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Chapter 2: Sisters

"I can't believe you two," Nana said, a fierce glare on her face as she looked upon the wreckage before her. A familiar black and orange motorcycle rested in front of her, though the majority of it was either bent out of shape or clearly broken in one way or another. "You weren't satisfied with ruining the house… you had to destroy my bike, too. But if even that wasn't enough," she continued, glancing at a strange black and silver aircraft that had its center crushed by a part of the house's roof, "you destroyed the only other vehicle too. A Brunhild… there were less than five of those in existence!"

"… Sorry," Beast said as she scratched the back of her head. She spoke the word, but the confusion on her face betrayed a lack of understanding as to why Nana seemed so angry with them.

"I mean, if it's annoying to look at them, we could change that too," IBRS suggested. Nana turned on her in an instant, practically fuming from her nostrils as she stared down the purple-eyed girl.

"The only thing you two can do for me is stay out of my way," Nana growled. "One of these can be saved… but not with hazards like you around. Go wait with Stella."

"Huh… should've saved you a chocolate too, I guess," IBRS said. Nana practically hissed, getting a giggle from her as she and Beast casually strolled out of the damaged garage.

"That… not necessary," Beast said with a glance at IBRS.

"Oh? So she gets to throw a tantrum and I don't? What's up with that?" IBRS asked as they re-entered the damaged living room. Stella rested underneath the hole in the roof, sitting on one of the few surviving chairs in what appeared to be some kind of meditation, though she subtly snapped to attention in response to IBRS and Beast's appearance. "Hey, Stella, do you think it's fair that Nana gets to scream and shout and be angry but we can't?"

"Nana, screaming and shouting?" Stella asked.

"We destroy… bike… Brunn… Brunihil…" Beast began, but stopped once she realized she couldn't say the second word.

"Nana said we destroyed her bike and something that was one of five of a kind, and started being mean," IBRS said. "Said we had to stay away… is she trying to get rid of us?"

"Get rid- no, Nana, wouldn't go that far," Stella said. "She might be angry if you destroyed what I think you did, but she doesn't hate you for it. It's like… your fight over chocolates. You don't hate each other, do you?"

"Me and Beast? No way!" IBRS said, putting her arm around Beast's shoulder. Beast gave her an odd look, but patted her on the back regardless. "See? We're like two pods stuck together. Well, we kind of were, but that only makes us even closer, right?"

"Not… enemies," Beast said.

"See? Nana's just a little angry," Stella said. IBRS and Beast separated almost immediately after hearing that, though Stella paid it little mind. "We're going to be together for a while… I'm happy you're both here. I hope you'll enjoy being with us as much as we enjoy having you."

"Aww, ain't that sweet of you, Stella," IBRS said, giddily hurrying over to her. Stella stood up with a smile in preparation for a handshake, but instead got her hair ruffled by the slightly taller girl. "You're just a joy to be around, you know? So much nicer than mean little Nana! I'd just eat you up… oh, but not like how Mother would. That'd be meaner still."

"… Thank you for that," Stella said as IBRS backed away with a huge smile. Her lingering arm was quickly shook by Beast, who gave her a smiling nod as well.

After almost an hour of working, Nana rejoined Stella and the others with a stern glare on her face. As she entered the living room, IBRS and Beast both looked on in awe as Stella seemed to be tuning the lance-like Rock Cannon IBRS used before, the blue flame in her left eye flickering with each movement of her hand, screens showing the schematics of her own weapons flashing in and out of existence before her eyes as she worked. "Nana, is something wrong?" Stella asked, her gloved hand reaching into one of the many openings in the side of the weapon she held and examining it.

"I've managed to salvage my bike… but there's the problem. It can only carry two of us," Nana said. The flame in Stella's eye died down as a metallic click rang through the air, a slight grin on her face as she handed IBRS her weapon once more. As the purple-eyed girl strapped her Rock Cannon back onto her arm, Stella turned her attention back to Nana. "… We'll need something that can carry all four or us, and preferably my bike as well. I was thinking we could investigate the ruins of the Draco if it's still there. Even if it isn't, Moscow had military bases… we can search that area as well. It won't be a long a ride on my bike."

