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The room had a distinct smell of stale paper and a fresh plastic musk that clogged the senses. The covering laid over the couch was sticky from sweat and obstinately stuck to any bared flesh that touched it. The walls were hospital white and clean to the point of disgusting brilliance. So bright it stung the eyes.

Taichi would have found himself blinking back from the blood-boiling perfection of the office.

..would have...

if it weren't for the other distractions in the room. Yes, there were many distractions in the room witch he paid very acute attention to.

The piece paper on the floor- wow that paper was truly amazing

The clock- ticking ever ever ever so slowly

Anything and everything that made Taichi forget that he was sitting, bedecked in the ever-fashionable red-sock-pink, two feet from Yamato's desk.

Maybe if I'm just really quiet he'll forget I'm here.

Taichi slithered in the cushions and stared at Yamato like a deer caught in a set of high beams, searching for any small chance to escape. Yes he'd just slide into the scenery and slip out like-

"Taichi I-"


"It was the sock!" Taichi blurted, shaken by sound of his name, his hand leaping into the air to emphasis his shock.

There was a moment of extremely uncomfortable and unforgiving silence where the two simply stared at each other.

Yamato donning a unique mixture of pure annoyance and confusion while Taichi twitch nervously, positive that his cheeks now matched his shirt. His body seemed moved by itself, as his flesh jumped and flinched as the overwhelming feeling to run griped him. But even though Taichi's legs were aching to carry him out, they apparently were frozen to the floor.

How's does he do this!

Taichi didn't have time to reprimand himself for being such a dolt because Yamato had chosen to finally end the silence with a deliberate arch to his golden brows. His embarrassment fulfilled, the pink-clad-one decide to stay quiet this time least his face get any redder.

"Taichi," Yamato began in his usual concisely monotone voice as his stood to move around the desk to the door. "Since you were late today I asked Daisuke to bring you here. I suppose Daisuke filled you in on the details?"

Taichi blinked dumbfounded and looked expectantly as if awaiting a punch line. Yamato sighed rolling his eyes upward as if asking god why he was surround by idiots then folded his arms crossed his middle. "That's a no right." Bowing his head down, Yamato massaged his forehead just below the line of yellow follicles as if halting an on coming migraine.

"Let's start from the beginning then shall we." It was spoken like a question but Taichi felt that it was a distinct command. His employer cast a hesitant glance at the brunette then smoothly clicked the lock on the door. "I don't want any unexpected visitors. "

Then, professionally flicking open his top shirt button, Yamato sank into the cushion next to Taichi with a distinct "flop". Very un 'God' like.

Wait a minute .

Taichi shot a look at the door then back at Yamato in complete terror. He was speaking again but the brunette barely understood a word he was saying.

Locked.. door



"I'm going to cut a deal with you. That idiot Daisuke was supposed to tell you about it, but obviously he didn't. I would be willing to take off those charges for the dishes, return the free lunch and give the entire staff a week off just so they stop throwing utensil at you, if-" Yamato paused dramatically and caught Taichi's attention in a deadly still gaze.

Taichi was again a reminded of how icy cold those deep blue depths could me and he felt his breath quicken.

"If- What?" Taichi murmured not knowing if he wanted an answer.

"If you keep your silence.." Yamato whispered in a tone that suggested men clad in FBI uniforms were going it barrel through the doorway.


"Silence?" Taichi mused quirking his face in puzzlement and an odd sense of disappointment when an idea donned on him.

Last ditch..

"Oh you mean-" before Taichi realized it, Yamato had pounced with the fury of a lion and wildly placed a calloused hand over Taichi's mouth. He flipped his head upward to frantically look at the door then he scold at Taichi and held a rigid finger to his lips in a shushing gesture.

"Do Not talk about it!" Yamato hissed under is breath. "Silence was kind of part of the deal stupid! Do you want a job or not?" Taichi was about to point out that there was no one in the room then he decided he did want a job.

~I wouldn't tell anyone about you singing words written by your own hand~

" Jesus, I wouldn't have told anyone either way!" the brunette answered pushing the intrusive hand away from his mouth.

