It was a peaceful, quiet night in the bustling city of Earthbound's Fourside... and there were Tetris blocks dropping everywhere for some reason. Why? Because Crazy Hand was playing around with the Tetris game on the GameBoy, and he caused the colorful blocks from the game to pop up in real life.

"What the hell?" Waluigi remarked as he was practicing his tennis skills in the testing area of the Smash Mansion, noticing the Tetris blocks landing on the Pokeball Pokemon, Assist Trophies, Smashers, bosses, and background characters, scratching his head. "I haven't seen this much nonsense since I watched those unfunny moments on Family Guy!"

"Ahhh!" Pichu exclaimed as she was dashing from the Tetris blocks that attempted to fall down on her, stuffing her face with cheesecake as a way to boost her speed. "Leave me alone! What did my cheesecake do to you?"

"Probably a lot." Dr. Hoshi stated as he was collecting the fallen Tetris blocks, spotting some of the swordsmen slashing at the incoming blocks, with eventually only the fire headed Roy remaining.

"Oy! Why are these blocks coming down on us?" Roy asked as he was getting sweaty from swinging his sword constantly.

Silver The Hedgehog was using his psychic power to slow down the bricks, panting as he brushed his quills, dodging the giant Tetris blocks that almost crushed him. "Oh! It's no use! We'lre not going to be able to stop until we solve this predicament!"

And then a huge load of Tetris blocks dell on and destroyed the Smash Mansion, leaving Fourside to get littered in Tetris blocks.