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The First Day….

Daisuke ushered his taller friend into the back door of the red brick building, then turned to wave good-bye.

"Pick us up at 6:00 Kay. Don't forget or I am so kicking your ass when I get home!" The red head yelled back at the one that had driven them here. Ken hung his head out the window of the car and laughed good-naturedly.

"Like to see you try that when you can't even reach my kneecaps shortie!"  Then he sped away before Daisuke had time to devise a come back.

"pf, his such an idiot, don't ask me why I love him." He huffed indignantly and trudged in to the building after Taichi.

"I think you lost that round Dai." Taichi pointed out as they walked down the narrow hallway that smelled of roasted meat and steamed rice, making his mouth water.

"Yeah he always wins. You'd think if he really did love me he would at least let me once in a millennium. Genius bastard." Daisuke fumed slightly as he leaned in the door to swing it open and released a cloud of steam and sounds of cooking pots clanking together.

It was every steal trapped stomach persons dream job. Taichi would have kissed Daisuke for talking his boss into let him work there, if it weren't for the fact that Ken was glaring at him warningly.  It was one of the best restaurants in town and best part was, employees eat free.

Taichi was starting out as a dishwasher, it was only minimum wage but it was a lot more money then he'd seen in a long time.

"Yo! Daisuke you're late you better hurry before pretty boy finds out!" a girl cutting something on the counter yelled tauntingly with a playful smile.

"no not that miss! I could never disappoints the master miss. " Daisuke feigned fear like a humble servant and limped feebly to the apron. "I can't work today, my legs are broken." Daisuke moaned standing quite erect on both feet as he tied on his apron.  Taichi arched an eyebrow at that one. He was used to Daisuke saying weird things but that was - different. The girl rolled her eyes giggled.

"Daisuke has that line ever work?"

"Nope. But first you don't succeed try, try again! You never some day I may break my legs and then you'll all be sorry!"  He said grinning like an idiot and tossing an identical apron in Taichi's face.

Aw, who know the joy of washing dishes! An apron with a name on it, of course it was the name of the previous owner, but it was his apron and all the pride that went with it! Taichi was also pleasantly pleased that he had I new excuse to practice soccer.  Given to the fact that, in more then one occasion, his multi-dexterous feet had saved several dishes from the doom of contacting with the floor.

He could hardly believe he was being paid to do this frankly.

But around noon, just before lunch hour, the golden god of dishware thwarted his day.

It was like all motion in the room stopped and faded away as a brilliant specimen of the masculine strolled through the door. He walked in on a cloud of Silver Star dust, fair lochs dancing on an invisible wind born of- CRASH!

Oh shit…..

Taichi fantasy was shattered just as the broken porcelain shards on the floor.  No way soccer was getting him out of this one. Without realizing it Taichi had run headlong on into a support beam and crashed the stack of dishes he'd been carrying, to busy drooling to bother looking where he was going. Quickly gathering his wits from the blow, Taichi put on an uneasy I'm-to-cute-to-punish grin in attempt to mask his embarrassment.

Dear god nice work Romeo what's next, gonna set his hair on fire? It was his fault anyway something that pretty shouldn't surprise people like that. He needs some kind of introduction before he just steps into a room shinning all his benevolent light like the god he is, that way things like this could be avoided.

Taichi always had a knack for making it someone else's fault, at least in his own head. He was to preoccupied to notice how silent the room became and all the eyes fixed on him like he was a man on death walk. Daisuke was frantically trying to signal to Taichi , although he had found something much more interesting to capture his attention.

The Brunette could literally feel himself drooling.

Walking towards him, on feet softer then air, moving, as he was part of the air itself, was Him. He was even better close up. His rose petal lips were pursed into a gentle pout while his summer-sky blue eyes shimmered intensely as they burned into Taichi.

He stared wide- eyed as The God parted his supple lips to speak, to let words pour forth from that perfect fountain and grace everyone's undeserving ears. Taichi could here the warm, delicate words already.

With a small laugh he would shake his head and "tsk" at Taichi's little accident. Then trap him in those sapphire eyes of his and assure him that it happens to the best of us and not to worry because everyone makes mistakes on there first day.

Taichi waited expectantly for those words of repented forgiveness to be given by the new found god of his existence.

"Taichi?" a voice cool as the wind after the rainfall; it made Taichi feel fuzzy and smile stupidly as all the blood pooled in his cheeks.

He knows my name…..

Taichi locked eyes with the blonde standing in front of him

"Your pay will be docked until these dishes are paid for. Be here on weekends and everyone will have their Lunch privileges expelled all week for letting this imbecile carry dishes. And you."  His eyes were now glaring down on Taichi cold and impassive like a snake's "next time try to be smarter then a two year old or you'll put yourself on Daisuke's level."  He shot a very obvious glare to the short red head and turned stiffly to march out the door.

As soon as the door closed Taichi was instantly being bombarded by various angry cookware. While the room erupted in vicious shouts and maddened proclamations of stupidity all of which was directed towards a very stunned boy collapsed on the floor. Taichi could have been def for all that he heard of it. He'd just witnessed Jackle and Hide in stereo and frankly he was having difficulty coping with the vision. In other words he was frozen in a dumbfounded stupor. Until he was saved by a hot greased spatula that Daisuke planted between Taichi's eyes.

"Are you insane!?" Daisuke screamed as he dragged the older boy away from the open space that was still filled with flying objects. Taichi's suddenly back into "work" mode. He snarled and gave Daisuke a vindictive glare.

"You never told me you worked for a friggin' super model with an ass you could bounce pennies off of! You have to warn me about stuff like that."  Daisuke smack his palm to his forehead in frustration.

"Oh so it's all my fault that you turn in to a pile of goo when ever a piece ass walks by?! Grow some balls!"

"Honestly its that part of the problem??!" Taichi responded before he could think of what exactly he was saying.

"What? You pervert!"

"You started it!" Daisuke was about to retort when a chef blade sliced through the air between the two bickering boys.

"Will you nimrods get back work?!" a black hair cook in corner yelled a very sour look on his face. "Or do you plan on make our working environment even worse." Taichi looked at knife eyes widening in horror. Then he turned to the cook with a shaky smile and a hesitant wave.

"That was to me not at me right?" He asked trying to believe he was asking a sarcastic question. The other snorted.

"let's just say I missed."

"I'm surprised you didn't get fired! That guy reminds me of my 8th grade English teacher. They both walk like they have a dildo superimposed to their ass." Daisuke jabbered on as Taichi look precariously around at the now leering employees. He was a little scared to turn his back for to long.

" You seriously got off easy. One time this guy spilled a drink so Yamato- "


"Yeah that's his name stupid." Taichi sighed

"I used to like that name to…"

"Any way, " Daisuke continued ignoring Taichi's melancholy  "To punish the guy he made him work the rest of the day in wet pants. The guy ended up breaking down and crying. Then Yamato fired him right then and there he HATES it when people cry. He fired a girl just a week ago for crying. No other reason then that. I think her Father had died or something but either way he's a real dick."

"What does he have against you?" Taichi asked his brow knotted angrily. Turns out that god is a devil. Daisuke laughed and ran a wet hand through his riled spikes.

"Not sure but I think he knows Ken's more then a friend. Don't know why he ain't fired me yet. Maybe his he gets a kick out of punishing me for loving who I do.  Watch your back with this guy Taichi. He not the kind you wanna fall for."

Taichi nodded and dodged another ill-tempered cooking pot.  

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