"Hmm… but only two of us can go, then," Stella said. She crossed her arms, seemingly contemplating the situation as IBRS raised her Rock Cannon up and fired a shot through the hole in the roof. Nana flinched at the sudden action while Beast backed away, though Stella didn't seem disturbed in the slightest, merely glancing at the action with an approving nod.

"Stella, how'd you…? This thing's had a delay since I woke up, but now it's firing on demand!" IBRS said as she lowered the weapon, a huge smile on her face. "It would get worse when I was fighting too… c'mon, how'd you fix it? I need to know this stuff, especially when it comes to my stuff!"

"Your Cannon's main drive was knocked out of place," Stella said. "It's a little tough to explain, but basically, the delay came because all of the energy was being focused off center, so whenever you shot, you shot at the inner wall of your Cannon and the energy ricocheted around instead of flying straight out. Your accuracy would have been worse off too if I didn't fix it."

"… So I hit the drive, and it works again? Once it works, I can shoot until it has a problem, then I hit it and get to shoot more, right?" IBRS asked. Stella sighed.

"That only worked this time because something very heavy hit your drive before… if anything happens with your Cannon, let me know. I can take care of it for you," Stella said. "Although, since you seem so eager to shoot… why don't you go scavenge with Nana? She'll need protection out there, and it's a good chance for you to know her better."

Nana's eyes widened at Stella's suggestion. "Take her?! Stella, she might blow up everything we can use!" Nana protested.

"I have to go with the little mean one?" IBRS asked.

"We can't have you two treating each other like this all the time," Stella said, looking from Nana to IBRS. "Even if you started off on each other's bad sides, that doesn't mean you can't get to know each other now."

"Stella…" Nana said. She looked at her pleadingly, but Stella gave her the same determined look she had grown accustomed to. One that said she would not be swayed. With a sigh of resignation, she turned to IBRS, who also seemed a bit uncomfortable with this set-up. "… Alright. IBRS and I should be back before the end of the day. I'll try and keep her out of trouble."

"I'm counting on you to do the same for her," Stella said with a glance at IBRS.

"… Well, since I know what she is out of us four… yeah, I'll watch her," IBRS said. "It's a thank you for fixing my Cannon, and all that. Plus, maybe I can test it like you said… but I'll keep it under control, so I can do without the glare, please."

"Just making sure we were on the same page," Stella said. "Nana, Beast and I will see if there's anything else we can find in the area… Good luck."

"Same to you… IBRS, we're going," Nana said. The purple-eyed girl hurried after her as they made their way to the garage, leaving Stella and Beast in the destroyed living room together. Nana hopped on her bike, followed immediately by IBRS who sat rather awkwardly behind the small girl's frame. "... Have you ever ridden a bike before?"

"I still don't really know what a bike is, so… no," IBRS said. "Is there something special I need to do?"

"… You should hold onto me so you don't fall off," Nana said, revving her bike. IBRS did as instructed, a puzzled look on her face at the command before Nana suddenly took off, exiting the damaged garage and taking the duo straight into the frozen wasteland surrounding the house.

As Stella made a wave at the shrinking figures of her sisters and their bike moving towards the horizon, she turned around to see Beast reentering the garage and gazing at the Brunhild with curiosity. "... Stella... machine... flies?" she asked as she pointed at the unscathed wings armed with missiles.

Stella nodded with a nostalgic smile before answering "Yeah, this machine helped me and Nana a couple times. It's a shame we can't use it anymore." As Stella entered the cockpit's back seat and fondly stroked the controls, Beast averted her gaze at Stella and scratched her own cheek despite wearing the clawed gauntlets. But amazingly enough, there were no traces of a scar or any scratch mark.

"Sorry... messed up... will be... more careful," said Beast with a hint of nervousness to which Stella quickly shook her head and made a reassuring smile.

"It's fine, really. I'm not mad, it's just on-" She began when suddenly, Stella noticed something on the floor right beneath the controls. As she reached down to pick it up, Stella widened her eyes with surprise.

"Something... wrong?" asked Beast with a cautious frown as she looked into the cockpit to see Stella gazing at an old and faded photo. The picture showed 14 men wearing matching uniforms save for one who appeared to be their leader wearing a black hat.

Before Beast could ask further, Stella made a sad smile and answered the question "They were my friends. They woke me up and taught me a lot of things. About the Earth before the invasion, about protecting our allies, and even about themselves. Care to learn about them?"

