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Timeline: The first half of Meow BUT Max and Logan didn't celebrate their anniversary and Max stayed home during her Heat so she didn't meet Rafer.

Summary: Max and Logan try to have a vacation while finding a missing person using clues from old love letters. M/L.

"Love Letters"

Chapter 1

~~ My Dear Sophia, ~~
~~ I will move mountains if my reward will be your love. ~~
~~ Your beauty haunts. Your face is the only vision I see. ~~
~~ In my waking hours, I am reminded of the time I held you in my arms. ~~
~~ My fingers running through your dark long hair. ~~
~~ The beating of your heart so close to mine. ~~
~~ Please ease my torturous existence and accept my love. ~~
~~ Yours with adoration, Benjamin ~~

"Hey." Max said, her lips curled in a sweet smile. Just getting over her recent heat cycle, she found Logan irresistibly delicious. His concentration was centered on a piece of paper, his glasses perched on his nose. Max couldn't remember a time when Logan looked more intellectual. And sexy.

Logan, almost jumping out of his chair when he heard Max's voice, looked at her. Seeing her smile, soft wisps of hair framing her face, he couldn't help but smile back. "Hey, you."

"I scored us some gas." She declared, showing Logan two containers, their exterior smudged with grease. Of course, Mad just had to put them on his table where they would leave a long lasting stain. Logan tried not to cringe. "And believe me, you don't wanna know what I traded to get the extra container. Let's just say that I won't think of Normal and peanut butter the same way again." She scrunched up her face in disgust.

Logan chuckled. "Can you give me a few minutes to tie up some loose ends around here?" Turning his chair around, he gathered up papers where similar declarations of love to one he just read were written.

"Sure." Max dropped her fully packed duffel bag on the floor. For the record, she did not pack any piece of clothing that looked remotely like silk or satin. Original Cindy, however, did. OC even managed to sneak in a see-through piece of lingerie, one that Max was so vehemently against wearing. There was absolutely no reason why Max bought it the night she learned that she and Logan were going away. She just saw it in the store. It was on sale. She had money saved up in case she needed motorcycle parts. The oil change could wait. Logan's reaction when he saw Max in it did not even cross her mind.

Logan typed a few instructions for the informant net before logging off. Facing Max, "I think we picked the perfect time to get away. Eyes Only has been kinda slow."

Max nodded, feeling at home on Logan's couch. It was so comfortable, although it would have been better if Logan was sitting beside her. Then maybe he could lean in closer and kiss her. Max stopped before she could fully undress Logan in her mind. "So I guess the defenseless widows and innocent children can be left alone for a week without the fear of bad guys tormenting them."

"Yup, no bad guys," Logan recalled when Max had first teased him about the Logan Cale brigade. He had an affection for that memory, if only because it reminded him of the first, hopefully not the only, time he kissed Max.

I'm a bad girl. A small voice growled inside Max's head, taunting her to act out the fantasy she was having about Logan. Damn heat. "I'm just happy to be getting away from the city. And the sooner you get your stuff together, the faster we'll get out of here."

Logan transferred himself on his wheelchair, amused by Max's impatience. Max didn't know that Logan had gotten everything in his Aztec the night before. Clothes, some food, and maybe a bottle of champagne. On second thought, there was probably candles and bath products there too. And a surprise. Logan smiled. Yeah, a surprise. "Well, I'm ready when you are."

Max looked pleased. Great, Logan needed her in a good mood before he informed her that the main reason he suggested that they go out of town for their anniversary was to meet an informant. But Max hadn't been herself since Tinga saved her son's life by going back to Manticore. She was...sadder. Logan missed seeing the spark and attitude in her big brown eyes and wanted to do something for her. He thought that a vacation was a good idea. Max needed time away from her everyday life, she was close to burning out.

Max agreed almost immediately when Logan suggested that they take a vacation. Having another sister go back to Manticore had not been good for her disposition. She needed to get away. Besides, she had given Logan so much trouble for the past year, since the night she broke into his apartment, he deserved to have a week off. No Eyes Only and Manticore to worry about. Max wanted Logan to be happy as much as she wanted the same for herself. Tinga's capture reminded Max of how vulnerable she was. She consoled herself by thinking that Tinga had a good life with a loving husband and son. But what about Max, what did she have? She had friends, that counted for a lot. And Logan. She had Logan. That counted for so much more. Following him out of the penthouse, Max shut all her worries away.

