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Chapter 3: the harem awakens

your sat in the middle if weiss blake Ruby and yang as you are sleeping there with hopes that these girls won't do anything to you*

(y/n):"so what's up weiss you seem angry"

Weiss:"hmm oh no I'm just deep in thought cutie"

Yang:"hmmmm ooo truth or dare!"

the 4 girls smile and look at you waiting for a yes*

(y/n):"fine fine but don't go over board OK?"

Blake:"no promises" *blake sits down as you and the girls sit in a circle*

Yang:"weiss truth or dare"

Weiss:"hmm truth"

Yang:"is it true you're uptight"

Weisa:"no!" *crosses arms*

(y/n) :"we that'd a solid yes"

Blake:"OK (y/n) truth or dare"

(y/n) :"hmm OK dare"

Blake:"I dare you to kiss Ruby"

Ruby* as soon as she hears those words she pounces on you and slams lips onto yours*

(y/n):"mmm..." *2 minutes into the kiss you decided to spice things up as you slyly play with ruby's tongue with yours whilst you explored her mouth you can hear whispers and giggles coming from the other girls you slowly pull away leaving a saliva trail between your lips and hers*

Blake:"awwwwww I should of said me"

Ruby:"... Wow hehe"*gets off of (y/n) and winks at you*

Yang:"lil sis your seem to me excited"


(y/n) :"that was fun" *stretches and yawns*

Weiss:"(y/n) truth or dare!"

(y/n):"dare please weiss"

Weiss:"I dare you to sleep with me tonight"

(y/n):"sure at least I'm away from blonde here" *walks to weisses bed and lays down*

Yang:"oh you love me really handsome"

Weiss: * smiles as she lays with you and cuddles up with you she instantly falls asleep not before mumbling*"I'll win you from this harem..."

you fall asleep wondering what will happen tomorrow maybe you'll bump into pancake lady*

(that was chapter 3 I hope these aren't boring also I plan on skipping emerald forest for my own custom arc called... You shall find out in chapter 4: family reunited cya there)