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Haitani: I, Haitani, have returned once again. I'm bored so I wrote this to take my mind off things. Anyway this is my second fanfic and I hope the reviews will reach the double digits. So this is the story, its set at episode 23 of the anime. Grandma Hina comes back and Keitaro doesn't have any reason to stay anymore. Naru is still pondering about the possibility of Mutsumi being the promised girl not knowing something more urgent is happening. Well that's all I'm telling you ^_~ read the rest.

Keitaro: At least 10 reviews for one chapter, that's a lot don't you think?

Haitani: It happens once in a while, if it's a really terrible one or a really great one.

Keitaro: So which one do you think you are?

Haitani: That's up to the readers to decide

Keitaro: Any pairings?

Haitani: Dunno yet, maybe you and Motoko or you and Naru. I could try a love triangle. Or maybe I can make another character.

Keitaro: Do any of the scenes make me look like an idiot, jerk or the like?

Haitani: Most likely. I'm starting soon so get outta here!

Keitaro: Sure

Haitani: Oh, yeah. Make it look good.

                                                                                               Chapter 1: See you soon Keitaro

            They all sat down quietly on the table, obviously drained of words. Keitaro had left a while ago before a verdict was given since he knew what it was anyway. Naru was already starting to calm down, since she had finished her screaming the second Keitaro walked out the door. Grim faces set they all looked at each other and wordlessly blamed each other for what had happened. Shinobu was sobbing uncontrollably as she buried her face in her hands. When Grandma Hina was done she left them to sort it out for themselves, after all… what could she do?

            Kitsune slammed her fists on the table as she stood up, she headed for the door and said, "I hope all of you are happy now! He was right… we all are insensitive to the other peoples' feelings, but this time you… we went too far!" when she finished she dashed out the door eager to drink and forget the awful truth… that she too was guilty.

            Shinobu ran off still sobbing, hoping to find something that could take her mind off everything. Unsure of what else to do Suu and Sara followed her shortly.

            Motoko silently left the table and wondered if she did the right thing. Even though he was a pervert he was still her friend and manager, at least he was…

            When Motoko faded from view Naru broke into tears and tried to forgive herself for what she had just done. "Keitaro I'm sorry…" she muttered in between sobs

            A few hours later, Kitsune was drinking her problems away with Haruka. Motoko was taking a long walk thinking a little fresh air would do her some good. Shinobu was trying to see if she had left anything since she was leaving to visit her parents. A few minutes before Shinobu was to leave, Motoko came back and was soon followed by Keitaro, he walked into the tea house and looked at them.

            Keitaro tried to smile and said, "Don't worry everyone, none of you need to apologize, it was all my fault. I already talked to Grandma Hina and it was decided that I'm not going to be the manager of Hinata-sou anymore."

            Naru stood up and asked, "Then who will manage? Where will you stay?"

            "Grandma Hina will manage for now while she looks for a replacement. Anyway, if any of you will ever need me I'll be staying with Haitani and Shirai. But all of you will have to leave for a while since they're fixing up the rooms" he replied

            Naru took a step back and exclaimed, "What! Then where will we stay?"

            "Shinobu's fine since she's going to go home anyway. And Mutsumi said the room that Amalla was staying in is vacant now. I'm pretty sure none of you want to go to where I'm staying" Keitaro replied

            "Two of you could stay in my place" Haruka added

            "Well… me and Suu don't really have any money so I guess we have to stay at Haruka's" Kitsune said

            "Maybe I could ask Mutsumi to let me stay at her apartment for a while, I can't ask my sister for money…" Motoko said

            "I guess I'll have to stay at Mutsumi's too since I don't have anywhere else to go" Naru said, Mei took a step back and was about to say something but didn't continue.

            Keitaro noticed this and said "Naru, why don't you go home with Mei"

            "She's a big girl she can go by herself, right Mei?"

            "Naru! Just go HOME!"

            Why does he want me to go so far away? Does this mean he doesn't want to see me anymore? Does he blame me?!!! Naru thought angrily to herself "All right! If that's what you want, let's go Mei!" Naru said as she angrily pushed Keitaro aside

            Naru had finished packing and was about to leave but she went to Mutsumi before she left, just to get the photo thing out of the way. When she stepped inside Keitaro and Mutsumi were talking excitedly about something. Keitaro upon seeing her left wordlessly. Naru sat down where Keitaro was and rummaged around her bag for the photo. She pulled it out and showed it to Mutsumi.

            Mutsumi took the photo and examined it carefully, "Ara, Naru is this you? Ara! Is this Kei-kun in the back?"

            "Yes, Mutsumi-san…, that means I wasn't the promised girl. I wanted to ask if that girl near him is you"

            Mutsumi looked at it closely and she said, "Similar, I have the clothes and all, but I have to say no my skin a lot paler. The clothes were really popular back then too"

            Naru was shocked, she thought to herself, All this time, I was worried over nothing… Wait, if this isn't Mutsumi then that means, I got Keitaro thrown out of Hinata-sou for nothing!

