Today is the first day of school for Nagasumi and the others after summer vacation, and as always, the Seto gang is there with him.

"Nagasumi, run faster!" said Shark Fujishiro as he chased after him.

"Why me?!" asked Nagasumi as he past some of his classmates.

"I wonder why Mr. Fujishiro always chases Nagasumi like this," said Mawari as she and Sun watched from the side.

"I have no clue, Ms. Mawari," said Sun who was confused by it as well. Meanwhile, Gōzaburō and Ren were watching from the nurse's office on the second floor.

"For a human, he does keep ahead of Shark Fujishiro pretty well," said Ren with a smile as she held a coffee cup.

"I don't get it, how can a human stay alive through everything he has been through, he even went against Minamoto no Yoshiuo and came out alive," said Gōzaburō as he made a growing noise.

"I have an idea about that," said Akeno as she walked into the room.

"You think you know why he keeps surviving, Akeno?" asked Ren with a surprised expression.

"What is it, what makes that runt so special?!" asked Gōzaburō with an angered expression.

"After we saved Sun she told me that Nagasumi had saved her with the power given from the Song of the Hero, but no one sung it," said Akeno.

"He used the power of that song by himself?!" asked both Gōzaburō and Ren with stunned faces.

"That's correct," said Akeno.

"There's no way he's human then, only someone of Mer People lineage can use the power of a song without hearing it," said Ren.

"But what kind of Mer Person is he then?" asked Akeno.

"That's what Ren's going to find out," said Gōzaburō with a smile that sent a sever down Nagasumi's spine even though he was not able to see it.