True Love

Chapter 1

It was a cold and foggy morning in November, as Gilbert was on the way to the hospital. His apartment was only few blocks far from it, and so he walked most of the time to work. The streets from Halifax were, now at 7.00 in the morning yet very quiet. His shift starts at 7.30 AM. Gilbert loved his work and he was a well doctor. Since three years, he still working at the hospital in Halifax, and he didn't want change this, in the next time. At his private life, he wasn't so sure. He had often dates with some girls, but no one of them seems as the right girl. Since one year, he goes out often with Christine Stuart. She was the daughter from Dr. Stuart and very pretty. Christine was very nice and Gilbert liked her. But loved he her? Gilbert thought a lot about this question in the last time. He didn't know if he should ask her the decisive question of the life. Sure, Christine was nice, pretty, and intelligent, but want he really spend the rest of his life with her? He knows that Christine waited of this question, but as yet, he can't do it. Yesterday, he had almost asked her. After the dinner, they were walked through the park. In the charmed moonlight, everything seems so easy. But, suddenly, he got his doubts again, and he hadn't said anything. Had he doubt if he really loved her? Gilbert banished his confused thoughts away; as he walked now up to the hospital.

How usual ruled a big activity in the old brick building. Gilbert saw some nurses and they greeted him. He was popular with the nurses. One reason was that he was always nice and friendly. The other reason was that he looked handsome. On top of it, he was yet a bachelor, and the one or other, visualize a chance. Although, Gilbert give never a reason for it. He opened the door to the station in the second floor and Martha Camps came towards him, with a smile on her face. "Good morning, Martha." "Good morning, Dr. Blythe." Martha was the head nurse and she does her work always dutiful and friendly. She could handle well with the patients, and she had the knack of the nurses and the doctors. Everyone respected the small, roly-poly head nurse. She wears her hair always-tidy pin up under the cornet. Her uniform was always faultless. "Is something new?" Gilbert asked and Martha followed him into his office. She hold some index cards in her hands, and during Gilbert dressed up his white coat, she told him what was happened, last night. "Proper, nothing out of the way. Mrs. Shiver's fever is rise a little bit. Mrs. Fouler lamented over headache, until Dr. Piller gave her a sleeping pill. Otherwise it was peaceful. Of room 22c we have indeed a new patient."

Gilbert looked interested up. "It is a young teacher from Hopetown. She had a broken ankle and Dr. Piller has the suspicion of a concussion. Funny is only the kind, how the accident is happened." Martha's corners of the mouth jerked light to a smile. Normally, it wasn't Martha's kind to laugh about the misadventures from the patients. "You must know she is fall down from a paling." "From a paling?" Gilbert shacked wondering his head. "Her pupils made proof of their courage, and she want to stop them. The pupils want to know, if someone could balance on a paling. She said yes and would show it them, if they promise to stop the proofs of courage. Unfortunately, the fence was on the end still rocking. She looses her balance and fall down." "This is really an uncommon story. A balancing teacher," Gilbert laughed. "I think I will look after her, now. This Miss. How is her name, Martha?" "Miss Shirley," Martha answered.