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Chapter 6: Lucky Day

Hermione and Theo exited the lift to find the eighth year common room empty. Just as he was about to ask to walk her to her room, they heard the ding of the other lift and turned their heads to see who it was.

"Harry!" Hermione exclaimed quickly walking to him. She grabbed him by the arm and whispered, "We need to talk."

Puzzled he said, "Okay…"

Theo wore a smug smile as Hermione was about to make an excuse. "You don't need to explain," he smirked. "Girl talk, right?"

"Girl talk!" Harry scoffed, though he knew it was true.

She smiled and nodded, despite Harry's offense. "Thanks for understanding. See you tomorrow?"

"Are we still on for breakfast? My table?" he asked.

Harry's green eyes grew wide at the exchange. He cast a judging, yet playful look in Hermione's direction.

She didn't notice as her eyes were transfixed on Theo's. "I...um," she stalled looking to Harry for some guidance. The look on his face said, Don't ask me. You're a grown ass woman and can figure this out yourself, followed by a half-smile. Her best friend was no help, and she replied, "Sure. I have to talk to Blaise about things tomorrow."

Theo closed the gap between himself and Hermione, even though her arm was still looped into Harry's. "Well, if 'head girl duties' is the excuse you want to make to sit next to me, I'll take it."

Harry struggled to release his arm from Hermione's grip, took a step back, and snickered.

Slipping under his spell once more, she muttered, "Theo…"


"Harry." He waved and announced himself, reminding the two of his presence. "As much as I enjoy being a third wheel...I'm gonna go."

Suddenly, she snapped back to her senses. Blushing, she said, "Um, yes. Right. I have to go...with Harry. Good night."

Theo put his hands in his pockets and shrugged. "Good night, Princess," he said cheekily. "You too, Potter."

The bespectacled young man shook his head and led Hermione away. "Oh, Mines. You're in trouble."


The two best friends laid next to each other on her bed staring at the ceiling. While on the run, they spent many nights in a shared bed, up late, talking until they finally succumbed to sleep. What started as a means for warmth, necessary for survival, became their comfort in a world of chaos. While many would question two teenagers of the opposite sex sharing a bed, it was beyond platonic—it was fraternal. Though, they would be lying if they said they never accidentally grazed each other's … parts. Accidentally, of course.

As Hermione recounted the night's events and the previous encounters with Draco as well, nothing made sense. She rambled on about how uncharacteristic they were, at the same time, she enjoyed this new side to them. "What is happening to my life?" she asked.

Seeing a woman who had taken down Death Eaters, suffer torture at the hands of a madwoman, and nearly die in battle, utterly distraught and perplexed by two blokes fancying her, Harry couldn't hold back and roared with laughter. "Look who's The Chosen One now. Oh, Hermione. We vanquish a Dark Lord, throw some Death Eaters in prison, and all of a sudden the purebloods boys think they have the green light to get in your knickers."

"Arse." She swatted him with her pillow. "This is serious, Harry. I keep telling myself I'm not ready for a boyfriend. That would be the wise decision considering post traumatic stress—"


"But the truth is, having someone to heal with doesn't sound so bad…" She trailed and turned on her side to face Harry. "Having Ginny makes things easier, doesn't it? Not just the physical stuff, but the talking and not talking, right?"

He squeezed her arm comfortingly. "Hey, the physical stuff is just as important to the healing process, and I don't just mean snogging and sex. But things like this. Well, more than this. But, quiet moments. Hugging, holding hands—" Harry beamed the way Ginny affected him. "—Being with her makes me feel less crazy. She grounds me."

Hermione smiled at this. She'd been working on getting the two of them together for years and couldn't be happier that they were making it, even after the war. "So you think I should take my guard down?"

"That's your decision. Though I can say, they do seem genuine. Malfoy is not the same person since he admitted things to you. I can't believe I'm saying this, but he seems nice." Harry almost shudders. "Nott. I like him. I mean, he's easy enough to get along with. He's funny. Smart too. Slytherin to the core, but that's not a bad thing. Means he's not a quitter."

