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Eiko sat on the docks overlooking the lake. Her sneakered feet kicked into nothing. Zidane hates me...Dagger hates me...Can I really blame them? She could hear footsteps come up from behind. Vivi adjusted his hat standing over her shoulder. She didn't look up to him.

"Are you okay Eiko?" Vivi asked after a painful moment of silence. He moved to sit next to her.

"I'm suprised you're even talking to me..." Eiko answered quietly looking into the water. "Don't you hate me like everyone else?"

"Never. The way I see it, I promised I would be here for you whenever you needed me...whether I could be the part of your life you wanted me to be or not. Zidane and Dagger won't be mad at you forever..."

Eiko looked up at him. She lifted a hand to rest on his.

"Thanks Vivi...You're the best. I just have to find a way to make it up to them."

"Dagger! Come on already! It's almost 11!" Zidane stood at the screen door of the Alexandria Cabin. Dagger was laying on her bed hiding under the sheet fully clothed with her head under the pillow.

"I don't do nature!" She shouted lifting the corner of her pillow. Zidane shook his head walking into the cabin. He saw the gameboy sitting on the dresser picking it up.

"But Super Mario here says you do. Come hiking or I'm pulling your batteries." Zidane proposed smugly. Dagger looked up from under the pillow.

"You wouldn't...I've been working on that game for weeks..."

"Why hello there mister battery panel..."

"Fine I'm up!" Dagger climbed out of the bed tangling her feet up in the sheets. She fell forward only to find herself in Zidane's arms. She blushed slightly pulling her feet out. "Uh...let's go then..." Zidane nodded helping her to stand straight again. He offered his arm to her which she politely looped hers around. She passed Eiko who was on her way in.

"Hi Dagger..." Eiko hesitated to say. Dagger didn't respond...she meerly kept walking with Zidane...who also didn't respond. Eiko sighed heavily. Zidane lead Dagger to the trails leading up to the main pavilion. There would be a pre-hike speech issued there. Dagger looked to Zidane.

"Isn't Eiko coming on this trip too?" Dagger wondered...not that she wanted to speak to Eiko of course. Zidane shook his head.

"You have to be at least fourteen to go. Vivi has to stay behind too." Zidane told her as he sat down gesturing to a seat in which Dagger promptly occupied. Head Counciler Cid came to the front podium.

"As you all know, it's time for our annual hiking trip. Let's just take this time to remind ourselves of the basic rules. Stay on the trails, don't interfere with your natural surroundings, and don't, under any circumstance, seperate yourself from your buddy. Everyone got one?" Without her consent, Zidane raised his and her hand to show they did indeed have buddies. Satisfied with the answer, Cid continued. "Each of you will receive a fanny pack with assorted supplies in the off chance you get seperated from us. Any misconduct on this trip will disqualify you from the Battle of Terra andGaia."

Dagger looked to Zidane. "What's the battle of Terra and Gaia?"

"It's when the two camps get together to compete in three differant events. Strange really but it's a longstanding tradition. " Zidane shrugged. "All I know is they're going down."

Cid cleared his throat once more. "Alright you can begin your hike when ready. Remember to your designated boundry tape."

Outside of the pavillion, Zorn and Thorn had been standing there listening.

"Get what color they are?" Asked Zorn

"I got what color they are! They are blue!" Thorn answered pulling out a role of blue boundry tape.

"They will have an interesting hike!" Zorn shouted gleefully

"What fun they will have!" Thorn chimed...the both of them laughed as they headed toward the trail.

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