Golden eyes surveyed the priestess as she reassured her companions that "Yes, she's okay" and "No, they didn't manage to take any shards, but we just got some more!" Eyes narrowing at the bruise blossoming on her cheek and swollen lip, the taiyoukai bit back the beast that was growling to come forward, to maim, to kill.

"Is everything alright Sesshomaru?" Kagome asked, holding Shippou in one arm and holding hands with Rin, Jaken squawking in the background while an acorn spun on his head. She set the children down, ushering them to go and help Sango and Miroku build a fire for dinner and set out the bedrolls.

His eyes followed the children as they ran towards the monk and the slayer, and as he turned to look down at her, the beast in him began to growl for an alltogether different reason as he stared into her azure eyes. They truly were remarkable, he thought, like someone took pieces of shattered blue glass and shined the brightest of lights through.

"This one is fine, priestess," he said softly. She looked at him confusedly as he licked his thumb, and froze when he gently brushed it over the bruise on her lip and onto her cheek. The purple began to swiftly change into yellow, then fade away into her normal skin tone, the ache lessening until it was barely there.

Ignoring the flush that broke out on the high of his cheeks, Sesshomaru turned without a word and went off to hunt dinner, grabbing the acorn off of Jaken and then disappearing into the forest.

Kagome stared after him, shocked, and touched her hands to her mouth, feeling none of her previous pain. Walking over to the pond nearby, she stared into her reflection in the fading light, seeing that her busted lip and bruised cheek looked like she had never been injured at all.

Rising with an inscrutable look on her face, she stared into the forest where Sesshomaru left, a warm feeling blossoming in her chest.

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