I didn't see it coming, the kiss was so unpredictable
And maybe it's the mystery in you that I'm addicted to it
-Hunter Hayes

Chapter 2
12:57 AM; July 9

"Nothing is open. Why are we wandering about so late?" I stretched both my arms up in the air and stole a glance at Aoi who was walking beside me. For reasons I may never know nor understand, walking around the campus in the middle of the night was her idea. But she was a wild spirit. She was all about the adventure. Maybe in her eyes, this was wild jungle or a crime scene. She was taking every single detail in.

We were at the busier part of the university, if it were daytime. Kind of like the Central Town part of the school back in Alice Academy. There were stores that were mostly run by business majors, cafes, restaurants, and a whole lot of fast food chains. All, of course, were closed.

Aoi bit back a grin. "You're free to leave anytime you want."

"You're not getting rid of me that easily," I said, watching my words. I was still finding it hard to believe how she'd forgiven me easily a little while back. Granted, I did not deserve it for how I've treated her lately, but what I said was true. I've been racking my brain on how to make things go back to the way they were since she got back not long ago.

I've forgotten how easy things were when it was with Aoi and how she was never the type to hold grudges. I should've talked to her sooner.

"Everything's different at night, don't you think?"

I was lost in my thoughts that I did not notice her walk ahead of me. "What do you mean?"

She turned to face me, walking backwards. Under the moonlight, her eyes were so dark, the looked black. Aoi spread her arms and twirled back, facing forward. "Just… everything. It feels like there's a mystery waiting to unfold right before my very eyes. The shadows are inviting, captivating even. It isn't busy, there aren't any people, but at the same time it isn't dead silent." She stopped walking and when I caught up to her she had her eyes closed. "Listen," she said, sensing my presence.

I did. And though she didn't ask, I said, "I hear crickets and the wind."

It was calming. Almost therapeutic.

Too bad my phone ruined the moment.

I mumbled a sorry and cursed under my breath. It was only when I already answered my phone, without checking who it was, did it dawned to me how late it was. Who would call me at this time?


"Ruka, darling," the person on the other end of the line said. "Hi, I'm so sorry. It's late, I know, but you asked me to call me when something happens."

"Miyuki," I said, recognizing her voice. Aoi gave me a curious look but said nothing. "What's up?"

"It's Kiko."

I got off the phone less than a minute after Miyuki explained everything. During that span of time, Aoi walked away, giving me privacy, and checked the displays in one of the store's windows.

"Hey," I said upon reaching her. She turned and smiled. I had to look away. I always forget what I was supposed to say whenever she smiled at me. "Uhm, wanna take a little detour? It's not far, still inside the school. But we have to hurry."

"Where to?"

It was my turn to smile. "You just have to trust me."

1:13 AM

To say that Aoi Hyuuga was shocked would be an understatement. We were both still gasping for air, having to sprint to the other side of the campus in record time. We could've arrived earlier if it weren't for the night shift security guards stopping us, thinking we were in trouble. They let us go after we showed them our school ID's and I explained what was happening.

"That," Aoi said, still catching her breath, crimson eyes wide. "Is a huge ass dog."

Akita Inus are large dog breeds to begin with. Kiko even more so.

"Kiko meet Aoi. Aoi meet Kiko." I introduced her to the dog. Aoi has already met Miyuki, the clinic's nurse, she's been working here for the past twenty seven years. "Kiko's about to be a mom."

"Oh… wow."

I lead her to the wash room. "They found Kiko out on the streets about six weeks ago. No collar or anything. She was abandoned," I explained as I washed my hands and gestured her to do the same. "She was placed in the university's shelter and we planned on getting her spayed when we realized she was pregnant."

Aoi nodded, taking it in. "You're an intern at the school's veterinary clinic?"

I shook my head. "I volunteer at the shelter, but I do plan on becoming an intern here next semester."

"If you're not working here… then what are we doing here?" She dried her hands with a paper towel.

"Oh. Right. Kiko's a bit of a handful. Traumatized, maybe from her previous owner."

"That's horrible. Poor thing."

I nodded in agreement, recalling how Kiko was when she first arrived at the shelter. She's made so much progress since. "They wanted to make sure everything goes smoothly during the delivery."

I didn't explain further knowing Aoi would catch on. She did.

"They want you to use your Alice to calm her down."

"Just in case the need arises," I said.

"That's very nice of you."

"Thanks." I smiled, feeling my cheeks heat up. "We should check up on Kiko."

1:46 AM

Kiko was doing great. I only had to use my Alice at one point in the beginning. I wasn't worried at the Akita Inu giving birth in front of me. I was more worried at the girl who was on the verge of hyperventilating right next to me.

I nudged Aoi's elbow lightly and whispered, "You alright?"

She nodded a bit too early. I visibly saw and heard her gulp. She pointed at Kiko, her finger slightly shaking. "A little tiny fur ball just came out of her vagina."

Miyuki's laughter filled the room, followed by mine. This woman does not have a filter.

Miyuki, who was crouched right next to Kiko, stood up and wiped the tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. "Ruka, I think your girlfriend has seen enough."

"No it's fine. I'm alright," she answered even though her face has lost its color. She didn't even notice Miyuki called her my girlfriend.

"You sure, dear? That's only the first puppy. There should at least be five more."

Miyuki no longer waited for Aoi's response. To me, she said, "It's okay, darling. I can take it from here. There are other nurses on duty. Thank you so much for your help." She looked back at Aoi and gave her a genuine smile. "It was nice meeting you, dear."

After we bid our goodbyes and I checked Kiko one last time, I placed my hand on Aoi's lower back and guided her to the exit. Once we were outside, Aoi leaned against the wall and heaved a sigh and held her hand up. "Give me a sec." She closed her eyes as if she was mentally counting to ten, trying to control her breathing.

When her eyes opened and with a stern face, she told me, "Don't. I know that look. Don't even think about it."

I didn't know I had a look. "What should I not think about?"

"You're about to say sorry," she said with certainty. Daring me to correct her if she was wrong. I didn't, I was just a second away from rolling out an apology for letting her go through that. "Don't. It's not your fault I had a little freak out. You're thinking I didn't enjoy our little detour. You're wrong, I liked it. Dogs are cute. Puppies are cute." Aoi busied herself by untying her hair which has been up in a bun the entire night. She's always had her hair tied, this was the first time I've seen it down in a long time. She brushed her fingers through it as it went pass her shoulders. "I was just overwhelmed, I still am. God, I'm talking way too fast. That was just my first time seeing a living being give birth. It's like she just pooped but out in a different hole you know."

I grinned. Unfiltered Aoi Hyuuga has returned. "That's sort of how it works, yeah. Just riskier and more painful than doing the number two," I said sarcastically trying to hold back my laughter.

Aoi was about put her hair up all over again when I absentmindedly interjected, "Leave it down." Aoi's arms froze and I realized what I just said. "I mean, you have hair nice- nice hair! You rarely have your hair down and it looks nice. You look nice. Not that you look nice with it up or anything." I faked a laugh. I was embarrassing myself. "But you do you. Strong independent woman, am I right?"

She grinned, enjoying my embarrassment, but surprisingly, her hands left her hair and she let it fall. "Let's go, dork. I'm picking our next destination."

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