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Prompto snuggled into the warm body next to him, content in a way that he never thought possible. Then his brain caught up with him and he shot out of bed, heart beating rapidly as he panicked about the fact that he was cuddling someone after a Heat cycle. He'd had wards up to keep people from finding him! How was there a person here? He hadn't even informed Cindy that he was there, just rented the camper and surrounded himself in wards to wait out this cycle like he used to do with his place when they were in Insomnia.

A very familiar groan from the bed drew Prompto from further panic and his head whipped up and over to see dark hair shifting as its' owner woke from the sudden movements of him jumping from the bed. Prompto's eyes widened further as Noctis was revealed, sitting up and looking for him sleepily. Hope welled up in his gut along with so many more things that were fighting for dominance.

While on the one hand he was feeling ecstatic* that it was Noct and not a random guy, he was also worried and feeling guilt and did Noct know the consequences? Would Noct accept that they were mates now and Noct had so much power over him that he could break him if he rejected this? Why was Noct even here?

"Calm down Prompto. Breathe. Are you feeling better now?" And Noct was there, grabbing his arms gently and anchoring him to the present. Prompto gasped in air, not realizing he had been holding his breath. "That's it. Deep breaths..Now, what brought on the panic attack?"

There was a teasing lilt to Noct's voice, but he heard the genuine concern. He had to come clean about this to Noct. But first...

"Noct... did we... sleep together... like have sex?" His body certainly felt like it. There was a dull ache that was making itself known now that he'd woken up and had his freak out. Noct's face said it all. "Okay... okay... Well... That's..." He ran a frustrated hand through his hair, noting that he was quite naked still, not even a wristband to hide his barcode. Prompto grimaced slightly and lowered that arm, trying to subtly hide it from view.

"So, there's something you need to know about me then..." Prompto summoned up all his Gryffindor bravado to look Noctis in the eye. "My feline form is... special... I got exposed to something when I was a kid, but instead of infecting me like it should have, my feline form absorbed it and became a nekomata, or bakeneko... Which also affects me."

He paused here, letting Noct process what he had told him. When Noct nodded, Prompto continued. "Most of it doesn't really affect my daily life. I mean I get super-sharp vision, better-than-average night vision, and am better about landing on my feet, but the main thing that it affects is... 'I-go-into-a-heat-and-need-to-mate-with-someone'." He finished in a rush of words, face going red.

"Wait, hold on... what?" Noct looked lost, not yet fully awake to translate the rush of words. "Could you slow down and repeat that?" Prompto felt the heat rising and knew he must resemble a tomato or something.

"I go into a 'Heat' cycle kind of like a feline...and I need to mate. Normally, the cycle only lasts a couple of days, maybe three, and I'm back to normal... I can't mate with just anyone though, since my Nekomata form mates for life... I... that is... we're mated now. I can't be with anyone else..." He hunched slightly in on himself, almost expecting a rejection.

Noctis's eyes widened in comprehension. He had slept with Prompto willingly, though Prompto hadn't really been in any state to reject him, had been begging for him at points in the last two days since he'd driven to Hammerhead. He'd followed the feel of Prompto's magic and found him flushed and wanting him and he hadn't paused to think that Prompto wasn't fully in control of his actions or aware of his surroundings.

"Prompto... I..." His halting words made Prompto shrink in on himself further. He took a second to think of why that might be. "I wanted to sleep with you. I don't regret that for one second! What I do regret is that you weren't exactly in the right state of mind to be consenting." Prompto's head jerked upward at that. Violet-blue orbs were wide with a budding hope. "If we're mates, then that is more than alright with me. So long as YOU are okay with me?" He ended in a questioning tone.

Prompto's head bobbed up and down so quickly that he made himself dizzy. After that passed Prompto beamed at Noct, the love he felt for the other radiating outwards.

"I'm more than okay with it being you!" He admitted a little too enthusiastically. Noct's eyebrow rose. He blushed but decided to explain. "I'm in love with you... have been since we were kids..." He admitted, looking down shyly.

The confession shocked Noct for a few moments. He reached out and cupped Prompto's face, shifting it so they could lock gazes. He smiled and leaned in to kiss the other. There was something special about this kiss, as both of them were far more aware than they had been in two days. Noct didn't know with 100% certainty if he felt the same, but he cared for Prompto more than he thought possible. Rather than admitting it though, since he did love Prompto even if he wasn't, in love, with him, Noct asked a question.

"What does being mates with you entail anyway? I get the sleeping together and that it's like being married... but is there more to it?" He didn't feel any different, but it could be that he just couldn't sense it yet.