"No need to remind me. It's so confusing. I like them both. That sounds so selfish. I like them for different reasons. Theo ticks everything off on the checklist, and he has this way of making me unable to think or speak. He knows how to challenge me, but not in a condescending way. Do you know what I mean?" Harry smirks in response. She sighs and continued. "With Draco, things just make so much sense now. With him, there's this undeniable connection. Even if our history isn't all great. It's just—"

"You two have chemistry. Before, it was animosity, playground bullying, sexual tension, whatever you want to call it." He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes, evidently growing tired. "Look, Hermione. You're about to be nineteen. You're not picking out the man you're going to marry. Go on dates. Let them spend all their galleons on you. When you feel like you have a stronger connection with one over the other, then let them know who you want to be with or if you want to be with them at all."

"See, that makes sense in theory. You do realize I've been trying to beat it into their heads that I don't want a boyfriend and the minute I say otherwise, it's going to be a mess." Hermione rubbed her temples trying to figure this out.

"Sit up," he told her with a brotherly sense of annoyance. Harry sat behind her and started kneading her tense shoulders and neck. "You know, you could try not leading them on and do nothing."

"Or I could shag them both and stay with the one who's the better lay?" She half-joked.

"Merlin. That's a thought," he cringed. A loud yawn signaled it was time for him to head to his dorm. He hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder next to her ear. "You know, Ron and I think neither of those arseholes is good enough for you, but if one of them can make you happy, we'll be happy for you."

With his arms were wrapped around her waist, she crossed her arms over his and gave them a squeeze. "I love you, Harry. Thank you for always being there."

"Same." They broke their embrace, and he headed for the door. "Night," he whispered before closing the door behind him.


Theo managed to convince Hermione to join him for not only breakfast but lunch as well, though, it was still friendly. No official moves towards a coupling were evident. Yes, there were the odd grazes of fingers and flirtation, but nothing beyond that.

Missing from these meals had been Draco. He sat further down the table with the seventh years at breakfast, and at lunch, he ate quickly and practically ran out of the Great Hall. A little knot of regret formed in her chest and felt a twinge of guilt. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt, anyone. They were all recovering from the war and all the reasons why she didn't want to get involved with anyone, resurfaced. It didn't matter that she established boundaries for Draco and Theo, they pushed them, and she let them. Maybe it was time for her to put her foot down and stop playing with their hopes and stick to her platonic idealism.

Then her mind wandered back to Draco. Had he given up pursuing her? Did seeing her with Theo affect him that deeply? He already lost so much and what was she doing to him now? Though she didn't want to admit it, she enjoyed his attention and their newfound friendship. There was so much more about him she wanted to discover. If she hurt him, she couldn't live with that. In a few hours time, they would have no choice but to confront each other during potions tutoring session.


Draco was quiet while preparing their ingredients for the mystery potion Slughorn had given them. It was quite difficult, and neither of them recognized it. Their professor decided to challenge them, knowing if anyone could master this, it would be these two. Every time Draco tried to speak about his feelings, he just couldn't do it. They continued to chat in French, but the topic of conversation stayed focused on the task at hand. When they finished adding the ingredients, allowing the potion to brew, Hermione asked, in English, "Draco, what's wrong?"

He swallowed hard. His throat was dry, and palms were sweaty. "Do you like Theo? Are you official?"

Hermione massaged her temples preparing herself for yet another conversation with a boy who fancied her. Exasperated, she said, "All I wanted was a normal school year. I should have known teenage drama would have been considered normal." The young man before her, looked on edge, eager to hear her answer. "No. I mean yes. I mean... no, we're not an official couple, but I do like him. It's just—"

Draco was about to open his mouth and profess his feelings and hopefully squash any feelings she had for Theo, but their teacher re-entered the room.

Slughorn stirred the contents of the cauldron, and the widest grin grew on his face. "Congratulations, Miss Granger. You will be joining Mister Malfoy in the international potions apprenticeship. The two of you just brewed a perfect batch of Felix Felicis. Now let me—"

"Felix Felicis!" Draco exclaimed. He snatched the ladle out of his professor's hand and took a big gulp.

"Mister Malfoy! You—"

He felt a shiver run through his body and let the potion's effects take hold. "Hermione. I'm sorry I've been avoiding you all day. It's just— I need to tell you something. Something that wasn't in the letter."