Beast simply nodded as she sat on one of the wings and started listening. While Stella spoke, the two carefully dissembled the wings, mostly following Stella's instructions as she read the still intact manual found inside the Brunhild. As she began recalling her brief but memorable times with the PSS, a gentle smile appeared on her face. She recalled memories of her liking the words 'Tally Ho' after hearing it a couple of times from the PSS members, riding the bike they provided her with for Operation Piggy Ninja/Skyscraper Camper, the conversations she had with Rothcall, and even the story of the Polar Bear from Commander Marion.

As she paid attention to Stella's trip down memory lane however, Beast felt a sting in her heart which was not only painful, but familiar. For this feeling was perhaps, envy. Beast thought it was a given, as she carefully removed a missile from the wing. For despite everything that happened, Beast wanted to be accepted by her Mother. She wanted love, to have precious memories. But all she had was accursed power and strength that disgusted even Sing Love.

Despite the whirlwind of emotions in her head, Beast just continued keeping her 'mask' on. She also knew that even with this emotion roaring in her soul, she didn't hate Stella. Sure, she kept her guard up and tried her best to not anger Stella, but Beast is aware there is little to actually dislike her sister for. On the contrary, there is more to relate to her than to despise her. Realizing this, all Beast could do is wait and see how this relationship with her new sisters would turn out.

As Stella carried on about how she met and saved Nana a few times to even showing her dear sister the message Dr. Gibson left for her, she finally began recalling her battle with Sing Love to which, Beast, without hesitation, asked with a sense of urgency and uneasiness in her tone "Mother... what... was... she like?"

Stella was quiet for a few seconds before looking at Beast with serious eyes and answered "She only cared about that so-called 'game' of hers, like it was the only thing that made her life worth anything. She didn't even care if either of us lived, since she feels that we are one and the same." As Stella said that last part, she clenched her gloved fists.

Beast could only nod in agreement before saying with a solemn voice "Mother... view... can understand... Stella... similar... to Mother."

Stella could only look away before saying "I can understand her. But even so, I'm not like her. I won't become anything she was."

Beast could sense the deep conflicting emotions within Stella and simply continued her work on the Brunhild as Stella did the same after a moment of silence. Deep in her heart, Stella knew she was contradicting herself and she hated it. On one hand, she herself told Sing Love that she was different from her. Yet as she was Sing Love's clone, she was similar to her in other aspects such as her powers, her skills, even her passion during combat. With these thoughts lingering in the back of her mind, Stella knew that she would have to confront these feelings soon enough.


"Ouchies, now I can see why Stella didn't want to tag along for this. These bikes aren't known for comfortable riding, aren't they?" Complained IBRS as she and Nana got off the latter's bike which parked in front of the ruins of what appeared to be a triangular airship. After over six months of endless winter, the once huge vehicle used by the PSS is now barely recognizable with its entire inner workings scattered all over the place. its weapons and engines beyond usable as they were either destroyed by the cold or exploded when it crashed. "So, what was the name of this flying machine again?" asked IBRS with curious eyes.

"The Draco, as Stella once told me. Come on, there has to be something we can use to get out of this snow filled country," answered Nana as she started looking around with IBRS doing the same, but with less enthusiasm. As the two clones ventured deeper inside, IBRS noticed something odd.

"Say, aren't those humans? Or at least what's left of them anyway," IBRS remarked. Nana was surprised and quickly ran to where IBRS was pointing to see about 11 bodies with still some flesh left on their bones. As she gazed over each corpse, Nana suddenly started laughing with a self-mocking smile. IBRS simply tilted her head and made a half-smile on her face. "What? Is it that funny to see dead humans?" she asked.

Nana stopped laughing but kept her smile. "They never knew, did they?" she began. "That the last woman they were hoping to find was a Gray clone. They thought that with me, the human race could be saved and so risked their lives in order to vent their sexual drives after so long. What a joke it would have been, right?"

IBRS scoffed. "Well, what do I know?" she asked.

Nana dropped the smile, but not the attitude. "And yet here I am, still alive even after all I did to Stella," she continued. "She even showed me that Papa loved me, that he was the one who named me. Even after all that, how could I deserve to be her older sister?" She began cradling her own head, various thoughts now circling around in her mind as she started taking deep breaths, sweat forming on her forehead and the back of her neck. "I was nasty to her, I used her to save my own life! And yet, how could she still care for me!? How can she continue to trust me for everything!? I am nothing but a burden to her! What 'special'!? Who knows if I would betray Stella again!? I don't dese-!?"