"Honestly? I don't know. It had never really been an issue before, so I didn't really look into the mating habits of nekomata when I had access to the books on magical creatures. I only looked up information pertaining to unlocking the Animagus form." He looked sheepish. "I should have known though, that with my luck there'd be nothing 'normal' about the animagus form I would have. Then there is the fact that I have two forms. Normally a witch or wizard only has one, and normally they aren't a magical creature. In my case not only am I the rare case of two forms, but both are in fact Magical Creatures."

"I'm okay with you being unique." The words came out without conscious thought. He didn't take them back though. If Prompto had been 'normal' then he either wouldn't have been a part of his life, or Prompto wouldn't have even reincarnated (or he would but he wouldn't remember his past life...).

The words sent a rush of warm affection through Prompto, along with a stirring of arousal. He boldly leaned forward and initiated a kiss, which Noct quickly took over and dominated. Before they could get into anything more than the heavy make-out session, they were interrupted by a knock at the door.

The two broke apart just as Ignis' voice reached them. Prompto promptly blushed a deep red as Ignis' words implied that they, or at least he, knew what the two had gotten up to while they were barricaded within the camper. Luckily, the man didn't sound bothered by the step their relationship had taken, merely exasperated? or something. He mentioned them getting food and it drew Prompto's attention to the fact that he, and by extension Noct, hadn't eaten in at least two days.

"We should probably go get some food Noct... after cleaning up a bit?" Prompto's face was still rather red, darkening as he fully took in their current states. Two days of a heat cycle in which they had many rounds (not that he remembered it nearly as clearly as he wished, regardless of how the thought made him blush) meant they reeked of sex and sweat. They both definitely needed showers. Or you know, cleaning charms, but a shower would feel so much better on their muscles.

He willfully ignored the voice in his head, sounding suspiciously like Luna [Lovegood] of all people, that stated he wished to see Noct's body glistening with water, in her usual dream-like tone of voice. While very true, he really did want to clean up and grab some food. He was so hungry! He could eat a hippogriff. Probably almost literally.

Noct seemed to agree and so the two hopped into the shower, after Prompto used his new wand [which made his 'old world' spells so much easier to cast now] to expand the shower a little to fit both of them. When he said that the old world spells were finicky, he mostly meant that he was having mixed results from trying to wandlessly use magic which wasn't possible with this world's brand or type of magic. Now that he had a wand that was made from materials native to this world, thus in tune with the magic of this world, there was a sort of balance between his old magic and the magic he got from his connection to Noctis... the non-romantic connection.

Though now that they had the connection of being mates, he didn't know what, or even if, there would be changes to any of his magic. The two languidly washed, currently not feeling a pressing need for deep intimacy. They just touched and explored tentatively and gently. Familiarizing themselves with the new dynamic of their relationship. It felt entirely too natural, them together.

Prompto's stomach decided to remind him of its' current state of emptiness, and the two got back to actually washing up. Prompto then cast freshening charms on the camper, at least, to remove the heady scent of sex and sweat. They dried off and changed into clean clothes then exited to find Ignis setting plates of food on the tables just outside of the camper they'd been holed up in. Prompto blushed as Ignis scanned them both carefully, knowing that the Advisor would be able to figure out what had happened at least slightly.

Noct, seemingly sensing Prompto's discomfort or embarrassment, shifted slightly forward and in front of Prompto, effectively shielding the slighter male and drawing Ignis' attention. The look on Noct's face dared Ignis to say something against his choice. Ignis, recognizing the look, sighed and backed down.

He'd known of Prompto's feelings for Noctis, had known that the upcoming wedding of Noct and Lady Lunafreya was hurting Prompto, but he hadn't even thought that Noct would reciprocate the affections. Noct had never seemed overly interested in anyone other than Prompto, then Lady Lunafreya after the daemon attack and his visit to Tenebrae, and perhaps Iris, but he knew Noct only saw Iris as a possible friend and the sister of his Shield Gladio. The way Noct spoke of Lunafreya, of wanting to visit her again, he'd thought Noct to be smitten with the young Oracle.

Though in hindsight, it was not all surprising that Noct would fall for Prompto, maybe without even realizing it himself. Until something made him realize it. It was clear, from the still visible marks peeking out of Prompto's shirt collar to the protective stance Noct was taking, that this was indeed serious.

"I see that you two have decided to come out..." He left out any negative or reprimanding disapproval from his tone. "So I have brought some food, as it has been two and a half days that you've been in there." Finished his piece, Ignis turned back to Taka's. "So long as you two are happy, I won't say anything. Just remember, Noct, you are the last of your line. There will be those demanding or expecting an heir to continue the Lucis Caelum line."

