AN: So this is another idea I had for FFXV. I'll likely post this first though, since I don't like how I did the first bit of the other story I will be doing in this crossover 'genre'/category. This is a story of Prompto remembering a time long gone on another world, in a whole different universe, due to his early childhood. It wakes up memories that should have remained locked up until he'd had a decent childhood. But the Potter luck struck again and Harry Potter grew up as Prompto Argentum.

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now on to the story!

For as long as Prompto could remember, he'd been different from the other children of Insomnia. Not only because he was from Nifleheim, one of the people that would have, could have, become an enemy soldier, but because he was mature. So mature. He had lived another life, by another name. He had grown up first an abused little boy, constantly overworked and underfed, then as the Savior. The Chosen One. Though at first it had been "The Boy Who Lived", then there was the back and forth of whether they loved him or loathed him. The return of Voldemort had him hailed as their Savior. The Martyr whose purpose in life was to die for them. They never gave him anything in return, yet expected him to die for them?


Oh, he had died. He died, and then didn't return to finish it off. He moved on and accepted his fate. He had nothing to live for there, so why go back? His family's fortune? It was nothing to him, it meant nothing. His friends? They had broken his trust too many times, they hadn't cared for him personally, only his fame and money and what being his friends would get them. So, to go from the Kings Cross to being a child again was jarring.

He had been a bit of a wreck, he will admit, back when he was three or four. He wasn't sure what age he had been when he was found and brought to Insomnia. Alone, likely (hopefully) an orphan, and how he hoped he was just an orphan and not an abandoned child. Because having his parents dead again, while it would be horrible, was nowhere near as terrible a thought as having been thrown away by strangers that didn't love him, didn't want him. He tried to not think about his unknown family.

He grew up in the care of a couple by the last name of 'Argentum'. It was a strange last name, but he rather liked to hear his new name. It had no similarity to Harry Potter, a name he was glad to shed. He was now Prompto Argentum. When he was five and understood things around him better, he'd had a good long giggle-fest at the meaning of his name, "Quick silver". It was kind of fitting really, and rather close to what he was thinking of calling his Animagus form actually.

Yeah, he'd secretly learned how to become an Animagus with Sirius' help after third year via Hedwig delivering letters. He'd done the most of his Animagus training that summer before fifth year after he'd run away to Sirius', regardless of any Order members trying to tell him otherwise. But anyway, Prompto was a weird child. Too old. Too mature. Too uninterested in the things the other kids were into. He never removed his wristbands (one to cover the code print on his wrist and the other to make it not stand out too much). He ate whatever without complaint where other children would whine about their veggies.

Prompto had honestly been so surprised that he could only gawk at the Prince the first time he had seen him. He was doing what everyone back in England would do upon realizing he was Harry [i]bloody[/i] Potter. The shame of catching himself doing so had him avoid the other boy for a good year or so. He took the time to observe as uncreepily as possible the Prince. He saw how others treated him, could swear that he felt the others discomfort at all the pandering and such everyone was doing, but that was silly wasn't it? No, Noctis surely wasn't as anti-social and such as he was, was he?

So Prompto began trying to muster up all the Gryffindor courage he could find to try approach the dark haired boy. It still took him until they were around nine or so to manage it. He had no real idea about how to approach people from either his life as Harry nor in this life, his past affecting his present. He'd find himself glancing around the playground for his whale of a cousin to come ruin his fun any time he'd tried to approach anyone, which often had the other kids think him weird and not want to play with the weird kid.

Their meeting couldn't even really be called such. He had been working on some homework, simple things that even with it being another world was basic to him, when a boy that honestly almost reminded him of the mini whale came up and snatched away his worksheet.

"Hey loser, what'cha workin on?" The boys voice was honestly worse than Dudleys was at that age, being all nasally and such. When the boy saw what he was working on, emotions flashed across his face that Prompto knew meant he would be redoing his work. "Oh, you're a nerd and a weirdo? Doing homework at school?" The stick and rat that followed him around snickered as though he'd said anything particularly intelligent and Prompto rolled his eyes.

"Give it back." Prompto spoke in an authoritative tone that had once sent grown men to do his bidding (during the war that is), but here only had the boys laughing at him in that mocking way that bullies always did.

