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Alya showed the older Marinette the screen, showing a gaping hole in the bakery wall. "Chat Noir got tossed into the wall… he hasn't come out."

"Oh no… Hugo!" Marinette's eyes widened in fear. "Tikki, spots on!" she yelled, swinging her yoyo out. "Stay here and stay safe!" the older Ladybug yelled, swinging through the streets of Paris, towards the bakery.

Please, Ladybug thought, Please be safe.

Chapter 5


Please be okay, Ladybug hurried above the rooftops.

She knew that the younger versions of herself and her husband would follow her eventually. But that was the least important problem she had. Why had the Akuma attacked the bakery in the first place? There had yet to be any significant collateral damage during the entire fight, and then suddenly the bakery crumbles into pieces? It didn't seem… coincidental.

As she neared the bakery her heart dropped. She saw it on Alya's phone, but seeing it in person was worse. Much. Much. Worse.

"Ladybug!" A voice shouted behind her. She looked to see Volpina struggling against the Akuma. "Chat's still in there—Get him out, quickly! This Akuma's a bigger pain than we thou—" just then she was slammed up into the air.

Almost instinctively, Ladybug lunged towards Volpina. But something stopped her in the back of her mind. Hugo was still in there. Chat was still in there. They could be dying. She stood frozen, unsure who to save first. Volpina couldn't fly. Her illusion-self could, but this clearly was not an illusion.

A sudden yellow blur buzzed passed her. Within seconds, Ladybug saw Volpina successfully safe on a nearby rooftop in Queen Bee's arms. "Go, Ladybug!" Queen bee yelled at her, setting Volpina down and charging at the Akuma. "Save them, quick!"

She nodded to her crime fighting partners, turning around and racing towards the bakery. She fumbled her way through the rubble, desperately searching for anyone.

"Chat! Hugo! Where are you!?" She didn't get a response. "Mom? Dad?!" her voice echoed out as she stood still, letting silence fall on her shoulders as she anxiously waited for a reply. "Anyone?" She could hear her own voice crack.

Suddenly, she heard a small whimper, followed by a desperate whisper. "Hugo!?" she called, hurrying towards the source of the voice.

"Daddy," she heard a soft wail, "W-wake up."

"Hugo!" She continued to yell, her eyes landing on her son huddled over a body.

No not just a body.


She saw Plagg floating above Hugo in silent shock. "H-hey kid, let your pops have some room, okay?" he finally spoke when he saw Ladybug. "Look, it's Ladybug." As she neared them, Plagg nodded towards Adrien, "He's still breathing… but…" She looked away, blinking back tears.

"H-hey, Hugo," Ladybug rushed towards her son. She desperately wanted to cradle him, hug him, and kiss his tears away but she knew what this disguise meant. "Plagg, where are Tom and Sabine?"

Plagg shook his head, "I don't know…" he said quietly.

"D-daddy," Hugo cried, looking desperately towards Ladybug. "Please, h-help my dad," he sniffed, and Ladybug's heart broke into pieces.

Ladybug fell onto her knees next to her son and husband. She wiped Hugo's tears with her thumb and gently smiled, "Are you hurt?" she asked. He shook his head. "Do you know where your grandma and grandpa are?" Again, he shook his head.

She leaned over Adrien, checking his breathing. "Luckily Tikki let me in on that healing charm," she mumbled. "Where is he hurt?"

"Chest and head," Plagg clarified, watching nervously.

"Don't fail me now," she sighed. "Miraculous Healing," she whispered. Suddenly a pink glow surrounded her hands, engulfing Adrien in a pink hue. As it faded, all was quiet.

"Ack—" Adrien sat up, hacking and coughing.

"Daddy!" Hugo lunged towards his father. Adrien responded with a tight embrace, cringing from subtle pain.

"Hugo," he smiled, "You're safe." Turning to look at Ladybug, his eyes widened. "You're here?"

"Yes, I'm here, you dolt!" she refused to urge to hit him and kiss him senseless. "You crashed into the Bakery wall—I wasn't going to—" she stoped herself, glancing at their son. Letting out a long and shaky breath, she looked at Adrien with an steady yet terrified gaze. "H-hugo doesn't know where his grandparents are."

"Take him home, I'll find them—"

"Absolutely not! I have to—they're my—" Again, Ladybug stopped herself, stubbornly glaring at the ground.

"We'll take him, don't worry," a familiar voice sounded behind them.

Hugo's eyes widened, "Whoa, two Ladybugs?" he tilted his head, pointing at the older one, then pointing at the younger one. Next to her, the younger Chat Noir smirked, "Pretty neat, right?"

Adrien's chest heaved a relieved sigh.

The older Ladybug shook her head, "It's a good thing you didn't stay back…" she said. She watched as Adrien stood and picked up Hugo. Every ounce of her wanted to hold him close and whisper safe words, but she knew she couldn't. Hugo couldn't know that they were Ladybug and Chat Noir.

