(The Italics Represent the thought Responses, The thought dialogues are based/inspired from The Shark Trial from heavy Rain and the QTEs from Heavy Rain and Beyond:Two Souls is just a mix in this chapter)

Chara wakes up in some sort of field,glowing things floating away "What? where am i? What is this place?" he walks around "What am i doing in this place?!" He started to lose his mind a bit. "Oh man...I feel like i'm gonna pass out..."

*GET READY!* *HOLD!* *L2,R2,Up* *GREAT!* Chara drinks water so he can cool off his mind "I feel a bit better..." But somegirl from the Royal Guard spots Chara! "! Ah Cripes...Here we go again." The girl seems to Recognize Chara,but Chara doesn't remember then the girl talks to Chara "YOU! You're the one who did these murderers!"



"I didn't do the murderers! I'm innocent! i swear!" Chara tried to explain but it was no use since Red was convinced that Chara did the murders on the underground. "You know what Chara? No. This just won't cut it. If you don't want to fight."

*GET READY!* Chara in a slow-mo dodges to the LEFT *NOW!* And he succeeds *GREAT!* "Then i'll have to make you!" Chara didn't want to fight her. Not at a time like this. "This is not the time to fight! It's not worth it!" She didn't listen to Chara's pleadings. But Chara will do anything to stop the fight without killing Red.

*the life counter appears* ° ° ° °+ +

(Current Music:Escape or Fight From: Indigo Prophecy)


*L1,Up,Down,Right,Up* *GREAT!* "Red. You need to calm down! Everything's gonna be okay!" But then Red Replies "Why even bother befriending everyone,Chara?!" She keeps on fighting on Chara but Chara dodges Red's attacks in a circle pattern


*KEEP ROTATING ↻!* "Calm down Red! This ain't worth the while!" she still fights Chara while Chara dodges everything.


*Up,Down,Left,Up,down* *GREAT!* *Chara looks around and he sees himself trapped in an unavoidable attack* "No! AAGH!" It was closer and closer for the attack to be triggered. "AAAAGH!"But they fade out!

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"I...I HATE this...! I hate this SO MUCH!" *Holds L2*





"I'm not a Murderer! I have No rights to take this girl's life!"




"She has a family - just like me. How can i take her life to save myself?"



"If I stab her, I'll be taking this girl's life. I'll be killing a defenseless girl in cold blood!"



"Kill a girl to save myself? Could i look myself in mirrors after doing something in cold blood like that? No. I can't."


"We're both Undergrounders,for christ's sakes! I can't kill her to save myself!..."

"Hey Red. What's wrong?" Red finally confesses what she wanted to tell to Chara,his redemptions,his rescues,everything like if Red was watching him all the time. "I saw you. Freaking out on your apartment,I saw you watch the news about a girl,then that's where you changed your ways. You chose to save her. Other than to ignore it and Continue killing people. Thank you."



"Naw. I ain't leaving you all alone." Red started to hug Chara tight as he finally learned that sometimes killing isn't worth the trouble. "Will i? Will i ever see you again Chara?" But Chara reassures Red. "Yes you will see me again. When the time comes." Chara's body started to glow "What? what's happening." Red tried to reach Chara's hand but he was gone before she could reach his hand. "Chara..no..." Chara then is teleported back to his apartment,he wakes up and says. "Red...i'm so sorry."