Before she could continue, Nana's body was lifted in the air by IBRS. She headbutted Nana, knocking her to the ground without so much as a word. Shaken and a disoriented from the sudden hit, Nana could only caress her swollen forehead. "What was that for!?" Nana asked.

IBRS clicked her tongue and walked deeper into the wreckage saying "To give you a wake up call. Remember what our dear Stella said, you are special...even compared to dear mother. So unless you want to prove to me that you really are a weakling as I thought, get a grip."

Nana glared at IBRS but was silent for awhile before getting back to her feet, muttering "Sorry about that."

IBRS made a sly smirk. "You can owe me later. Now, lets find us a carriage."

As they explored deeper and deeper into the snow-buried ruins, something caught Nana's and IBRS's eyes. Buried under several pieces of metal was a huge black mobile trailer with its bulk damaged all over, though most of it seemed superficial. Nana entered the vehicle after she and IBRs removed the rubble, and found to her joy that not only could it house the sisters and her bike, but the engine worked too. As she got out, she started explaining with hope in her eyes "The trailer is able to drive, but we still need parts and tools to repair it. And if this world is now full of danger again, we'll need more firepower." Nana then turned the trailer's engine off and grabbed IBRS's hand. "Come on, we're heading to Moscow. Hope you can enjoy a 3 hour ride."

"Dammit, and just when my butt stopped feeling sore," muttered IBRS as she sat behind Nana, the latter starting the engine up once more. They then left the Draco behind, the engine's loud roar the last trace of their presence.

When the bike started entered a range of snowy hills, they heard the sound of gunfire not too far away accompanied by a trail of smoke from the same direction. "It's probably from the Other Worlders you and Beast mentioned earlier. Lets see if we can find out more about them," decided Nana as she turned the bike towards the smoke trail. IBRS remained quiet as she started hanging on tightly, hoping not to be flung off.

Once they were close enough to smell the smoke, Nana stopped the bike behind a huge hill and turned the engine off. She and IBRS quickly got off and ran up to the top to see where the source of gunfire and smoke was only to witness a truly horrible sight.

The once pure white snow was littered with smoky remains of weapons and several fresh corpses, clear signs of the battle's recent conclusion. But before either clone could say anything, Nana heard a rough cough. She raced down the hill to the source of it whereas IBRS took her time walking down, analyzing the scene before her with a cold look in her eyes.

Nana soon found a pale girl with her body partially covered in snow, indicating that she has been here for awhile. The girl wore a black and white stripped shirt with matching pants and boots. Her shirt was wet with what appeared to be blood, though Nana wasn't sure since it was black. As she supported the girl's head, Nana checked the girl's pulse and sighed with relief as she said "She's still alive. But we need to treat her quickly." She then wiped the blood off the girl's mouth and started unbuttoning the shirt, determined to find the wound.

IBRS suddenly started talking, but not about the girl. "Looks like these losers were caught in a sneaky trap. With all these ugly bodies everywhere, it must have been a massacre on both sides, huh? But, seems like the winners got their prize and went off with the losers' rides. See how the tire tracks join up with those from the other side of this wasteland?" she remarked.

Her analysis was ignored as Nana was busy unbuttoning the shirt, not even bothering to respond. As she finished the task and looked at the wound however, she fell silent. Just then, the girl suddenly coughed weakly and woke up. "W-what happened...where am I?" the girl asked.

"You're safe now. What happened here?" Nana asked with a calm face, but IBRS noticed the Gray clone tremble for a second as she approached her. Once there, she slightly frowned and averted her gaze. Unknown to the girl, her unbuttoned shirt revealed a massive gnash where her left hip used to be as well as bullet wounds in her chest. It was a miracle that she was still breathing.

The girl coughed up more black blood and panted before answering with deep breaths, her brown eyes alternating from fully open to half opened. "Caught in ambush...stole our cargo...strange weapons...was going...to sell them," she said, raising a bloody hand to grab Nana's arm with effort. "How...bad is it?"

Nana made a forced half-smile as she held the girl's hand tightly. "Could you tell us your name and where you're from?" Nana asked. The girl smiled and was about to say something in return, but her eyes lost their light. Her hand went limp, and her head fell to the side.

