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Understands the Pikachu to Hide From It!

Nacrene City, an old city in the eastern of Unova, if we follow the wiki.
However, by simply scrolling around and taking note of the numbers of building and their designs, it looked nothing else but modern. Renovated buildings and new apartments for the win. Kyle knew his knowledge of the game was only applicable to very specific things and reality took upon itself to change the rest. The only things that were invaluable and stayed true were the basic system of this world, knowledge about each Pokemon, kinda geography, and 'history'...which could even have some holes inside, as well. Reality, on the other hand, took upon itself to change everything related to life. Societal norms, human development, construction of new buildings... in one word, it took care of the most important aspect of life.


The biggest difference between the game and this world is that everyone here can change, grow and advance. In the game, only one person could grow... you. Only the player could advance, grows and become stronger, the other characters just followed on the trail the player left behind, they couldn't pass ahead of him. If the player refused to advance, the game wouldn't advance, the world would stop.

Here, however, everyone is a player.

If one player stops, the world won't care.

As this weirdly constructed thought, born from just looking at a stupid building, passed through his mind... Kyle felt just a tiny bit more grown up. Not from his 13 years old body but from his adult soul.

Hm... guess even after dying you can still learn something. He silently thought.

"Kyle... Kyle... KYLE!" A bug called.

"Yes, I'm Kyle." He lied... kinda.

"I heard there's Battle Club here! Do you want to try it?" The blond bug asked overflowing with excitement...? No, is this expectation?

"Can't we just battle the Gym, get our badge, and go to the next?" He knew he could do that. Just need to kill some... pardon, battles and beat unconscious some wild magical creatures outside to practices battle and gain exp, then you're good to go. It worked well so far... huh? Wait a minute, 'Battle Club'? Wasn't that in Luxuria Town instead of Nacrene? What the hell's going on?

"Sigh..." Drill-girl sighed while doing a 'what can you do' gesture, just like you would when facing a child. Indeed, Kyle is technically a child now. Still piss him off, though. "You can't just break through badges as fast as possible, sooner or later you will meet an obstacle you won't be able to outpass. Only through experiencing various challenges on the path of your journey could you hope to become a true Pokemon Master!"

She said while clenching her fist high in righteous glory.

"...Okay, that's definitely not from you." That was a clearly well-constructed quote that couldn't come from this scrub.

"...It's from my grandma... eheheh..." She embarrassingly confessed. "B-but that's doesn't change the fact it is true!"

"Well... in a way you're kinda right..." Kyle mussed with a complicated expression. "It just pisses me off when you're the one saying it."

"You're so mean! Humf." She pouted.

That's aside, Kyle didn't forget to take a mental note about the return of this famous 'grandma', the one that gave Drill-girl her family heirloom's, definitely-plot-driving, stone. Following his foreshadow's instinct, he just knew this grandma gonna appear at some point... wait, maybe not?

Kyle started doubting himself. After all, he made his best to instigate an event in the last chapte-*cough*, last time, but nothing came out of it. What if Fate just wanted to build things up just to blow his expectations again? No, maybe it did that before so the next one would take him by surprise?!


Predicting Fate is really difficult... however... there is only one thing Kyle could rely on.

'What can go wrong, will go wrong.' If he applied this law to each time he felt some anime's event, then he could prepare for the worst and gain an advantage. If nothing came out of it... though it would be slightly disappointing, it's still alright. While the unknown can be exciting, 'anime unknows' are often mortally bullshit. A second death wasn't desired, thank you very much.

"Well, in any case, we already are in front of the building." Patricia said and a shocked Kyle stopped on his track. He just followed her for like 2 minutes after entering the city, lost in thoughts. And would you look at that, he was now in front of a large building with a classic Pokemon arena's image in plain sight on it. At the entrance, a message informed 'Welcome to the Battle Club! To all trainers wanting to experience various an intensives battle COME AND JOIN!'.

"...How convenient for it to be so close just when we were talking about it." Kyle said as neutrally as he could. His Kirlia ignoring the conversation, contented in just gravitate like a moon around him, skipping her steps.

"Yes, we are lucky!" Nodded the happy blond-bug, her Snivy looking smug and nodding as well.

