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The raucous, metallic shriek heralds the arrival of the gleaming carriage. The doors eased open and she stepped out into the early morning rays. There was hardly a soul at the train station and she preferred it that way.

There was no advantage to waking up at five thirty in the morning from the cacophonous chorus of squabbling birds. None. But it had to be done. This is the journey she had to take and it started with this dull final train ride.

She had been going back and forth for that past month, rearranging her new life in Tokyo. Her mother and father found a school dedicating itself to its athletics- well, it was more like the school found her. Her parents had apparently been talking and making arrangements of their own to move her to Tokyo, without them. Her parents were hard working Contract Managers. They didn't want to relocate but knew she had to go to this school.

So her parent's idea; move their only daughter to the city Tokyo.

When her parents told her that the school had requested her and that she would be living by herself she was ecstatic. She loved her parents and she loved her hometown in Osaka but she also loved volleyball and swimming. And the opportunity to pursue them both at a new school, a new city, and in her own personal apartment was something she couldn't say no to.

She loved adventure.

She was a natural born swimmer and was always complimented on her graceful form. That happened when she picked up volleyball too. In middle school, she was the ace for both sports. But now she would be going to a new school.

Tōō Academy.

Her dark hair cascaded down her slender back and stopped just at her hips. Her caramel skin contrasted with her white mid-sleeved shirt that hung carelessly off her left shoulder, a pair of jean shorts hugged her hourglass figure, and she had a gold charm clasped around her ankle, suspended over her pristine white sneakers. She repositioned the straps of her brown luggage bag onto her shoulders as she exited onto the platform. Ready to head to her new home and start a new year.

Konami Nakamura smiled happily as she began her new journey.

He lifted his hand to block the harsh sunlight as his eyelids drug themselves open. He woke up to the loud sound of the school bell ringing. It signaled only the middle of the day and he was already over it. The classes were dull, the people were annoying, and the practices were unnecessary.

He wiped the escaped drool from the corner of his mouth as he sat up, running his hands through his navy colored hair, and slipped his bag onto his shoulder. Time felt as if it flowed like cement. He could tell by the way the sun was high in the air it was just the afternoon. He sighed. A minute had passed since he last checked an hour ago, or so it seemed. Sitting there with nothing to stare at was excruciatingly dull.

And there was nothing to do that could solve that boredom. Nothing but basketball anyway.

But what was the point of playing if he beat everyone? He had come to realize not too long ago the other person who could beat him was him. Too many players would give up or lack enthusiasm when they played against him. There was no challenge.

He climbed down the ladder from the very top of the roof and sighed as he pulled the door open.

Hopefully, something interesting would happen, anything.

It was well into the evening when Konami emerged from the shower. Two weeks prior to this morning Konami brought personal items and clothes from home to her new place. Then spent another week buying furniture for her new apartment and stocking up on food. Today she had finally finished everything.

Her parents had done the technical side of everything, like transfer her files and sign leases.

She was finally able to relax. Classes had already begun two days ago and her files were supposed to be at school by tomorrow.

All she had to do was wait. Or better yet she needed to go do something. A game of volleyball would definitely kill some time. The warm weather, sweat, and destroying her opponent on the court sounded so sweet. And that was exactly what she was going to do.

Her towel fell to the ground and she pulled her dresser open. She pulled on a light blue pair of shorts with orange seams, a pink sports bra under an orange cross back tank top, and light blue sneakers. She pulled her damp hair into a ponytail and slung her blue gym bag over her shoulders.

She was off to find her first victim in Tokyo, and hopefully, they'd be a something of a challenge.