Nana gently placed the girl's head on the snow, her fake smile fading away as she closed her eyes. After a moment of silence, she punched the snow in frustration.

IBRS yawned and looked at Nana with a bored expression. "Can we get going already?" she asked. "These corpses have no value and even I hate this freezing cold. Ah, I so wish we can enjoy a nice hot ba-" she continued, but IBRS's statement was halted when she was suddenly tackled to the ground by a glaring Nana. The rage in her eyes was clear, but IBRS just made a sly smile in response. "Oh? Did I touch a nerve there?"

"What's wrong with you?! Don't you feel anything for these people!? You're just like her, aren't you?! Caring about nothing but your own wants and anything else that interests you!" Nana yelled as she shoved IBRS' head deeper into the snow.

"It's getting chilly down here," IBRS said. She made a shaking motion with her head. "And it tastes funny, too."

"You aren't even listening, are you?!" Nana asked. "Like mother, like daughter, right? You probably see Stella as nothing but a new toy for your own entertainment, don't you!? Even though Stella trusts you, I just know you'll make her suffer!" she yelled, pushing IBRS's head deeper into the snow before getting up and dusting herself off. As she saw IBRS sitting up and shaking the snow off of her head, Nana clicked her tongue and offered her a hand.

IBRS chuckled before asking "First you push me down, now you help me up? You're quite the barrel of laughs." Despite her taunting, she took Nana's hand and stood up before ridding the last of the snow on her hair. "So are you done with your preaching, or are we getting to the juicy part?"

Nana frowned and looked at IBRS with clear irritation before asking "And what's that supposed to mean?"

The girl in question responded with a cruel smile. "It takes one to know one, and I know that you know what I mean," IBRS began. "You were like that once, weren't you? You said it yourself. You betrayed dear Stella to save yourself, to get some sense of peace. I get it, really... something so strange comes into your life, things get too noisy all of a sudden. So you deal with them... that's what you thought, right? I know you did. And yet you're saying I'm dangerous? Are you sure you aren't talking about the person you're trying to cover up? Trying to redeem yourself by playing the older sister? It looks kind of interesting, but you and I know the truth. You're scared that you won't be able to change."

Nana couldn't say a word, only able to glare back at the girl as she spoke. She felt her fists clench, and for a moment, almost thought they'd fight then and there. However, IBRS' tone suddenly changed, the purple-eyed girl suddenly shrugging nonchalantly. "Ya know, I think I turned out pretty good. Strong, cool, and a great sense of humor... I mean, if anything, you could gain a few things by just letting loose some. Oh, but you were also right about a few things in your little tantrum. Stella does look fun to hang with, and super convenient to have around too. Plus, I can be a little rough with her because she might be as tough as I am! And besides," she continued as she pointed to Nana, "You can't say you failed to change if you never tried, right? Although, you probably could stand to lose that sulkiness... you ruin the mood fast enough already without falling over and almost crying randomly. It's not even all that interesting to listen to, really... or are you actually hunting for pity when you do that?"

Nana stopped, her expression all but dying before she let out an exasperated sigh. "... I don't know what I was hoping for, talking to you like this," she said. "Your advice is terrible, but I guess I can be a bit... emotional. I'll work on that... if you promise to not hurt Stella, and listen to your big sisters."

IBRS made a curtsy with a smug smile. "As you wish, Nanny Nana," she said. Nana huffed, but took what she could before continuing their journey.

Back on the Moon, Sing Love had begun her own preparations. Now clad in her usual attire, an open hoodie and shorts that held gave her an uncannily similar appearance to Stella's own, though her clothing was white with black detailing instead. She had long since left the Moon Terrace behind, now standing atop one of the many fragmented portions of Her Moon, seemingly in contemplation. "… SAHA, is it ready?" she asked after a period of silence.

"It'll be here any second, Governor," SAHA said, the old man floating a good distance behind her. He had long since returned to his usual battle suit, a large metal exoskeleton that housed multiple thrusters all around it and two massive missile launchers over his shoulders. His head and torso were completely exposed, but the suit more than made up for it with titanic arms and legs that protected his own, each covered in sharp spikes that made them look as menacing as they were. "One of the Reapers will be here to conduct your weapons check."