"'Give it back', he says." The lead bully mocked, his two goons chuckling dumbly. "No. You're just an outsider and a freak. This is what happens to freaks that try to do better than us non-freaks." His last words were punctuated with the sound of ripping paper which was lost on Prompto as all other noise whited out upon hearing the word 'freak'. He saw Vernon and Dudley super-imposed over the bully whose name he honestly forgot and didn't care to learn. His vision kinda went red and the next thing he knew the boy had jumped back and away as the ripped remains of Prompto's almost completed homework literally blew up in his face.

It was, Prompto would look back with some humor, quite a lovely little explosion of fire. It certainly caught the attention of more than a few people, for magic like that was generally thought to be linked solely to the Lucian Royalty and Kingslaive and not for "nameless peasants" like him. Prompto didn't react to the explosion or the reactions of those around him as he stood and took a step towards the main bully.

"Don't. Call. Me. THAT." He roared the last word, each punctuated by sparks like the after effects of a thunder spell, ending in another minor explosion, this time at the boys feet. Prompto was about to punch the boy when Noctis was suddenly there, hand reached out to grab the fist he was about to swing at the bully, another person standing closer to the bully who'd fallen onto his bottom the moment the second blast went off. Though he was unaware of it at the time, but in that moment, with his magic surging just below his skin and manifesting as accidental magic, his eyes were the vivid green of Harry's eyes and not Prompto's usual blue.

A teacher soon broke up the fight before it became one, and Prompto got in trouble for hurting the other children, but Noctis was defending him. He couldn't help giving the other boy a look of wonder as no one had defended him in his childhood before, yet here was Noctis, someone he'd never exchanged words with, speaking up in his defense. It didn't help him out of trouble, though, because he had injured the bully when the first explosion incinerated his ripped homework while the bully was holding it. The second explosion hadn't really hurt anyone, but he still got in trouble for that too.

They suspended him for two weeks.

But that was okay, because when he came back, he had the courage to speak to Noctis. The boys became friends easily. They were almost like brothers really, and he tried his best to help his friend out when things got to be too much for the Prince. He knew the burden of such high expectations. Knew what kind of weight sat on the young man's shoulders as they grew into teens and in high school he requested to join the Crownsguard, or at least get training so he could maybe stand by Noct's side in the future.

He never told Noct about his heritage as a Niff cast away. He had, however, confided in the slightly older boy that he had memories of another life, he told the other a little about his abilities that were still present in this life. Only a little, such as the magic from their younger years being 'accidental magic' and some of what that magic could do when trained up.

Yeah, he left out a lot of things. He didn't tell him that he could speak to snakes, or that he had two animal forms (one which did NOT exist on this world as far as Prompto knew, as well as a common feline which he would have registered upon his eighteenth birthday had things not gone to hell in a hand-basket), or that he had been someone with the weight of a world on his shoulders as well. He had expressed surprise that his magic didn't react badly to technology here, nor the other way around.

He also never mentioned his first childhood with the Dursleys or the insecurities that still plagued him from that time in his life. Or that he had developed a bit of a major crush on the Prince, pretending to be totally into chicks while taking advantage of their friendship to be able to touch the prince in friendly ways (and smack his ass on the rare occasion, so sue him Noct had a nice ass).

Then the day came that they were in an audience with the King, about to depart to see Noctis safely to Altissia for a wedding with Lady Lunafreya, and Prompto was allowed to come with them! He wasn't able to use most weaponry, had learned shortly into his training over the last years that he was more likely to kill himself with anything more than a dagger, but give him a gun and he excelled. His eyesight was incredible, not needing glasses at all, and with his experience in Quidditch he could pinpoint the best locations to target on any target or enemy for fatal or crippling effect.

They set off in fairly high spirits, not aware of the spiral of despair they were going into or the horror that would take place back at the Citadel. Of course, Prompto blames his blasted Potter Luck for the Regalia dying on them not two miles outside the Insomnia checkpoint into Leide. There was a car, but it passed by them with only an angry sounding honking sound. Had Prompto not been collapsed on the side of the road, well, he might have retaliated in an amusing but kind of pointless manner. Such as shooting off a color-change spell to make the car(save for the hood to keep the owner unaware for a little while) hot pink or something.