The automatic doors opened to a vast place with rows of big screens in the middle of the room, showing some lives of current battles with different Pokemon. Kyle noticed that the highest Pokemon's rank on all the present battles were 1st evolutions, no 2nd evolutions were present. Even though there was young and older trainer alike no one used, or possibly had, any fully evolved Pokemon. Drill-girl skipped toward the rows of consoles on the sides, operating it so it could display different trainers and their main Pokemon with some stats.

"You can use it just like that?" Kyle asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Of course! If they are still here you can contact them directly and ask for a battle. Though, if they are outside you need to ask one of the people in charge to contact them..." Patricia explained you can directly ask for a battle without registering for a quick fight, but it was better to register so you can be challenged by others directly and you can gain some money too.

That was surprising.

"You get money as well? How do they make profits?" Normally, if you use the equipment or services of a company, you need to pay for it. In what kind of world would you get money for using something that isn't yours?

"Humm... I do not know exactly but from what I heard, they use the battles as material for their sites and sometimes for research purposes. So their main income should be from advertising?" Patricia wondered by tapping her lips. "Oh, they also receive help from the League, from what I heard."

Patricia seemed to have chosen her opponent, some generic brown haired dude that used a Lilipup and Minccino. He had 3 victory and 4 defeat. Pretty average, all in all. A generic message appeared with the dreaded 'Clicking {Continue} signifies you accepted the condition of utilization'. Drillgirl was about to click it reflexively as any normal person would do.

"Wait." But Kyle stopped her, making her just stare and blink in confusion. Ignoring her, he clicked on the link and a contract of the sort appeared. Skimming through it really quick, he couldn't help but laugh out. "Aha, I see, that makes sense."

From what he understood, if you accept this contract of utilization you can use the installations but you will renounce to any kind of privacy that appears on stage. This means that the battle club can use your image and data obtained on stage to do anything they want, as long as it isn't criminal. Selling the information you showed or wrote on your profile? They can. Use your image in advertising without your consent? They can because you technically accepted to sell your image for remuneration, according to the contract that you accepted.

Truly, what a dreadful and sinister message it is, in this world or any others.

"You have fun battling here, I'm gonna scroll around outside for an hour or so." Patricia nodded at him and contacted the dude to have a battle. Kyle shook his head and left followed by his Kirlia, reflexively looking around for any windows or/and other exits. Why do I feel like troubles are about to show up? Call it a premonition or simple paranoia but he could feel his hairs stood up.

My name is Beppo and I'm a Team Rocket grunt... on vacation.

I don't know if my luck is dog shit or plain shit. First, just when I finally get my first real mission from the boss as a Team Rocket's member and my team was about to finish and go home in glory... we meet a psychopathic kid that knows kung-fu and start traumatizing us before leaving us to the police. Just remembering the smile on this madman was enough to make me shudder.

Second, when the police were about to interrogate us, a break out happened and we could escape with the help of some Seniors Rocket's member. While I thought it was lucky at first, the senior told us to separate and placed us in a different city as some sort vacation. This was the kinder way of saying 'you suck so stay here until further order'... let's just say it sucks.

And lastly, the worst of the worst... my sister is visiting me.

"I'm just sayin' ya should go outside more and make some friends." Said the slightly tan with short chocolate hair beauty to her white as snow and average little brother.

Someone, save me.

"Sis, I have friends, don't worry about it..."

"Oh yeah~? Are they like your mysterious job, too incredible to say~?" She teased. I couldn't help but smile awkwardly. Of course I wouldn't tell you I'm working for a criminal organization, even if we don't see ourselves as one common people still see us like that. If only someone could just walk past and pretend to know him and end this conversati-


Oh no.

"Hm? What's up?" Sis saw face changes and turned to where I was looking.

How... Why, you...

"Ara, do you know this kid? Wow, I never see this Pokemon that color before! Is he a trainer?"

What the fuck is wrong with my luck. Why the hell do I even live. Why does God hate me so much. Of all the superficies of this Unova region, why did you have to come here?!

