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Camp Gaiabr

The bus roared to life as Dagger got on. She was headed to Camp Gaia for the first time. She had read the brochure but it didn't seem to be her sort of thing. She was rich after all. what bussiness did she have in a summer camp? All that sweating, insect bites, and she had to actually swim in a lake. Had these people ever heard of chlorine? Though, in the back of her mind....way back there...something about this trip facinated her. She had never really been near the outdoors much. Maybe this will be a great adventure, if she doesn't get bitten to death by miquitoes. She took a seat near the front of the bus holding her backpack close to her. Inside, she had her portable CD player, assorted snacks, a game boy advance, and a book...just in case she got bored. She stared out the window absently.

"Hi there!" came a voice from behind her. She turned her head to see a girl slightly shorter than her with purple hair...wait a minute....PURPLE hair?

"Um, hello," Dagger replied. The girl slumped into the seat beside her.

"My name's Eiko Carol! What's yours?" The girl chirped.
"My name is Garnet Til Alexandros the 17th," Dagger replied.

"You must be new here. You got a nickname? That's a mouthful!"

"My friends call me Dagger."

"Why do they call you that?"

"Inside joke."

Just then she heard a whoop of joy as a boy jumped up the steps of the bus. He had short blonde hair and blue eyes...and was that a tail? The boy took out a water gun and started shooting it at the passengers of the bus who all screamed. Luckily, it didn't hit the front seat. Eiko rolled her eyes.

"Zidane! Do you have to make an entrance all of the time?!" Came a voice from off of the bus. An adult woman walked onto the bus...she seemed like a woman anyways. She had a face that was very reminicent of a rat and a very thin tail. What's with all of these tails? Zidane turned to her and shot her a cocky grin.

"If it isn't my favorite counciler! How the heck have ya been Freya?" Zidane asked playfully. Dagger could not help but watch him.

"That's Counciler Crescent to you now take your seat," The woman looked annoyed. Dagger leaned in to Eiko.

"Who was that?" She asked.

"Oh, that was Counciler Crecent. She's the counciler of the Bermicia Cabin. I think they're all rat people there," Eiko answered.

"Not her! Him!" Dagger hissed hurridly.

"Oh, him. Don't worry he's not worth your time. That's Zidane Tribal. He's in the Tantalus Cabin. He likes playing pranks on my cabin!" Eiko said crossing her arms. Dagger felt there was more to this than Eiko was saying.

"You like him don't you?" Dagger asked.

"No! Well....kinda...You better not tell anybody!" Eiko answered.

"Don't worry I won't. So what cabin are you in?" Dagger asked.

"Madain Sari...though I don't know if it will be there this year..." Eiko replied sadly.

"Why wouldn't it be?"

"Last year some guys from Camp Terra burnt it down....no one ever caught who it was exactly though."

"Well if you don't go to Cabin Madain Sari, which one will you go to?"

"Probably Cabin Alexandria..or maybe Cabin Lindblum...but there's alot of people there. I might not get in."

"I wonder what cabin I'm going to be in," Dagger thought out loud. Suddenly she hear the sound of about 15 kids go "EW" then promptly covered her nose. "What on Earth is that smell?" Zidane stood up proudly.

"Do not fret my fellow camp goers! It was I!" Zidane yelled loudly. Suddenly there was an armada of paper flying at him.

"Not even YOU could do something like that!" Eiko yelled.

"He dropped one of his stinkbombs!" Yelled a boy that was sitting beside Zidane.

"Blank! They were starting to beleive me!!" Zidane yelled.

"In your dreams!" Shouted Eiko.
Yes,Dagger Thought,an interesting summer indeed....

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