"I think we can give up on hitching the way there. Thought people were supposed to be nicer outside the city." Gladio leaned up against the Regalia beside Ignis, who was sitting in the driver seat to turn the wheels and try get in touch with Hammerhead.

"You can only go so far on the kindness of strangers" was Ignis' input.

"Guess we'll just have to push it there ourselves." Gladio moved to Noctis, hand smacking into Noct's back and continuing on to kick Prompto's foot. Much grumbling ensued by the younger members of the group before they got up and into position to push the car again.

"I thought the car was supposed to move us." Prompto contributed his thoughts.

"Wouldn't that be nice?" Noct wryly added.

They continued talking for a bit, while pushing the Regalia, and Prompto was so tempted to just shrink the bloody thing and hoof it there with the guys and no added weight of the car, but Noct was the only one he told about his kind of magic and there was no guarantee that the magic wouldn't do something to the car (more than what had already caused it to die on them). Sure his magic didn't fry the few things he used it around, but he really didn't feel like testing that on the car, not yet at least. Maybe if he could first try it on a car from Leide? Instead of a Crown City beauty like the Regalia.

At Hammerhead, the four were collapsed or resting in each their own way, Prompto all but sprawled beside the Regalia, Noctis on the other side and Ignis and Gladio still standing while resting. A girl came up to them, and Prompto stood up. She had hair blond as his own and green eyes that he thought were more like his mom Lily's than his own had been. She asked which of them was the prince, which prompted Noct to stand.

"Congratulations on your weddin'." She said to Noctis. Prompto hid a wince of pain at that.

"Not hitched yet.." He replied, not sounding too excited or otherwise. She continued on, going on about Lady Lunafreya's groom-to-be here in Hammerhead, while looking over the Regalia. Ignis apologized about them having taken so long and she told them to save their apology for 'Paw Paw', who ended up being her grandfather Cid Sophiar. She then properly introduced herself as Cindy, Cids granddaughter.

After they hauled the Regalia into the garage for Cid to work on, they had some time to kill before they could hit the road again. First they spoke with Cindy, who gave them a map of the area and a suggestion to check out Takka's diner. Noctis headed that way, while Prompto went into the Coernix Station to see what they had.

"Hey, they got Ebony! Ignis'll flip!" He saw what he assumed was the cost but, "Whats a Gil?" Currency? That wasn't what was used in the Crown City. Shrugging, he went out and sprinted to catch up to Noct, who was almost at the diner already. The man, who honestly kind of reminded him of someone from England ( *cough*Kingsley*cough* ), marked on their map a few places that they could gather some fresh produce and some other things and also seemed to have info on something called 'hunts'. There were some posters, with a reward amount listed, and details on what was needed. Some looked simple enough, while others sounded a bit beyond their experience yet.

Noct picked up an easy-looking one and as they were leaving to go take care of it, Ignis told Noct that they had used up the last of their funds on repairs, thus were broke. They went to speak with Cindy, and Noctis asked for a discount.

"Oh, that must be what jii-jii meant when he said he was going to 'teach them boys a lesson about the harshness of the outside world'." Cindy then told them Cid wanted them to take down some pests that had been causing trouble nearby, along with a thousand gil for them to be able to stay in the caravan for the night. She warned them that Daemons would appear at night, so it was best to get to either a settlement with lights to fend off the daemons or a haven if town was too far to travel.

They set off and managed to deal with the first group of pests, which happened to be scorpions. He'd never seen bugs, sorry arachnids, so big before, aside from the Skrewts Hagrid bred that one year and the Acromantulas from second year. So this was definitely not all that fun. On the upside, they didn't seem likely to explode on them. The second group were farther away from Hammerhead and were again easily dispatched. Prompto kind of felt useless to be honest, firing his gun from afar while the others fought close range.

He did manage to shoot and kill a few scorpions that were aiming for Noct's blindside, so yay. Then they got to the third group and his luck kicked in. One of the scorpion-things came up while he was aiming for another near Noct and jabbed him with its stinger to his dominant arm. The pain of it was unexpected and Prompto yelled out, distracting the others, though they were luckily almost done already and not in danger. Then Prompto felt fire in his veins and lifted his other arm.

The spell died on his lips as Noct warped in and killed the scorpion with a well-aimed strike. Another noise left him as the pincer was violently torn from his arm when the bloody thing collapsed.