Hermione was still in shock from the fact he probably drank two dosages of the elixir but nodded to have him continue.

With an exhalation of breath, he steadied himself. "Believe it or not, I've been in love with you since the first day I saw you." He noticed her wince at the thought, "Yes when we were eleven. You with your manic bushy hair and big teeth and me with my mother's spit keeping my fringe in place. I followed you on our first train ride, but when I overheard you tell Longbottom you were a muggle-born, I was gutted. How could my first ever crush be someone I couldn't be with? So I acted like a total prick in school because I needed to convince myself to avoid you and push you away."

He took a step closer to her and took one of her hands in his. His free hand brushed the side of her face. The frenzied rate the words at which he spoke, slowed. With sincerity and remorse, he continued, "But you grew more clever, intelligent, beautiful, kind, forgiving, all of these things I don't deserve. Back during Easter... You know I wanted to help you, don't you? My mother put me under the Imperius. I'm so so so sorry. Then you spoke at my trial. How could you defend me? How is your heart so...so—big? So...pure?"

His head dipped down, eyes drawn to her petite hand in his quidditch-calloused one. The pads of his thumb unconsciously rubbing against her soft skin. Almost regretting even opening his mouth, he continued rambling knowing it would be better just to lay it all out as Blaise said. "I know you don't forgive me and probably don't like me much and would rather be with Theo. Hell, I'd rather be with Theo. It'd be so much easier. His father will probably die in Azkaban, and his mother is gone, so he's free to follow his own path. He never called you names. It wasn't his house you almost died in. I don't deserve you, and probably never will. But you need to know—I'm in love with you."

Their professor stood there gobsmacked.

"Are you done?" she asked while in a state of bewilderment.

"Hermione. I—"

"Draco. I told both you and Theo I don't want a relationship. But then you're both, so…so…" Taking her hand out of his, she clapped her hands over her face and groaned out of frustration. She began pacing, trying to clear her head and comprehend this outrageous situation. "You with speaking French, the book and the flowers and Theo with the runes and building the athletic center."

"He's building a what?" Draco responded, in disbelief, that he was epically trumped.

Hermione continued her rambling. "What on earth do both of you see in me? I'm just me. This is all too much too fast, especially with me still trying to get over the past. The school year just started. You…with that letter. Him...telling me I 'inspire him to build a better legacy.' I—I just can't. My head says, stay focused, that you are both distractions. But my gut keeps telling me something else."

He takes a step forward, and asked, "What is your gut telling you?"

"Make mistakes. It's okay to be scared. Sometimes the wrong time is the right time."

He took another step. "Is that what we—I— would be to you? A mistake."


And another step. "And?"

"Dating isn't such a terrible idea … and …." Her features softened as he took the final step towards her. "Why do you smell so good?" she clapped her hand over her mouth, unable to believe what she just said. She was tempted to reach for her book to see if Liquid Luck had Veritaserum-like effects on those who came in contact with the user of Felix Felicis.

Draco's old swagger seemed to come back in full force under the effects of the potion. "Well, I'm wondering what your lips taste like. So has he kissed you?"

"No, he's respecting my wishes of us just staying friends."

"Oh," says in a way that he's not sure if he should be just as respectful, or if Theo is playing a game. If it's a case of the latter, he's ready to play, too.

"But I have thought about it. Kissing him...and you."

His eyebrow raised in curiosity and his usual smirk turned into a full-fledged grin. "Really?"


"Go on, boy. Kiss the girl," Slughorn insisted.

The two had completely forgotten their teacher was still there. They felt a bit violated that they he hadn't interrupted or excused himself from the situation. Instead, he was a voyeur.

Draco debated if he should kiss her or not, especially with old Sluggy eyeballing them. He wasn't sure this opportunity would come again, so just went with it and bent down and placed a soft, chaste kiss on her lips. Electricity coursed through their veins, the years of tension finally giving way to meaning. They looked at each other with wide, longing eyes knowing they wanted more. Their lips were about to meet once more when Draco asked, "What about Theo?"

"Uh...Theo. Right..."


"I have a date with him on Saturday morning. We're going to play tennis with my parents."

"You're going to introduce him to your parents?!"