As if on cue, a black and green Armament floated up over the edge of the lunar fragment they stood on, a strange black machine that was slightly smaller than SAHA's suit with a visor-like head that glowed a bright green along with the strange circuitry lining its body. A metallic scythe with a glowing green blade rested in its large arms, the machine already prepared for combat as it approached Sing Love. "This is my opponent? Hmm… it should do," Sing Love said. She reached for her waist, resting her hand on a slender but thick metal sword that was completely white. "Begin the test, SAHA."

"Testing begins now," SAHA said, a small screen popping up in front of him. At that, the Reaper Armament picked up speed immensely, darting to Sing Love as it prepared to attack. Sing Love simply stood there, expressionless as the large machine came her way.

The Reaper pulled up just in range of Sing Love, turning its entire body at once for a powerful sweeping slash. Its scythe was almost sent flying out of its hands as Sing Love drew her sword, the slash more than enough to deflect the attack. As the Reaper struggled to catch its scythe, Sing Love seemed to vanish amidst the dust its attack kicked up. When it turned back towards her, she was nowhere to be seen. "White Blade, check," Sing Love said as she sheathed her sword. The Reaper turned towards her voice, but almost fell down in a spiral as it moved, a massive cut through its midsection throwing it off balance.

"No signs of damage or dulling, Governor," SAHA noted.

"Next, the White Scythe," Sing Love said, holding out her right hand to her side. A surge of red flames erupted from her eye, accompanied by a white light in her hand. Once they both died down, she turned around to face the damaged Reaper, a large scythe that was almost larger than her entire body held lazily in her right hand, its jagged magenta tinted blade hovering near the ground. The Reaper managed to regain its balance, once again charging towards Sing Love. The visor-like head began to glow even more brightly before it opened, revealing a cannon that unleashed an energy beam almost instantly.

Sing Love raised her scythe and held the blunt side towards the incoming beam, letting the attack break against the large blade and pass harmlessly around her. The Reaper kept up the barrage, this time lowering its weapon for a different angle of attack. Once she got a good view of her opponent, Sing Love rushed forwards. She bypassed the Reaper's beam before leaping forwards, her scythe still smoking as she prepared to strike. Before the Reaper could even strike, Sing Love cleaved its left arm off in one swift motion, the sound of metal being ripped apart filing the air as the Reaper spun out of control, the beam of energy stopping just as it hit the ground. "White Scythe, check," Sing Love said as she twirled her weapon around before returning it to its original position at her side.

"No damage, no dulling, energy charge is stable," SAHA said. "Finally, we have-"

"I know this one works," Sing Love said, a slight grin reaching her face as she turned towards the downed Reaper. It tried to push itself back up as a white light consumed both her weapon and her arm, finally dissipating to reveal a Rock Cannon that looked practically identical to Stella's, though it had her white and magenta color scheme as opposed to Stella's black and blue. "But, for formality's sake…" she continued, red energy charging in the massive barrel as the Reaper managed to rest on its one good arm. It turned to face her just in time to see her weapon discharge, a massive ball of red energy rocketing forwards.

The entire fragment of the lunar surface they stood on shook as Sing Love's last attack detonated, kicking up a massive dust cloud as chunks of metal floated into space. "White Rock Cannon, check," Sing Love said, a final white flash consuming her arm before the large weapon vanished. SAHA floated over to her, the monitor in front of his chest vanishing. "No errors, of course."

"Correct, Governor," SAHA said. "Your weapons are in fine form… now, perhaps we should test the new weapons MEFE designed for you. As she said, your equipment was given special attention."

"I imagine mine is the only equipment worthy of it," Sing Love said. "Show me what she's made." SAHA nodded, a large screen appearing in front of Sing Love. Numerous weapons appeared in front of her, and she spent a few moments browsing through them before reaching out to touch one, that weapon's image taking up the bulk of the screen. "White Reach?" she asked as she examined what appeared to be some kind of whip that had various magenta spikes protruding from it.

"Hmm… MEFE said this one might catch your eye," SAHA said with a grin. "It's already been placed among your weapon rack… why don't you try it out?" he suggested as the screen vanished.

"… Very well. White Reach," Sing Love said, holding her hand out. As she expected, a thick handle appeared followed by a slender elastic material that seemed to be protected by the spikes she saw, each one seemingly pulsing. "There's a reaction already… an energy core?"