"Damn that hurts!" He regrettably did whine, would admit that that was a whine. Really though, what were the odds that he'd be jabbed through in the same place twice in two different lives? There was now a bleeding, poisoned most likely, hole going through his arm where at one point in his previous life a Basilisk fang nearly killed him. Luckily enough, it seemed that that experience in second year transferred over the effects of immunity to lesser poisons, for other than feeling a little like his veins were burning he could tell he was fine.

"Thanks for the save man..." Prompto grinned up at Noctis, face a little pale and sort of dizzy. "Think it'll scar, Noct?" He tried to keep his tone light, but there was still a waver to it. Those damned scorpions really were unsettling. Too alike the skrewts for comfort. He'd probably be sick if there was something in this world that was closer to them.

He was drawn from his thoughts when Noct's phone rang, cutting off whatever Noct was about to say to him. Prompto looked up at Noct as he spoke with the person on the other end. After Noct was done, he spoke up.

"So who was that?" Not too many would be calling them, right? When Noctis said it was Cindy with a request that they look for a Hunter by the name of Dave, he jumped up quickly. "Well then lets go!"

"Is your arm alright?" Noct gave him a pointed glance at the still mildly burning and very much still oozing-blood wound. Prompto looked back down at it himself.

"Uh yeah, right... er a potion ought ta fix it?" He wasn't sure if a potion would be able to fully heal it or even half heal it, but it would be enough to boost his own healing spell. When a potion was tossed at him, he didn't even pause before catching the object swiftly. He didn't even look to see what it was before catching it. When it registered in his brain he broke the vial over the injury and watched it begin slowly knitting back together.

As he thought, though, it wouldn't finish healing him on its' own. Prompto figured an episky would be enough and cast the basic healing spell, forgetting for a moment that the other two in the group hadn't actually known about his kind of magic. Once it was down to a still-healing-looking scar, Prompto looked up to see the guys staring at him with varying looks on their faces. "Uh, what? You've seen me heal myself plenty times before guys..." He was beginning to get nervous as the disbelief on Gladio's face was morphing into anger.

"Are you stupid? Catching that without looking to see what it was? What if something was attacking us!?" The roared words had Prompto blinking. So not angry at him? He took a closer look at their faces and saw the concern for him in each their expressions along with different things in each of them. Noct was impressed that he caught something flying at him without even seeming to look, Ignis was impressed that he not only caught it but didn't fumble or drop it, and Gladio was worried at the seeming lack of self preservation. It seemed like that little slip was going to pass unnoticed.

"But I know you guys would block anything dangerous 'cuz you have good instincts for sneak attacks. Plus it came from Ignis' direction." He trusted them to have his back if he weren't paying attention to his surroundings. That brought them up short. That Prompto trusted them so implicitly was kind of major, because they knew, to varying degrees, that he had trust issues. So to hear that he trusted them like that it was rather flattering. Noct knew because he'd told Noctis about it one day when they were hanging out down some back alley near an arcade in Insomnia. Ignis and Gladio figured it out by observing the little things he did around new people and in new areas.

The other three collectively decided to move on from this point and soon the group were headed for the 'shack' that Dave was supposed to be holed up in. Though, in Prompto's humble opinion, that was no shack, it was a full on barn for the size of it. All they found was a note and a poster for a Dualhorn that was rampaging around one of the three valleys nearby. Before they could really discuss anything, a pack of Voretooths showed up and they had to fight for their lives against the vicious mutt-like creatures. Honestly, what was up with this worlds monsters/wildlife? He kind of missed all the non-lethal things from Earth, even most of the magical deadly things.

On second thought, no. The Acromantulas, Dementors, god-forsaken Skrewts, and other such things could very well hang... but the non-deadly/aggressive ones were fine. Heck, even the dragons weren't really all that bad so long as you weren't trying to grab an egg from a nesting mother dragon. No, he wasn't bitter about the Tournament, not at all. Whatever gave you that idea?

Once finished, Gladio noticed, somehow, another more shack-like house further away. They decided to check it out. Another pack of Voretooths was hanging around and Ignis suggested a plan of attack. Noctis warped up to the windmill on the other side of the building and warp-striked one of the beasts which was the signal for the others to attack. They were able to finish them off in short order, with no serious injuries incurred.


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