My sister looked at my complicated expression in wonders before grinning. Turning around she raised her hand and "Hey, little guy with the blue Kirlia! Want a drink with this cool big sister?"

Woman do you want my death!

The black haired kid- no, black-haired monster, turned his gaze toward his sister in confusion before noticing him. My face at the moment probably looked like a Gyarados' mouth, full of terror and dread. I was doing my best to look away and whistling to myself. Maybe by ignoring the demon, it would go away.

"You know my brother I presume?" His sister asked.

"Yes, we had some... friendly encounter together." I almost spat blood from sheer absurdity and dread. This crazy mad kid actually walked up to them and sat next to him with a smile, before patting his shoulder.

"How're you doing... friend, how's your work going for you?" Turning my head toward this monster, I couldn't help but smile-cry.

"Hi. It's been a while. I'm doing okay." I answered robotically.

The black-haired demon raised an eyebrow and took a look at his smiling sister, probably happy he finally made a 'friend', even if on the younger side. Understanding seemed to shine in the monster eyes before his cold breath approached his ear. Whispering words of the devil.

"Three parfaits or I spill the beans."

"Waiter, three parfaits for my friend here!"

Fuck my life.

Kyle was enjoying a delicious chocolate parfait, Tessa was also devouring a wonderful fruits parfait, and Vulpix was licking one as well. He needed to thanks this Rocket's Grunt for his generosity, right? Gazing at the slowly sweating dude just next to him and the pretty big sister in front of him, Kyle nodded. Making his best 13 years old imitation, he asked.

"Hey hey, big sister, do you know what's his job~?" The grunt turned to me with a you-murdered-my-parents expression.

"Nahh, he doesn't wanna tell me~ Do you know, boy~?" She asked sweetly as if a mix between teasing her brother and teasing the 'boy' in front of her.

"Well, he likes to use Pokemon to-"

"BATTLE!" Rocket's Grunt interrupted with fake enthusiasm.

"Eh? You became a trainer?" The sister was surprised, she didn't expect her brother to be interested in training them. Kyle supported his head with his hand before gazing at this little criminal-wanna-be. The dude murmured to him while sweating bullets.

"Please, can you just pretend for a little while...? I bought you parfaits, didn't I..." He said while almost crying.

Kyle fall in his chair, an air of ancient acceptance arbored his features, with a solemn but melancholic expression, the truth was revealed. "Brother... friendship is not as cheap as 3 deserts-"

"Waiter, three more parfaits for my friend here!" His new best friend expressed.

"Friendly, buddy, friend, pal, chummy-chum, mate, buddyly friend, big brother. I'm really happy to see you again!" Kyle grabbed his shoulder with a big smile on his face and earnest joy. His best friend sighed in relief.

Friendship is as cheap as six parfaits.

"Ehhh, so you really have a friend~ Kind of surprising." This sister really didn't let go of any opportunity.

"Ah, sorry, we already went past the friendship stage and I see him as a big bro." Kyle said to protect his parfait distributor. "Right, James-buddy?"

"It's Beppo." Informed the parfait generator.

"We're really close... seriously, we're like, sleeping in the same bed every day." Kyle seriously said.

"Do we... now...ah, ahah..." Awkwardly smiled the parfait producer.

"Right, Jessy-friend?"

"It's Bekko."

Kyle looked at him with a weird expression before hesitantly asking.


"DO I LOOK LIKE A CAT TO YOU?!" The parfait creator asked in disbelief. Was he going to go through all possible names?

On the other way, Kyle was shocked, something inconceivable made ways in his mind. In mock fear, he asked.

"Rocket's Grunts have names-?"

"I'm sorry, my name from now on is Meowth." Affirmed the parfait king while wanting to die.

A short but happy laugh echoed in front of them, revealing a beauty with a healthy tan laughing while holding her stomach. Clearing the little tears that appeared on her face, she looked at her brother without tease.

"I'm happy you made a friend and not some acquaintance-wannabe-friend." She nodded to herself.

Okay, now both Kyle and Beppo started feeling a creeping smudge of guilt. This woman stood up before wearing her sunglasses and hugging her brother... then followed with Kyle. One previously silent blue Kirlia flared up to life and started cursing at her in Pokemon's tongue. The woman only took an interesting look at the Pokemon before smirking at it. Kirlia suddenly grew nostrils from sheer flaring.

