Who would I vote for first? It was sickening to think about. Would I be killed right away or would they spare me out of pity? She continued to talk about what would happen at the council but I accidentally zoned out, thinking.

She began to hand out boxes with names on, they were around the same size though sine were a tiny bit smaller. Some were red and some were blue.

I got a red one with my name and District in swirly writing. My handwriting was slightly messy, I thought too fast for my hand, so I admired the way it looked for a second.

I then opened it to find clothes, all red. On addition to the T shirt , trainers and shorts I was already wearing, there was a hoodie a pair of leggings, and two pairs of socks. There was also spare underwear and that was the only thing that wasn't red.

I was a lot smaller than someone like Damon, so my clothes were smaller, explaining the slightly varied box sizes. Everyone had the same stuff, except the boys didn't have sports bra's of course.

The t shirt I was wearing at the moment was comfy and fit me perfectly so I took it as knowing that the rest of the stuff would fit.

"Come to the middle of the island," Melli said and we followed her, like the ducklings we were.

Waylon Wilder

(D3 Pahuakuaii)

Everyone was gathered round the island as a large group, ready to be led to our areas but something felt wrong..

There was a normal- for the Hunger games, seeming set up as opposed to a campsite. Each of us were directed to a pedestal- which was perhaps the first indication something was wrong.

When we were all standing on one, Melli looked at us with a sickening grin that looked just wrong on her face.

"Thank you so much for being a part of our experiment. However, I regret to inform you that this is in fact a normal Hunger Games."

I noticed a man in a pilot uniform standing near her. Perhaps ready to fly her away.

I wondered why they had done this but I think everyone knew. In making us think we were in teams, we had created bonds that we wouldn't normally. I wouldn't have dreamed of becoming friends with Vissie if I knew we would be fighting for supplies.

"You will all stand on the pedestals for a period of 5 minutes instead of one," she continued. After that, let the games begin.

I know realised why there was so much stuff on the boat. It wasn't like anyone could import it in.

All around me, people looked pale faced, glancing at the people they thought would be allies.

From across the circle I caught Vissie's eye and she gave a small nod and smile.

Maybe the plan would backfire. Maybe teammates would refuse to kill each other.

Maybe pigs would one day fly.