"I can't just cancel. It's my parents. They made reservations. I've already explained to them that we're just school mates and we don't have a tennis court. They know he's not my boyfriend."

"But what if they like him? What if they don't want to meet me after that? This is terrible! What kind of liquid luck is this, Professor?"

"My dear boy, it can't change prior arrangements. It gave you luck with your endeavors today, did it not?" He asked.

"Well, yes…"

"So ask her something else."

Hermione looked puzzled at their professor's suggestion, but it clicked instantly with him. "Hermione, may I accompany you and Theodore this Saturday?"

"Yes, of course," the words spilling out of her mouth before she had the opportunity to object. But she scrunched her face as her she knew it was a terrible idea.

"Excellent. Hermione, now that our study session is over, can I hold your hand and walk you to dinner. Also, will you do me the honor of sitting with me at the Slytherin Table for dinner as my date? And possibly more kissing?" He was really pushing his luck with the last one, but Felix was doing all the talking.

"I agree to all of the above," she bit her lip eagerly, hoping he would kiss her now. Though she wasn't sure if the response she gave him was due to their undeniable chemistry, the Felix, or that's what she genuinely wanted.

"Thank you, Professor," Draco winked as he took her hand and escorted her out of the classroom.


Walking into the Great Hall, hand-in-hand, may have made Draco and Hermione an official couple in the eyes of the rest of the school, but Theo still wasn't convinced. Draco seemed just a bit too giddy, and Hermione was a bit too complicit. His Slytherin instincts told him something was off. He just couldn't see how the girl he had spent almost the past twenty-four hours with could easily go from only wanting to be friends to holding hands and kissing Draco in the hallway. Whatever it was, he wasn't buying it. His teeth were on edge as he witnessed the exchange, making mental notes of everything, assessing the situation for foul play.

Blaise could see it all over Theo's face. He gripped his friend's shoulder and asked, "What are you thinking?"

"I think Draco did more than just tutor Hermione in potions," his brows furrowed as he explored his mental catalog of potions and their effects.

"You don't think he slipped her a love potion, do you?" Blaise was taken aback at Theo's assumption.

Nott shook his head, "I would love for that to be the easy answer, but he's smarter than to give her anything. I think he did something to himself; make himself more appealing. Confidence booster, relaxant, something like that."

"Oh, I could see that," Blaise said plainly. "And if that's the case?"

"This fight isn't over yet."

Hermione looked over at Theo and caught his eye. She looked guilty, and he took it as a good sign. "Theo?" She called to him.

"Yes?" he drawled, with the same confidence he exuded last night; showing her that this would not rattle or deter him.

Draco countered with his own smug smile.

She cast sideways glances at both boys and rolled her eyes. "Draco will be joining us for tennis on Saturday."

"Is he now?" Instead of seeing this as a threat, he smiled and took it as a welcome challenge. "I look forward to it."

The rest of dinner went by rather smoothly. Draco did his best not to appear too eager or clingy. It may have appeared that he had snagged the girl, but still wasn't entirely confident. The last thing he wanted was to seem too possessive and push her away.

After dinner, Hermione presented her hand first, and he was more than pleasantly surprised—he was downright relieved. He made a sideways glance at Potter and Ginny Weasley, and it appeared as though she was collecting a considerable sack of coins from her boyfriend. Draco couldn't help but chuckle. Potter bet on the wrong horse.

When they reached the eighth year compound, Theo was already sitting on one of the armchairs, in a cross, contemplative state. Hermione turned to Draco, "I need to talk to him."

Suddenly defensive, he asked, "Why?"


"Fine," he pouted. Hermione wasn't his yet. Not officially. One slick conversation with Theo, things could all fall apart. Draco stood patiently against a wall as he saw her take a seat next to his competition.

"Hey." She smiled hoping to salvage some of their newly formed friendship.

Theo rubbed the stubble on his chin and feigned a smile. "Hey."


"Yes, please go on. Tell me how just last night, we went to dinner, then went for a walk where you told me repeatedly that you don't want a boyfriend. Oh, and at breakfast and lunch we continue our game of cat and mouse, then you go to potions tutoring, and all of a sudden you and Malfoy are traipsing through the castle like the new golden couple. Explain." He was hurt.