"Multiple individual ones for precision control," SAHA said. "While this weapon is in the form of a whip, it may be more accurate to call this an extension of yourself. Like your White Scythe, you'll find feeding it your own energy will allow this to do much more than serve as a simple whip."

"Let's try it out, then," Sing Love said as she walked forwards, randomly flicking the whip around. It tore through pieces of the lunar surface with ease as Sing Love stopped, letting the weapon fall to the side. "SAHA, attack me. I'd like a half-decent opponent for judging whether or not this weapon is worth my time."

"It would be my honor, Governor," SAHA said. He bowed to her once before suddenly throwing out two punches at the air in front of him. He let out a low grunt as his large suit moved with him, preparing to battle as he took on a fighting stance. "Here I come!"

The magenta flame in Sing Love's eye sparked to life as she suddenly spun around and whipped the area in front of her, the metallic spikes of her whip glowing immensely before they let out small explosions upon contact with the ground. The sudden smokescreen she created meant little to SAHA, his massive armor plowing through it with ease.

Sing Love had vanished once SAHA was through, but he knew what to expect. He stooped low before throwing a powerful uppercut, his suit's fist becoming entangled by the White Reach. Sing Love was falling towards him, but he caught hold of her weapon and yanked downwards. Dragged by such immense strength, Sing Love didn't resist the pull. She let it carry her as she flipped around in midair, getting her feet down so her landing on the lunar surface wasn't going to be a crash. Digging in deep on the initial impact, a light hop along with SAHA's continued pulling put her into a slide around him. "You can do better than this, SAHA," Sing Love said.

With a smirk, she leapt towards SAHA while pulling back on the White Reach. Though SAHA barely moved, she managed to propel herself straight at him. With the threat of a boot to the face flying right at him, SAHA let go of her weapon and raised one of his arms, letting Sing Love slam into that instead. The impact was far stronger than it should have been, the hit pushing SAHA's arm almost against his torso as Sing Love withdrew the White Reach, pulling it up into the air to begin her assault. "Not yet!" SAHA said as he flipped backwards and flailed his arm.

Forced to leap into the air or be slammed into the ground, Sing Love jumped up once more, watching as SAHA quickly regained his normal footing. As she reached the apex of her jump, SAHA dug his suit's feet into the ground as the launchers over his shoulders distanced themselves from the rest of the suit, every barrel opening up to reveal numerous missiles at the ready. He let out a battle cry as his suit unleashed a barrage of missiles, all flying in a strained arc towards Sing Love.

"That's more like it," Sing Love said as she licked her lips. She closed her eyes, feeling her energy flow through her whip as it trailed after her. Once the missiles neared, she opened them once more, the flame in her eye flaring as she began wildly swinging. White Reach danced through the air, leaving visible magenta streaks as she fell that tore through and detonated any missile heading her way. As the sound of explosions quickly died down, Sing Love made one final sweep that dispelled any smoke around her and revealing SAHA's second charge towards her.

A giant spiked knee was headed right for her, but Sing Love simply spun around in the air and let the attack pass by her. SAHA didn't simply stop, however, turning around from his knee to try and deliver a massive elbow to her side. With a flick of her wrist, Sing Love got White Reach to form a rigid interlocked curled shield between her and the attack, SAHA's elbow only succeeding in sending Sing Love a bit off to the side, the white-haired girl flipping over with a smile and managing to land on both feet. She looked up to where SAHA was, and chuckled upon seeing he had disappeared. She tilted her head to the side and aimed the White Reach over her shoulder, its shield formation unwinding with enough force to launch it backwards in a strange arc.

SAHA held his breath as the White Reach passed right by his face, digging into part of his battle suit as the spikes on it began to glow immensely during his attempted punch to Sing Love's back. "While I would like to see how much damage detonating them like this could do," Sing Love said as she glanced back at SAHA, who had stopped moving, "I can't afford to put you out of commission already," she continued, pulling the handle back and letting the White Reach fall to the floor in front of her, its spikes losing their glow.

"You should thank MEFE for such a fine piece of work," SAHA said. "I'll admit, she's outdone herself… even my upgrades look promising, though they're still being prepared at the moment."

"And to think this is just one of them… it'll be a brand new game this time around," Sing Love said. "How Stella will like these? I can't be the only one who thinks they're among our more… interesting toys."

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