Chapter 1

Danny's POV

I opened my eyes as I sat up in my bed. I stretched my arms as I let out a yawn and got up to do my morning routine. I got dressed, brushed my teeth and headed down stairs for my morning cereal. As I entered the kitchen, I saw my sister, Jaz, sitting at the table reading another one of her books

"Morning Danny," I noticed that she didn't even look up from her book.

"Morning Jaz," I reached up and grabbed my favorite cereal and a bowl and set it on the table. I went back and grabbed a spoon and the milk from the fridge. I happily made the cereal and ate it before cleaning my dish and putting everything away. "See ya at school, Jaz."

I was out the door before I even heard her reply. I smiled as I was greeted by my 2 best friends, Sam and Tucker. We were talking about small stuff when Sam and Tucker got into a heated argument about something stupid while we made our way to school. When it comes to friends, I don't like to take sides so I just listened to their discussion as I got a random feeling that I was being watched. I looked around trying to see if anyone was there but when I saw nothing, i shrugged it off and listened to the discussion yet again.

When we got to school the argument finally finished with Sam being the winner. We entered the building still talking but making several stops to each of our lockers. We stood at my locker having a great time even after Dash pushing me into my locker. Having Sam and Tucker by my side really makes me happy. I'm lucky to have these two as friends. The bell rang and we had to split to our different classes. As the hall started to get emptier, I felt like I was being watched again. I looked around but I couldn't tell by the students that were rushing to class. I shrugged it off again and went to my class.

The bell just rang for school to get out and everyone is rushing to get out of the building to do their own thing. I smiled as I saw Sam and Tucker standing outside on the stairs waiting for me.

"How about we hang out at the park today?" I agreed with Sam's idea while Tucker still wanted to go to the nasty burger. Sam being Sam, she lead us straight to the park. We were just talking while we sat on a hill but I got a very bad feeling and that I was being watched again. I decided to ask them this time.

"Sam, Tuck, do you guys feel like we're being watched?" I looked around then to look at them. I saw concerned looks on their faces

"I thought it was just me." Tucker looked over to Sam that seemed to ask if she felt it to. My bad feeling worsened when I saw her nod her head. I looked around again and saw nothing yet again.

"I don't like this. Come on. Let's get to my parent's lab. Maybe we can find something that could help us." I stood with them following my example. I lead them straight out of the park. If there weren't people around, I would have transformed and fly us to my house. Right when I left the park's gate, I got caught in a net.

"Danny!" I heard my friends call out for me but that's when the pain came. Electricity shot through me sending waved of pain throughout my body just leaving me screaming out and getting weaker by the second. I heard struggling before everything went black.

I felt a cold, hard surface under my back. I forced my heavy eyelids to open to allow me to see only to shut them again when I saw a blinding light above me. I pulled my hand in front of my face as I opened my eyes again. My eyes quickly adjusted to the harsh light that was above my head. I sat up and saw bars that went up to the tall ceiling. I took note that each bar softly glowed green indicating to me that they were ghost proof so I couldn't phase through the bars. As I looked around some more, I saw a horrible sight. All of my friends and family were chained to the wall, beaten and bloody.

"Mom! Dad! Jazz, Sam, Tucker!" I called out to them to get no reply from anyone of them. I felt tears prick my eyes as I continued to stare at the sight in front of me. I soon heard a door open behind me. I looked back to see a man in a white lab coat with a black suit on under it, walking in with what looks like a collar in his hands. This collar didn't look like your average dog or cat collar but was made out of metal and other small electronics. I felt fear rise up my throat but I pushed it down. "Who are you and what do you plan to do with them?!"

A/N: Hiya! Exciting first chapter huh? =3 Well, I thought up of my own Danny Phantom X Teen Titans crossover fanfic. I hope you enjoyed this so far. This is where phantom planet never happened so no one but Jazz, Sam and Tucker know about his powers.