Hermione's voice was shaky. She truly disliked this situation and didn't want to hurt anyone. "It just happened. Draco told me—everything. Things started to make sense—"

"Are you boyfriend and girlfriend now?" he asked plainly.

"Those words weren't uttered, exactly."

"Then you're not," a small glimmer of hope shone through. He turned to face her and noticed a loose curl covering her eye. He managed to smile, even if he wasn't up to it, and tucked her hair behind her ear. "Hermione, whatever happened today was impulse. Nothing substantial. When all is said and done, it's not going to work out, and I'll be here. Ready to give you what you deserve." He rose from seat leaving with the last word.

His words rang in her ears and wondered if he was right. Was this too impulsive?

Theo confronted Draco before heading up to his room, "I know you did something to her, and I'm going to find out."

"Just my lucky day, Theodore," he drawled his given name in a way that it almost felt like an insult.

From across the room, Blaise noticed what is going on and wondered if he might need to intervene.

Theo caught his friend's glance and shook his head, telling him no need. He took one last look at Hermione and left.

Draco made his way to Hermione and held out his hand, "Want to talk about it?"

Her better judgment told her just call this day done. No more hurting people she cared about. No more leading guys on, but something, she wasn't sure what, told her to give into Draco. "Sure. I have a decent bottle of red wine in my room. Want to chat there?"

He gulped, realizing she invited him to her dorm. Luck was still on his side.


Draco offered to open the bottle of wine as she seemed stressed and unnerved by whatever Theo said to her. If she was this upset, she had feelings for him, and that meant the battle wasn't over. He handed her a glass and said, "Cheers."

The two clinked their glasses and Hermione proceeded to gulp rather than elegantly sip. Draco raised his eyebrow but refilled her glass nonetheless.

Before sipping her replenished wine glass, she asked, "How are you feeling? Does the potion feel like it's wearing off?"

"I don't know. I still feel lucky," taking a seat next to her. "Though I feel guilty. I shouldn't have cornered you with all of that today. Especially when you told us to back off."

She sighed and swirled the wine playfully in her glass. Watching the legs drip down the sides of the glass had a calming effect on her. "I was blindsided for sure. But last night, Harry convinced me I should be more direct with my feelings and either date you two or stop leading you on."

"Did he now?"

"Well yes, but I wasn't expecting you to go all 'now or never.'" She smiled. "Seeing reckless bravery from a Slytherin was a bit of a turn on." The wine was already affecting her, she made the first move and kissed him gently.

Suddenly shy he asked, "You believe me right? Everything I said?"

"Yes. You know, you're cute when you're nervous," she smiled peering over her wine glass.

With a wink, he said, "I hoped you would think that I'm cute all the time." He hurriedly finished his last glass and placed it on the floor, just wanting his hands free. "I hope you know I meant every word."

She opted not to finish the second glass, picked up Draco's and put both on her desk. "I know you did." In the corner of her eye, she could see him nervously fidgeting waiting for her to return. The wine had a lovely calming effect, without the complete drunken feeling she gets from firewhisky. Taking her seat next to him, she entwined her fingers with his and placed his hands in her lap. Her touch instantly calmed him. "I'm not going to lie. I thought you had given up and was it made me sad that you wanted a romantic relationship or no relationship at all. I liked the way our friendship was developing."

Draco now felt like an arse for avoiding her all day. She wanted a relationship with him no matter what. Even if it was platonic. "I'm sorry. I was just—"


Ashamed of his behavior, he gave a humorless laugh, "Yes."

"I hate this about myself, but I find that cute, too." Her hands now free to roam, reached for his knee. "You know, my friend Harry…"

"Yes, the bane of my existence all up until he saved my life. Continue," he said before reaching over to kiss her neck.

"He's quite brilliant." Draco cast a skeptical look. She smacked him on the shoulder. "I mean it. But last night, he also said you and I have chemistry, and it's probably why we've been able to move beyond the past."


"And he made a very good point about healing emotional wounds. The physical side is just as important as talking. So, if you're up for it, I would like to heal the wounds of our past." She bit her bottom lip in the most inviting way.

