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On the Final Chapter of Humphrey's Life...

Humphrey wakes up after being asleep for a mind-blowing three days. The memories of him and Garth's battle and the tragic death of Winston entered his mind. Humphrey winced at the images in his head. He still couldn't believe that he got Garth in prison for thirty-five years, but he felt kind of relieved as well. No one else will have to experience what Garth put him to, and no one will just have to experience Garth in general. The guards will deal with his little white ass. Humphrey gets out of Kate's bed and comes to a decision that could change his life forever. Do I leave or do I stay? Humphrey decides to leave. He leaves, taping a note onto the front door of Kate's house, explaining as to why he did what he did. He walks over to where Garth used to live and steals his car. He hesitates as he was about to turn on the interstate, which heads into the United States. He gets second thoughts, but he doesn't let them get to him. He leaves, leaving everything, except for his phone behind.

Now on Humphrey's Life 2...

Chapter 1: I'm Sorry

Nobody's P.O.V.

It was a couple of minutes after Humphrey left. Kate, Lilly, and Eve were still at Winston's funeral, Eve bawling her eyes out while Kate and Lilly silently cried to themselves whilst bowing their heads. Outside, the wind was getting pretty powerful. Kate could hear the tree branches banging against the tree windows. The shadows of the branches casting down into the church. There was some wind, getting stronger every second that passed into history. The note on the front of Kate's door was coming off, the tape was getting weaker. The note came off, flying away as if it was a bird heading south for the winter. Humphrey was driving on the interstate, regretting his decision of leaving the town where he stayed since the moment he was born. He was crying while he was driving. He might've swirved into the next lane a couple of times due to the lack of vision.

Meanwhile at the funeral, they closed Winston's casket and locked it and took it to the truck that'll later bring it to the graveyard and bury it eight feet underground. The whole Smith family watched as Winston's coffin was lowered into the ground. Eve was still crying, dehydrating herself drastically. Lilly just kept her physiognomy hidden from everybody at the funeral. Kate wasn't crying, though; she already thinks that she's cried enough. The coffin made a thud as it impacted with the hard soil and just after it did ten men came up to the massive dirt pile with shovels and started to throw the dirt on top of Winston's coffin. Eve looked away and walked towards her car, leaving Kate and Lilly in quite a shock. They didn't expect Eve to leave early from Winston's funeral, but they just went with the flow and followed her example. Once Kate sat down, Eve slammed on the brakes and sped home.

Eve went upstairs and slammed her door shut, making Kate kind of feel uneasy. Lilly went over into the living room and plopped down on her couch with her head buried in her hands. She was shaking a little, making Kate feel a sense of withdrawal. She was the only one who wasn't crying. Yeah she cried the night Winston died and the two days after and a little this morning, but she hasn't cried sense. Kate sighed at the sight of Lilly; she didn't like seeing her one and only sister like this. But what could she possibly do to make her smile right now? Nothing. She couldn't do anything. She's just going to have to let her sit there all alone and cry. She did.

Kate suddenly remembered about Humphrey. 'He's probably still unconscious,' Kate thought to herself as she went up the stairs. She kind of did think it was odd of how long Humphrey has been unconscious, but she didn't think anything bad about it. She just always thought positive and looked into the future. Too bad she wouldn't be doing that after she finds out what had happened. Kate opened her door and immediately got a perplexed look on her face. She was surprised to see that Humphrey wasn't still lying in her bed with his face buried into her pillow. Kate walked around her room, checking all of the corners and her closet to see if Humphrey was pulling a prank on her, but she came up with nothing. She pulled out her phone and attempted to contact him.

Humphrey was still crying while driving. He was having too many thoughts rummaging around in his mind. He even saw flashbacks of him and Kate's good times together, including the night where they took their relationship to the next level. He smiled when he thought of it, but the happiness just went back to sadness. He then heard his phone vibrate on the passenger seat. He knew who it was. Humphrey picked up his phone.

K: humphrey? where u at?

He hesitated to respond, his mind was telling him no, his body was telling him yes. His body got the best of him.

H: i'm sorry kate

Kate was getting bad thoughts.

K: humphrey? humphrey what r u talking about?

He didn't respond.

K: humphrey?

No respond.

K: babe?

Humphrey felt as if a million spears were impaling through his heart. He couldn't stand it. He didn't let himself respond, though, he just kept on driving until he reached the border. The guards and military officers did their usual routine and checked his car for drugs or smugglers and sent him off. Humphrey was now in the United States.

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