            "Ara, did something happen?" Mutsumi asked with her hands clasped together

            "Mutsumi-san did Keitaro tell you where he was going right now?" Naru asked with urgency in her voice

            "I think he did, as I remember he was telling me something about Seta calling about an excavation in Okinawa" she replied

            Before Mutsumi could add anything else Naru had already dashed out. She stroked her chin and said, "Ara, ara…" and then returned to her studies.

            Naru ran down the stairs two steps at a time and quickly ran to Seta's apartment as fast her legs could carry her. She saw Seta's van in the distance, with Keitaro in the passenger's seat. She screamed for them to stop. But when he saw her in the side mirror, he flashed her a hateful look. She noticed this and stopped by the time they reached the bridge. She fell to her knees and started crying. A few moments later Haruka appeared in front of her and offered her a helping hand.

            "Stand up, Keitaro doesn't hate you completely, yet. He's gonna come back but for now you have to tend to another relationship. Remember, Keitaro put his friendship with you on the line to give Mei a chance, don't waste his sacrifice." Haruka told her. He always was too nice.

            Naru took Haruka's hand, stood up and she said, "Thanks"

            "You better hurry up, the train's leaving soon" Haruka reminded her

            Naru nodded and stood up, she took a few staggering steps and left. Haruka sat down on a nearby bench, she looked up into the sky and thought bitterly to herself Keitaro what are you thinking of now she then took a long drag off her cigarette and said, "So, what do you think will happen?"

            The fog faded and revealed Grandma Hina and a few council members "That is up to Keitaro now…" they replied the fog reappeared and they were gone again.

                                                                                                            The next morning

            Motoko, Suu, Sara, Kitsune and Mutsumi were having breakfast at Haruka's, the incidents of last night were forcibly purged from Kitsune's, Motoko's and Haruka's minds by gallons of alcohol. Lucky Mutsumi was totally clueless about the whole incident. Naru was at home with Mei, even though it wasn't perfect it had gone better than she had expected. Shinobu was with her mother, her father had visited her earlier and she was relieved to see that they weren't fighting anymore, they were even thinking about reconciling! But on the other hand, Keitaro sat on the sandy beaches of Okinawa alone, Seta told him he was free to anything he wanted on the first day since they were still getting the papers filled up. Free to do what? Keitaro thought bitterly to himself.

           A few minutes after boredom had already set in, a beautiful, long haired woman sat beside him. She smiled at him and said, "Hi, Seta told me you were here. I'm your new co-worker, I'm Yumiko, Sasaki Yumiko. You can call me Yumi."

            "I'm Keitaro, Urashima Keitaro, nice to meet you" Keitaro said stiffly as he offered his hand to shake, but looked away to avoid getting a view of her breasts. Offering my hand to shake I am sooo pathetic!

            She must be D cup! A small voice exclaimed from the back of Keitaro's mind, a small perverted voice… What the hell am I thinking of!!! the less perverted side of him exclaimed.

            "Dammit! You don't need to be so shy! After all if we have to work together we need to look at each other sometime, right? It'll be too boring looking at rocks and artifacts all day!" she told him, noticing him trying to avoid eye contact, as she slapped his back. "Oops! Sorry it's a bad habit of mine!"

            "It echoed, man! It echoed!" A few guys from behind them exclaimed as they looked at Keitaro hunched over and touching the spot where Yumiko slapped him.

            After a few minutes of resting and small talk they soon became fast friends. She suggested that they go for a swim and then took off her shirt to reveal a very risqué bikini underneath, they went for a swim and when they stepped out, Keitaro felt better than he ever did back at home, for the first time in weeks he felt happy. All the pain, frustrations, sadness and Naru's cold attitude towards him didn't matter at all.

                                                                                                             Author's Notes:                                                                                                                                                                                                   The search for Hinata-sou's new manager

            Grandma Hina sighed as she looked at the application forms Haruka gave her, occupations: Former pimp… Former con-artist… Former Columbian drug lord?!!!

            "Where the hell did these fucking applicants come from?!!!" Grandma Hina screamed as she threw the entire pile into a waste basket.

            "Lessee… most o' these guys are on payroll. And the rest are my friends." Haruka replied, "'least they seem better than most o' the interviews earlier… Remember the 'I love kids' guy? Can you imagine what would have happened if he was hired?"

            Grandma Hina shuddered at the thought, "Don't remind me! But don't you have any normal friends?"

            "…" Haruka replied with a blank stare

            "Hey! Did you hear me the first time? Don't you have any normal friends?" Grandma Hina pressed

            "I know! I know! I heard you the first time! I'm trying to think…" Haruka replied "Damn! All the rest that I can remember are gangsters…"

            Grandma Hina sweatdropped and said, "I really worry about you sometimes…"

                                                                                                             The Real Notes:

            So, what do you think? Did it change for the better or for the worse? I really don't know… I don't have any beta readers to help me anyway. But that doesn't mean I'm looking for one! I really just don't consider any of my current stories worth beta reading, that's all.

            Anyway I'll be slowing down the pace, so I can y'know explain it a lot better. And so you guys can understand it better. There would have been a lot more chapters up by now but 1 review from another story sort of got me thinking. It went like this, "Don't forget, Keitaro loves Naru!" so I sort of changed it all and in the end I rejected most of the ideas so I started over. Anyway that's all, later dudes/dudettes!