Draco refused to play the part of the fool and crashed his lips upon hers. If she was willing, he was able. She parted her lips inviting him to do the same. Her tongue slipped into his mouth encouraging him to play along. They tasted the sweet wine that lingered in their mouths. She kissed him feverishly and eventually took control, coaxing him onto his back while she straddled him. Her hands roamed his body as her lips upon his proved her eagerness. He felt slightly out of his depth. Maybe he had his misconceptions that she was purely a bookworm; he expected their conversation to be longer and maybe a few stolen kisses, but Granger was an animal. Not that he minded. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. Guilt bubbled in his gut and wondered if it was just Felix helping him get lucky.

Hermione bit Draco's bottom lip and dragged her teeth seductively while a free hand loosened his tie. Next, she unbuttoned his shirt. Taking the hint, he made quick work of relieving her of her uniform top. Hermione's nimble fingers traced his defined chest and abdominal muscles. "God bless Quidditch." She muttered.

Draco didn't notice her lust-filled eyes as his were practically glued to her ivory lace covered, Mother-of-Merlin-they-are-juicier-than-I-thought, breasts. Awkwardly, he cupped one in each hand. "Boobs." Fuck! Did I say that out loud?

Hermione stifled a laugh. "Been a while?"

"Um, yeah." He said a bit embarrassed.

"Me too. Over a year." She had absolutely no reason to explain herself; words just tumbled out of her mouth. "It was the summer before the war really took hold. I thought that maybe if I could go back to a non-magical life, I could be safe and happy. I reconnected with a childhood friend, but I didn't love him. It was just sex."

"Sex?" He gulped. "Was he your first?"

She blushed and took his hand. "Do you really want the answer to that?"

"Please. I'll tell you my history in exchange."

"Viktor was my first." His eyes widened in surprise. "Davy was my third."

"Please don't tell me you slept with Potter or Weasley. For god's sake, please don't let it be Longbottom." He panicked.

"Hey, there is nothing wrong with them, but no. It was someone older. Please, Draco. Can we drop this? I'm almost nineteen, and I've slept with three people. And none of them were long term relationships. It's hardly shocking by teenage standards." She let down her hair and tousled her curls, letting them breathe.

"I'm sorry if I upset you. It's just... I'm a pureblood."

"I'm aware." She rolled her eyes wondering why he would bring this up now.

"No. I'm a pure blood. Sanctimonia Vincet Semper: Purity will always conquer. Toujours Pur: Always Pure." He tousled his hair nervously. "Purity isn't just about not marrying muggle-borns. It's about avoiding temptations that could result in us turning our backs on tradition. I mean, I've done just about everything else. Just not—"

She gasped in disbelief. "Draco, are you telling me what I think you're telling me?"

He nodded, suddenly chilly realizing they had been chatting, topless for a while now. "Do you want to put your shirt back on?"

Hermione took his hands in hers. "Look, I wasn't acting like this because of the Liquid Luck. I wanted to. But I'm not going to let your first time be this crazy rush of hormones. I don't want you to feel pressured. If you still hold onto your traditions and don't want —"

"Fuck tradition!" He blurted out realizing that he could lose all chance of having sex with Hermione Granger. "Tradition has gotten me nowhere. Honestly. I've already turned my back on it. I want to be with you."

Those gray eyes widened in the sweetest, puppy dog-like fashion. They were begging for affection. Hermione placed a sweet, chaste kiss on his lips. "I'm sorry, but this changes a lot of things. Not bad. It's just … I want your first time to be as special as mine was. And this," she presented the scene around them, "Isn't it."

"It would be memorable because it's you. And I've been fantasizing about you and me…" He cut himself off before he revealed too much.

A mischievous smile crept across her face already understanding his meaning. She couldn't help but notice how adorable, vulnerable, and eager he was. She struggled whether they should move forward, but thought it was best not to. "To be honest, this almost went too far, and I wouldn't want any regrets."

"Because of Theo?" His confidence waned.

"Because we barely know each other and I was acting completely on impulse. It wasn't fair for me to assume you were the kind of guy who...nevermind. I like you, and you like me, and we should slow things down." She stood and walked toward the hook where her dressing gown hung.