Logan wheeled inside the elevator with Max's bag on his lap while she carried their supply of gas. Max asked "I've never been to Canada before. Have you?"

"Yeah. Me and my high school buddies went to Vancouver frequently. To go skiing. I bet they still have those amazing ski slopes in the winter. Even the pulse can't mess with that. "

Logan seldom shared memories of his past, so when he did, Max held on to his every word. She liked it when he talked to her. The more she knew, the closer she felt to him. He was her link to the normal world, the one outside of Manticore where children had balloons for their birthdays and a mom that sang them lullabies at night. "I though you were scared of heights."

"I am." Logan looked up and grinned.

Max should have known that the fear wouldn't have stopped him. The elevator door opened and she headed for the Aztec. Opening the side door and seeing a big box that almost occupied the entire space, she asked "Logan, what the hell is this?"

Logan cleared his throat. He supposed he wouldn't be able to hide his surprise forever, but now would not be the perfect time to tell Max. "Ummm...I need it...for something."

Max was aware of Logan's evasive answer, but she let it go. She'd find out the box's contents soon enough. "You need your wheelchair too, and there isn't enough room for it here." She waited for Logan to transfer himself on the driver's seat and folded his chair.

"Maybe you can put that on top of the box." He suggested.

"There we go." Max managed to squeeze the wheelchair at the back of the Aztec. After she settled herself on the passenger seat, Logan started the car to begin their weeklong vacation.

Max looked out the window as her view changed from top of the line pre-pulse architecture to nature made trees and open fields. She and Logan used the same highway to go to his uncle's cabin. Max watched Logan as he drove, his eyes on the road. He really was a good-looking man. His scruffy beard made him look mature, giving him an intelligent aura to balance his charming, sometimes childlike, smile. She wondered what he was doing with someone like her. But she dismissed these thoughts, not wanting to ruin the week with her insecurities.

Max had always loved getting away from the city, trading in her anonymity with the friendly faces of strangers that lived in small towns. Of course, being chased by a covert government facility prevented her from ever living in a small town, but she nonetheless loved spending time in one when she could. It wasn't just an escape though. She could escape anywhere but there was something about walking in those tiny stores made of wooden walls that appealed to her. It made her feel...normal. The past few days, in the silent passages of the night when she was left alone with her thoughts, Max let herself pretend that she and Logan were a normal couple. The two of them were working and busy with everyday life. But during the weekend, they would head off to a bed and breakfast where they would make love for the whole night and wake up in the morning to the smell of waffles, already prepared for them. Max sighed. There was no point wishing for things that could never be but she couldn't help it.

"Max?" Logan was wondering what Max was thinking, he could feel her eyes on him. "Are you okay?" He asked, quickly looking at her before turning his attention back to the road.

Max quickly sat up straight, slightly embarrassed that her thoughts run away with her. "Yeah, of course. So tell me more about this place we're going to."

"Well, it's one of the few French-Canadian towns outside of Quebec. It's pretty isolated from the rest of the country, especially now that the pulse happened."

"Huh?" Max managed to find some potato chips and was munching on it now.

"People there have French ancestors so the culture is a bit different from the rest of the English speaking Canadians."

"So how did you know about this place?" Max popped open a soda can, sipping it before the bubbles spilled on her lap.

Logan cleared his throat. He seemed to do that a lot when he lied to Max. Well, it was technically not lying, just not telling her the entire truth. "An informant told me about it. It's supposed to be really nice. The place we're staying at is near a beach and there's a festival going on this week. I'm really looking forward to it."

Max smiled. "Yeah, me too." She had a feeling that it was going to be a good week.

Logan touched Max's thigh and squeezed it lightly.

Max had to bite her lower lip to keep herself from whimpering. Logan's touch just started an electric symphony in her body. Damn heat. Damn heat. Of course, she could only use this excuse four times a year for 2 days. That left 357 days left unaccounted for.


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