"Well that was fun but I gotta go. See ya, little bro! You too...huh..." She just realized something important. "...what's your name again?"

Kyle facepalmed... then thought of something stupid while sneakily gazing at his 'friend'. Grinning to himself, he said.

"My name is Ash, Ash Ketchup. Nice to meet you, big sister." He made sure that the Rocket Grunt heard the name before thinking to himself. If this guy wants to get in trouble with him, he'll only find someone else, someone that has more plot-armor than him. If he doesn't pursue anything, then it wouldn't matter anyway. In both cases, Kyle was safe by using the main character as a shield. Preventing the raising of flags, that's the true way to survive!

When the big sister left, without giving her name now that he thinks about it, Kyle asked a simple question.

"By the way, shouldn't you be in prison now?"

"...They let me go." Parfait master said with no shame.

"I see, I see... Did a few explosives and 'help' were involved in the process?"

"...Me not idea, have, what Mister is talking about. Me just on vacation." Parfait god suddenly talked like a space green yordle.



Kyle prepared to leave before warning him.

"What a coincidence. As long as nothing disrupts my vacation, I won't disrupt yours. Equivalent exchange and stuff?"

Both shook hands.

If you don't screw me over, I won't screw you. They thought.

Back at the Battle Club, the air seems more chilly than it should be.

Looking around, ones could detect an aura of dark depression coming out of a blond creature, face-kissing a table next to an opened window, alone. The other trainers tried their best to ignore such depression-inducing creature. Contenting themselves by looking at the current battles or engaging in a friendly conversation appeared more comfortable for them. Quite logical, in fact. Kyle made a straight line toward the creature. As if a hunter looking for his prey, he could spot a weakness in this animal. Brandishing the weapon he had in this situation, Kyle jumped on it.

"Ohhhh, what is it little girl~ Were you perhaps defeated~ Even though you're the second rated in the academy~?" His disgusting sarcasm gritted the ears of the blond creature. Said creature only took a look up, an expression of disapproval and simple annoyance found their way toward the boy.

"Would you like a parfait~? Would you feel beeeetter if you eat a parfait~" Kyle wasn't discouraged, quite the contrary, he felt as if his plot against the creature worked. As if a hunter being happy that his prey fell for his trap. The blond creature named Patricia sighed before nodding. Since he already had his fill earlier he only ordered a donut for himself, while Patricia got a cookie parfait.

"But seriously what's up? Your aura of darkness is enough to give me chuunibyou."

"I... don't know what this word means..." She slowly ate her parfait and seems to gain some strength from it. "Sigh... well, I won the first match... pretty easily, actually."

"Hum, well I don't know how to mock that... Oh Helix, that never happened before!" Kyle exclaimed in absolute sarcasm.

"Then... lost against someone our age." She added silently.

"Ahhh, now we're talking~!" He appeared very happy when observing her expression of pure despair. "Come on, give me more details, how did you lose." He excitedly asked.

"I don't know!"


What do you mean you don't know? What, was the battle so out of your league you didn't even understand how you lost. Or no, better, you lost your memories after the fight like some weird Yami Games. It's not like there is such a thing in this world so what does that mean.

"I mean, how can you beat two grass-types with a water and electric-type?" She asked herself, looking as if her world's logic slowly broke down. "But why would you even do that? I saw he had a Tepig with him, why didn't he use it, just to spite me?!" Her mind flew around with various theories, but since associating with Kyle, the most common reason she thought for most problems was that they only wanted to make fun of her.

"Bua-hahahah, y-you lost against a type-disadvantage! What's next, you're gonna say they exclaimed 'A Pokemon battle is more than just types' or something?" Kyle laughed at the notion, remembering a certain eternal 10-years-old at the same time.

"Errr... Yes, actually." Kyle stopped at what she said. "How do you know?"

No way...right...? His mind went into overdrive, thinking of the implications. He couldn't be here, right? After all, Kyle took his sweet time before coming here. Normally, the guy should be long gone from this city already, plus he shouldn't even frequent the Battle Club here. Heck, Kyle didn't even know there was a one in the first place!

