Heyo! Now if you've read my other fanfic Fiamma Magica you should know that i love big brother Xanxus and little brother Tsuna, I just find it adorable. Xanxus and the Varia are some of my favorite characters in KHR. Anyways this is just something i wrote cause i wanted to. If you want me to continue let me know in the reviews. I want to know if you like it.

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"Primo! Old man you didn't go making us a new little brother without telling us did you?" Federico asked with a raised eyebrow to his father.

"Hahaha, no my dear son. This here is Iemitsu boy, Tsunayoshi. He and his mother will be staying with us during the summer, Iemitsu asked if we wouldn't mind watching Tsuna for a little while, while he and Nana went out. I told him that I didn't mind at all. I thought it would be nice for the four of you to get to know your little cousin." Their father told them, chuckling lightly. In his arms was a tiny sleeping toddler with spiky brown hair, dressed up in a cute bright orange lion onesie.

"I have a meeting in a few minutes so I would like it if you four could watch him for a couple hours. Be gentle with him he is only two." Timoteo said as he handed the tiny child over to Massimo.

"We don't mind father, after all look at how cute he is I'm sure he'll be no trouble at all. After all, cousin or not, he is a vongola child and thus our little brother. Look Xanxus you're not the youngest anymore." Massimo said, turning to the ten year old boy to tease him a bit.

"Hmph, well if he's gonna be my little brother then I'm gonna have to make sure he grows up to be quality." The grumpy ten year old declares.

"Hahaha. Well you five have fun, I'll see you all at dinner.'' Timoteo said as he left.

A couple minutes later the small child slowly blinked his eyes open.

"Uh. Who you?" The child asked in japanese.

"I'm Massimo, and these are my brothers Enrico, Federico and Xanxus. Were going to be you're new big brothers baby sky." Massimo said kindly, gesturing to each of his brothers.

"Oh, I'm Tsu-chan. Pweasure to mweet you Massi-nii, Enri-nii, Fede-nii, Xanxan-nii." Tsuna said with a bright smile and a sweet voice.

-Break Line-

Six years later

"Tsu-chan please come downstairs, you're father and Nonno are here!" Nana called up to her eight year old son.

"Are you sure about this Iemitsu?" Timoteo asked his old friend.

"I'm sure Nono, with the other three dead and Xanxus frozen, I just don't want Tsuna to get anymore involved than he already has been. We need to try to find someone else. I want to keep him out of this, by any means possible." Iemitsu responded solemnly.

"Nonno, papa! Welcome home. Did you bring Xanxan-nii, Fede-nii, Enri-nii and Massi-nii with you?" Asked the little eight year old as he came running down the stairs to greet the two older men.

The child was so sweet, and so kind, and so full of life. It truly killed the two men to know what they were going to do, but it was the only way.

"Sorry Tsuna, you're big brothers aren't here, they couldn't come this time." Timoteo told the child, and oh he didn't know what was crueller, keeping the truth from the child, or telling him the truth.

"Oh, well that's ok, cause Tsu will just get to see them during the summer when we come visit." The child said sweetly, there was a twinkle in his eyes when he spoke of the four older men that he so admired and looked up to, hi four big brothers. He and Xanxus had been especially close, being closer ages than the rest they were always getting up to trouble, playing pranks and such. Xanxus had even begun training the kid to use a gun before this whole mess had happened. Tsuna could come back to Italy, Timoteo knew this, if they wanted to keep him out of this. It didn't lessen the guilt at all.

"About that Tuna-fishy, i don't think we'll be able to go to Italy this year. There are some issues going on over there that keep you from coming to visit. So i want you to be good for your mama and behave while I'm gone helping fix the problem, okay kiddo?" Iemitsu said to the little boy while crouching down and ruffling his hair.

"Oh. ok daddy, Tsu can do that." Tsuna says a bit disappointed but with determination.

Later on when Timoteo is holding his flame lit finger up to the boys forehead, he knows his sons, Tsunayoshi and himself will never forgive himself for this.

-Brake Line-

Five years later

Ever since that last visit from hi nonno and father, Tsuna hasn't been the same. His mind is always fogged up so he can't focus very well in class. He's also incredibly clumsy, he can't help it, his body never seems to be able to move fast enough or well enough when he tells it to. He thinks it has to do with that empty inside of him. Like something is missing. He also misses his brothers terribly, he hasn't seen them in almost six years.

Then Reborn shows up, and shoots him with that weird bullet, and suddenly everything becomes a lot clearer, not perfect but still better than nothing.

Then he tells him he needs to become Vongola Decimo, which doesn't make sense cause isn't Enrico supposed to be Vongola Decimo, not him.

Then Reborn tells him. Tells him they are dead,




Reborn doesn't mention Xanxus, he doesn't know if that's good or bad. But he hopes, hopes that at least one of his brothers are alive somewhere.

But what bothers him most is that they have been dead for years, yet no one told. No one. Not only that, but now with his mind cleared a bit he realises what's been done to him. They put a seal on him, a fucking seal. No wonder he's had such a hard time functioning since then.

He doesn't know what's gonna happen from now on, but he remembers the things his brothers would talk about, how they would make Vongola great again by setting us back onto the path primo laid for us. He will not let his brothers dreams die with them. No matter what happens now, he will make his brothers proud.

-Brake Line-

Mammon wasn't able to find much on the new heir, just that they lived in Nanimori Japan and were pretty young.

Xanxus doesn't care, he's going to become decimo to carry on his and his brothers dreams for the Vongola. He will build a safe place to keep his sweet little fratello safe, just like they'd all dreamed.

Though Tsuna shouldn't be so little now, he is thirteen now. Xanxus promises to himself he'll go find him after he's become Decimo.

After this whole mess is solved, he'll find his little brother and make sure he's safe.

After all it is his job now as the eldest.