(QTEs:Indigo Prophecy/Heavy Rain) (Introduction:Indigo Prophecy) (Mines Scene:Until Dawn) (Dialogue Trees:Heavy Rain/Until Dawn) (Characters:Toby Fox and Nintendo) (Full credits to Toby Fox and Nintendo)

"I used to be just like my sister. I had friends on the surface before the abuse happened in my innocent life. One day people start attacking you in the chest and we wouldn't have any choice but to see things they really are. My name is Chara Dreemurr. My life and story used to be peacefully until i had too much abuses. And i know one thing for sure...Nothing is ever going to be the same ever again."

X=Start the story as Frisk

O*=Start the story as Chara

Friday: 10AM 33ÂșC

"Stabbed 3 times with a Knife...Knife...Knife." Chara wakes up instantly "AAAGH!" he looks around but he sees that he has his knife still in blood "What? What have i done?" His mental state drops all the way down to DEPRESSED "I didn't mean to kill that guy! It felt like a dream!" He looks around for a phone to warn his sister Frisk. "I better do something before a misunderstanding happens."

Chara finds a Photo of his murderer self. "This is not true! I'm not a murderer! I'm innocent!" then he looks at a phone "A phone! maybe i can warn somebody about the blood on my room!"

X*= Dial Frisk's Phone Number

O= Dial the Emergency Number.

"I'll see if my sister can help me." Chara dials his sister's phone number. "Pick up Sister. Pick up!" and his sister Picks up the phone "Hello Chara. I know what you did during those murderers. What do you want to say now?"

X*=Try to Explain

O=Remain Silent

"In my Apartment room in the surface! It was horrible! I'm innocent! I didn't do anything!" Frisk looked confused about the sudden change on her brother. "Bro. Calm down! I just asked you a question! and what do you mean by the i didn't do anything? What happened?"


O*=Hang up the phone

"I don't know what is happening to me Frisk. I just don't know. It feels like im losing my mind. i'll talk to you later." Chara hangs up his phone. He watches TV and it displays about some Aika girl. "Holy crap. Aika is missing. last seen on the mines? I've heard the stories of Aika Village before. This could be my chance to redeem myself for whatever bad things i've done." Chara picks up his flashlight and he drives off to the waypoint Chara marked. "It's nighttime. I better be careful during nighttime i don't want any surprises." He dismounts his green striped car. Then after walking in the place Chara hears a voice. "Hello? Who's there?" It was a girl calling out for help.

X*= Investigate the Voice

O= Ignore the Voice

"Hey! whoever's over there. Just stay there i'm coming to try and help you."

*GET READY!* *Press and HOLD L2 AND R2* Chara Climbs up the rocks and succeeds in getting to a safe path. "It looks like i don't need Climbing Classes." Chara uses the flashlight to light up the dark paths. "Is somebody There? Please!" Chara still investigates the mines until he finds the girl.

X=Talk to her

O*=Look at the girl(Thoughts)

Chara looks at the girl's condition. She didn't look good. "Hmmm. She looks depressed. Poor girl she must have been suffering a lot.

"Hello? Are you okay?" the girl looks at me. She was still crying but she still asks Chara who is he. "Who are you? Are you one of them?" Aika at first didn't trust Chara for a bit.



"I'm not Joking. Are you okay? I saw what happened on the news. My name is Chara and i'm not one of them. And i've got to confess something. They call me a murderer." Aika feels a bit safe with Chara but she knows that Chara is a Murderer. "You too?" But Chara keeps explaining. "Yes. I've been killing a lot. And i just want to be happy and have a normal life. That's all i ever ask. Nothing else. Just that." Aika then hugs Chara. "I wish i could live with you. We both can live with our own normal lives together." Chara's mental state rises back to stressed. Chara guides Aika to Chara's house.

Then Chara Narrates "So my life as Aika's Guardian or possibly her future boyfriend. It finally begins."