He tried to read between the lines and understand her meaning. He just said the first thing that came to his mind. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Hermione was in the middle of covering herself up when he asked. Merlin, could you be more adorable? She thought to herself. It took her a moment to process everything. "I'm so sorry I was so forward with you earlier. The wine was doing all the talking. I...can I take the night to think about it?" She asked, some sense coming back to her.

"So, I guess my luck ran out for the day? Damn. Should have asked you earlier," he laughed uncomfortably, slipping his shirt back on.

She gave him a little wink. "Maybe you should have."

I'm an idiot. A sad, virgin idiot. Things to add to the growing list of attributes I love about Hermione Granger: sex goddess and she pities the pathetic.

Then a rush of bravado came forth. As she was about to tie the dressing gown, he made an emboldened move. He quickly walked over to her and slipped his hand inside and around her waist. He pulled her close. His lips, ghosting hers, he growled, "Well, I'm going to ask you again in the morning, before I accompany you at breakfast at your table. And while you're pondering my request I'll remind you that I'm not completely inexperienced." His free hand made its way up her thigh and past her knickers. A slight yelp, followed by breathy moans escaped her lips. Their foreheads touched while eyes locked — his in focused determination, hers in searing want.

Draco was doing something Hermione didn't expect. He'd been forward with his courtship advancements. Maybe on some subconscious level, she wanted to see that translated sexually. This, someone else taking control—she wanted and needed.

I'm actually doing this. I'm fingering Hermione Granger. This is NOT a drill. DO NOT blow your load in your pants. YOU ARE EIGHTEEN for Merlin's sake. If you do that, she will never take your v-card.

As he continued his exploration, her writhing and guidance spurred him on. Even in this, her experience showed—the way she tilted her hips and instruction of where he should place his hands, and his pacing. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and how she wanted it. With any other girl, Draco would be intimidated. But this was Hermione. It should be expected that she would be knowledgeable in all subjects including sex. He hoisted her leg around his hip with his hand and clothing as a barrier between them. Their bodies ground against each other until he could feel her unraveling. Panting heavily, she collapsed on his chest. With a satisfied smile, he knew he had proven himself.

Her ability to stand unsupported was evident by the way she clung to his neck, so he walked them backward and sat her on the edge of the bed. He then fell to his knees, kissed her abdomen glistening with sweet sweat, and placed his head in her lap. He wanted to worship her. He wanted her praise. He wanted her.

Fingers gently ran through now floppy platinum tresses. She combed his hair back into place and gingerly raked her nails against his scalp. Coming down from the euphoria, she had to ask, "Are you bothered by the fact I have more experience?"

"No. Well, not anymore." He sat up on his knees and pulled her close, her legs straddling him once more. "I like that you know what you want and I hope you'll like some of the things I like, too."

She kissed him once more, savoring the moment. "I think I'd like that...boyfriend." At that point, Hermione felt like there was no reason to deny it. Tonight she didn't think. She felt. And it felt right. Yes, there was a long list of things they had in common and things they liked about each other, but at that moment, it didn't matter. Logic gave way to something stronger.


"You made a compelling argument," she smirked.

"So no more tennis with Theo?"

"I didn't say that." She saw the dejected look on his face. "Look. It is the last thing I have planned with him. I already owled my parents, and they're excited. And you should know, It's poor form to cancel plans with parents."

"Yeah, but—"

"I'll just send them another letter in the morning that you'll be joining us too. It won't even be a date. It will just be friends playing a game," Hermione reassured him.

"Oh, it'll be a game alright," he muttered.

Hermione just laughed it off. "You boys play nice. Alright, boyfriend, It's time for you to go. I need to head to the showers."

"Is that a command to leave or an invitation to join you in the bath?" He asked cheekily.

"Draco..." she laughed.

"Okay. I just keep pushing my luck. It's worked for me, today. What can I say?" He kissed her once more and slid his hands up her front, allowing himself one more memory before bedtime. Breathless, he said, "Good night, Beautiful."

"I'll walk you out."

They took a total of ten steps to her door and said their farewells.

After the door had closed on his face, he wanted to shout for joy. The day had completely turned around until something at his feet caught his attention. It was an ear at his feet attached to a very long string. His eyes followed the trail to find his adversary at the other end.

"Liquid Luck, eh?"


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