Segment 1: Apocalypse Incoming

They said one day he will return…

Legend told that only strongest one survive…

After the storm, before the Eclipse…

"Hey, Wit." "A strange biological activity occurs there.", "We must get the land quickly."

"An unseen threat is coming. Growing in number, growing in strength." "We must eliminate them before they grow too strong."

"What?" "I don't know." "We'll found it later."

"We must defeat other's armies first. They also want to claim the land."

"Get your army. They're coming."

"Got it."

Author's note: OK, so I'm going to be active again, after my mother's death and homeworks and tasks, and so on, and now I've revamped the chaptering system in this fanfic. First we got Segment, which is a group of chapters, and on the beginning of each segment, there's a short prologue-like lines, which help you to getting into the story. The segment is like a "season" in animated series, with every segment have different topics. Then, there's Split, which split a chapter into two or more parts. Each split on a chapter have different character focus, and, splits of one chapter is chronologically on the same time, so the split helps you understand the time order of the story. Hope you like this new system!