"Quick question, what was his name?" He asked, his blue Kirlia picking up a mix of chaotic emotions which she couldn't quite differentiate.

"Hummm... I don't really remember but I think it was A-All... Allan? I think?" She searched her memory but to no avail.

Kyle gulped, "Was it... Ash Ketchum." Then he thought of something. "Or maybe Sacha or Satochi?"

"Satochi... hmmm, no. Ash... Ash? Hmmmmmm~" Patricia put two fingers on her temples, massaging them in deep thought. "HMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." Really deep thought.

Kyle was getting frustrated, "Just answer this: did he have a Pikachu or not? "

"Oh, yes! That was the first time I saw one-!" Kyle stood up. "...What are you doing?"

"Nop!" Taking out Vulpix' pokeball he decisively returned him in.

"NOP!" Grabbing his Kirlia by her arm-pits, he turned around to the closest escape road.

Which was, dashing through that one opened window, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo-p!"

"W-Wait! Where are you going?!" The blond asked in stupefaction.

"Fuck this city, I'm out. Not gonna stay where shit could hit the fan at any moment!" He rapidly walked away with his enhanced body, Patricia following close with difficulty.

"What about the Badge in Nacrene?!" She asked with confusion and haste, not understanding her friend's distress.

"That's okay, we just need to go get the next badge and come back later-"

"You can't! The badges need to be passed in order or the Gym Leaders can't accept an official challenge..." Kyle stopped suddenly, to the great joy of her lungs "Huff... huff, huff..."

"...Fuck my life." He swore.

Alright Kyle, think.

With the presence of Ash in this world, even if the story got tweaked a little bit, you can bet on the chance it'd still follow around the main storyline. What happened when Ash arrived in Nacrene in the anime? Kyle's memories were quite foggy as he could remember some events before a trouble at the museum... right, the Museum! In his memory there was some sort of spirit haunting the museum, forcing it to stay closed and so barring trainers from challenging the Gym Leader. Alright, now he just needs to situate himself on the timeline first.

"Drill-girl." Kyle called the blond.

"Yes?- Wait, no! They are not drills!" She complained.

"Whatever, tell me, is the museum of Nacrene open right now?"

"Huh? How would I know?" She responded weirdly, as if a Meowth suddenly stood on two legs and started talking to her. Crazy, right?

"Isn't your job being the walking tutorial and info-dump companion?" He added with a raised eyebrow.

"...Why does it feel like my whole existence was insulted on a cosmic level?" The blond blinked in confusion. "Well... I suppose we could ask..."

She didn't ask him why he wanted to know that as her instinct warned her he wouldn't respond. Probably even, somehow use her question as ammunition to mock her a bit more. She is a smart girl and can learn from her mistakes... especially when there's an asshole right next to her waiting for anything good enough to comment on. Back at the Battle Club, they quickly learned that the museum was actually closed due to security issues.

Perfect, this means Ash still didn't solve the incident. He thought, gears starting running in his head. That way, I'll know that when the museum reopens is the day that Ash challenge Nacrene Gym Leader.

Which means he wouldn't go the same day so to not bump into Ash and possibly turning Fate's sight in Kyle's direction. He would wait and go the next day, this way, Ash would have already been on his way. But now is the problem of how to not meet Ash before that event occurs. Kyle could leave the city, but he may meet him on the way. Not happening. There is only one solution to that.


Kyle needs to hide in a place Ash couldn't found or wouldn't go to.

Focus, Kyle.

You need to find a place where you can live, train your Pokemon in preparation for the Gym, and gather information on the museum's opening. All of that while being out of the view of Ash motherfreaking Ketchup. What places would Ash avoids? Well, that's easy, anywhere not Pokemon related or fun. Too bad Pokemon are everywhere! Come on, where do Ash doesn't go or never go back to-

"Of course!" He screamed in realization.

"Kyaa?! W-What happened?" His blond companion squeaked in surprise at his eruption. Kyle ignored her.