The two young lovers understood that perfectly without Ignis pointing it out. It was the same in the Wizarding World. People had been expecting Harry to settle down, once he'd vanquished Voldemort for them again, with a Light witch and father some heirs to continue his family lines. Probably many thought Ginny Weasley would be the lucky 'next-Lady-Potter', but heck to the no. She was an obsessive fangirl that had a set mold for how he was supposed to be that was built up by stories of his supposed heroic deeds just like the rest of the Wizarding World had.

Thing was, he wasn't. He wasn't a hero, like his parents that fought Voldemort willingly and knowingly risking their lives. Protecting their child with their very lives in willing sacrifice. He wouldn't leave someone to die if he could help them, but he didn't go out of his way to save people. He protected what was his. Whether that be possessions, now that he was finally able to own things that would belong only to him, or people, friends, now that there was no Dudley to chase away anyone that might want to talk to 'the freak'.

Noct knew some of what Prompto was thinking about, as he had explained the nobility and blood-status-obsessed-bigotry of the Wizarding World. How he had been the Heir, technically the Head in the last year of his life in that world, of two Families for sure, possibly eligible for more Lordships for other houses as well. That it would be expected of him, then to marry a witch of 'good stock', aka a Light Witch, and father enough children to divvy up the titles so that those family names wouldn't be lost.

It was honestly a horrible system or society. While Noct hated the idea that Prompto had DIED to save people that had turned against him on more than a few occasions, that he had so little to make him want to return to that world, he was glad that Prompto had chosen to be reborn or move on or whatever it was. If he hadn't, then Noctis would have never met him. He wouldn't change that outcome for the world. The only thing he wished was that Prompto would have had a better start at life than he did this time around.

The two ate in relative silence. It wasn't an uncomfortable one, but it was at least a slightly heavy one. Ignis and Gladio watched the two from inside the diner. Gladio didn't have anything against two guys, or two girls, being together... but when one of them was a Prince who would be expected to get a wife and have a child to carry on his line, then things got a little well... tricky to say the least.

"We need to head for Lestallum still Iggy." Gladio spoke up, while still watching Noct and Prompto. Beside him Ignis sighed.

"Yes, I am aware. Let them eat first. We'll head out as soon as they are finished." The two definitely needed the food, as neither had left the camper in the entire time they had been in there and it was doubtful they had been eating properly, if at all, in that time.

Eventually, the two finished eating, Prompto somehow managing to get Noct to eat most of the vegetables, though not all. Prompto would then eat whichever Noctis left on his plate. From the angle, Ignis couldn't see the expression Prompto was wearing as Noct conceded to eat at least a good portion of vegetables. It was a 'puppy-eyes-look-of-doom' mixed with 'adorable-abandoned-kitten-sad-face' that made Noct blush ever so slightly. Ignis and Gladio headed out then.

"We really must be off now, Noct, Prompto. Iris has been waiting for us in Lestallum for two days now." The reminder got the two youngest members of the group to groan slightly and get up. The dishes they'd used were stacked neatly by Prompto who then brought the lot of them into the diner to give to Taka. There was an employee for doing the dishes, but the way to the back was blocked to all but Employees*, so dishes were either left at tables or brought to the front counter.

"Thanks for the food, I was starving!" Prompto enthusiastically thanked the man that ran the diner. "Sorry about how many there are... I'd help if I could..." He trailed off and Taka insisted it was fine, as it gave his employee something to do (the diner was currently not too busy). Prompto nodded, though still feeling a little bad not to be helping clean up his mess (thank you Dursleys for that personality trait of his). "Well, we'd best be off. Uh, the camper's cleaned up and all too."

He was rather embarrassed to bring it up, but felt he should so that there were no issues of there being a need for someone to clean it or for anyone renting it there wouldn't be any 'surprises' left behind. He made sure to erase all traces of what he and Noct got up to in there, from scent to everything else really.

The four guys climbed into the Regalia, Ignis behind the wheel, Prompto front passenger, Noct behind Ignis, and Gladio behind Prompto, heading back through Leide and into Duscae. They ran a few little errands for people along the way, which delayed them only for a day to Gladio's frustration. Then they were pulling in to Lestallum and parking down in the lower level parking space.

As always when they returned, Lestallum was far too warm for the Insomnia-born/raised group. Gladio was doing the best with the heat because of not wearing a shirt under his leather jacket. The four made their way to the Leville, unaware of just what was in store for them.

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