Matthew already regretted his decision to go to a party that night.

But it was too late to turn back, because he was right outside the dorm it was being held in, Gilbert at his side.

"Yo, Matt, let's go in now. I'm gonna make this an awesome night for sure. And you'll probably get to see your little crush there too~" Gilbert teased and winked at Matthew, earning him an eye roll and playful glare.

"Don't call him my 'little crush' Gil, I barely know the guy. He just seems like a cool person."

Gilbert responded back with a singsong 'whatever you say', earning him yet another eye roll, courtesy of the, currently, world's most annoyed Canadian.

As they entered the place, Matthew noticed there was already a mass of people inside, causing him to let out an audible sigh, and Gilbert an audible 'whoop' of excitement. It was obvious how different the two felt about parties, especially as Gilbert gave a small wave at Matthew before heading straight to where the alcohol was located. Matthew intended to avoid that area, preferring not to get drunk that night. He was a lightweight, he had found out thanks to Gilbert, and was barely legal. He opted to keeping his composure and trying his best to have somewhat of a good time.

However, moments later Gilbert was right in front of Matthew again. In his hands, he held not one, but two cups of what was probably beer, but Matthew wasn't quite sure. Before he could say anything, one cup was thrust into his hand, and Gilbert was gone again in the blink of an eye. He should've known Gilbert would never let him go to a party and not have any alcohol.

As Gilbert so often said, "You need live a little more, have some fun!", and apparently alcohol supposedly was part of "living a little more".

Matthew sighed, and set the cup on a table, intending on leaving it there and not bothering with it. Though, a moment later, he looked back at it, and then to the crowd. The cup, the crowd. If anything, the alcohol would help him get through the night without incident. Crowds were never his forte, and the cup looked incredibly enticing at that moment. He hesitantly picked up the cup, and took a sip. He already regretted his decision. Shaking his head, he made a mental note to only drink a little bit, not enough to even get him tipsy.

At least, that's what he had planned.

Three hours passed by, and Matthew was more than a little tipsy. He had a bit of trouble walking straight, and had his eyes locked on a guy who was flirting with some girl he didn't recognize with a strange smile. Not surprisingly, the "guy" was Alfred, the boy Matthew seemed infatuated with. A couple times, his drunk self almost went over and started flirting with him himself, but he still had some common sense, and scolded himself each time the thoughts danced around his head. But, stupidly, Matthew drank more, and that part of his mind still thinking clearly and stopping him from doing idiotic things... was no longer thinking clearly.

At this point, Matthew walked-more like stumbled-over to Alfred, and flashed him a lopsided smile. He started off with drunken small talk, which turned into some sort of flirting. Matthew was not someone who was particularly knowledgeable in the art of flirting in the first place, and attempting to flirt while drunk was not the brightest idea. Despite this, fortunately or unfortunately, Alfred was also rather drunk, and didn't see how truly bad the flirting attempts were. Stumbling and laughing, the two locked arms in a position that surely wasn't comfortable, and tried their luck at dancing together.

Though the music playing was some upbeat pop music, the closest thing that anyone could compare the dance to would be a waltz of sorts. It wasn't a slow waltz danced by two people in love however, it was a too fast, messy waltz danced by two boys who barely knew each other. Yet, it'd be something stuck in Matthew's memory forever. Even the alcohol couldn't completely rid him of what he had done.

The 'waltz' didn't last long, as it was past 2 AM, and Gilbert knew he would have to drag Matthew back to their dorm at some point. A drunk Matthew wasn't too hard to get to do what you wanted, but he was quite hard to deal with. He was giggly, loud, and far from shy unlike normal. He spoke loudly, held no fear of being embarrassed, and could be compared to a sober Gilbert.

Gilbert knew he'd end up having trouble getting Matthew to sleep when they did get back, that was for sure. He was simply lucky that he himself had a high tolerance to alcohol, and hadn't managed to get himself drunk this time. Things would not have gone as smoothly if he had.

He sighed as he practically carried Matthew out, making the short trek to their own dorm as Matthew let out whines in protest, yet laughing at the same time.

Matthew really was interesting when he was drunk.

Matthew woke up with a pounding head, and the light seemed impossibly bright. He didn't know what time it was, but he really didn't want to go to work that day. He fumbled around for his phone, figuring it would be around him somewhere. After patting himself and his bed down multiple times, he realized that it was nowhere to be found. That gave him two options: One, his phone was somewhere else in the room and he'd be forced to get up, or two, he left his phone at that party the previous night

Leaving it at the party was likely disastrous, but he took the time to wonder what exactly had happened there. He remembered making the grave mistake of drinking too much alcohol, but things after that were just... blurry. He scrunched up his face in concentration, and managed the make the connection between a few events.

There was the attempted flirting, then there was... oh. Oh.

It wasn't much, but he could remember enough. The 'waltz', the drunken laughter, the near kisses. And all with a boy he barely knew.

Matthew buried himself deeper under his blanket. If the hangover didn't kill him, the embarrassment surely would. At that point, he really did hope he didn't have to face the other again. He'd change shifts at work if needed.

Turns out, life had different plans for him.

After venturing out from the safety of his bed, Matthew had asked Gilbert, who was luckily in their room, if he could borrow his phone. Gilbert gave a nod, and allowed Matthew use of the phone. He proceeded to call in sick for work, which gave him the rest of the day to spend in the bathroom, willing his migraine away.

Luckily(?) for him, the majority of the day went just like so. That was, until there was a knock at the door. At the time he heard the sound, Matthew was somewhat better than he had been in the morning, so he didn't have much of a problem opening the door. He just hoped he wouldn't have a very long conversation with whoever it was.

Though, the moment he opened the door, his face turned more than a few shades of red and Matthew almost considered shutting the door.

"Hey dude, Alfred F. Jones, remember me?"

Matthew took one look at the person in front of him and considered closing the door. He mentally scolded himself; he wasn't one to be rude; and concluded that there was a chance that Alfred hadn't been able to recall any of last night's events.

At some point during his contemplation, he came to the realization that he had been staring at Alfred during his thinking. He quickly cleared his throat, looking away.

"Er, I do. Do remember you I mean. Why exactly are you here though...? And how did you know where my dorm was?"

"Well, I'm friends with this French guy, who's friends with Gilbert, who's your roommate so... I just asked Francis. But anyways, I'm here 'cause you left your phone at that party last night! You're lucky I'm the one who found it by the way." Alfred grinned and pulled a phone out of his pocket, which Matthew recognized instantly because of the maple leaf on the case.

"Oh, uhm, thank you." He took the phone from Alfred's hands, "Sorry you had to come all the way here to return it."

"What're you, Canadian or something? No need to say sorry, it was no problem." Alfred obviously meant it as a joke, as he accompanied it with a short laugh.

"Well... yes, actually. I am Canadian." Matthew sheepishly smiled at the other blonde.

"Oh..." Alfred rubbed the nape of his neck, "well hey dude, that's pretty cool! Anyways, I should probably be on my way. 'Till I waltz again with you~" he sang the short verse slightly off key, laughing slightly. "Though maybe next time, it'll be when we're both sober."

And with that, he disappeared from sight, leaving a blushing and flustered Matthew standing at the door. Matthew shook his head and closed the door, before throwing himself onto his bed and falling asleep.