"Uh," Adrien awkwardly began, "This is Hugo…"

That was all that needed to be said. The rest of the story was silently told as the younger Ladybug reached out to grab Hugo.

"D-dad no!" he kicked, reaching for Adrien.

"Hey, kiddo, I'll be right back okay?" Adrien smoothed his son's hair as the younger Ladybug secured him in her arms.

"Promise?" he asked, his eyes so teary that Adrien had trouble keeping his voice even.

"Promise," he said.

That seemed to calm the boy enough for Ladybug and Chat Noir to successfully leave the crumbled bakery.

"We'll keep him safe!" Chat Noir waved as they left.

Watching them take him was the hardest thing Ladybug had ever done. "I—he… I need to be with him," she whispered softly, a whimper being pulled from her chest.

"I won't stop you," Adrien rested a hand on his Lady's shoulder. "I can find Tom and Sabrine," he smiled gently.

"I let them take him," she said frantically, "I let them take my son. I was here, I was sitting with him and I didn't—I was so stubborn on keeping this st-stupid thing a secret that I didn't comfort my son!" she stood there, "I'm his mom."

"Marinette," Adrien grabbed his wife's shoulders, coaxing her to relax. "He's safe. That's all that matters. Our son is safe."

She nodded slowly, wiping her tears with the back of her hand. "Let's find them," she said.

"Don't push yourself, alright?" Adrien kissed her cheek.

"It's too late for that," she sighed.

"Adrien," Plagg said and landed on Adrien's shoulder.

"Right," Adrien nodded, "Plagg, claws out!"

A green glow emitted from Adrien as he transformed into his counterpart. "This night vision will help see in this darkness," he said, pulling Ladybug close. "Don't worry," she spoke softly, "We'll find them."


"Take that!" Queen Bee shouted as she got a hit on the akuma. "And that!" she said, swinging another attack.

"Bee, we won't be able to hold him off forever," Volpina said, her illusion-self floating at Queen Bee's side.

"You think I don't know that!?" Queen Bee said, flustered. Just as she was about to get another hit, they saw two familiar looking heroes running off with a little boy in his hands.

"Well would you look at that," Bee said in mild shock, "They weren't kidding."

"It's weird to see them so young," Volpina said, quickly casting a spell and dodging an attack.

"Very," Queen Bee agreed. "More reason to beat this guy," she frowned.

"Damn it, where are our Ladybug and Chat? Are they still in the bakery!?" Volpina groaned, casting a few illusions behind the akuma as a mild distraction.

Queen Bee heaved out an angry sigh, "Whatever they're doing, hopefully they come and help us sooner rather than later!"


"Mom! Dad!" Ladybug looked around, staying close to Chat. "Damn," she cursed, "I can hardly see a thing."

"Ladybug," Chat interrupted, "Over there. I see two figures."

They rushed towards the two bodies, seeing both Sabine and Tom lying passed out on the ground.

"Oh no…" Ladybug mumbled.

Chat bent down to get a pulse. "They're both breathing," he confirmed, "It seems like they just hit their head…"

"Oh no, oh no, oh no," Ladybug knelt down and quickly put on hand on each of their heads, "Miraculous Cure," she muttered.

Chat's eyes widened, "Ladybug, don't! You'll run out of energy!"

"Chat that's not important right now!" She replied, a pink glow surrounding her hands.

"You need to keep your strength," he countered, "Otherwise the baby could get hurt!"

"You don't think I know that?!" She grit her teeth, sweat dropping from her brow. The pink faded and they both watched on in silent agony.

"You shouldn't strain yourself," Chat muttered.

Ladybug scoffed, "What am I suppose to do, then?"

Chat was quiet, looking away. "I just… I want to be able to protect you… both of you."

"I know," she whispered.

Suddenly, both Tom and Sabine opened their eyes, each groaning and sitting up. "What… what's going on?" Tom asked, dazed.

"Oh, thank God…" Ladybug sighed.

"Where's Hugo?" Sabine looked around, frantic.

"Somewhere safe," Chat confirmed.

They both nodded, looking between Chat and Ladybug. "Are you both alright?"

Ladybug nodded leaning forwards and embracing her parents. "Better now," she said.

"Good," they hugged her back.

Relief flooded over Ladybug. Although she couldn't endanger her son with their secret lives, both her parents had confronted them both about it years ago. Before their wedding, in fact. Although it was strange to adjust to, both Tom and Sabine and been a large help with helping them balance their lives.

"Ladybug…" Chat spoke after a few moments. "I hate to say this, but we've gotta get back out there. Volpina, Bee and I were already struggling before I was knocked clean out. I'm sure they're having a worse time now…"

"…Right," she stood, helping her parents up as well. "You go, I'm taking them somewhere safe," Ladybug turned to her husband, leaning in and giving him a hasty kiss.

"Be careful," he gave an effort to smile.

"Always," she said, turning and leading her parents out. Chat bounced upwards, making his way through the rubble to get a quick exit. As he emerged, he grabbed his baton, gripping it tightly. "It's payback time."

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