If there is one thing that Ash, or even anime character who travels, does not do is... His mind flashed over all the other examples he could found before convincing himself. "Reiterating a previous episode." Right, if there is one thing Ash never does except if something significant changes, it's this.

Ash never returns to a place where an event already took place.

He always moves forward.

This signifies that if Ash solved an incident in an abandoned manor, he wouldn't return to this place anymore. That is because the episode that depicted this event was cleared and over. Same as any type of 'events' that took place and were limited in time, like a tournament. In game term, you could say Ash never 'grinds' and always finish all the 'quests' available to gain exp.

"With all that I can safely assume he wouldn't return where he already took part in an event." And this could only mean that the safest place to hide from him at the moment is... "Here. At the Battle Club."

Patricia said she fought Ash here and lost to him. This means that the event of 'Battle against the Drill-girl' was cleared and there was no need to return to this place anymore. From what he saw, the Battle Club have a toilet and shower for trainers, and while they didn't have personal room, they had a waiting area and are open 24/24. At worst, Kyle could sleep in the toilet as he had his backpack with him if they didn't want him to sleep in the hall. Finally, they had food.


"What is perfect?! I don't understand what you are talking about since a while ago!" Patricia said while throwing her arms around.

Kyle turned toward her with a serious expression.

"I'll live here for now."


Patricia looked up at his face, her expression frozen in neutrality.




"...Oi, just say something already." Seeing this ball of annoyance completely calm, somehow, gave off a disgusting feeling.

Drill-girl just shrugged.

"I really want to ask... but you'll just ignore me and make a joke out of it, won't you?"

"Ya got me, gal." He jokingly, though honestly, answered.

"See? So, I think I'll just ignore it and.. go with the flow, I suppose?" She thought while playing with her drill-hair. "What are going to do here, anyway?"


Patricia sighed at the simple answer, "I see... Well, I suppose I'll go look for the Gym of Nacrene City and come back training too." She then added after quick thinking. "Though, I'm going to the Pokemon Center to sleep."

"Choose your path, young pokewan."

"Pokewha-? Sigh, you know what? Whatever." She turned around before walking slowly. "I'm going now."

"Drill, quick advice, go ask at the museum first." Kyle added before turning toward the console on the wall.

"Huh...Oooo-kay?" She hesitantly said before leaving.

Kyle started operating the computer thingy before adding some non-valuable info and leaving the Pokemon's display and stats in private. The system then asked for a description, so that other trainers can see it when they looked at his profile. Normally, you would add what type of battle you like to do and some info about yourself. However, Kyle wanted to train his Kirlia and make his Vulpix start battling. If he remembered correctly, Nacrene's Gym Leader forced Ash to fight a 2 vs 2. Sure, he could try to do a 'Tessa vs All' like before but if he could avoid using a certain incomplete special technique and not go back to the hospital, it would be best.

Therefore, Kyle thought of the best description to make challengers come at him.

Using the inner power and art of xianxia's young master douchebags, Kyle could feel his fingers naturally flow to the most optimal truth. After a little bit of typing and rewriting, Kyle nodded in satisfaction before posting his profile and accepting the terms of use.

{Personal description:}

Here, people could read.

{I gonna be the very best like no one ever was. Dewbs.}

He nodded smugly, "Perfect."

It was so perfect, in fact, that it didn't mean anything.

Which was exactly why it was so great.

Young masters had the ability to say whatever they wanted and never be considered idiots because no one wants to offend them. Money and authority make rights. In a cultivation novel, power is the highest form of authority. In the world of Pokemon, you could say your trainer's skills and Pokemon's power is the highest type of authority. Although Kyle wasn't a young master, he could still pretend to be one using the power of words. The reason was quite simple, even if no ones want to talk back against a young master (except for plot-armored protagonists), everyone always really wanted to do one thing...

Kick their ass.

A sinister smirk made its way to the boy's face.

I won't search for the exp mobs, I'll just let them come to me. He thought in pure amusement. After all, whose Pokemon Master would take on their precious time to teach an arrogant nobody their 'place'? Only mobs with an inferiority complex would take such bait. Then, he could just use them as a training bag for Tessa and Vulpix. Probably also should practice team battles for real this time.

Oh, right.

