Here's a riddle, under the form of a poem. You have to guess who are the moon and sun!

PS: I am NOT born in May, so it is NOT my birthday.

And the first reviewer got the Moon wrong...

October 6th 2015

In this joyful day
And in this hour
As I will in May
Celebrate this one more year.

The Moon's sick and pale face is as white as snow
And only if the Sun lights it up will it glow
It does that for You, for You have a same foe
And as He warms them up winds of destiny blow

The past is the past and cannot be forgotten
And as for Your life it was painful, dark and mad
Now that luck shows itself it has to be taken
For only friendship now stops You from being so sad

If it is destiny that made You meet somehow
Will You follow Him or go on with the lie?
And if You give it up, where will He take You now
As You both stand equally high in the sky