I will always mourn the loss of Stella Nox Fleuret. There was so much potential of what she could have been, especially from the newly revealed FFXV storyboards revealed in an Osaka event showcasing a blonde who looked more like Stella than Luna. Don't get me wrong, Luna had little time for us to know her but Stella stole my heart first.

So until I have more time write a more lengthy, fleshed out tribute for her, hear are some headcannons and ideas I've developed from material on Versus I've read over the year. Some I had scribed on Tumblr before reposting them here. Enjoy, fellow Stella fans.

Here we have the end of FFXV with a sorta paradox ending.

He ran after Ardyn, ready to fight the final battle and win. But as Noctis skidded to a halt, a great crash caved in the ceiling over them. He had no choice but to summon his Armigier to defend him from the heavy debris. As the dust cleared, he looked forward to see a small figure standing between him and Ardyn. They wore a dark brown duster with a hood covering their head, hiding their face from view.

From the furious look on Ardyn's grotesque features...he knows this person.

"You!" He snarled, fangs and black slime flying. "I erased you!"

"Wrong. Or have you forgotten what you really tried to erase from this world?"

The voice is low and firm...but not male. Noctis stood up, calling the stranger's attention. "Wha-"

The hood slid back by pale fingers as the newcomer turned towards him. Light brown hair spilled over the hood but all he sees are round purple eyes and long lashes. A playful smirk stretches her lips as she summons a rapier with a flash of farmilar golden light.

"Luna?" He asks, hope threatening to apilt his chest apart.

With a soft giggle, the woman turns away and points the rapier to Ardyn. "Time to fix all your mistakes, you asshole."