Taking out Vulpix from its pokeball, the boy said to this 6-tailed fox, "Since it's time for you to start battling, I guess I need to give you a codename."

"Kon~?" One red fox squeaked in half-excitement and half-curiosity.

Honestly, Kyle already had a name perfectly fitting.

With a cheeky face that would make any female run out screaming 'rape', he said.

"Your name shall, from now on, only be uttered by the fearful villagers of the leaf with utter shock and reverence." He made grandiose gestures toward the little fox, accidentally making the nearby trainers wondering if they should call the nurses. "For, you are, the one and only..." He pointed a closed hand to the sky (roof) and fist bumped the air.


"Kon! Konnnn! Kon!" The fox, now nicknamed Kurama, seems affected by the contagious high-tension in its trainer's voice and started excitingly skip up and down around him.

Tessa felt jealous.

What is this? Wasn't she, his first Pokemon? How come the fox' name-giving-ceremony was so much more grandiose than hers? Tessa felt as if the heavens were unfair through her pure and unfiltered, puberty's spat. She discreetly bumped on the red fox to make it fall but felt dishearted when it only looked at her curiously and continued to skip around in a name-frenzied-happiness.

At some point, Kyle realized something important.

"Oh, I forgot to ask, are you a boy or a girl?" He seriously asked the fox in front of him.

Kurama just tilted his head at him like a little kid and answered with some *konkon* cries.

Kyle suddenly realized how stupid he was to ask a Pokemon directly. Probably influenced by Tessa's intelligence, Kyle got the habit of her answering in a comprehensible way or him just somehow understanding instinctively. Unfortunately, the majority of Pokemon were animal-based and have more limited intelligence in the domain of communication. After all, not everyone can be a goddam Meows that can learn how to talk humans out of sheer determination.

As such, Kyle decided to found out by himself.

Grabbing the confused fox up, he took a look at its important parts. Maybe sensing its privacy violated, or just refusing to be grabbed, the fox started to squirm around for him to let go. Kyle's eyes wandered lower on its body and Kurama become restless. Out of pure instinct, it opened its mouth and...



...spat a stream of fire at his face, burning his hair... or at least, that's what would have happened to the majority of people. Kyle wasn't the majority, he was from the few who had physical abilities high enough to predict the attack and dodging it by slightly turning the body of the fox on their hand. As if nothing happened, Kyle slowly let go of the restless fox in his hands and looked outside the window.

To a far, far away place.

A place which even he didn't know how far it could have been.

A place where it could escape the probable rage of a certain giant nine-tailed fox of the apocalypse. A fox that was probably screaming in anger and shame at been given its magnificent name... to a female.


Vulpix was a female fox.

A female fox with the name of Kurama, the nine-tailed bijuu.

Kyle took a deep breath.

"I'm so fucking dead."

Good thing he's in the world of magical creatures instead of magical ninjas.



"By the way, shouldn't you be in prison now?"

"...They let me go." Parfait master said with no shame.

"I see, I see... Did a few explosives and 'help' were involved in the process?"

"...Me not idea, have, what Mister is talking about. Me just on vacation." Parfait god suddenly talked like a space green yordle.



Kyle prepared to leave before warning him.

"What a coincidence. As long as nothing disrupts my vacation, I won't disrupt yours. Equivalent exchange and stuff?"

Both shook hands.

I feel like my relationship with Rocket Grunt have grown. Kyle thought while feeling an invisible link forming between them. The world suddenly burst to black, a single card manifesting and floating between them.

I am Thou, thou art I...
Thou hast acquired a new vow.

It shall become the wings of rebellion
that breaketh thy chains of captivity.

With the birth of the Devil Persona,
I have obtained the winds of understanding that
shall lead to freedom and new power...

At once, colors came back, as if nothing ever happened.

One boy and one man looked at each other in disbelief. Did the world just turn black? A card appeared and floated in mid-air? Where did that voice come from? A lot of questions ran through their minds but... above all else... Team Rocket Grunt had one question for Kyle.

A very, very important question.

"Is this... Is this a JOJO's reference?" He asked.

"FUCK YOU!" Kyle punched him.