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Isn't this Transmigration?

It hurts.
My chest is warm and red.
Some sticky liquid flow of it.
It's bad, my instinct tells me it's better in than out.
But what is it?

Looking at his state, the young man sees his body on a cold ground, a fucking cold ground.
Strangely he feels like he is burning and cold at the same time.
Inspecting his chest, he sees a dagger on it, suddenly understanding.

"Isn't that my blood? Shit."

Looking ahead with half open eyes, he sees a man like figures covert from head to toes with black clothes. The man ran, trying to escape with a wallet on hand. The noise of ambulance or police car can be heard. The young man is sleepy. His mind tells him not to or it will be over.

It hurts.

It burns.

It freezes.

He is sleepy.

Just let me sleep a little...I'm tired...

The young man closed his eyes.


...You will...peace...stay here... take you-
Young man, wake up!
Tch, he is mine!
Young man, you have to wake up!
Stop it! He will stay here!
...Who are you...?
Young man, WAKE UP NOW!
NOOOoOooOO #75" #[[|[{ [{^|42 't:;4t 4t ++-*-è(-(")=+)=çà_ ^\[\}~£" #[[|[{ [{^|42 't:;4#7 #7 #7 #7...

A bright pinkish light blinded his eyes. The sensation of a body floating in a sky without light, a lone world, a light piercing the darkness, an immense pressure from 2 invisible entities. One dark and cold that seems to absorb all light. Another, luminous and warm that seems to envelop my cold body.

Then, the sensation of falling.

Falling, falling, falling, falling, falling.

Wait, falling?

I'm fucking fallinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg!?


The young man woke up with a start. Sweat dripping from all part of his body. Immediately, he scans his environment. He is on a bed, in a room that he doesn't recognize. There is a desk with some furniture, a wood like floors, shoes are next to his bed. There is a tv in the room and a game console, he doesn't recognize this type, there is also a pc and lastly a picture on the wall. He doesn't recognize these people, a mother and a child. There is no adult man on the picture, he noted. A window is next to his bed, looking through it he sees an unknown scenery, of course. Strange birds are flying in the sky, but he has a strange sensation.

"I know these birds..." he muttered to himself, this strange sensation gripping his heart, like a nostalgia of his younger years.

"This room too..." he doesn't know or been in this room before, he is sure, but there is this strange sensation like he has seen it a lot of time before.

The door opened with a loud *bang*, by reflex, the young man jumped out of the bed and took a boxing position. Ready for any danger.

"Kyle are you alright ?!" The woman who opened the door looked at him with concern but...

"Who are you?" The man totally disregarded the woman's concern out of confusion and asked back.

"What? I'm your mother! Does your head still hurt? Are you ok? Does it still hurt?" The woman asked a flurry of questions back.

The concern of the woman was so overwhelming that the young man was extremely confused but it calmed him down. Expiring a big gulp of air, he tried to understand his situation and try to organize what happened.

I woke up in an unfamiliar room and hurled because of a strange dream. This woman came when she heard me out of concern for me, clearly, and said she is my mother but I don't know her. What happened before I wake up-

At this moment he remembered the thief, the surprise attack, the knife, the cut, pain, burn, cold, pain, pain, blood, pain, sleepiness and...

"Argh!" The man cried weakly before falling on the ground gripping his stomach.


"Kyle?!" The woman rushed to the young man side and embraced him. The man panicked but a strange familiarity with this woman appeased him. He didn't know her but his body knew. She was a person that would protect him and love him, not like a lover, more like a...


"Yes, yes, mum is here calm down. Does it still hurt? I was so scared when you took this trunk on your head. It has been 2 days since then!"

Took a trunk on my head? What is this shit, how is it even possible?

The thought made him laugh and calmed down the last bit of panic in his heart. With his heart calm, he suddenly knew something was weird with his body. Looking around, he saw himself in the reflection of the TV. Black hair with some spike, a younger face, lightly tanned skin and green eyes. He didn't know this person. Moving his hand, the figure moved at the same time. Making a grimace, the figure did the same. At the same time.

Holy mother of shit, it's me! I became younger?! No, not younger, my body changed!

"RoseRo?" A figure appeared behind 'mum'.

"! What the heck is that?!" He panicked a little. This...'thing' was the size of a 3 years old child but had a light green skin, on its 'hands' there seem to be 2 roses like big flowers, one red, one blue. The 'thing', seen him scream, also panicked and took three steps back, some pink particles escaped from the flowers.
It had a sweet scent.

"What are you talking about, don't remember Roselia? Are you still confused?" 'Mum' looked at him with concern. Seeing a shocked expression wasn't making her better. His answer was even worse.
His mind couldn't follow, unfortunately.