~I wouldn't tell anyone about our dance or how warm your breath is~

"The hell you wouldn't have!" Yamato retorted baring his teeth cynically. "Just scratch my back and I won't stick a knife in yours okay?" Yamato was beginning to sound exasperated by this chat.

~Or how you look when you smile..when you really smile.~

"Oh wow, I feel so good about this little deal now." Taichi commented sarcastically as he scooted away from Yamato to the barest corner of the sofa. "Whatever you want man, as long as I get my lunch I'll I won't tell a soul. Although I do think I'm getting the better half of the deal." He added just to be 'cute' as he smirked. He could taste lunch already, the worst mistake of his life was some how turning around.

"Better half huh?" Yamato looked at his watch then again at the door.

What's the deal with the door?!

"Stand over there." Yamato pointed quickly as he hurried back around his desk.

"wha?" Taichi responded.

"Just do it!" He barked back and Taichi snapped to the middle of the floor between the desk and the couch as a gnawing sensation started to grow in his belly. Taichi was never one to do as people say in fact not following rules was one of Taichi's proud accomplishments. But there was some thing about Yamato's commanding voice that forced him to comply every time.

Yamato was rummaging around in his drawers and with a shout of triumph pulled out a pair of slacks and a fresh white shirt that resembled what he was wear now. "They're a little big but you can wear them for today." Yamato said shortly and tossed the folded bundle at Taichi.

"You're kidding me. You keep extras in your desk?" Taichi asked almost to himself while a smirk threatened to break through the thickening anxiety. Yamato paused his hand hovering above the silver doorknob.

"Of course. I don't care if you wear them or not just hold on for a minute." He stated irritated, as if it everyone stored freshly washed linens where pencils would more likely be. But this was Yamato .guess it's not so strange.

Taichi could hear the door click as he slipped one arm after the other into the thin white material. The cuff ended a little below his thumb but that could be easily solved with some fancy folding techniques. He was about to do just that when the startling sensation of Yamato hand weighting against his should snapped his attention elsewhere.

They were mere inches from each other. How Taichi missed something like that was completely beyond him. The lines of Yamato's body were smooth and relax much like they were at last ditch. Taichi could even imagine the dark swath cloth now replaced by starch white. His eyes were fixated on the door with a tense expression that was at complete odds with the ease in his posture. Taichi on the other hand was far from comfortable.

"What the hell are you doing?!" he yelped making and move to push Yamato's arm from they perch on his shoulders. But the blonde halted him with a simply cold glare that again froze Taichi in place. He stared off back at door like a thirty-year-old man watch the super bowl when his team was losing. He wanted to demand what the hell was happening but the words wouldn't come. Trapped somewhere between his mind and his throat.

"I'm leveling the deal." Yamato stated coolly taking one step closer to Taichi and sliding an arm around his waist. "You just play all for me and we're out of each other lives forever. Deal?"

Taichi tried to scream, yell, anything, but his brain had spontaneously decided to forget how to speak in favor of absorbing how Yamato's hand felt. Voices could be heard outside a women and a younger boy perhaps. Who knew? Who cared?

"They're here." Yamato announced quietly his arms flexing.


Well, Yamato did apparently.

There was a gentle clinking noise and soft laughter from the people beyond the door. For a brief second Taichi saw a glimpse of an older woman and a teen with blonde hair- or sandy brown- it was only a glimpse. A swift moment in time barely the space between blinks. That's the last thing he saw before he's eye fluttered shut leaving him lost in darkness.

It's not that Taichi didn't want to see what was happening. It was just instinct. Everyone does it.

When some one kisses you-

You just close you eyes.

I won't tell anyone about this either Yamato. These memories are just for me even if I don't understand them.

...really? itsn't that special? I really hate this chapter, know why? Because Taichi is acting like a super uke. Ewwwwww. Hopefully I'll be able to force this story to make sense but I couldnt this time because im watching my nephew and he wont allow me to. Right emillo? Yuvjkuuyhgytukkj typing skills of a 11 month old =_= ;;; better then mine really.