"...isn't that a Pokemon?" A certain brain worked overtime trying to follow up the suite of events. It was about to break.

"Yes... oh my poor boy, please rest a bit more and come down when you are better, alright?"

Is one month good enough? I think I will need a year to process this shit thought.
He nodded.

When 'mum' and...'Roselia' left, closing the door, he was hit by an epiphany.

Did I just freaking transmigrated to the world of Pokemon?
Yep, that is the most logical explanation that my 1.000.000 tr/min brain could come up with.

Holy mother of shit.

In the kitchen, one stair down the room is a woman and a young boy talking. The boy now named Kyle Meen said to her mother, apparently, that the shock on his head gave him amnesia. Mum panicked and became really worried but didn't suspect anything. Amnesia banzai, banzai.

"Does that mean you don't remember mother?" Mum asked after calming down a bit clearly saddened. Sorry.

"I have this familiar sensation that you are my mum but nothing specific, I'm afraid."

"Sniff...even your speech is different... sniff... you don't even remember yourself right?...sniff...sniff"

The boy nodded.
He was secretly surprised of this keen observation, guess this is a mother for you? Not that he knew how the son talked before. She took a big breath while making her best not to cry, not really effective but she was not crying out loud.

What a strong woman, she thinks that I am the one who wants the most to cry but steel myself for her. Therefore, she tries to steel herself for me, her son, she is a good woman. Was my parents like this in my world too?
...Shit, tears are coming up.

"...sniff, so... what do you...remember exactly?" she asked after a moment.

Yes, what do you remember exactly stealer-of-the-body-of-my-son? I have memories that the son didn't have but no memories of the son himself. Do I say I don't have any, or my extensive knowledge of the Pokemon world or better, I say I come from another world... Mum really, you had to ask, don't you?

Seen him hesitated, mum started to panic again, her eyes became moist again. Hardening his resolve, Kyle thought of a solution. He is a man that doesn't like to lie, even more against a woman that is worried about her son. Half lie and half truths are not a lie.
It is called bullshit.

Kyle is a pro at bullshitting.

"Actually, during my coma, I had a dream about a certain man who lived in a world totally different from this one..." Kyle started. Mum seeing his serious expression was somewhat at a loose but thought that it was apparently important for him, she started to listen like this was the solution to all cancers.
"In this dream, I was this man and lived his life, learning what he knew and feeling his experiences, I remember his 'memories'... even if I am not sure all of this is realistic but for me, it feels real. I remember a lot about Pokemon, somehow, even if I am sure that I never learned about a lot of them."

He bullshitted like a bike on the freeway. Mum had a gradually growing confused expression but she seems to see where this is going and a realization is growing stronger and stronger in her. Her heart is hurting at the same rate. Now the final blow.

"...But, memories of my real life, the life of Kyle Meen, there is like a hole. Where is this place? What was I like? What my friends are like?... what my family is like? Nothing, just this small feeling of familiarity, but specifically? The darkness, sorry."

"..." Mum was silent, eyes red, tears falling like a freefall. The tiny suspicion that she wanted to kill, now exploded. She was an intelligent woman, how could she not understand the meaning of it? She cried out loud.

"hAaAhhhhh...D-Doesn't-HaaAhh... you are l-lik-hAAAAhhhhh...another person nooo-"


She was surprised, the crying stopping a moment but the tears still falling. He hugged her, strongly, she was just sniffing her tears.

He was prepared for that.

So he thought it through. This might be called manipulating her feelings but even if he doesn't really know her, his heart stirs from seen her like this. He wants this person to be happy. Is this Kyle's feeling? Is he still down here, somewhere in the body he took over? He didn't know, he didn't care. Everything has a time.
Now is not the one.

"I may not remember who I was but I know something, I know that the person in my arms is my mother. The person who lived with Kyle Meen during all these years. I may not remember a lot about others but what of it? If I lost my memories I just have to get them back, if I don't get them back I just have to create new ones. And look, aren't I just got some back already? I am Kyle Meen and you are Kyle Meen's mother. You are my mum."

I swear to god, if this doesn't work, I will curse all the legendary Pokemon and I will find a way to fucking kill Arceus. Don't underestimate otherworlders, we can be a real bitch in the ass.
Even to gods.

Don't know if the Pokegods heard his 'prayer' but mum looks like she understood the thought. She stopped crying and hugged him strongly. Her warm feelings spreading on him.
It was nice.

Maybe I can adapt pretty easily in this world...

Some shadows moved behind the door, it was Roselia and some other Pokemon, they were...smiling?

Ok, maybe adaptation will take some time...

Reals Pokemon are really something else.